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  1. Some more details: Deployment and Board: Rough turn breakdown: Turn 1: Leveticus moves 6 forward to the center of the board due to his upgrade. Both Necropunks move, flip the Turf Marker on their respective sides and leap forward. Doves fly around. Cassandra, Duet and Mannequin (flips turf marker) move forward on left flank. Ashes and Dust moves and charges Duet. Duet with second activation damages A&D and takes 3 ping damage from Entropy and 2x Unmade, then splits. Waif on left flank moves and uses Entropic Siphon on one of the Coryphee and flips the RJ doing 1 dmg and injured +2. Coryphee activates and takes 1 more damage from Entropy then reforms and attacks A&D again but due to injured misses. Scavenger gives Focus to Desolation Engine and teleports forward and Concentrates. Showgirl on right flank flips turf marker. Desolation Engine moves towards middle and Concentrates. Levi moves towards Duet, channels and shoots into engagement with A&D but misses 2 times (due to engagement + cover). Rusty moves forward and Concentrates. Arcane Emissary moves forward and Concentrates. Envy moves forward and Concentrates. Colette moves forward twice then does Presto Chango with Leveticus and a Dove nearby, dropping a scheme marker near terrain on Levis side in the process. Then buries Levi and does 3 dmg to him. Turn 2: A&D tries to hit Coryphee but fails. Coryphee hits back (taking dmg from Entropy and Unmade) and kills A&D leaving the Core behind and Dust Storm 14" away. Then splits. Alyce shoots Emissary 3 times bringing him down to 3 (scoring 1 pt from Vendetta). Emissary charges Waif and kills it. Envy shoots at Desolation engine but does not hit (DE spending the focus on each of the shots for Df). Storm moves to Core and initiates reform. Duet reforms and kills the Core. Cassandra copies Duets heal to heal it back to full, nimbles forward and drops scheme marker on Levis side near terrain. Doves move around dragging Mannequin towards terrain on Levis side. Mannequin drops scheme marker there. Necropunk on left side drops a scheme marker (to let Levi unbury there later on). Levi unburies there, uses Sanguine Evocations and shoots at Emissary killing it. Then he shoots Colette unfortunately not having the trigger (also forgetting to probably stone for it) to deny her the bury but dealing 2 dmg and then she buries, then shoots again at Duet but fails. Scavenger drops a scheme marker on center line. Desolation engine moves and drops scheme marker on center line. Colette unburies near Dove that is near Levi and Necropunk on left flank (giving them Distracted) then charges the Necropunk and finishes him off with her Sabre Trick flipping the turf marker back to neutral. Colette scores Search the Ruins and Turf War. Levi scores Turf War, Vendetta and Harness the Ley Line. Unfortunately we had to end here due to the store closing. One more thing on Leveticus: I never felt that using his Essence Transfer would be worth a Master AP. Maybe having it as an alternative bonus action would be better? Or giving him some other option as a tactical.
  2. Strategy Turf War Scheme List Harness the Ley Line Search the Ruins Dig Their Graves Take Prisoner Vendetta Time & Rounds Played 2h 2 rounds Final Score 4 - 2 Forum Name cktAvatar Eleazar Leveticus - Servant of Dark Powers (2) Hollow Waif Hollow Waif Rusty Alyce (9) Ashes and Dust (9) Desolation Engine (10) Scavenger (6) Necropunk (5) Necropunk (5) Strategy VP Scored 1 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Vendetta (Leveticus: Rusty Alyce -> Arcane Emissary) 2 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Harness the Ley Line 1 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Not sent A&D against the Duet, its rather useless against it with targeting Df 7 with a stat 6 attack. Should have gone after Cassandra instead and just hope to tie up the Duett long enough for Levi to deal with it (6 against WP 6 irreducible). Unfortunately, we did not continue the game but next Turn would have really been interesting with Levi and Colette having a stand-off. MVP model (and Why?) Rusty Alyce: Scored Vendetta almost alone against the Emissary, having her in a good position with 3 min 3 execute shots is really good and worth her 9SS. Forum Name @Kelto Colette Du Bois Mechanical Dove Mechanical Dove Mechanical Dove Cassandra Felton (8) Coryphee Duet (12) Arcane Emissary (10) Envy (7) Showgirl (5) Mannequin (4) Strategy VP Scored 1 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Harness the Ley Line 0 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Search The Ruins 1 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Don't bring the Emissary as it looks pretty solid on paper but it always gets killed so fast (not only in this game). Compared to other damage dealers which seem much harder to take out. MVP model (and Why?) Doves: For free models they were pretty useful to taxi Mannequins (via Mechanical Assistant) and Colette (via Presto Chango and her Unbury) to where they were needed as well as giving Colette the SS for her Presto Chango. Concerns and/or Confusions? None. Additional Feedback? - Leveticus with the Servant of the Dark Powers upgrade was also nice especially against the high-armor and "Colette-poof-I'm-gone" crew. Also all the ping damage from Unmade and Entropy was really useful. Ruinous Repairs did not come in to play (yet) but I guess it would have been useful. - Waifs were surpisingly useful with handing out Injured with their range attack late in the turn when it comes down to top-decking and they have actually a chance to do something with their stat 4. - Having played the Duet myself and against it I really think the auto-health double when splitting and reforming should somehow be changed. Maybe change the core rule so that the health is evenly distributed (rounded up) when it is split and then give the Coryphee a small heal (1 health or so) when it is split. That way it can be dealt with a bit easier. E.g., A health 8 Duet would split into 2 health 4 Coryphee which heal up to 5 and then recombining it would be at 10 again. But having a Wd 4 Duet would result into 2 Wd 2 Coryphee healed up to 3 each resulting in a combined Wd 6 Duet again. This would actually make the owner of the Duet make a decision to stay safe and not splitting or exposing the 2 slightly more vulnerable models for 1 activation.
