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  1. I just ordered mounted Leve to use as my Emissary for my Leve crew and I was actually being disappointed about the exact same thing It would have been great to have him on a horse also... with the Riders in tow... sigh, I'm currently very tempted to just pick up the 4 riders and paint them up just to have all 5 of the riders, maybe I can convince someone to let me play them together just for laughs :p
  2. I regret never getting to build and play the Leve Horsemen list. I still think that would look awesome on the table, hoping that they bring back an alt Leve that is able to pull it off.
  3. ebolazaire

    Tors Tables

    How many Garden of Morr sets did you use for the crypt?
  4. Oh, that sounds pretty cool! How much space does that take up on the table? You maybe have some pictures?
  5. I prefer to write those on the card... I like as little clutter on the table as possible. I also have teeny tiny little d6s (like 5mm) for tracking numbers that I want to see on the table with the mini.
  6. The only tokens I've really wanted to add to my current tokens are bomb tokens for Plant Explosives.
  7. I was wondering about that! what exactly happened to his wings? were they clipped during his pit fighter days?
  8. Hamelin has gone from my favourite master to one that feels like an absolute chore to play. Between the low damage tracks, the fragility of everything in the crew, the loss of replacement kids, pass tokens feeling like it actually punishes me for playing the theme and countless other things that just doesn't feel great I've just moth balled this crew and turned to other ones that at least feels fun.
  9. TN14 has been feeling right to me. In my last game vs Ortega's I only managed to bury 1 model during the whole game due to them consistently hitting TN - at TN13 it would have felt like a total non-ability.
  10. This. Is my first rodeo, do I still get to play along?
  11. Tonight was my last paint night before the deadline so my submission is in! Jake was a fun mini to paint!
  12. Darn it! Still waiting for Talos let's see what else I have that's on them and not started...
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