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  1. I suppose a void hunter with servant of the dark powers could also work. It would get the +1 to terrifying also. I'll play around this the ss cost of the crew a bit.
  2. The next biggest problem I see with it is that you can't drop a bomb turn one. This is a problem because you can start scoring turn 1 in henchman hardcore and I think that most players will try to leap in and drop bombs turn 1 putting you behind.
  3. Good to know. I guess I was confused by the wording. The document says, "Leaders have an action limit of 2 instead of 3." The use of the word "limit" is what threw me off. I will definitely have to try this! Good insight. I'll try to tailor the crews to this kind of a strategy more. I could see a Rusty crew with 2 necropunks and a mobile beater being pretty good. Maybe the midnight stalker or Barbaros. That crew could plant a decent number of bombs and output some damage. Vendetta may be hard though. I do like the challenge that henchman hardcore presents.
  4. I have some henchman hardcore games coming up and I wanted to get some feedback on the crews I am contemplating and see if there was anything in obviously good in terms of henchmen hardcore that I had overlooked. I also didn't see a 3e henchmen hardcore thread for Outcasts. For me, two henchmen immediately come to mind of good leaders of this game type: Rusty Alyce and Hannah Lovelace Rusty Alyce puts out a great deal of damage from range and has walk 6. Her execute trigger can pressure the opponent's hand with the reduced hand size of 4 for this game mode. She is also survivable with armor+1 and a heal (not an amazing heal, but a heal nonetheless). Here is a Rusty crew I was considering: Rusty Alyce (9) Marlena Webster (8) Pride (7) Hodgepodge Effigy (4) -Effigy of Fate (2) The downside to this crew is that you are left with no soulstones and it is a crew that likes to bubble. The upside is that your crew is relatively tanky and has a decent number of heals. You shouldn't be giving up many points to vendetta or assassinate. Another Rusty Crew: Rusty Alyce (9) Midnight Stalker (8) Scavenger (6) Hodgepodge Effigy (4) -Effigy of Fate (2) 1 ss cache This crew has a bit more mobility with the stalker and the place trigger on the scavenger. However, it has a harder time dealing with defensive tech like armor and shielded. This crew still has a lot of heals between Rusty's self heal, the effigy/emissary, and the scavenger trigger. With a limited hand, it is hard to guarantee the leap on midnight stalker and it may be more difficult to get the trigger you want on the scavenger. Hannah Lovelace also brings damage and survivability as your leader. On top of this, she has arcane reservoir to bring you hand size to 5 and can eat away at your opponent's resources with counterspell aura. Now, I don't play Freikorp nearly as much as other keywords within Outcasts, so forgive me if this suggested crew does not seem great. Hannah Lovelace (10) Midnight Stalker (8) Freikorp Engineer (6) Hodgepodge Effigy (4) -Effigy of Fate (2) With Hannah as your leader and assassinate in the pool the bonus action on the engineer just seems too good to pass up on. Heal, cycle a card, and give Hannah shielded +2 with the possibility of more (focus+1 or concealment). I think that the Freikorp librarian could be very good here as well. She is tanky and brings another heal to the crew. I like adding the stalker because he delivers a bomb extremely efficiently and then hunts any of the opponent's models that are trying to scheme. I also felt that the crew could use some mobility. Now for a crew a bit more "out there." I was trying to figure out if the Obliteration keyword could field a good henchman hardcore crew. The henchmen for the keyword are Aionus and Scion of the Void. I don't think that Aionus would do enough for his cost to justify taking him in this game mode. This leaves Scion of the Void. Scion has a couple of things going for it. It can be kept safe from harm by burying it, it has a defensive trigger to reduce damage, and it can attack through any Obliteration minions you take. There is a potential for it to heal also, but that requires a trigger on a stat 5 attack. It can score Vendetta very efficiently (Vendetta only says you cannot select an enemy leader. As I read it, you can use your leader for Vendetta). The diffusion trigger is very good in this game mode. It makes your attack hit hard and eats away at the opponent's hand. The downside is that the Scion will hurt itself by taking actions while buried and essentially give away an assassinate point for free. Unburying the scion before the end of the game is important and may be difficult. Here is the crew I started considering: Scion of the Void (6) Nothing Beast (9) Void Hunter (7) Void Hunter (7) 1 ss I like the basic concept of this crew. There are a lot of terrifying models and incorporeal. Glimpse the void triggers are everywhere and between these triggers (built in on the void hunters), terrifying duels, and needing to avoid gaining fast (which can't benefit the enemy leader but will help the Obliteration crew) your opponent's resources can be stretched thin. If I took Talos instead of the Nothing