  3. Strategy Cursed Idols Scheme List Search the Ruins Hold up their Forces Power Ritual Assassinate Deliver a Message Time & Rounds Played 3.5h 2 rounds Final Score 2 - 2 Crew List Sandeep Desai Banasuva Anasalea Kaeris (16) Kandara (8) Shastar Vidiya Guard (8) - Magical Training (2) Oxfordian Mage (6) Eternal Flame (Anasalea Kaeris Totem) (3) Strategy VP Scored 1 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Power Ritual 1 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Assassinate 0 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? We could only play 2 turns but it looked like a fun and balanced game so far. Nothing to change. MVP model (and Why?) Sandeep himself but mainly due to his summons which let him adapt to the circumstances. He summoned a Wind Gamin and a Fire Gamin turn 1. The Fire Gamin supported the "burning flank" where Banasuva, Kandara, Eternal Flame and Kaeris moved and the Wind Gamin (being stripped of slow by the Mage) could move to the corner where the Idol popped up and drop a scheme marker as well as move the Idol turn 2. Command the elements also allowed to give them more flexibility to move them where the needed to be. Even more so in turn 2 where he summoned a Poison Gamin and a Fire Gamin where the Poison Gamin was then commanded to push and charge the two Lightning Bugs which otherwise would have had free range to shoot at Kaeris in the open. The Fire Gamin was then useful to move to the newly popped up Idol in the center and Banasuva could command him to move the Idol. But also Kaeris felt really fun to use. Especially with the new Run and Gun ability and charging through her own Pyre Markers combined with Blaze of Glory for flips. I really, really enjoyed playing this! Crew List Wong Olivia Bernard Sammy LaCroix (7) Pigapult (7) The Sow (9) Swine-Cursed (7) Swine-Cursed (7) Lightning Bug (5) Lightning Bug (5) Strategy VP Scored 0 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Power Ritual 1 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Search the Ruins 1 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Add in Gautreaux Bokor for more healing and Obey. MVP model (and Why?) Swine Cursed, efficient use of Glowy tokens and having them fast almost all the time was was really good. Pity they only have 0" engage. Concerns and/or Confusions? Nothing, was a fun game and while it took some time to get all the interactions sorted out (especially for Wong) everything was fine. Additional Feedback? This took a loooooong time. 2 Turns in 3.5h. It was the first time playing Wong for my opponent and his activation alone with all the shockwaves on his own models to give them Glowy etc. took ages. It seemed really easy to distribute Glowy tokens and especially the Swine Cursed which easily got fast were good and really threatening. However, I think it is balanced by them only having a 0" engagement which cost them some Actions to move in close.
  4. cktAvatar


    I think the Hoarcats need some attention. Having Swallow You Whole and Eat Your Fill seems like unnecessary duplication of abilities. I think the trigger should be replaced by something else that makes them unique and useful. Currently I don't really see them useful in a December crew. I just don't know what that would be.
  5. That is actually not correct. The action says: So not Once per Activation (as e.g., Time Warp says) but really only Once per Turn.
  6. There is Jack Daw's "Drawn to Betrayal" which works on Tormented models in LoS. And "Bandit Raid" on Parker Barrows. But both do not seem broken if the Stalker would be affected I guess...
