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  1. So far what I'm getting out of this is that all of Guild's cheap minions need a buff. They just don't serve their roles well.
  2. Honestly, this is one of our biggest flaws (I guess alongside a lack of durability and overpriced models). I don't think Guild kills better than any other faction and we don't have efficient scheme runners (which leaves us as the faction that... has the most cowboy hats? Hopefully explorers don't take that from us). A cheap model that could double walk and place a marker or leap then walk and place a marker would be a huge quality of life improvement for Guild. Models that can do this are available in every other faction to some extent. False witnesses have scheming potential but I don't know if I'd pay 6ss for one. Field reporters can move 11 inches and then get a marker down with some setup. 7ss out of keyword is a lot though. Kind of feels like the beginning of 2e where Guild had no real scheme runners outside of the watcher (which was hard to get multiples of).
  3. Awesome! Joining the discord! Edit: It gives me an invalid invite error!
  4. Hey! Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. Must have missed the notification that there was a response! We'll have to stay in contact and get some games in after the quarantine.
  5. It's far from an auto win. It will force you to play differently but certain matchups should force you to. You can't expect to play a crew they exact same way into every matchup. Use positioning and counter tech. You know the opponent's declared master (and faction before-hand) so use that info. Losing one game to a crew doesn't make that crew OP. It's a learning experience. The first time playing against any master can be jarring. Especially if you don't look into the crew or try to build your crew with the opponent's in mind. Also, there are definitely some masters that you just can't pick into certain factions and 10T really isn't the faction that suffers from this the most. Usually it's other factions not being able to pick masters into 10T. While I don't think there are any true auto loss pairings (there is always the player as a factor and card flips) there are plenty of matchups where crews will be extremely disadvantaged. Honestly, I really won't be concerned about Hamelin and bleeding disease until the crew starts consistently showing up and winning large tournaments or becoming a solo event master. There just isn't the data to back up any of this talk. Even if you lose your master turn 1, you can still win the game (though, losing your master on turn one usually means there was a mistake made). That is the beauty of Malifaux. It doesn't have to be just about killing power.
  6. Just adding to this point. It hasn't been explicitly stated yet how brilliance tokens also add to the defense of the crew (giving out negative flips when you attack certain models). The closest equivalent to this with blight is Hamelin canceling the triggers of a model and you have to remove the blight to do that. We can argue over how good all of these actions are, but the utility of the resource used for this kind of action and the ease with which it is given out play a huge role. I don't think bleeding disease is too strong. If Hamelin starts crushing tournaments then addressing bleeding disease may be the answer. However, I don't currently see him a ton in the competitive scene.
  7. Honestly, I still don't think he has a real place in the Plague or Bandit crews. Yes, he is good at anti-scheming but so is the entirety of the bandit keyword and rat kings in the plague keyword. He became a better model overall though. It is painful but activation control is really good. Paying a little bit more for it isn't too crazy. Correctly balancing a 10 ss model that isn't a beater is challenging though. Talos really needed something to make him fit in with the Tara crew.
