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  1. I've been thinking I'm using it wrong! Don;t even know when last I actually got Glimpse off on an enemy, it's been a great resource drain though so still happy to use it every chance i get 🙂
  2. The speed itself is actually a very good argument for it
  3. A&D won't be able to reform if I understand it correctly as it wont be able to summon the Dust Storm? Barbaros might be the better pick - or playing the Deso defensively focusing on the healing triggers instead of the killing triggers?
  4. Nope, that Golem was dead. It wasn't a competitive game by any definition - so discussing the game and finding the better play is a learning experience for both.
  5. ebolazaire


    Joss was pushed out by Brewmaster defensive trigger. Fingers wanted to get the shielded but failed to offer a drink to Joss. edit: though I'm pretty sure i messed it up in the last turn vs Melissa.
  6. i cant stop watching this...
  7. When are you doing your Jack Daw focused pod cast? Pretty please?
  8. Angel has actually been putting up some painted crew boxes on his Facebook recently - his Mercenary crew is making it very hard to not pick up another Viks box
  9. By @Ezuma in the Titania thread : "Expect to lose a lot, but try to learn from each loss and with each action always think 'how does this help me score?'" I just felt this was great advice for the game in general
  10. ebolazaire

    Zipp in OC

    I need this in my life!!
  11. Weeeeell... She had help to be fair It really was 3 activations, one of which was a master activation, and 3 soulstones used for triggers: Ronin 1 engages the hunter and softens him up, this ronin didn't survive the turn. Ronin 2 engages and finishes off hunter and uses "Reposition" trigger to engage Josh. Viktoria Chambers charges Josh and uses her full turn to attack and spends 3 stones for the "That One Counts as Mine" trigger each time to enable the Ronin.
  12. Malifaux is a game which is at the same time the easiest as well as the most complex skirmish game that I am currently playing - which to be fair is probably one of the reasons that I enjoy the game as much as I do. I'm still fairly new though and still have lots to learn, to that extent could everybody post one or two tips that you found helped your gameplay or helped you get better at Faux? I'll start off with 2 of my own: 1. Have a plan - when building your list have a plan for what each model is supposed to do to score you point, align your hires to the strats and schemes. 2. Abandon your plans! - Bad Things happen and not all plans will survive contact with the enemy. If you hire something with a specific task in mind, be willing to reassess and not fixate on the original plan. This is hard for me, as I have a tendency to plan beater X to engage / kill something and if that doesn't work I waste time trying to force it >.<
  13. Yeah, my first game of Leve VS Ressers he brought Manos and co. in Transmortis and a bad time was had by all 😛 Mostly to blame is my inexperience at facing Ressers - will definitely play that game different in future.
  14. Tara and Levi are my to main masters in Outcasts, I love how both play and also that they play so vastly different to each other. You are completely right about the hard counters to them though so they are rather hard to play into those factions. if you are only going to pick up 2 masters (yeah right) they are a good two to have.
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