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  1. ebolazaire

    Round One Results & Round Two Begins

    Tonight was my last paint night before the deadline so my submission is in! Jake was a fun mini to paint!
  2. ebolazaire

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One

    Darn it! Still waiting for Talos let's see what else I have that's on them and not started...
  3. ebolazaire

    Iron Painter - 2018 Rules & Sign Ups

    I'm in! (if not too late)
  4. ebolazaire

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    We will have some feedback on gameplay from Gencon attendees soon?
  5. ebolazaire

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Or the question is how well they are priced in the web store for Gencon sale? 😉
  6. ebolazaire

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Keywords have pretty much become the biggest thing that people are interested in for both their current collections as well as any plans for purchases prior to M3E. The problem is that since this is something that testers will comment on heavily during the Beta Test it's probably not feasible for Wyrd to comment on specific final keywords for any models yet.
  7. ebolazaire

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    With regards to Keywords : Was about to pull the trigger on Levi and the Riders before the announcement. All I really want to know now is whether there will still be an option to play that list...