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  1. cktAvatar

    M2E Rasputina

    I guess in an aggressive Raspy list like this you should probably include the Arcane Effigy to maximise the damage output from her blasts.
  2. There was not really an option for him. He could have kept Yas back and not doing anything with him (with still the potential of me luring him in) or he could give me the 3 points and at least try to slaughter stuff (which he did). There was really no spot for him to charge where I wouldn't have scored Set Up. See picture below for the state end of round 1.
  3. I was actually pretty successful with Colette in Ply for Information and some of the new Schemes. I just played a game against McCabe with the following pool: Deployment: Standard Deployment (7) Strategy: Ply for Information (Rams) Schemes: * Surround Them (Rams) (McCabe) * Set Up (3) (Colette: Yasunori) * Inescapable Trap (6) (Colette) * Recover Evidence (11) * Vendetta (12) (McCabe) This was my list: 50 SS Arcanists Crew Colette Du Bois + 5 Pool - The Dancing Blade (1) - Arcane Reservoir (2) - Practiced Production (1) Carlos Vasquez (9) - Stunt Double (0) - Warding Runes (1) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Nemesis Ward (0) - Temporary Shielding (0) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Blood Ward (0) - Temporary Shielding (0) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Doom Ward (0) - Temporary Shielding (0) Performer (5) Performer (5) Arcane Effigy (4) Mannequin (4) His list (as far as I remember, not sure about the upgrades): 50 SS Ten Thunders Crew McCabe + 3 Pool - Cloak of Invisibility (1) - Strangemetal Shirt (1) - Loot Bag (1) Luna (4) Yamaziko (6) Yasunori (13) - Recalled Training (1) Samurai (8) Terracotta Warrior (5) Guild Hound (3) Guild Hound (3) Guild Hound (3) - I knew Yasunori would come to me eventually so this was the perfect choice for Set Up. Also Inescapable Trap was a natural choice where I would use my scheme markers in combination with the Perfomers Sirens Calls and the pushes from the Mages to get enemy models where I wanted them to be. - I suspected he would probably choose Vendetta on Carlos and use the hounds to get Surround Them (I was right ). So buffing Carlos with Warding Runes from the Mages seemed to be a good idea. - Colette with prompts and Dancing Sabre to give out slow with the possibility of the Mages also giving slow seemed to be a good support for me as well as counter against my opponent wrt. the strategy. So this is how it went: - Turn 1 I plastered my deployment zone and its surroundings with scheme markers with the help of the Mannequin and Colette's 0 interact aura. I had 10 markers down at the end of turn 1. - Turn 2 I used Sirens Call and Mage pushes to move the Samurai and a Hound near my markers to get Inescapable trap. Yasunori was charging into one of my mages and killed it but I scored 3 points for Set Up. We tied for Gathered Intel. - Turn 3 Colette slowed Yasunori (and handed out some burning from the Effigy) and got Gathered Intel from him and one of the lured hounds and I could score again for Inescapable trap. He scored Vendetta by charing Yamaziko into Carlos. I brought her down to 1 wound with 2 burning on her before from the Mages but she prevented the burning damage with a Soulstone at the end of turn 2. I scored for Gathered Intel as well. Carlos pushed out of combat with Yamaziko and charged into Yasunori and finished him with the help of the Mannequin. - Turn 4 and 5 went on with me slowing his models and scoring for Ply. So all in all a perfect pool for Colette. I still really like her and I think she is a really good choice for Ply in general.
  4. cktAvatar

    Tournament JAN 27th 2018

    As far as I know you need non-peon, non-minion models for Guarded Treasure.
  5. cktAvatar

    What does Amina Naidu do.

    Thanks for the clarification. This somehow makes me want to buy the crossroads seven .
  6. cktAvatar

    What does Amina Naidu do.

    How do you get min. 4 damage Ca on Cassie?
  7. cktAvatar

    Expanding Rasputina

    From https://www.wyrd-games.net/arcanist-henchmen :
  8. cktAvatar

    So about that Ice Golem

    A really cool (though maybe OP) mechanic to add to the Ice Golem would also be to replace his explosive demise with turning him into 1-2 (probably damaged) Ice Gamin once he dies. That would really fit thematically IMHO. That would also go well with the idea of letting Raspy summon an Ice Golem off of Ice Gamin which I read somewhere else in the forums.
  9. cktAvatar

    How to Deal with Neverborn/Multiple Lures

    It is specified as Rg but it also explicitly states that the Pilar Markers should be placed within 12" of THIS model. If they would have just written place the markers within Rg then it also could have been measured from the mirror model as you draw Rg from it. I agree that specifying both Rg and this additional constraint seems a bit doubled but I guess it is just to make it easier to see.
  10. cktAvatar

    Must Haves and never use.....

    I play Rasputina, Colette and Sandeep. What made it into almost all of my recent lists is the combination of Cassandra, Practiced Production and a Wind Gamin, because: - Practiced Productino with Wind Gamin make most marker based schemes really easy. - Cassandra is really mobile and hard to bring down. - More blasts are always good - With Raspy or the Wendigo giving Cassandra Frozen Heart and Armor she is even harder to kill plus all the other benefits of Frozen Heart - There are most of the time really good targets for understudy even outside a Colette list (Mages with Sandeep, Silent Ones with Raspy) - Wind Gamin are really mobile and they even can hit relatively hard with their triggers for additional attacks given their low SS cost.
  11. The fact that there are so many nice combos that you can do with Colette made me like her a lot recently. Especially if you compare it with masters such as Rasputina (my first master) who I still like to play but getting Colettes combos to work is so much more satisfying than just blasting away models....
  12. cktAvatar

    If you were the Errata man...

    Another interesting option could be to also promote Poison Gamin a bit more. E.g., Kudras Free of Mortal Shackles upgrade could give her an additional +1 poison on her attacks if there is a Poison Gamin around. To make the picture complete why not also add Metal Gamin buff (+1 Df or so) to the list.