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  1. This. irreducible damage doesn't ignore armor, only the reduction. Even this direct quote from the rulebook backs up this perspective. It does not say it ignores the damage reduction ability (armor), only that it ignores the damage reduction. Hoffman says that "its armor ability cannot be ignored." Hoffman doesn't say anything about preventing you from ignoring reduction.
  2. I'm not sold on it being busted. It's taking stones and marlena (who is also taking damage). Killing Marlena first is relatively easy (8 wound enforcer with armor 1). It is a 17 stone combo that takes more stones to prevent damage. Focused attacks can really help. I play against Neverborn a lot and Rusty really does fear a Nekima with a couple of focus stacked (or any beater master). Marlena also has a range on her ability. Displacing is very helpful. I think it's one of those set ups that you can't just smash yourself into and hope for the best. Don't just charge Rusty, dismantle the support. I don't think that one tournament is sufficient evidence to call the amalgam crew (specifically Rusty) OP. Especially this early in 3e when people are adjusting. Hodgepodge emissary is great and I take it a lot in amalgam. It makes me want to get one of the avatars to proxy it. I'm not overly fond of the sculpt. Edit: Just had this thought. You can also charge a beater with a 40 mm base or bigger (like Nekima) between Marlena and Rusty to stop the aura.
  3. I'd argue that they are disadvantaged through summoning in a different way. It takes more ap to get the model on the board and doing something. If Aionus is only unburying the summons, he isn't doing much else on the board (and he is 10ss). Her summons have other requirements to become relevant. On top of this, Tara only has 2 possible summon choices (most summoners have more). Using Aionus to get pass tokens for activation control is good (made even better by the fact that you'll have another activation over the opponent due to Tara), but an opponent can play around it. This complaint seems more directed at using them for initiative, but I rarely see them saved up for initiative bonuses in my meta (people have mentioned it throughout the beta, but it has rarely been my experience). Activation control is so important that it's hard to justify just letting the opponent get so many activations after you are done. The player with activation control can position to make winning initiative irrelevant for their opponent. I could definitely see Aionus receiving a TN on his unbury, but I don't think that Tara's summoning needs to be reworked. Honestly, I think Aionus could be reworked to be more interesting (but that is unlikely to happen).
  4. I don't know if you can get away with only analyzing one attack of each model. A large part of this argument is about multiple attacks. Black blood does add a lot of damage and you don't get to resist it. It's especially useful considering the decrease in melee ranges. Again, this is an important exclusion. We have to take into account that there are 2 Viks and that they can get a ton of attacks as well. Triggers and how you have to position to use the triggers is an important part of this discussion. There also isn't something to account for resource drain and the fact that you can better guarantee hits with stat 7. While I appreciate the statistical analysis, I don't think that it can be used to dismiss these complaints. It's limited in what it can assess. I will say that I find it weird that Lady J has a cost increase put on her but other beater masters do not. I have a regular opponent that loves taking Nekima as a secondary master. This cost increase was supposed to discourage players from always taking beater masters as secondary masters and always replacing non-master beaters with masters. Instead, this tax has only been put on the Guild's beater master who is not unanimously the best beater master (some people may think she is, others don't) but is definitely the most expensive. I know people will bring up the Viks (12 stones each to hire as secondary masters), but that is really a unique scenario in terms of hiring.
  5. Got in a game against Pandora with the following crew: Leveticus -servant of the dark powers 2 Parker 16 Waif Waif Ashes and dust 9 Pride 7 Necropunk 5 Necropunk 5 6 ss cache Strat: pant explosives Schemes: breakthrough, search the ruins, power ritual, assassinate, claim jump Deployment: wedge It went well. I took search and claim jump (pride) as my schemes. The game ended 8-2 for Leveticus. I'm not sure if I'm sold on Parker (he was fine, just not amazing). Theoretically he could drain a ton of resources from the opponent but it didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped. He did manage to draw me 5 cards during the game. I think I'd try to position better for more stick up targets in the future. His normal gun is fine, but I always just wanted to use stick up. Pride is strong and was a problem for my opponent. Between the added resource drain for the opponent, the ability to make my models cheat second, and his sin token mchanic he definitely earned his stones. The biggest concerns for me were the pulses and shockwaves Pandora could produce (meaning that bunching up my masters and pride wasn't great). My opponent also took the hooded rider and used the moonlit charge in range of all 3 (but also in range of the pride aura so it actually wasn't terrible). I've found that the butterfly jump upgrade for Neverborn is super annoying and makes their masters difficult to kill. I'll probably keep iterating on this crew and see what works best.
  6. I've been contemplating a Leveticus and Von Schill crew or a Leveticus and Parker crew with pride as a central piece for both masters to stand around. Pride's aura is really strong and a two master gunline (one on each side of the aura) is going to make a large area of the board very inhospitable to your opponent's crew. Charging into this gunline isn't even that great of a solution since you then have to deal with Pride's passive when cheating and possibly Leveticus' aura. Leveticus and Parker/Von Schill are also not slouches in melee. That's how I envision this anyways. A far reaching area of control that can move up the board and clear the way for scheme runners while being hard to take down. Leveticus and Parker (on his shooting attack) both have easy access to plus flips which may help ease some of the hand requirements necessary for this to work. Parker could also draw some additional cards so I may try that combination first. This is all just theory at the moment, but I have been wanting to try it out for a while and will hopefully get a chance soon.
