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  1. CaerSidis

    sonnia with papa loco and brutal emissary: suicide attack

    FinalForm has right. ..
  2. CaerSidis

    sonnia with papa loco and brutal emissary: suicide attack

    I burry sonnia herself...
  3. Yes Vogel isnt thematic but i realy like the sculpt. So be interested if he wil work with colette. Carlos is in my Showgirls stuff list. Are ice dancers a must have? And does they do work without acolyths and silent one? So you think the miner is a must have?
  4. Hi, i will start a Colette Crew as near as thematically as possible. So i am interested in Carlos, the Showgirls stuff, Ferdinand Vogel. Is this enough and playabel? Is there a must have beside this stuff? Miniatures that i like to: D. Acolythes, Ice Dancers, Silent Ones... but all of them is a little bit to much.. is one of them a good choice without the other two? ...and I like Myranda to...a good choice with her? What i dont like is: Joss, Emissery, Livingstone, Union Miner (read that other Players play them with Colette). Does i need one of them most certainly? Thanx in advance!
  5. CaerSidis

    Mimic Lucius

    Hi , which Mimics and other Stuff is important für a good Lucius Mimic Crew . Like to add "Vogel " if make sense. Does i need his Crew Box? Thanx in advance..
  6. CaerSidis


  7. CaerSidis


    I cant find Rules for explosives. Only a skill and the Triggers. But not the Costs and the Damage. Can someone help?
  8. CaerSidis

    Alternate Hamelin Crew?

    Look at the monday preview
  9. CaerSidis

    H:Malifaux, 30k, Warmachine W:£

    Some Pictures of the painted cryx stuff?
  10. CaerSidis

    Horomatangi's Choice

    Looks more than a T-Rex than a Dragon. And the Goryshe is not one of my Favorites to...
  11. CaerSidis

    Horomatangi's Choice

    Don't like the Horomantangi He looks 95% Hordes and only 5% Cult Style. ... And right now i don't want any of the GB Units in my Cult Forces... ...and the Price of another Titan model...
  12. Only the Titan does not fit, for me...The rest looking awesome... And the Titans Armor of 7?! Sounds a little bit strange compared with 11/12 of the other Titans
  13. How much is shipping to germany? Interested in Miss Terious, Santana Ortega nos, perdita alt. and neverborn stuff. ..
  14. Does your dog Plays neverborn? Revenge?
  15. CaerSidis

    H: Hired swords and some more

    Do you have a picture with all painted modells?