  7. Generic changes: - Armor Piercing ignores Armor entirely. Some Outcast changes I noticed (some renaming which I omitted): - Ashes & Dust gained Incorporeal but -1Wd, now built into Deadly Claws - Scavanger replaced Clever Ruse trigger on Shotgun with Under Preasure - Dust Storm now has Incorporeal but -1Wd - Dead Outlaw got range increase, netter stat and built in Confusion and Buried Grudge triggers to At Gunpoint action - Lazarus Loyalty changed to Unyielding - Student of Conflict gained Bloody Fate - Desperate Mercanary got Clockwork Rifle (was Hidden Pistol) which ignores cover - Barbaros got Flight - Taras sword now cannot attack buried models anymore. - Jack Daw Dead Man's and is now Noose and is resisted by Df rather than Mv and target suffers +1 dmg instead of discard a card when it has Staggered - Hans gained Daze Trigger on Warning Shot
  8. I have played a couple of games with Sandeep in the CB and after that and I must say Banasuva was always very useful. His toss ability is very good to bring your models up the board. Breath of fire was also very good in my games. I don't think he needs to be able to be summoned back. That might be too strong. I really like the flexibility of the Sandeep crew with summoning, controlling and buffing gamins. And Banasuva (with his bonus action) nicely adds to this. He might not be the scary beater that he was before but with toss, the useage of the mantras and the control of gamins he got more variability. You just need to play a bit more defensively with him now.
  9. pg 34: and on pulses above that:
  10. I don't think there is anything missing:
  11. I guess in an aggressive Raspy list like this you should probably include the Arcane Effigy to maximise the damage output from her blasts.
  12. There was not really an option for him. He could have kept Yas back and not doing anything with him (with still the potential of me luring him in) or he could give me the 3 points and at least try to slaughter stuff (which he did). There was really no spot for him to charge where I wouldn't have scored Set Up. See picture below for the state end of round 1.
  13. I was actually pretty successful with Colette in Ply for Information and some of the new Schemes. I just played a game against McCabe with the following pool: Deployment: Standard Deployment (7) Strategy: Ply for Information (Rams) Schemes: * Surround Them (Rams) (McCabe) * Set Up (3) (Colette: Yasunori) * Inescapable Trap (6) (Colette) * Recover Evidence (11) * Vendetta (12) (McCabe) This was my list: 50 SS Arcanists Crew Colette Du Bois + 5 Pool - The Dancing Blade (1) - Arcane Reservoir (2) - Practiced Production (1) Carlos Vasquez (9) - Stunt Double (0) - Warding Runes (1) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Nemesis Ward (0) - Temporary Shielding (0) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Blood Ward (0) - Temporary Shielding (0) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Doom Ward (0) - Temporary Shielding (0) Performer (5) Performer (5) Arcane Effigy (4) Mannequin (4) His list (as far as I remember, not sure about the upgrades): 50 SS Ten Thunders Crew McCabe + 3 Pool - Cloak of Invisibility (1) - Strangemetal Shirt (1) - Loot Bag (1) Luna (4) Yamaziko (6) Yasunori (13) - Recalled Training (1) Samurai (8) Terracotta Warrior (5) Guild Hound (3) Guild Hound (3) Guild Hound (3) - I knew Yasunori would come to me eventually so this was the perfect choice for Set Up. Also Inescapable Trap was a natural choice where I would use my scheme markers in combination with the Perfomers Sirens Calls and the pushes from the Mages to get enemy models where I wanted them to be. - I suspected he would probably choose Vendetta on Carlos and use the hounds to get Surround Them (I was right ). So buffing Carlos with Warding Runes from the Mages seemed to be a good idea. - Colette with prompts and Dancing Sabre to give out slow with the possibility of the Mages also giving slow seemed to be a good support for me as well as counter against my opponent wrt. the strategy. So this is how it went: - Turn 1 I plastered my deployment zone and its surroundings with scheme markers with the help of the Mannequin and Colette's 0 interact aura. I had 10 markers down at the end of turn 1. - Turn 2 I used Sirens Call and Mage pushes to move the Samurai and a Hound near my markers to get Inescapable trap. Yasunori was charging into one of my mages and killed it but I scored 3 points for Set Up. We tied for Gathered Intel. - Turn 3 Colette slowed Yasunori (and handed out some burning from the Effigy) and got Gathered Intel from him and one of the lured hounds and I could score again for Inescapable trap. He scored Vendetta by charing Yamaziko into Carlos. I brought her down to 1 wound with 2 burning on her before from the Mages but she prevented the burning damage with a Soulstone at the end of turn 2. I scored for Gathered Intel as well. Carlos pushed out of combat with Yamaziko and charged into Yasunori and finished him with the help of the Mannequin. - Turn 4 and 5 went on with me slowing his models and scoring for Ply. So all in all a perfect pool for Colette. I still really like her and I think she is a really good choice for Ply in general.
  14. As far as I know you need non-peon, non-minion models for Guarded Treasure.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. This somehow makes me want to buy the crossroads seven .
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