  8. Actually, reckoning can be great for Hamelin if you build right! Hammy J Reckoning (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Hamelin Servant of Dark Powers Totem(s): Stolen Stolen 2 Stolen 3 Hires: Nix Malifaux Rat Malifaux Rat 2 Malifaux Rat 3 Malifaux Rat 4 Malifaux Rat 5 Malifaux Rat 6 Ashes and Dust Obedient Wretch The Midnight Stalker References: Malifaux Rat Ashen Core Dust Storm Abomination This is a list that has done well for me in reckoning (I got the idea from this forum a while back, though I forget the person who initially posted it). This list is definitely pretty niche. The crew has decent scheming and is very hard to score reckoning on. There are a lot of insignificant models and anything you can score from is tanky and/or has defensive tech. You can score reckoning pretty well by simply luring models in (getting the trigger for blight), swarming with rats (use Hamelin's bonus action for a ton of focused hits from rats that do decent damage once they surround a target), then pop the target with bleeding disease from Nix, Hamelin, or the wretch. Keep in mind that Hamelin can also pop rats for damage with no duel necessary. This can be super handy against high stat models, good defensive triggers, or turns where you have a bad hand. Scoring more than 2 reckoning points this way can be difficult unless you pop the master, but your opponent should also have problems scoring. Stolen also do surprisingly good damage on blighted targets and their attack doesn't worry about engagement! Wretch is the most vulnerable piece for your opponent to score on, so keep her back. Watch out for aoe attacks. If your opponent takes someone with blasts, pulses, or shockwaves try to make that your first target. You could consider cutting a rat or two for extra stones to defend Hamelin and Nix while also having a few to spare for triggers. SoDP may not be necessary, but I like the turn one move to put you in a better place for lures. The healing is good in this strat as well. Midnight stalker and Ashes and Dust are amazing flankers. They both are mobile, reasonably tanky, and threaten decent damage. They can often scheme for you. Hamelin can lure models out of their way to assist in scheming. While I enjoy Hamelin in reckoning, Outcasts do have quite a few good reckoning options. I suppose that is his biggest weakness. I don't think there is a strat where I definitely want him over another Outcast master. His crew has good anti-scheming tech though with the rat kings (Though, so does Parker's crew). I could see that being a draw depending on schemes. I love that this crew feels so thematic for Hamelin as you lure in some poor model and then watch it get mauled to death by rats. Then your opponent has to waste all of their time murdering children and rats for no benefit. Edit: The list is from the "Stumbling through plague and landmines" thread.
  9. The effect to focus is a trigger you won't always have and you can get more out of Hero's Gamble if you have fewer models. Kind of sad but more free cards is tempting. Black blood can make it a bit of a liability as can its low stats.
  10. The argument being that it ignores damage reduction, not armor.
  11. I don't even think we are the best at shooting so there is a flaw is this statement right there. I don't think the point is that Guild should have everything that every other faction has. The point is that we should have a way to compete with the mechanics of other factions. Currently, this is difficult. That could be due to a lack of power in Guild, too much power in some other factions, or a combination of both.
  12. Fair enough. I've just mostly seen it discussed in terms of Leveticus (and I play Leve so that is who I think about). I don't think it's bad to discuss FAQ's here that Wyrd is already aware. Could help players that aren't scouring the forums for every FAQ and someone could have an answer to a perceived problem. Sorry I made a comment that goes outside of Outcasts. I don't think that makes the thread irrelevant though. I will stay strictly on topic with Outcasts from now on while in this part of the forums.
  13. We also probably need some feedback on how Leveticus damage and Hoffman's trigger to make armor unable to be ignored work together. I'm in the camp that Leveticus still gets full damage since the exact wording of irreducible damage says that it can't be reduced, not that it ignores reduction. There was a long thread on this. Definitely. Especially given that it is not a cost but simply a side-effect of drawing the cards.
  14. I thought the analysis of Guild in this episode was pretty spot on. Honestly, I've been playing with Outcasts more than Guild lately just due to the frustrations with Guild's design. As you said, you can definitely win with Guild, you are just at a bit of a handicap. I've played with a few other factions and against most factions in 3e. I really do believe that other factions just have an easier time getting the same effects as Guild. The lack of mobility is killer. I've come back to Guild recently just to see if my initial impressions were correct and all my crews feel painfully immobile. Scheming with Guild takes more work and I don't think we really kill any better than other factions. On top of all of this, Guild's mechanics don't feel as exciting and flashy as those of other factions (maybe this is because I've played Guild since the beginning of 2e and I've gotten too used to the themes, not sure). I do hope that guild gets a bit of a bump up, especially with all the talk I see about nerfing some of our best models (Pale rider and Agent 46). I am a little concerned about how long it may take to get any upward movement for Guild. We'll just have to wait and see. I don't think Wyrd have made their schedule for 3e changes clear yet (correct me if they have!). Side note: Every time I read the titles of these two third floor wars threads I first read them as "That Face When: Lucius Episode...."
  15. I agree that her totem needs work. She is the only master where I have seen an extremely compelling argument to not take their totem. It's silly that not taking a free model made to synergize with the crew may actually be the correct choice. However, I do think Perdita has some play and isn't in nearly as dire a state as I initially thought. I need to get her on the table a bit more.
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