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  1. All right these should be addressed in 1.0.0. Thanks for the reports!
  2. 1.3.11 should have specifically fixed this bug. Are you sure you were on the most recent version when the error was happening? You're on 1.3.11 now and don't see your games?
  3. I may have found one bug related to this. Please try in 1.3.10 when it is available and reply if the issue remains.
  4. dzlier

    M3E App

    I think I found a bug with the loading of some cards, related to the black card preview problem. I'm submitting 1.3.10 now, may take a while to show up.
  5. dzlier

    M3E App

    I may have to add some logging for the errors that are happening on load, it's hard to know what's going on without that. Keep your eyes out for 1.3.10.
  6. I just saw this a minute ago and can't get it to repeat. I did find that it did put me into the game, so when I backed out, it was there as a lobby that I could rejoin. But yeah I'll try to sort that out.
  7. Yep, I found that too, fixed in 1.3.9
  8. Yeah I have that fixed in the next patch.
  9. I did recently rebuild it with some new default values for the setups data doc so *shrug*.
  10. Just created a network game between an Android and the web app and it kept the SS pools for both players. So some devices and app versions may be needed to resolve this.
  11. I tried to reproduce and it looked like my SS went through, but I'll mess around some more.
  12. OK I've updated the web app to have a forgot password button that resets the password for the input email address. Please try it out. I will submit a build for Android and iOS soon.
  13. There used to be a "forgot password" button, let me see where that went. I should be able to deploy to web directly when it's fixed with no delay.
  14. I don't know what's happening here as I can still see GG2. Are you still experiencing this problem? Also what link do you use to access the crew builder? And when you go into the drawer or settings page and click "About Malifaux" what does it say the version is?
  15. Found the error. It doesn't initialize the DMH setting when starting the app to your previous selection. After starting the app, if you go to settings and deselect and select, that fixed it temporarily for me. I can also create crews with the Masters. I will submit a fix to the bug in 1.3.7.
  16. Uninstalled and reinstalled and I can replicate now, not sure why I couldn't before as it was the same version.
  17. I saw the FB report but when I tested it I could see DMH on the cards page. It didn't say anything about crew creation. Exact steps to replicate, device, and version are all very useful for troubleshooting. I'll look into it.
  18. Hi all, I've enabled the Secondary Master Selection step on Network game creation, but please take a moment to test it out and make sure it works as expected, and let me know if there are any issues. Thanks, DZ
  19. Think this might be a "Bombs in yer Belly" issue. I'm gonna remove any reference to that upgrade in your games and see if that helps.
  20. That is very strange. Try switching to landscape on that screen in the meantime while I try to figure that out, I think that helped someone else with a similar problem.
  21. OK I'm seeing some data come in, I see at least one source of errors. Submitting a fix in 1.3.6.
  22. All right, I am submitting a change as 1.3.5 that will ignore any game parsing errors that are causing the screen. It's not a fix per se, but it is logging some extra data for me so that I will be able to find out what's going on, and it will let you all have access to any of your games that are not causing the error. So you may not be able to see some previous games for a bit while I investigate, but the app will be working at least until I fix it.
  23. It seems there are a couple different things causing this same appearance. Hopefully 1.3.4 fixed the issue for most people, but I'm still looking into what else might be happening.
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