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  1. I think nekima will lead the pack. She's such a great starter for beginners. And very fun.
  2. If I used vogul in a saber I would use the tear off bite to heal back as long as the other saber was in range Or miranda . Onslaught with Marcus and miranda. It's very situational. I would use words and push saber up then hit the saber with fancy cain to get the saber charger and boom dead model. Then butterfly jump after they attack the saber to keep him alive. Miranda activates heals saber then call of the wild again. Then if next model isn't dead accomplices to finish of. This is just one strategy but an effective one... the whole process is gone now.
  3. You never use vogul as the beast unless Late in the game or something goes wrong. His ranged attack and ability to hand out shielded also he removes markers to prevent. You put him behind the line for a stronger attack like sabertooths. Your correct I'm wrong in Paul and I've been playing him wrong for a long long time it's a melee attack not charge on scene of blood. So it is just Marcus miranda and vogul.
  4. I've been unboxing her a lot I think scamper will be very good on her and I'm thinking of a way thoon can do a ice bury and use scamper to move out of the way and have euripides move it 10 inches away. A way to remove a strong enemy model. Unboxing only gets you so far. I should get a few games in today. Thanks though.
  5. Paul gets 2 attacks off different models. Scent of blood coordinated attack. Now without triggers. Vogul had fancy cain stick em. You hit your own beast which is almost everyone. Marcus miranda call off the wild. I put it on both sabertooths and flight on Marcus miranda. I'm missing out on a ton of damage with triggers. Santa do you play Marcus at all?? I use call of the wild to get initial hit in then if model takes enough damage I'll use acompless and finish with whatever saber is in there. Butterfly Junp allowed me to make my opponent waste ap and position. It affects almost the whole crew...
  6. Anyone who plays Marcus has to constantly think up different ways to keep him going he's very different than other masters. And exparementing and unboxing and trying to come up with outside the box thinking which had led to some very satisfying wins. He would be the last master I would think should need changing. So ya I'm upset. I'm am going to take ogid's advice and a few of my friends abs shelf him I'll never get rid of him. Euripides will keep me entertained for now. And nekima will always be worth the ss.
  7. The butterfly jump. Not getting my triggers from attacks. and what I thought was miranda's replace getting nerfed. Though you've shown me it's not... having 4 butterfly jumps was a main stay in Marcus in neverborn. But taking away his trigger attacks from call of the wild or from Paul's attacks as well. That's not allot??? Marcus. Miranda. Vogul. Paul. All give attacks. Now with no triggers.
  8. I should have got away from Marcus a long time ago but he was given to me to get me into the game and I've never been able to part with him and I cannot honestly think of a game I've played in the last year that I didn't take in human reflexes in any crew that I played and never born. Ogid can I still take Miranda and change her to say Jackalope like we were talking about to prevent scoring or has the new replace rules changed that?
  9. And Vegas wasn't a big event agreed but it did get a lot of attention which as you said with the timing is just one heck of a coincidence I guess
  10. The butterfly jump with flight question was from me and a buddy was playing a game and I was just trying to make him mad on purpose LOL and I had to post a question on the forum as per our bet i guess you could call it
  11. When I play in a tournament I have to declare faction I got Marcus nekama euripides now there's no reason to play Marcus in never born not a strong reason to and I mean this literally affects two of my three crews that I play in tournaments so for me personally it's a big hit to one of my main strategies
  12. I think people are entitled to be disappointed a lot of us have a lot of time and money invested in this game and when a change like this happens and its on several different forums the comments of stop complaining and just deal with it those are pretty frustrating because if we don't complain they won't change it back and I personally do think this is because of Vegas
  13. Yeah I literally just was reading that in submitting an apology for reply when I seen your comment ogid yes I'm sorry I interpreted the wrong way but between this and Facebook it's starting to get pretty frustrated
  14. Hell you don't even need mobile Warrior now
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