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  1. A model can ignore up to 1" of Concealing terrain only if it is inside of the terrain. Since the strategy marker is also impassible so a model can never step in it, hence Concealment will always applied.
  2. Seems like I am the minority on the Q2. I have no issue on answer that "open info" question in all games, both causal and tournament. My theory is, if I am winning by incomprehension of my opponent, then I am not actually winning. No one has prefect knowledge and memory to every single model in the game(at least none in my meta). I believe that providing all info my opponent need, including interactions and shenanigans between my models, is the best way to bring most fair and competitive game to both me and opponent.
  3. What happen if a model is pushed toward a marker that its center point is already covered by the model? Does the model "go back" to the position that rim-to-center or rim-to-rim? Either of these do not sound like "push forward" to me.
  4. Is theorycrafting here actually means "throws out all imagination and idea on the Apex keyword"? Because I am good at his. Not saying that I could come up with balanced, well designed and characteristic idea, instead I can think of A LOT OF idea. Apex: I am not a native English user, but the word Apex (along with the artworks) makes me feel like that Lord Cooper and his crew are Hunter. And before they can start the hunt, they must first have target(s). Considering the current mechanism of the game (other than adding new Token type), the best way I can think of to represent "picking a target to hunt" is the Adversary condition. To distinguish from the Urami crew, Apex in my idea uses Adversary as a resource that can spend for extra benefit. So the common ability would be like: Hunt of the Apex: When declaring Triggers in an opposed duel, this model may end the Adversary(Apex) Condition on the opposed model to receive any suit to the final duel total. Also they are hunting for purpose, no matter it is for food, cash or fame: Reward Hunting: After this model killed an enemy model with Adversary(Apex), it may draw a card. And they will need a common Trigger to give Adversary to enemy as a crew that rely on that condition: Mark Target: Models damaged by this Action gains Adversary(Apex). Lord Cooper: I do not have much knowledge of the Lord Cooper since I did not read the background story. But to me, Lord Cooper is more a back line commander who pick the target for his follower and order them to do the job. The main abilities of him are: Search for Prey: During the Start Phase, this model may discard up to 3 cards and/or Pass Tokens. For each discarded card or Pass Token, this model may target an enemy model within LoS. Target models gains Adversary(Apex). Stalk to Death: After an enemy model with Adversary(Apex) end its Activation within LoS of this model, this model may discard a card to have another friendly Apex model within LoS of that enemy model to move its Mv toward the enemy model. If the friendly model ends its movement within 8" of the enemy model, the friendly model may take an Attack Action targeting the enemy model. Other than these Cooper may have some range enhancing ability, like ignoring friendly fire/concealment. In the Attack aspect, Cooper should share similar Actions with Von Schill since they have similar equipment. Only Cooper will have Triggers of all 4 suits in his rifle to make use of the Hunt of the Apex ability. His Tactical Action is about setting up for combat: "Surround it": Rg 10" | Stat 5 | TN 12 Enemy only. Push any friendly Apex models within 10" of the target up to 3" toward the target. Model pushed this way cannot end its movement within 6" of the target. If the target has the Adversary(Apex), then all models pushed by this Action gains Focus+1. "Left no exit": Target gains Staggered. If the target has Adversary(Apex), it gains Injured+1. Ullr & Artemis (Bloodhounds, the totems): They are weak totem that can only do limited work for the crew. Their stat should be similar or little worse than other hound model. And they have an unique ability to help other Apex model: Follow Up Attack: When the Adversary(Apex) Condition would end on an enemy model within 2", the enemy model suffer 1 damage. Henchman: I am still not yet sure is the word "Model 9" is the name of the henchman, or means there is 9 models inside the box(highly unlikely though). So I now have no idea of what the roles the henchman will fill and what he/she can do for the crew. Crypsis Crops: They are minion(2), so should be high cost model and the main combat pieces of the keyword. I agree that They may have Disguised or Stealth according to the name and description. Both would be too overkill if we want them to have fighting power at the same time. I would like to see the Beta version of Adversary come back via an ability on them: Knowing the Prey: This model receives to opposed duels with enemy models that have Adversary(Apex). According to the artwork, their weapons are shotgun plus knife (and a spear?). Both of them are common weapons spread around all Factions, so there is no doubt that they are using the same profiles with other models. They should, just like the Lord Cooper, have 2~3 Triggers of different suits under each weapons to make use of the ability. Vatagi Huntsmen: According to the artwork, their only weapon is gun so they should be the mid-cost range unit of the crew. The biggest fear of all range units is being engaged by enemy and cannot escape. The Huntsmen, however, are different. They know how to keep distance with their prey just as good as knowing how to hunt down them: Hunter's Path: During this model's Activation, it is not treated as engaged by enemy models that have Adversary(Apex). Runaways: The minions come with the crew box of Cooper. Look at the artwork and the name I do not think they are combat pieces. Instead they probably a cheap schemer of the crew. From their name I had came up with an Action helping them to move and scheme, but require careful positioning. Run Away from Threat: Rg 6" | Stat 5 | TN 10 Enemy only. Push this model 5" away the target. If he target has Adversary(Apex), this model may end the Adversary(Apex) on target to take an Interact Action. Malisaurus Rex: The dual keywords model that shared by Apex and Fae keyword. I believe it is a enforcer beater that around 10ss,. Who would makes a rex a schemer or supporter? Not sure how many abilities it will keep from the TtB, but I believe the