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  1. This thread may be useful: For me, plant explosives (Zipp), Corrupted idols (Somer), Reckoning (Mah or Wong), Turf War (Zipp, Mah or Wong).
  2. Nice points, Adran. I would rather just use my action to charge and hit three times with the spoon, than do the whole hollering thing, which to be fair, is not even always possible because of terrain getting in the way of the push, positioning etc.. That's also 9+ dmg and you do not need to hit the trigger for moving the enemy on your spoon attack. I'm not saying that your combo isn't good or anything, I'm just saying that her bonus action is a bit meh, and dependent on numerous things in order to work. Why not give her a few more traps, more range or an extra bonus action? You think that would make her OP?
  3. Forgive me if I push back a little here. Sure, but this is a bonus action on a master. Zoreida can redraw a full set of cards. Zipp can make three blocking terrain markers. Wong can draw cards and give glowy tokens to the crew. Mahs ability is fine if she was a minion, bit I feel she needs to do more. Besides, do you really want to spend a master AP and a master bonus action to give one model 1 point of dmg and +1 injured by pushing them? At least let her make them further away, and maybe let her discard a card or two to make more traps (like Zipp). If you only have Mah and no bushwackers, that single trap won't do much of a difference I'll say.
  4. So, I had a few games with Mah. Okay fun crew, however, I feel that her bonus action is never really doing anything, because it is short range and because enemies can so easily just walk around the pit traps. Does she need another bonus action you think?
  5. If a model obeys another friendly or enemy model that has the focus condition, can the focus be used for whatever action the model is forced to use?
  6. In the new changes, it says that Pere and stuffed piglets had their 'critical mass adjusted', what does that mean?
  7. Sure, but what do you feel he brings to the crew that you do not already have?
  8. For those of you that have uses her as a second master, is she really worth 17 ss (16+1)?
  9. Great to see so many agree with your first post. He really needs to be looked at.
  10. Can you cheat dmg reduction using soulstones?
  11. In M2E I used to use the packed with explosives on a stuffed piglet that I would then use to throw around with Zipp for blast dmg + bacon bomb. In a wong crew, where most are immune to blasts, I could see something similar happen. In Mah, I dunno.
  12. But the crew can get a max hand size of 8, no?
  13. Johan is weird in the Zipp crew I feel, since you already have so much condition removal. I took him once, but he is so slow that I couldn't make good use of him
  14. I wouldn't actually, all models with infamous has a place in different scenarios I think. The crew is pretty well balanced. Burt may be the only model (versatile) that I would maybe skip at this point.
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