beast I wouldn't be losing much and I could then take Servant of the Dark Powers on Scion of the Void. This could help to keep the Scion healthy as it damages itself. The nothing beast does benefit from the enemy having fast though and its stats are better than the stats on Talos. Higher mobility on the Nothing Beast is important. I don't know. I seems like this crew has some stuff going for it but there are some glaring flaws. Let me know what you think. Really I just want this crew to work out because I like the paint job on my Scion of the Void. Here are some quick thoughts on other henchmen that I haven't put as much effort into creating crews for: Mad Dog Brackett: A good shooter that can get through the armor on enemy models. It's unfortunate that he cannot benefit from "life of crime" in this game mode. Montressor: A tanky henchman with terrifying, hard to wound, and Demise(Eternal). He also has access to an execute trigger on one of his attacks. If you pump a few heals into him, it will be extremely hard to take him down. Nyx: He has incorpeal and a built in way to heal. A large pulse with a high WP duel helps to build up blight and get more healing done. I'm not sure what the rest of the crew would need to look like to get good work out of blight. He can stop opponents from interacting within 6 inches. This can help to prevent bomb placement. Arik: Decently tanky with Armor+2. He can output damage in melee. Taelor: Hits hard with stat 7 and has decent mobility with rush and battle tempo. Ruthless is pretty good for preserving your cards. Barbaros: Decently tanky between regen and armor+1. He has a decent melee attack and challenge can really be inconvenient for the opponent. The surprise of bringing nephilim while playing Outcasts can be good. So, what types of lists are other people running/contemplating? Am I putting too much emphasis on models that can heal? Do you think the effigy with the upgrade is worth it (there is a thread discussing this topic, but I figured this is a bit of a different scenario)? It can be very good for vendetta, but it is also extremely obvious (though, you could bluff with the effigy and actually take it on another model).
  5. This is definitely how I use her. The crew also easily gets activation control which can help you avoid trouble. If I use her to fight, it is usually to kill off a scheme runner or finish off a model that is already low. I don't think that she should be used as a beater. A potential of 5 attacks a turn is good, but her defensive capabilities don't really support it. My opponents have found it very difficult to keep her from completing schemes though. Tara is rarely close enough to Karina for this to matter. Tara is extremely mobile with 5 ap a turn, Karina is not mobile at all. She is also very easy to kill so she really shouldn't be anywhere close to the front lines. For me, she most often sits in the backfield and heals buried models or pops them out when need be (though, I prefer Aionus to unbury models but it doesn't hurt to have a bit of redundancy for this effect).
  6. Zipp is great with the first mate be particularly good. I would bring the first mate into more Outcast crews if I could. Jack Daw and crew seem to have have a lot of depth. I think it could be very good, but I haven't picked up Daw. Viks seem unnecessary since you have killing down with the masters you already play. I suppose they do have quite a bit of mobility though. I think Tara is a good master to learn (even though she is not on your list). It's hard to keep her from completing schemes. In plant explosives games I've managed to drop all of my bombs while denying the opponent any strat points (don't mind me from the emissary and activation control). She takes a bit to learn but has a ton of tricks and is amazing into certain scheme pools.
  7. I agree. I wouldn't commit too much to trying to make the aura for 2 damage work. It can be nice for finishing off hard to kill models (or something that just happens to be left on 1 or 2 wounds) but it rarely comes up for me. I usually aim my bonus actions to give fast at a model that has already activated for the turn. This gives you time to unbury next to the model and you don't have to use resources (like pass tokens for Aionus) to makes sure the opponent doesn't benefit from fast. I've been really enjoying Tara. I've found that she can really drain resources from the opponent between terrifying duels, glimpse the void triggers, scion of the void trigger (on buried targets), and spamming the bonus action for fast against models that have activated (it is hard for the opponent to have the cards necessary for all of this). Nothing beast is great at absorbing attack actions from the opponent and then burying to be healed. I have found that the crew plays a really good tar pit and resource drain game while Tara and a few other efficient models complete all your schemes. Tara is great at scheming but also serves to pressure the opponent's resources with her in-built trigger on melee. She really just does whatever you need her to (on top of summoning!). I did want to know if anyone was getting good use out of Talos. He seems like a good model but I haven't had the best results with him.