Unimpeded, Ruthless and Terrifying will stay. The Rush and Hard to Wound also have high chance to remain since they fit the characteristic. And then I am not sure if it is suitable to give the common Abilities of the Apex keyword since it already has 5 abilities in the front now. There is no suitable Attack Action for the Rex currently, so it will receive a brand new one (and Triggers for all suits, again): Mightful Jaw: Rg 0" | Stat 6 | Rst Df Target suffers 3/4/6 damage. To distinguish from the Killjoy, the Rex needs a unique Tactical Action: Apex Hunter: Rg 6" | Stat 5 | TN 14 Enemy models within range must each pass a TN 10 Wp duel or gain Adversary(Apex) or Adversary(Fae). If the enemy model has smaller Sz than this model, reduce its duel total of the Wp duel by the difference between the Sz. The Law of the Wildlands: This model may end Adversary(Apex) or Adversary(Fae) on any enemy models within range. For each enemy model ended Condition this way, this model may take a Action targeting the enemy model.
  5. Considering the package is ToS with the small M3E icon at the corner, I think it is a ToS product. Hence the models are ToS materials and pre-built.
  6. The Big Hat overview is more a first impressive rather than a tactical. To be a tactical guide line it lacks of accuracy and depth. I am more than happy to start over and write a new article on Big Hat after I have enough experience with them now, but it needs some time. So in the meantime if anyone is willing to do it as well and can finish before me, please feel free to publish it.
  7. With the GG1 just came out, I think it is a good timing to have more tactical discussions. Only this sub-section is not as active as other factions because of low player number. I had written a overview of the Big Hat keyword before but not getting much replies. So you may need more effect to do tactical article here compare to elsewhere.
  8. Also Ulix and his keyword can now "Obey" the First Mate.
  9. A model can only remove the Strategy Marker that is enemy to its current controller. So if Zoraida is Obeying a model, whatever friendly or enemy, she can and only can have that model to remove the opponent's Strategy Marker. So yes she can Obey enemy model to remove enemy Strategy Marker to score VP. But no Obey enemy model to remove all friendly Strategy Markers in the same turn to prevent opponent scoring.
  10. If Wyrd is still following their old way of errata in M2E, this time is a urgent patch to fix some broken or NPE models only. There would be another errata around July to tune up under-power models, in M3E-era I believe it would be keyword-wise.
  11. Disclaimer: I don't have enough experience on all Bayou masters and new Strategies to make a prefect guide of "How to play GG1 with Bayou" (like you will find that there is no mention of Swampfiend, Tri-Chi and Wizz-Bang). So please feel free to add or correct me if you find something I have missed. Symbols of Authority Tier 1 Keyword: Infamous, Sooey and Pig Tier 2 Keyword: Tricksy Special Mention: Zoraida This Strategy requires mobility that can move ~11" a turn and still can do Interact Action. Both Infamous and Pig and speedy enough to do so. Also Piano combine with terrain should be able to slow down opponent to remove your own markers. Tricksy is kind of mobility crew too between Bushwhacker and Rooster Rider, but not as fast as the above two. Pit Trap is not as good as Piano to prevent marker removal, but at least you can remove opponent's schemers after they moved in and took out you marker. Zoraida is mentioned because she can punish opponent who careless positioning his model. Zoraida can, even with the nerf, Obey enemy model to move and remove opponent's marker for her. Recover Evidence Tier 1 Keyword: Big Hat Tier 2 Keyword: Kin Special Mention: Zoraida This Strategy is combination of killing and scheming. The best crew goes to Big Hat because they can do enough damage to drop the Strategy Marker, plus can easily remove the marker by Obeying friendly or enemy with Crier. Also if opponent brings elite list to limit you to place Inter Token on tough models, you can out activation him without problem. Kin is good at both killing and not being killed which are perfect in this Strategy. They, however, tend to be elite and hence would struggle at removing marker to score. If you include cheap minions like the Raiders then they will immediately become the target of Inter Token. Zoraida again because, like the above Strategy, she can Obey enemy to remove their marker for you. Corrupted Ley Lines Tier 1 Keyword: Sooey and Pig Tier 2 Keyword: Infamous Special Mention: Lucky Emissary, models with Toss It is another Strategy requires mobility. Not like the Symbols of Authority, however, model in this Strategy does not need to move and Interact, but instead need to move and stay alive until the end of turn. With the push and heal, Sooey and Pig will be the best choice when playing into this Strategy. Infamous would be another Tier 1 crew only if the Lodestone Token did not prevent model from placing. Zipp is still a valuable model in this Strategy with the Mv 8, 3 Actions and Pianos. Just be careful that his trigger is useless if he is carrying the token. Lucky Emissary is our savior. This single model turns every keywords into a competitive crew in this Strategy with its 12" push and staying power. Toss is as well another long distance push to help. A little trick of Big Hat is that Lenny can push a minion into base contact with one of the Strategy Marker to score, and Som'er can blow up that minion next turn to get the Lodestone Token back. Public Enemies Tier 1 Keyword: Kin Tier 2 Keyword: Big Hat, Sooey and Pig Special Mention: Tricksy Here comes the pure killy Strategy. And when talking about the killy crew within Bayou, the Kin comes to the top without a doubt. They are killy and tanky, and that all they need in this Strategy. Big Hat and Pig are other keywords come to mind when talking about killing. The issue of those keywords not being Tier 1 are that Big Hat lacks of quality attack against high profile model, and Sooey is at the risk of using multiple War Pig, a 9ss minion without any real defense tech beside healing. Tricksy is on the Special Mention because they, while having high killing potential, are too fragile. They need to race with the opponent in this Strategy to score before being tabled. There should be a good reason, like the Scheme pool, when bringing them in to this Strategy, otherwise the above crews are always better option.
