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    Gremlins with what I've Got So Far

    Greets all: Slowly building up my Gremlins. I've only played 1 game so far as Outcasts. Ended in a Tie. Anyway - back to gremlins. So far I've acquired 2 Closing Times box sets, the Bayou Box, The Kin Box, 6 Rooster Riders,Old Cranky,Sammy LaCroix,Burt Jebsen,3 Bayou Bushwackers, a Whiskey Golem. About time I started figuring out a play style with what I've got so far. My other Crews include the Guild,Outcasts,Ten Thunders. I also have the 2e Starter Box. By far the most models in Gremlins and Guild. I have the 2e Rulebook, Schemes and Strategies Cards,and the Broken Promises Master Upgrades. So - If you put a temporary halt to buying more miniatures - do my gremlins so far point to any particular game play style? Your thoughts appreciated. (by the way - man are these models fiddly to assemble with my old hands!)