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  1. So the reason I've been using him is vs Ruthless as tech and cover for Huggy and Lynch. Once Tannen is set up he basically takes the boring conversation to an even higher level. You need to flip to make the charge. Flip to attack and spend a card to cheat. He's an objective denier and gets good durability boosts off Lynch's bonus. Is he amazing? In certain scenarios he's better than Swordsman. He moves squishy Tannen to better position things and can help with a lot of side work. He's like Sidir. He's a tech pick in a faction full of good tech picks. Just put him in the right scenario.
  2. I love Lynch bad Huggy. Not terribly sold on Illuminated but definitely picking it up.
  3. Soooo. I'm using a Fellblade from warmachine that's unpainted and I hate it. But I'm mostly playing at home with my roommates. I'm thinking about getting and using like a multipart kit but they're on 40s and it doesn't look like those really fit. I think I may have to stay third party for now just to fit the theme of Qi and Gong.
  4. If you're on a budget. You can make a very viable McCabe crew with 4 purchases. McCabe Core. Born Every Minute. Dawn Serpent. Shadow Emissary. Still expensive. Easiest buy in probably is in outcasts actually. Parker Core. Folsom if you can find it, and Paid in Blood.
  5. I don't like running her as a Bubble but after seeing Tannen in Lynch I can definitely see using the two of them and Bill as a mobile central command station for the rest of the crew. Honestly, I'm with you, Jesy, on mostly staying in keyword. Dawn Serpent or Samurai to taste is what I've found works best depending on what my opponent declared.
  6. Like, there's kind of this weird dileniation where you go between 'Minion' and 'Enforcer/Henchman' probably at this stage. Anyone can justify their own 'worst model ever.' Ruffians are straight garbage unless your opponent is spamming terrifying. Then they become somewhat legitimate side attackers. I mean, they flip honest vs. Lord Chompy Bits with their derringers with free focus and can get the focus back whenever they walk. So they may not be 'straight garbage' there. Winged Plague are REALLY bad in Outcasts, and they have no real home in that crew outside of niche setups with Benny Engine, if you can even call the Benny Engine a thing. The argument that they are able to get fast is great, but what do they do for the crew? They're just fast and can scheme if they don't get shot and rats are better at the mobile living bomb thing since you can also turn them into Rat Kings. Desperate Mercenary also kind of fills the role of completely garbage model, as well. Battle Tempo at least makes it decent for scoring, but it's still not what anyone would call 'good' I'd think. Then there's the enforcer category, full of oft misunderstood pieces or pieces that just have no practical purpose. Old Enslaved Nephilim prior to the FAQ was apparently so bad people were thinking of just NOT taking it for Hero's Gamble and a pass token allegedly. All of these have arguments for why they're so bad. Guild Hounds are hands down though, the worst model in Malifaux. Hired in they're MV6 scheme runners that are only 3 health, so one Min 3 looking at them just destroys them utterly. Their defensive stats are absolute garbage. They only work in groups. They do attack at stat 6, but only on models that have activated or if they're around other Guild Hounds. Oh, their damage track starts at min 1. Hunting Partner is pretty okay, but they're an annoyance tie-up piece that can't even take a hit. Worst is, you can't summon them in. Mindless means they don't act the turn they're summoned and the On Patrol upgrade gives them slow. So they're useless for the majority of two turns. If you run 4 of them, and, I don't know why you would except for a skew list of epic proportions, then you're golden until you get blasted once or twice or even a shockwave or two. It's just not worth the investment of stones. You're better off taking Lead Lined Coat on Queeg or Barker rather than one of these things, even if you need a scheme runner. Mounted Guard run schemes far better and dismount when they die to maybe get that last interact in before dying like chumps.
  7. It's a bump! GG1 is up and available. These are just my personal notes on the matter and of course, always looking for feedback. These aren't just speculation either. I've been playing a lot more Malifaux with the roommates lately, so it's actually tested too!
  8. Ultimately, Mimic is a really good call given some, uh, information in one of the faction books. We'll see.
  9. Could be Umbra Master as well, though I suspect the henchman is probably more correct. Mimic Keyword maybe as well...? Depends on what exactly he does or is.
  10. HO MAN! IT'S MY BEST TEN THUNDERS BROTHER FROM ANOTHER TEN THUNDERS FAMILY. Yeah, no the game tonight I used Lures to deny three points in a row.
  11. Depends on crew makeup honestly. The trick is to not kill the lodestone runner but to keep it boxed in. I think Rasputina, or, potentially even keeping the loderunner just pinned in using triggers like 'You're Coming With Me' or just good ol' fashioned 2inch reachers... Lures also can help kill points. Just save a lure until late in the turn and, y'know. Yoink.
  12. Aaaaaand easing our way back onto topic... This Masked Agent tip is freaking amazing and I love it. I always assumed that it was just melee actions, but you're completely right. It allows them to also be even more of a toolbox. This also means you can With Me, bring in something to drop that distraction aura next to the target, Kabuki Warrior, for instance, and all of the sudden you're flipping against a negative with your Chi Blade melee attack that has a brilliant trigger on any flip. Sun is definitely an MVP for times when you need a ton of longevity. But the only things that have H2K is going to be things you put Silent Protector on, at least in keyword, so it gets 'meh' rating from me for being an expensive combo. In the right setups though, against burst crews, probably very viable. If Seamus pops up as a popular meta model I'd run him, or something with a lot of triggers like Marcus with Onslaught and such.
  13. Cycling cards from your hand is almost never a bad thing, in my humble opinion. But I've been binging Youko where you basically groom your hand like you're going to sell it on the street corner.
  14. Also lets you cycle a card when you summon and the Dust Devil can be nice in certain setups. It's not the best, but at 4 stones, it can be nice to have vs. other Summoners as basically the same as two upgrades.
  15. I don't know how I feel about Sun Quiang. On one hand, he's got a good amount of utility, but on the other hand, that's a lot of stones for a support piece. Tannen is cheap enough, but I feel like if you play too heavily into Distracted it may end up being a problem. Tanuki help with scheming, which is another main weakness, and while Sun can do the same, it also steals stones from other things. I'll have to give him a shot.
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