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  1. Hey! Unofficial McCabe Master here. Thanks to HomelessOne for linking my thread but...yes. I would state that McCabe loves the current GG and he's absolutely amazing. He can play any setup and Scenario. Definitely get the Hucksters and Desper. They're good for starting out. Samurai are prime too. Dawn Serpent and Shadow Emissary are also good. So. I'd suggest starting by learning activation order. Luna first. Get an Artifact and toss it with her bonus to whomever is going after and spread that fast around. Once McCabe gets going he can also throw them out alright, but
  2. It's over folks. It's over. We have been defeated. Only hope is to wait for the errata. It's probably for the best. With those tiny arms we couldn't hold up the sign anyway.
  3. Nope. There was the Explorer's split with Sonnia Witch Hunter minion. Spelleaters. I'm concerned about Ivan being as...potent as that with those summons though. It seems far from incidental. Shade Upgrade needs to be revealed or talked about.
  4. I assume it's coming with other wastrels in Explorers. I hope.
  5. Silent protector plus Lucas McCabe plus Phantasmal Mask. In more reality. Upgrades are situational changes to your crew that should augment what's there or patch holes. I'm not surprised you don't use them but some folks swear by them or utilize them for neat little tricks.
  6. Shadow Emissary?! Not worth 10 stones?!?! Be still my heart. Dragon is definitely worth his weight IMO. Good min 3 beater with utility and a lot of incidental duels. But then again I run McCabe a lot. Kunoichi are...they're probably my favorite bad model. The assassination vector with them and distracted is great to set up if you can but they're skirmishers and they aren't really Frontline fighters. My least taken model is Ruffian. They serve no purpose except to drop schemes for Hucksters. They're just trash. Avoiding cheating on just a bad minion. I don't rea
  7. You can always just drop Good for a Laugh. I threw that on as a joke when thinking about it. Initially I just wanted no triggers on it but wanted the attack after my roommate suggested that 'what if it didn't have 2 inch melee reach?' and my response of: "There's no way that it wouldn't have a two inch reach. How would they handle the overhang?" That gradually turned into. "But what if..."
  8. My fellow Wyrdos. There comes a time after a new model has been announced that we must band together and make our voices heard. Give Malisaurus Rex a 0 inch Frantic Flaliling attack. Just a zero inch range 1/2/3 track melee attack. Tome- Good for a Laugh. Not only would it be hilarious but also accurate to just how useless those stubby little arms are, but also very thematic. Please Wyrd. Thank you.
  9. Definitely thematic. I used to run Statue but I stopped for two reasons. One is cost. I prefer Dawn Serpent for scheming and speed. Statue may be amazing tech into lure or bring it heavy crews for Ley Lines. But he's not an auto include. Unless you need to pass out two relics a turn Luna can give you your artifact without taking damage. Terracotta is interesting for one reason. Luna could be replaced by one. As can it be a good replacement for a huckster or Dawn. Good idea certainly. Interesting tech if you're going against gunline and fear the puppy's safety.
  10. Definitely Lucas. Even with part of a keyword there's so much to do with him. He's fast, fun, and he can do pretty much any scheme.
  11. So the reason I've been using him is vs Ruthless as tech and cover for Huggy and Lynch. Once Tannen is set up he basically takes the boring conversation to an even higher level. You need to flip to make the charge. Flip to attack and spend a card to cheat. He's an objective denier and gets good durability boosts off Lynch's bonus. Is he amazing? In certain scenarios he's better than Swordsman. He moves squishy Tannen to better position things and can help with a lot of side work. He's like Sidir. He's a tech pick in a faction full of good tech picks. Just put him in the right
  12. I love Lynch bad Huggy. Not terribly sold on Illuminated but definitely picking it up.
  13. Soooo. I'm using a Fellblade from warmachine that's unpainted and I hate it. But I'm mostly playing at home with my roommates. I'm thinking about getting and using like a multipart kit but they're on 40s and it doesn't look like those really fit. I think I may have to stay third party for now just to fit the theme of Qi and Gong.
  14. If you're on a budget. You can make a very viable McCabe crew with 4 purchases. McCabe Core. Born Every Minute. Dawn Serpent. Shadow Emissary. Still expensive. Easiest buy in probably is in outcasts actually. Parker Core. Folsom if you can find it, and Paid in Blood.
  15. I don't like running her as a Bubble but after seeing Tannen in Lynch I can definitely see using the two of them and Bill as a mobile central command station for the rest of the crew. Honestly, I'm with you, Jesy, on mostly staying in keyword. Dawn Serpent or Samurai to taste is what I've found works best depending on what my opponent declared.
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