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  1. Stupid question, where do you go to upload it a picture for this / how do i do it? Thanks in advance EDIT: I think I got it (saw the post a few above this. I just want to make sure that I did it correctly.
  2. I've been playing Parker almost exclusively since the beta released and I think my opponent is tired of it (even though I keep losing) and want to give Hamelin a try. I didn't use him too much in 2E but from what little info I've read, that may be a good thing as he operates differently now. Do you all have any good tips or tricks or just little caveat things to keep in mind when playing him? Thanks!
  3. I finished painting this behemoth (still brainstorming on the basing for it since it's so large)
  4. I've been trying to get my buddy into the game for quite a while and finally convinced him to take the plunge only to find out that everything he finally decided on is out of stock everywhere. EVERYWHERE! I cannot find half the things he wants nor half the crews I want to start. I can wait but I don't want him to change his mind and give up because in his words "Why bother with a game that doesn't get stocked anywhere."
  5. As the title says, I am getting a friend into the game and he thinks Zipp looks the coolest and therefore wants to use him. I've got about $65 to spend on getting him the box and maybe 1-2 things to help augment that box. I don't play Gremlins (Neverborn is where I live) and have no clue what kind of things would be worthwhile getting to help him out. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  6. Just to clarify, I am not the proprietor of the store, I am a customer. Still left a message for them.
  7. I have been waiting for my FLGS to get in some models that have been on back order for the better part of this year. Each month Wyrd announces special FLGS exclusive promotions but how can I spend money on your products if my store cannot get those products in?
  8. It's a rather dreary day today (currently pouring) but I believe tomorrow is gonna be nice, I'll have to try it out. Thanks for all the great advice!
  9. I think my biggest set back at the moment for pictures is the lighting. I'm really only working with a lamp and a few windows a decent way away. May work on setting something up to help that out though.
  10. Oh wow! Thanks for the tip. My camera is my phone's camera (Galaxy S7) which is pretty decent as far as phone camera's go. Will definitely use your technique when I get the chance!
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