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  1. Wow, ok that makes it a lot better. Thanks for the clarification! Still, it kind of sounds not intended that way 😉, but ok if Wyrd says so..
  2. What do you mean with this "new" reading? Did I miss something here?
  3. In 1.0.8 I could create a game using GG0. With the new update to 1.0.9 it disappeared again and my games I created with it now show up with the red error message in the game list.
  4. I also had some really good games bringing Barbaros. Especially with "Bring It!" to get enemies into the "death zone" with all the blight auras as well as Nix' no-severe damage aura and into range of the Rat Kings (and Barbaros himself of course). You have to be a bit careful with placement due to Black Blood, though. Together with Hamelins lure there is literally no escape.
  5. It appears this was a bug and instead of health 8 cost 7 it should be health 7 cost 8. that is at least how I interpret Matt reacting with thanks to my post in the grammar thread.
  6. It never occurred to me until now but that is actually a really good question. For reference, this is what it says regarding unbury in the Rulebook: and then the wording of the "From Nothing" ability: And a similar wording on the "Glimpse the Void" trigger: So if there is no model with fast on the board the activated, buried model cannot be placed and thus, in theory, is placed in Taras Deployment Zone. What do you think? How should this be interpreted correctly?
  7. Ok, I think the Student would be a good target for it. Not sure if anyone has done it before but just to give an overview this is a list of things that the Child could copy other than Covetous Cravings (same also for the Dead Outlaw who has the same action). I am not sure about actions that refer to a keyword (e.g., Vermin) but not a model. Those are probably allowed (as it does not refer to the "model name" but that might be a misunderstanding) thus I included them (with a *). Prospector - Appraise: This might actually be useful for card cycling. The Child could drop a scheme marker and then do card cycling. However, it still requires a 6 to go off so you might come out below your investment. Montresor: - Cursed to watch*: basically turning the copy into any Attack action of a Tormented. Hamelin - Pustulent Tumors*: Due its long range could be useful to blow up Rats from far away. Karina - Channeled Healing: Would require a 9 for the heal plus an additional card to unbury. Not sure if this is worth it. Vanessa - Healing Energy: Might be useful for a 6 you get another long range heal. Librarian - Healing Energy: same thing. Drache Trooper - Move or Burn: more condition removal at the cost of 1 dmg in a large pulse (10") could be useful. Hodgepodge Effigy: - Plenty of Wares: Another heal with less range and a higher TN. Doc Mitchell: - Emergency Surgery: close range heal with the option to give shielded for a 7 Sue: - Walk the line: Push and potential card draw with a trigger to remove markers. Could be useful to copy. Parker: - Bandit Raid*: Requires an 8 but pushing and letting it perform a action. This is actually a pretty good option. Leveticus: - Essence Transfer: As it has a good range this could be a good option to do for the child. However, the action itself is very situational on Levi already. Not sure if it will come up that often for the Child then. Actions that only make sense as some kind of offensive option which is probably a bad idea for the Child to be: Jack Daw - Whispered Truths Nothing Beast - Accelerate Time Tara - Timeslip Pride: - Destructive Performance* Desolation Engine/Ashes and Dust/Ashen Core: - Draw Essence Actions that could be copied but don't make any sense for the Child to do: Winged Plague - Festering Wounds Rat Catcher - Rat Snack*
  8. Only non- tactical actions can be copied (and that model needs to be within 5"). Is there any particular such action that you think is too strong when copied?
  9. Thanks for the report. Slapping people with Aionus to give them fast is nice but I'm not sure if this is what Aionus should be doing. As you found out he will be lagging behind after that and almost all of his auras and actions require him to be close to be useful. One thing I noticed: At first I thought oh cool the Malifaux Child finally has a useful action to copy. But unfortunately that does not work. Aionus' Sever Timeline is an attack action and Just LIke You! says: So unfortunately this is not allowed. So the Child will probably never see play in my games 😢. One could argue, why is Sever Timeline an attack action at all? I guess 99% of the time you would unbury your own model with it anyway. So it could easily be reworked to be a tactical action somehow. Alternatively, you could copy Karina's Channeled Healing to unbury but that requires a 9 + another card for the Child which seems a bit too expensive.
  10. That is not entirely correct. Cassandra can copy The Power of Dance to heal the Duet when she is near it. Its still the only model with Armor +2 and Df 7 (it is actually one of only 3 models in the entire game that have Df 7. Sun Quiang and Dismounted McCabe are the only others if I saw it correctly).
  11. Now that you say this I think there is a bug in the Blessed's card. In one of the last updates the changelog stated an increase of its cost from 7 to 8 but instead its wounds were increased from 7 to 8 I guess that was not the intention 😋.
  12. As it states "the opposing player is instead treated as passing their Activation" I would assume it is the former. Remember that Aionus now also has the Fleeting Moments trigger on Sever Timeline to get 2 pass tokens for any (assuming you are unburying your own model and relent). As well as you don' loose pass tokens from summoning now (however, of course the next turn you are one down). I like the changes to Obliteration and will definitively try to test them in a game or two.
  13. Number One on my list is also the Hoarcat. It does not need 3 ways to heal where all of them involve killing something which with 1/2/4 it probably not do very often. Someone mentioned replacing Eat your Fill with something like Deadly Pursuit which I think is a good idea. But then again it has Swallow you Whole which is a moot trigger when you also have a Bonus action that heals even more (at least against living/undead models). Then there is the Moleman. In order to work properly as a scheme runner you need 2 of them. Why would I spend 8 SS when I can get the Blessed of December for 7 which is more than 2 times better than a Moleman. Also comparing them to other 4SS models (e.g., Ice Gamin, Fire Gamin, MEdical Automaton, even the Mannequin) it does not really bring enough for this cost. The Bury trigger does not really help when with Df 4 and Wd 4 it can be one shotted by almost any decent model (e.g., with focus).
  14. Thanks for the correction. I updated the original post.
  15. cktAvatar

    Mech Rider

    The problem seems to be the pass tokens for additional activations. I think the ability would be fine if it would just reactivate one key model (or spend 2 pass tokens per additional activation). But having a chain (!!) activation of arbitrary 1 to X (in my case 3) models without any chance to interrupt is not something that should happen. Not really, I could have sent a beater (Nothing Beast) after her but then she could have just slipped away (having Ride and MV 7 she outpaces almost everything, and even if Ride With Me fails Mv7 it is a guaranteed disengage against something 1) which would have left the NB far away from the action. Maybe again it was a bad match up as Tara does not really have access to ranged attacks which could have threatened the rider at least a bit and encouraged it to spend the tokens to survive rather than for the reactivate trigger.
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