  7. Well, I had to try. You're putting words into our mouths and don't care what our response is. You refuse to even consider that anyone else has a valid opinion. So, I suppose you are right when you call this a "discussion." It's a fun find and will be fun to play. Use of the guilty in this way has value and can be effective. At the very least, it is a fun trick.
  8. You're not accounting for any of the upside here. This isn't good because you drop them in to immediately die. It changes how your opponent has to play scheme runners and snipers. Sending a model out by itself to scheme is not safe if you can do this. We build crews differently and that is fine. I've always been a more scheme focused player and it works well for me. No one has called this oppressive. In fact @CrimsonWraith stated that it is probably not broken. It is neat and probably an unintended interaction that could have strong implications in the right scenario. Case and point. This is a discussion. Not every post is an attack. Chill. I definitely will try it because it will be fun and I'll enjoy seeing how surprised my opponent is! Not because I think it'll be game-breaking levels of overpowered. People are allowed to play for fun. I love silly combos and I don't plan to do away with that in 3e.
  9. I actually don't mind Tara being hard to catch. She doesn't do anything else amazingly. I suppose her summoning is pretty good. Just not a lot of options. As a master she should be strong at something. She's also not super tanky, so you can definitely kill her. You may choose to walk instead of use the timeslip because you don't have the cards to ensure the action and staying where you are is worse than losing the movement. In the recent game where I played her, I actually chose not to timeslip when I had no cards in hand and just needed to get somewhere to drop a marker. I don't want the range modified. The fast stealing mechanics are a lot of set up for just fast. Other crews do it better. For Aionus, I can definitely see the action getting a TN. Getting activation control from it is strong. However, that is just about all he really does. I wish we had more time to work on Aionus. The only problem I see with making sever timeline a tactical action is that then it could be copied by the Malifaux Child. That might make the pass token generation a bit more of a problem.
  10. Yeah, that is a great use of this tech. Being able to place a model next to any enemy model at any time with not resist is great. Especially when the model you drop is fast and gives upside when it is killed. Your opponent really has to change what they are committing to the idols or other objectives to account for this. A free master, a free totem, and 35 stones is surely enough to give out staggered to the enemy crew. It's also not impossible for the guilty to do it. There is a lot to be gained in the flexibility of positioning. Most of my 3e games come down to mine and my opponent's abilities to complete our objectives. This setup can throw a huge wrench into their ability to do that.
  11. Good catch. Dropping fast guilty across the board turn 1 is good. It provides a lot of disruption and can box the opponent in depending on the terrain. Setting the opponent a turn back in the positioning game is great. It can give you easy control of the center of the board. This trick also helps to nullify sniper models as they will likely need another model's help to kill a guilty that is engaged with them. The guilty may even be able to kill the sniper when it drops in with fast. You don't even have to do this turn 1. You can essentially drop the guilty next to an enemy scheme runner at any time. Then kill the scheme runner or at least tie it up. I think there are a lot of situations where it can be worth it. It is a strong ability to have.
  12. Yeah, I figured that was intentional. That's how a lot of the battle reports have been playing her and by extension what she has been balanced around. Scion is decent for cost 6 but not amazing. Making it have to be buried to draw LOS from friendly Obliteration minions would really ruin it.
  13. Your review of most of the models felt like it fell between negative and okay. Not a "glowing" review of the amalgam crew. I have found some success with the amalgam crew. Necropunks and scavengers make great scheme runners with the scavengers running a little anti-scheming. Ashes and dust pulls its weight as a flanker. Mv 7 (possibly 8 with the emissary) incorporeal and a push out of combat is great. I've actually had mixed results with Rusty. My regular opponent is very good about diving in to get her and the pit traps aren't always enough deterrent. Her positioning is tricky but the gun is great. Leve usually shoots, but I have actually used his melee for more than summoning on weak minions. A lot of large beaters have 5 df or lower (not all, but quite a few). He threatens things like a peacekeeper fairly well. I used him to melee a Nekima to death once. It hurt a lot (between focus, necrotic decay, and black blood), but he got there. She had a few wounds picked off by others first, but it does show that he can counteract the defenses of other beaters (as long as that defensive tech is not a high df stat!). I actually do think that proxying a scavenger can be worthwhile. They have a nice toolbox for you to use. Keeping waifs alive and in a relevant place is tricky. It really depends on the board. If you keep them on the flanks, Leve can always shoot into the middle after a respawn. This also allows flankers like ashes and dust to be nearby and sit in front of them. I don't actually think you need Marlena. My games without her have been fine. Just take the emissary and the upgrade to heal. Of course, I don't like staying as grouped up as you have to with Marlena so it may just be a preference thing.
  14. I mean, at the very least the complaint about Perdita is valid. I do like where Guild has generally ended up and I think they are good, but balance for 3e did a number on Perdita. Family Values really isn't the buff she needed. I also still think it's early to have the factions rankings all worked out. That'll take some time.
  15. I completely agree with this. I don't think you actually need Marlena in the crew. She makes you bubble up a lot which I don't like to do (may be a play style specific thing). Instead of pouring heals into her, you can just use those heals on whatever she was trying to protect and free up the stones. Amalgam models that need work: Scavenger, Deso engine, Waifs, Abominations Actions that could use some tuning: Aetheric healing, Essence transfer (maybe just add a trigger that does something cool)
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