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  1. I pre ordered geryon too. Or rather my wife did for me as a gift and the site holds all till release. Thanks anyway though.
  2. out4egos


    Thanks all these are perfect on the road
  3. Maybe 4 though so you could put one in blood hunters mouth... I did with my proxy
  4. Yes sorry 3 tots. Was thinking if young I think maybe. With there being youngs and mature in a box already I'm thinking there must be something more with her box...
  5. out4egos


    Where can I find more history of malifaux. Without buying all the faction books...?
  6. Nekima blood hunter 4 tots and..... . Barbaros... give him back!!!!
  7. out4egos


    He's not super bad. I'll play a few games every now and then with him. Having inhuman ref. In 2 then feather wings on 2. That's 4 butterfly jumps. Ferdinand Vogel is fun. Take 2 sabers give them ir. I use cojo to toss Marcus where he needs to go. Give jackalope a ton of mutations and keep him next to Marcus. Marcus can shift damage and jackalope can keep coming back. Also they've got the card draw with Marcus kinda fixed... kinda. Keep miranda herself to heal. Only shift her if it's late. But he's a fun master but I hardly ever win with him... he just needs something a little more...
  8. Nekima ir Blood hunter . Regurgitate drops corpse Hayreddin . Mask trigger drops corose Bbs 1 . Mask trigger drops corpse Bbs2 same Lelitu card draw Lelu card draw Young 6ss pool
  9. I had already moved hayreddin out I didn't think sheamus could Get there... opposite corners. Ive got a counter for Seamus next time ready. But I have never had not grown t mature by beginning of turn 2. Hayreddin can do mask trigger too. Also twins both have card draw so if you don't have cards even with ss. And even with blood hunter dropping corpse. You can get 2 cards from lilu discard 1from hand. 1 from lelitu That's only if you don't have anything in your hand
  10. You need four Masks and 2 Rams to grow 2 Black blood to make sure turn one any Mask any rams cuz of the relent. now if you stoned and you still don't get what you need you can use the Blood Hunter drop a corpse marker that gives you an edge for the mask
  11. Another thing I do badly with her us ss refuse I use 6 as with grow crews I let 2 and 3 damage go a lot I need to use as better. I finished with 3 last night. I guess I'm used to everyone having reg. And some healing effects as well your right 2 reg is otay good. But now I know I can ff herself that's going to change a lot for me thanks
  12. He killed both mature turn 2 before I activated while they had 4 wounds on them. I thought it was over but I kept playing one point at a time. His avatar if the dead get kept way back his deployment from turn 1 till turn 4. Corner deploy. Plant exp.
  13. No the prevent is reduce is in general. Yes she regens 2 but that's 10 wounds per game, if she makes it to round 5, where everyone else has grim feast. I rely on other people splashing her with bb allot. She can fast food herself??? I didn't know that. Il waste an ap often to heal hayreddin or a mature.
  14. She has no healing mechanics so it's only prevent and reduce.
  15. Maybe it's me but neck dies probably 60 % of the time for me. Hell last night against sheamus. Turn 4 she had I think 4 wounds left she was trapped she had aura of decay on her and was stuck between well everything and everyone . And I hate losing her but I did I traded her for 2 tots. Which gave me the win ultimately.
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