  12. I had never think of the other. Basically no opponent's had even took Interaction Action within Zipp's aura.
  13. Zipp is a controlling/disturbing master with high mobility. With Mv 8 and Flight, he easily becomes the fastest master in the game. As a control master, most of Zipp's abilities are to removing opponent's resources. Zipp has 2 aura that consume opponent's hands and cards when they take action, and both his melee and range attacks can move enemy around. And the Pianos, the signature of Zipp, can draw enemy's action to destroy or move around. The 12 Coffee upgrade can add another layer of control aura to Zipp that denial enemy from using bonus action. It is not always useful, but when it does, it does impact seriously. My typical turn 1 move is to fly Zipp to the face of opponent's crew with the Boring Conversation popped in the 1st activation. If playing in Standard or Wedge Deployment, Zipp then should have spare action to throw out Pianos to block the bottleneck. Zipp will be focused by whole opponent's model and take hit for sure, but with stones and the Df trigger, he has high chance to survive the first turn. By drawing most of the attack into himself, Zipp lets his crew to do anything without being threaten. Not only the first turn, I always consider if I can activate Zipp first in every turn. Boring Conversation is a great control aura that I always want to activate before most of enemy models activation. The Wp 10 duel may seems weak on the paper, but it has distributed a lot in every single game I played Zipp. Dropping Pianos is another main action of Zipp to me which I always takes in every Zipp's activation. Other than these 2, Zipp is quite free to do anythings in his activation. Half of his power comes from his passive aura, so he can just double walked are still impacting the board. I personally prefer his melee over range due to longer threat range and higher accuracy, but it is just the issue of favor. Just like their master, Infamous is a keyword that full of movement tricks and anti-scheming. The First Mate is the auto include. He is the best beater and the best schemer within the keyword at this point. Beside him, other models are situational bases on the opponent and S&S. Mancha and Johan are the beater if you want to kill something. Gracie is a tank that if you need to stay alive until the end of game like Claim Jump or Vendetta. Iron Skeeter and Flying Piglet are the schemer. Wrastler is a tech piece to bring against marker-placing crew. Also let not forget the Showboating ability. A good trick is to cheat small card to an already failed attack, such that you can recycle that card to another new one. Be aware that the ability says "cheat from hand" so the aura of effigy and emissary do not count. So the keyword will have advantage in all S&S that requires movement: Explosive, Idols, Breakthrough, Ritual and etc. Also with the common action Free Loot, you can pressure opponent in a marker-heavy pool like Ley Lines, Dig Graves or Detonate Charge. My favorite scheme with Zipp is Take Prisoner. With Up We Go and the Pianos he can easily isolate any one of the enemy model, which makes Take Prisoner way more easy. Talking about master that Zipp hates to see, my vote goes to Nekima. As mentioned above, Zipp relies on his Df trigger to stay alive, while Nekima can keep up with Zipp with Flight and multiple charging. Plus she ignores the Pianos and is immune to Zipp's melee, all make Nekima become the most counter to Zipp in the game. Other than her you may also need to be careful about models that can attack Zipp's Wp. On the other hand, Zipp and his crew preform very well when facing shooting crew. With the concealment from Zipp and Iron Skeeter plus the cover from Pianos, projectile attack hardly hit your model. Also models with extra action and/or low Wp, like Arachnid Swarm, would never want to stay near Zipp.
  14. If the keyword is about enslaving mech-ghost, then this guy should be the hench or totem rather than the master. Too bad, I thought we would have the first master in the game that is not humanoid(at least without feet).
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