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  1. I'm actually very happy with how the crew plays. Tara is one of my favourite masters to put on the table and I can't really say that I have felt any concerns with regards to her summoning options. Usually I summon for a specific purpose - either scheming or running interference or to go rescue-bury someone else. Usually when there's a larger summon pool I would still gravitate to only 1 or 2 options from that pool, larger isn't always better. and her void critters are already actually pretty good imho.
  2. Oh I definitely need to try this out!
  3. Sue is situationally good in my opinion. I wasn't sold on using him before as I never got good use out of him, but faced him recently when playing Leve into Parker. His aura that shuts down triggers was actually very good versus the Amalgam team and their defense triggers.
  4. 1. Yes 2. a> they are not discarded after the pulse b> you can place them anywhere in LOS not touching terrain
  5. I'm currently getting a 404 error when trying to access the builder! Is it down for maintenance? Will it be coming back?
  6. Ooh Trooper needs to go onto my Want list! Thanks for that one, great catch! Also I missed that Titania's markers aren't destructible! O_o Will have to plan that match up more carefully
  7. So there's quite a bit of Rasputina and Titania in my future, I'm already looking at splashing Mad Dog into most of the crews that will be facing them to blow up some terrain! Is there anybody else that I'm missing to deal with their terrain markers? Or any other strategies that works well for you when you face them or any other crew that warps the battlefield?
  8. A friend of mine is getting me a second hand set. Apparently I will need to strip them down.
  9. Awesome, thank you! Will pick up 15.
  10. I'm getting some Underbrush markers made out of MDF, so for you people with Titania and Fae experience - how many Underbrush Markers are enough? :p difficult questions
  11. Definitely agree with Kharnage, I want the donkey active from Turn 1 for the oodles of support he gives the crew on turn 1. getting him in later and out of position doesn't really benefit me or the reason that I add him to crew. I don't use mine as a hitter, but he definitely enables my hitters!
  12. Oh! The Hooded Rider is a good pick! I've been looking for an excuse to get that one anyway! Some fast runners would probably go down well also, will ook into rougarou and bultungin. Thanks!
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