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  1. Good morning! 1) Doesn't have to be friendly 2) within 6" and LOS of target friendly model, so yes it could be 12" away from student.
  2. How does the Beast Bomb strategy work nowadays?
  3. A friend and myself actually played this matchup out. It legit was a pillow fight with the above pushing it in Brewmaster's favour. It was interesting, but not something we would like to do again soon 😛
  4. Off-topic reply, apologies. Your English is fine, you really don't need to be worried about it!
  5. ah, should have mentioned base size in your original question. I see where you are coming from, interesting interaction.
  6. Leveticus would like to have a word with you!
  7. Ola Outcasts! Let's have a chat about Henchman Hardcore, what have you tried, what's been hit and miss and what do you still want to try out? For me Midnight Stalker+Servant is almost an auto include for Plant Explosives. Not sure which Henchman I would prefer to lead a crew though I'm very fond of Hannah. I'm actually tempted to look into running Hannah as Leader for a bunch of Obliteration models. I'm also stuck on the idea of running Barbaros as Leader for a Nephilim based HH crew - but I don't know that Keyword well enough to know if that would work. So tell me what you have on your todo list!
  8. That's a shame actually... They are really fun.
  9. Hi all! Are there any blogs or battle reports from players that played in the Doubles Rush @ Gencon? I'm very interested in the format as I like more team focused formats. We gave it a go last weekend but some of the players complained that it isn't balanced at 10ss - whilst I feel that the problem was more the fact that they didn't keep the strats in consideration when making their crew choices. Was hoping to get some other people's experiences with the format to get some additional data - so if you know of any reports please link - OR if you played at Gencon please tell me how it went!
  10. Apologies if it has been asked before, my Google-Fu fails me. Do models that trigger Demise(Eternal) still count towards the tally for Reckoning?
  11. side note: GrootSlang literally translates to BigSnake in my language... Every time I see the mini I'm disappointed that it isn't actually a Big Snake.
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