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  1. And Santiago done. Love painting contrast over zenithal and refining it afterwards. So damn quick compared to regular base tone, shade, highlight, refine, repeat.
  2. Thank you, it's just a WIP shot from my cellphone cam and quite desaturated
  3. Gotta get all the eyes of the whole crew painted first when the tip of the brush is still pristine! WIP of Santiago
  4. Thank you, had to base them twice until I was content. Still some polishing for the upcoming monks.
  5. And the three fermented river monks are also done
  6. Gonna pledge my perdita ortega crew to be finished in April with my trusty W&N Size 1 workhorse!
  7. Wait, that sounds like a bad thing if you phrase it like that! You are a happy fellow on this journey to collect and paint all the Malifaux models. And we all know we can stop any time we want to.
  8. Now the bloodhounds are done and ready for the table. Maybe I'll continue with the rest in primary only for an addon to the challenge, on the other hand my Perdita crew just arrived and I wanna get started on them
  9. That's a great improvement and a nice take on that stupid plain dress. Gotta say, I love the crew but the model for Mah is just not down my alley. Just due to the pose itself and that dress+bag+cape combo
  10. Just finished Ullr for my challenge. Was way quicker in mixing and dealing with the attributes of gouache colors
  11. The hat looks great and the pumpkin patch is such a great idea for basing. Maybe you should reconsider the green tinted hairs as they pose the only real cold color in the minis and create a bit of "restlessness" or "scattering" combined with all the warm tones
  12. Thank you, was tough to find some variety without clashing too hard
  13. And a final group shot of the core box
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