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  1. Thanks for the information. So, what would I need to add to each faction for 2 commander games? Is there a box or figures that I can add to each faction to open up my options?
  2. Hi All, Being a big fan of Malifaux, I backed ToS at Tyrant level. What else do I need? Do I have enough to field all the armies, or am I missing something? Do I need additional multiples of the troops that I have? I want to be able to play against my brother and want to know if I am missing something
  3. My goal is to have multiple competitive crews so my sons and I can play against each other. Here is what I have: Two Player Starter Set Dreamer Hide and Seek, Teddy, Lelu & Lilitu Rasputina Children of December, Snowstorm, 2 Ice Dancers, 3 December Acolytes Here are the next two boxes I am considering: Lynch Dark Debts Mei Feng Rail Crew Or maybe: The M&SU Ramos Box My goal is to have 3 or 4 crews that can be played against each other (balanced) Any suggestions (including additional figures to balance the crews) would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi All, I just found a great deal on a Malifaux 2e starter set and purchased it. (very excited) So, after learning the rules better (and teaching my brother) I will probably look to expand the two crews included in the box. What 2 master crew boxes would you suggest to expand the starter set? Are there any single figures you would suggest. My main goal is to expand our options and allow for full games. Thanks in advance, Eric
  5. I can get one of the following boxes, and I was wondering which is the best one for starting out. I plan to acquire and paint figures leading up to 3e. I know that the factions and cards will change, but I am looking to build my collection. Sonnia Criid The Torch and the Blade Box Lady Justice The Guild's Judgement Box Set The Thunder Misaki Box Set Lynch Dark Debts Box Set Zoraida Swamp Hag Box Set I am looking for the order in which you would buy these (if you were to get them all)
  6. Thank you. That was very helpful. I plan on getting a few of the $5 one shots - mostly to introduce the game to my players. I hope to get ones that focus on different things and play styles (investigation, combat, exploration, etc) Here is what I am thinking so far ($5 one shots) Heart of Darkness Jurassic Faux Night of the Carver This seems like a good mix based on the descriptions. The Northern [x] books seem like a good campaign (or starter) However, it doesn't appear that the third book has been released yet. Let me know what you think. Also, anyone else feel free to weigh in. Eric
  7. Hi All, I am a new member. I bought the Core Rulebook, and I have ordered Into the Steam and Above the Law. I may eventually order additional supplements but I think that I am good for a while. I have also ordered a tarot deck and spell deck. What should I get next? I am looking for some penny dreadfuls (one shot and multi adventures) Which ones are best? My plan is to run a few one shots, then start a campaign. Thanks in advance, Eric
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