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  1. Rufess

    Scheme's and Stones

    The most recent major change is GG 2018 and Jan Errata. I believe they should have a episode for the errata, so you may want to check out the episodes that released after that one. The Jul Errata is as well impactful but more specific. So unless you are looking for broadcast about Nico or Sandeep (or Jakob as well) otherwise the info should be up-to-date enough.
  2. Rufess

    Can Francisco do "enfentate a mi" while engaged

    To be more specifically, engaged models are unable to take interact actions that DO NOT TARGET the engaging enemy model.
  3. Thanks for the comment. TBH the only part I would call finished is the skin, and the other part is only table-top level. But I am a gamer more than a painter so I am quite satisfy with current status and will go on to next model (you know, all miniature players have a branch of unpainted models).
  4. Added new pictures. Would love to hear some advice.
  5. Considering all 6 main characters are already in the box, I do not think Wyrd have enough ponies for the extra box.
  6. My little po...oh I mean piglets. I can feel the magic of friendship.
  7. Rufess

    The cat family (WIP) | 1st Jul updated

    Thanks for liking. Finally have a chance to take new pics, hope you enjoy them😊. I said everyone do not like them is because the activation control game.
  8. Rufess

    Nellie and her mercenaries

    The common choices are McTavish, Burt, Bishop for the damage output; Big Jake, ronin for the scheme running; performer for the utilities. And our guild has some great upgrade such as debt, LL coat, numb and etc. I believe combinations of above choices can make a good list already. And I have an not quite usual choice, Hannah. You will love it after you have experienced 8 hands with Hannah and Nellie or Lucius. Thought we do not have many good non-master Ca action to copy with. I always pair her with Phiona for the second stone, or sometime for the placement.
  9. Rufess

    Monday Preview - Newsies

    Seems like the story/theme of new book is happened inside the city. Looking forward how Neverborn and Gremlins sneak into the city.
  10. Date : 08th Jul 2018 Location : Miniatures Warroom, Hong Kong Game Format : 50ss GG2018, unlimit slot All players, from brand new to veteran, are welcome to join us. Please refer to the following link for more details. https://goo.gl/forms/ejJLUzT6qWvGcRZZ2
  11. Rufess

    Iron Piglet

    I believe Nellie can handle this format with no difficulty. She can play with pure guild or heavy mercenary list. And with pure guild she can go with either henchman or enforcer(Executioner, Peacekeeper etc). So It is quite easy to build 3 different lists for 3 rounds tournament. As for 5 rounds tournament, however, I think all masters in the game will struggle about the restriction.
  12. Just finished part of the crew but still want to share. Tried them once and understood why everyone do not like them. Sorry for the out of focus.
  13. Added a little bit Japanese style to the katana Lady. The blue tattoo is called "Sakura Fubuki" (cherry blossom blizzard), which is from a famous Japanese character who worked as both judge and police. So I think the tattoo should suit for a marshall as well. And the word "ζ­£ηΎ©" at the back simply means "Justice". β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Updated at 14th Jul β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Here is my 3rd Lady Justice miniature. Changed to angle of head for more reasonable pose. And the hair was cut because it would blocking in this angle. But it fit Lady Justice new image in book 5.
  14. I would switch Lucius and Nellie for round 1 and 2. Nellie with her henchmen all-star team can be able to fight for the middle place for scoring Extraction. And the combination of activation control and push and place of Nellie also means easy point on Inescapable Trap and Public Demonstration. Lucius, on the other hand, would be prefect choice for round 2. The push and the (1) interact action from issue command can gain intel in a single AP. The don't mind me aura and combine with thrall extra attack will make Dig Their Graves much more easy.
  15. Rufess

    Master Tactica?

    For sure the PMF wiki is a good place for new player to have a first impression to a model's performance. However with the fact that it is closing in the recent future, it seems that less and less editors are will to update it. Lots of models, especially in Guild aspect, are out of date. So maybe it is not a bad idea to start a master-focus thread here and have all of us commit some inputs, and then put it back to the PMF.