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  1. Dead, soulstone planted in a pig, rusty, and now... Lava
  2. Really looking forward to this crazy strat/scheme combi
  3. Tabletop quality... Experimented a bit with oils. Miniature from Massive Darkness
  4. I may have been eliminated... But i'll paint something anyway. So lets do a stranger thing ;-)
  5. Yeah, scratch build. Got a garden, which ist always good for pieces of wood ;-) If anyones interested: water effects where actually done by blowing it around with the Airbrush
  6. Thanks! its clear resin for the foundation, vallejo water effects for the waves plus a little bit of white and snow powder for the foam.
  7. This is going to be tough for me.... Just finished priming mine. Yours looks really nice allready!
  8. Miss Tannen and Misses Graves!!! Doppleganger
  9. So, Just to get this clear: i can only hire 1 Poltergeist but i could summon a second one (cause it is not rare), right?
  10. Count me in! Theres some Hardcore scheme combinations... tough Weekend ;-) And I'm really excited about the painting competition!
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