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  1. Phew, finally over! Congrats everybody! And thanks to wyrd for making this great Contest Happen!
  2. Really looking forward to this crazy strat/scheme combi
  3. Tabletop quality... Experimented a bit with oils. Miniature from Massive Darkness
  4. I may have been eliminated... But i'll paint something anyway. So lets do a stranger thing ;-)
  5. Same here... If its a malifaux mini, i want to be able to play with it! Just went the Magnet Route...
  6. Yeah, scratch build. Got a garden, which ist always good for pieces of wood ;-) If anyones interested: water effects where actually done by blowing it around with the Airbrush
  7. Seems like I lost my opponent as well :-( ... And pretty hard competition for the start, water effects took days on my piece, and some Look Like they had to cure for a week really cuts painting time in half
  8. Thanks! its clear resin for the foundation, vallejo water effects for the waves plus a little bit of white and snow powder for the foam.
  9. This is going to be tough for me.... Just finished priming mine. Yours looks really nice allready!
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