  8. I'll definitely give the crew another go and try to work on my sion gameplay. The crew has a lot of moving parts.
  9. Scion would have been great against Misaki burying, but my opponent never decided to bury Misaki. I might not be crediting the threat of attacks enough in this matchup.
  10. Tried out this list in the following pool (even though I said I would try Parker next... I got my Obliteration stuff painted and just wanted to get them on the table): Strat- Plant Explosives Schemes- Detonate charges, search the ruins, dig their graves, take prisoner, deliver a message I took search the ruins and deliver a message. My opponent played a Misaki crew that included Shang, Ottoto, 2 torakage, the shadow emissary, and 2 tanuki (Maybe an upgrade somewhere). We ended up calling the game at the beginning of Turn 4 with a score of 4-1 in my favor (my opponent only scoring 1 for deliver a message). I was able to deny any strat scoring for my opponent by out activating through creation of pass tokens and then picking up the opponent's bomb markers either naturally or with the use of the emissary's "don't mind me" upgrade. It definitely helped that I happened to pick a master that countered my opponent's master (in a sense). The nothing beast proved to be a great beater in this game (I had previously had mixed results). Taking two prospectors feels great for scheming and also kept a constant supply of soulstones flowing. Aionus felt more relevant this game than in previous games I have played with him so I might be learning a bit about how to maneuver and play him correctly. Scion of the void didn't do much this game besides walk and drop bomb markers (happened to pick up a second one when a tanuki nearby was killed). I wasn't sure where to spend the scion's actions really. Any pointers? I also wanted to know if anyone had gotten any work out of Talos. Last time I heard about Talos the opinion seemed to be that he was okay but didn't have as much crew synergy as was desired.
  11. How has Grimwell been performing for you?
  12. I'd like to know more about the reasoning behind not taking Servant of the Dark Powers on Leveticus. The extra healing to keep Leve up (alongside the emissary) is nice and the first turn move keeping my opponent on their toes when they deploy and do their first turn of movement. If I can save the stones though, that seems good. Do you use any of the other upgrades?
  13. I tried this list out but swapped Lust for Gluttony against a Neverborn player in plant explosives. Not sure how I feel about the crew into that strategy, but I had my heart set on trying this crew. My opponent played Nekima with a thematic crew. The grow mechanic has gotten a lot better in this edition. Assassinate was in the pool which was a bit of a concern. I'm not sure if I would take Pride as a leader with that in the pool during future games. I managed to keep him alive though. The free focus on the crossroads 7 was really nice. Prospector scored breakthrough all by itself and planted a bomb. This freedom for scheming was allowed because I had concentrated my forces on the opposite flank and Pride managed to blow up the resistance on the side of the board with prospector. Vendetta was also in the pool and it is a bit awkward with this crew due to the cost of the models in the list. The effigy with the upgrade could be good at scoring it (which I didn't think of at the time). My opponent grew a nephilim into a mature nephilim and sent it in to score vendetta on Gluttony. He only scored 1 point of it though. Sloth's ability to mess with healing was pretty funny against a crew with lots of regen. Overall, it was a fun crew and I would definitely try it again. I have played a lot of Leve so far in 3e so I am trying to branch out. Next, I think I will try out Parker. I'll probably take the base crew suggested here: I'll post here once I've tried it out! I'm also really interested in trying a Zipp crew. The Neverborn player that I played against took the first mate in a game he played recently and said that the model was really good. Zipp's mechanics also seem fun. Who doesn't want to annoy their opponent's by dropping pianos on them?
  14. I've had some luck taking Parker into other crews for card and stone generation.
  15. This. irreducible damage doesn't ignore armor, only the reduction. Even this direct quote from the rulebook backs up this perspective. It does not say it ignores the damage reduction ability (armor), only that it ignores the damage reduction. Hoffman says that "its armor ability cannot be ignored." Hoffman doesn't say anything about preventing you from ignoring reduction.
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