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  1. I've always felt that Ricochet should have been a pulse.
  2. Good break down, I'll add the replace errata above.
  3. from FAQ for completeness 😛 If a model is unaffected by Concealing Terrain, does it still gain Concealment from enemy Actions that draw LoS through that Concealing Terrain? a) Yes. Being unaffected by Concealing Terrain does not prevent a model from gaining Concealment from enemy models drawing LoS through that terrain. Being unaffected by Concealing terrain allows the model to ignore the Concealing trait when it is drawing LoS to other models.
  4. FAQ 1. Hannah Lovelace – Can the Adaptive Tactics Action be used to take a General Tactical Action? a) No. General Actions (while available to be taken by every model) are not specific to a model and are not one of that model’s Actions. 2. Jack Daw – If Jack Daw suffers irreducible damage, can the Undying Ability still be used to change the damage suffered to 1? a) Yes. Undying does not reduce damage suffered but instead changes the damage suffered to 1. 3. Leveticus – If Leveticus is taking the Sanguine Evocations Action while he has 2 or less Health, can he choose to discard 2 or more cards, even though the damage from the Action would kill him? a) Yes. While models cannot choose to suffer damage that would kill them; in the Sanguine Evocations Action, Leveticus is not choosing to suffer any damage and is instead choosing how many cards to discard. There's also Torment clarification: Torment – If a model gains an Upgrade during the same Activation it was damaged by a model with Torment, will the model with Torment draw a card at the end of the Activation? a) Yes. At the end of a model with the Torment Ability’s Activation, it checks all models it damaged during that Activation. If any models damage currently have an Upgrade, the model with Torment will draw a card. Rulebook errata Pg 32. Replace The Rules and Steps for replacing models were adjusted to the following: 1. Place each new model into base contact with any of the original models. If any cannot be Placed or cannot be added due to model limits, the Replace effect is canceled. 2.Each new model’s Health is set to the total Health of all original model’s combined or to the new model’s maximum Health, whichever is lower. If the Replace effect Heals any new models, those new models Heal at this point. 3. If any original model(s) had any Conditions or Tokens, one new model gains those Conditions at the same value (if any) and all Tokens. These Conditions, if gained during the End Phase, do not resolve their effects. Any Summon Upgrades Attached to any original model is Attached to that new model (if able); all other Upgrades are discarded. 4.If the new and original models belong to the same Crew, one new model becomes the target of any effects that targeted or chose any original models, such as Schemes, Leader designation, or lasting game effects. That new model is always considered a legal target for those effects. 5. Remove all original models from the game. If the new and original models do not belong to the same Crew, all original models are considered to be killed, ignoring Demise Abilities. No game effects (such as placing Markers or scoring points) occur from the original model being removed. 6.If any new model is at 0 Health, it is killed. 7.If any original model(s) had Activated, all new models are treated as having Activated; otherwise, new models are considered not to have Activated. If this Replace occurred during an original model’s Activation, one new model may instead continue that Activation using any remaining Actions.
  5. ERRATA Pride ° Guitar Bash is now a Action. ° Solo gained the following text: “During an opposed duel, if both models benefit from this effect, both effects are ignored.” ° This Song’s All About You damage reduced from 2 to 1 (per card not discarded). Mad Dog Brackett ° Cost increased by 1. Rusty Alyce ° Mv reduced from 6 to 4. Johan Creedy ° Gained Rush Ability. ° Rebel Yell stat increased from 5 to 5 . ° Relic Hammer stat reduced from 6 to 5. Ashes and Dust ° Incorporeal replaced with Savage Winds. ° Whirlwind of Scrap now only pushes up to 12" towards a Scrap. ° Deadly Claws stat reduced from 6 to 6. Benny Wolcomb ° Df increased from 5 to 6. ° Sack O’ Rats no longer requires discarding a card. ° Diseased and Nihilism replaced with Loyal to the Very End and Covered in Rats. ° Loyal Rats with Tiny Hats range increased from 3 to 4. ° Infected Blade Stat reduced from 6 to 5. ° Derringer Stat increased from 5 to 6 and gained “Rat Bomb!” Trigger. Aionus ° Sever Timeline stat reduced by 5 to 5. ° Sever Timeline gained a TN of 12
  6. I read the card and I still don't know
  7. All walks are moves, but all moves are not walks.
  8. It really is easy as that 😉 WELCOME TO MALIFAUX Frontier is a good starting pick, mostly because it is also a part of the Explorer's Society, which is the new faction that is being slowly introduced. So if you like Basse you have an in for both Guild and Explorer's if you want. As far as crew complexity goes - I always suggest that instead of looking at cards you look at which minis you like the best. But I'm a very tactile person and prefer to play with things i like the look or story of instead of what is hard/easy/good/bad. I don't know if you have a friend or a club that's already playing or getting into the game with you, but ways to slowly get to grips with the game and your crew specifically is to look at smaller games and then build up from there to a full 50ss game. If you're part of a club see if they have a slow grow campaign or something similar planned? Maybe check for smaller point games or Henchmen Hardcore. Ask questions on the forums or the FB if you get stuck, the community is in general very friendly. If you like podcasts you could also find some that are very informative and fun to listen to. All, in all welcome and enjoy the ride!
  9. I've been thinking I'm using it wrong! Don;t even know when last I actually got Glimpse off on an enemy, it's been a great resource drain though so still happy to use it every chance i get 🙂
  10. The speed itself is actually a very good argument for it
  11. A&D won't be able to reform if I understand it correctly as it wont be able to summon the Dust Storm? Barbaros might be the better pick - or playing the Deso defensively focusing on the healing triggers instead of the killing triggers?
  12. Nope, that Golem was dead. It wasn't a competitive game by any definition - so discussing the game and finding the better play is a learning experience for both.
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