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  1. I agree, he is not worth his points right now. And cage fighter will rarely be activated with his df 4
  2. Playing against Zoreida recently, I thought that her trigger that let her do a double obey felt too strong. Any opinion on this?
  3. The midnight stalker lost infamous, but kept his showboating. Also some inconsistencies there.
  4. BornOnTheBayou

    Test Subjects

    Would be cool if they added that test subjects can in fact charge while engaged.
  5. BornOnTheBayou

    Test Subjects

    It's Bayou, Kyle 😉 One idea would be to give them ill omens and change following orders to an ability, where you can discard a card to draw a card when they are pushed. This would make them into a kind of utility model that would fit nicely with all the pushes in the mah crew.
  6. Zipp? He can throw the opponents models out in the open for Francious' showdown and closer to Ophelia? He can also give out conceal for you models (and himself) and is reaaaally annyoing with 12 cups of coffee upgrade.
  7. Yeah, I also couldn't bring myself to pick the wrastlers. They seem somewhat underpowered at the moment. Flying piglets are cool though. Extremely squishy, but also good scheme runners for the cost.
  8. Hi all, Had a game yesterday against neverborn Zoreida. We only made it through 2 turns playing cursed idols, so I thought that I would give my impressions here of certain models instead of doing a classic battle report on the official battle report forum. My list: Zipp /12 cups of coffee Earl Burns Merris Gracie Pigapult Flying Pilet x 2 First mate Johan I think that most of these models are pretty well done, and I was positively surprised by the overall design of M3E, so cudos to Wyrd. I think Zipp is at a good spot overall, although it was not clear from his card how many of his place moves had to be completely within range or just within range. He is more squishy than before and has a rough time finding healing anywhere in his crew, but his conceal gives him a fair bit of protection and overall, I think that design has a more 'zippy' feel to it. A fun thing we noticed: the dobbeltanger cannot copy attacks that names a model in them, but zipps shooting attack is called the Zipp Zapper, so unintentionally (I would think) the dobbeltganger can't copy Zipps gun because of its awesome name. Earl Burns could use some work. He does not feel like Zipp's totem at all, because he has no ability that interact with Zipp. Zipp is not a construct, so Earl can only heal the Iron Skeeters. It would be good if Zipps totem could do something for Zipp also, although I am not sure excatly what. I liked the old aura he did, but other things could work too. Currently, there is just no reason for dragging earl around other than having him interact with stuff that Zipp can't. Pigapult is cool I think. The only thing that is wonky about it is that it is versatile and although it comes with a free stuffed piglet, you would ideally like to hire a few more for ammo. But stuffed piglets are not versatile, and the +1ss for hiring out of keyword models make the stuffed piglets 50% more expensive. I ended up not taking any more stuffed piglets than the 1 free one for that reason. I would therefore like to suggest a rule for the pigapult, which is like the rule Baby Kade has for a 'Teddy discount'. Something like: When hiring, Crews containing this model treat stuffed piglets as though they were versatile. If it does so, stuffed piglets hired this way must deploy within 3 of this model. I'm sure some of you guys can come up with an awesome name for that ability. Looking forward to more games - great impressions so far!
  9. Is it only me that find it odd that we can pick Johan from outcasts and that's it? I mean, if I play Zipp as an outcast player, I get all the Zipp crew models available to me in addition to the the outcast faction, whereas if I play Zipp as a gremlin player, I still only get the gremlin faction, oh and yeah, Johan. I know of course that I could just choose to play Zipp in outcast, but for most tournaments, you declare your faction for the entire thing, and besides, many people only collect one faction.
  10. Is it only Wong that can hand him glowy tokens?
  11. BornOnTheBayou


    Sniper: When this model takes a shoot Action, it may lower the value of its Focused Condition by 1 to treat the Action as having +10" range. Does this mean that Rami only uses his focus to get +range and that the shot itself does not benefit from focus?
  12. BornOnTheBayou


    I have an upcoming game, where I plan to use Zipp. I have a hard time justifying taking wrastlers though, they seem so.. I don't know.. boring? Also even with hard to wound, they come across as fairly squishy. What are your thoughts and experience using them?
  13. Thanks for the quick reply, Adran. I'll try and check it out in my next game!
  14. Some models have the rush ability, which allows them to move extra inches when they charge. In the rules, it states that you do not need pick a target when you charge. Does this mean that these models essentially can use their charge as a longer move once per turn? If so, is this intentional when it comes to the rush ability, or should Wyrd maybe consider adding something about having to end up in engagements to use the rush ability? Sorry if this came up before, I look forward to hearing your input. Best, BornOnTheBayou
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