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  1. out4egos


    Can you take barbarous as just a young nephlim. And play him as a young nephlim
  2. out4egos

    Paul Crockett

    his disappear at the end of the round which if you took just that into consideration with how this character matches and Chimera that's why I thought dance we make a difference
  3. out4egos

    Paul Crockett

    Paul also has a trigger that allows others to attack off his attacks firing into melee ignoring friendly fire. Not knowing of the other crew it didn't make since for the dust not to be dense. But in this crew of no ranged it looked to be a defense option it being a beta and playing marcus mainly i thought this something to fix.
  4. out4egos

    Paul Crockett

    So I didn't know about the movement. That's really helpful. Paul has a14 inch range. So i do my put him in the rear too pick off targets. My last game my opponent just kinda ran up and smacked him. So I was like what's the point of the marker. It's not dense so you can see right through it. What is the frontier crew , what faction
  5. out4egos

    Paul Crockett

    It goes away at the end of the round. It's not permanent. It's kicking up a dust cloud is a pointless action if it offers you nothing. Marcus has him as the only chimera with a ranged attack. It would allow him protection after shooting
  6. out4egos

    Paul Crockett

    His zero action to throw up a consealing cloud. It needs to be a dense cloud
  7. out4egos

    Marcus NB

    Sorry guys I use voice to text and I need to edit better
  8. out4egos

    Marcus NB

    Alright so here we go Marcus has Call of the Beast Friendly Beasts only target moving number of inches up to its movement it's got a built-in Ram in the Rama trigger is Hunter call when resolving instead of moving the target may take the charge action. Says not make that attack it says in charge action under the saber-tooth actions. Is attack action Savage bite has a mask trigger Onslaught to take this action against charging the same model you don't have to have the horns upgrade also saber tooth has adaptive evolution so if you get rid of a mutation let's say natural camouflage it adds pawsitive to the shoot and to the suit sorry it's a positive for both does that clarify or am I still not reading this right I am fairly new to the game
  9. out4egos

    Marcus NB

    You use Marcus to push the Sabertooth Cerberus and to get the charge attack you get the onslaught from that charge attack you cannot get a trigger from a trigger but you can get a trigger from an action and then you use Marcus has a liability and instantly activate Cerberus and give him two more attacks with both Onslaught triggers its 5 attacks in a row
  10. out4egos

    Marcus NB

    Marcus Jackalope Miranda Ragooro Sabertooth Paul Crockett Bandersnatch Will-o- wisp ×2 Versus lynch. Played neverborn instead of arcanist for the first time. Im new to malifoux and have a really good friend who is very patient. I have to say it was my best game yet and I think marcus is most effective in neverborn. He's made to support and is near impossible to kill he gives sabertooth two attacks before it's even his turn( onslaught). Myranda to heal wisps scheme run. The others deal damage like crazy. Mutations everywhere chimaracy. Only change I'll make is ditch bandersnatch and add another ragooro.
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