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  1. Cannot found the pictures now, but there were 4 sculpts, Sonnia, Seamus, Titania and a lady with a big bird, shown in last Gencon. I guess the last one is an Arcanist because of faction of 4 suits, but cannot match the sculpt to any master.
  2. Gators without a doubt are solid for their cost. But given that Zoraida can only cast Witch's Brew at most twice a turn, it makes more sense to me to cast on high cost models. First Mate comes to mind first. He is already good enough by default, boosting his stat can only make him better. Adze can be situationally useful with Mv 8 as well. Just beware the +1 Sz can make the model more harsh to hide.
  3. Not sure if here is the proper place to continue the discussion since Som'er the no title is, well, not a title. But imo he is still competitive in certain strategies, Recover Evidence for example, even with the changes on summoned models and strategy marker. As for the title master, I am surprised that people not sold on Meecha-Mah. I think she is just as good as her origin version, in a different direction. The only single point the origin winning out is Careful Planning. And it will not be a problem after Wyrd giving a similar one named Darefule Planning to Meecha-Mah in next errata🙃.
  4. Had several games that either side or both sides of players lost all their soulstones after started the game. The issue randomly happens that cannot figure out any pattern, nor unable to reproduce on purpose. But it does happen on both Android and iOS.
  5. Made 2 sample cards to show the outcome. I see your point. And yes it is difficult to draw the line in between "important attributes" and "niche attributes". Like the attribute "Anti Summon" in the above examples is quite similar to Blindfighter, that only has impact on like 1 game out of 10s. I think the different here is would it ruins the game if you had missed that attribute before game. And that why I would like advices from others to help me out on the keyword I am not familiar with, since it requires enough experience to work out.
  6. I am recently preparing the first local tournament after Malifaux Burns Expansion. Since the number of masters has been doubled and there are couples of new players joining the tournament, I am planning to make a deck of Reference Cards as an entry gift, to help the new players understanding their opponent's crew in a minute. In every Reference Card there will be a single version of a master along with his/her keyword printed, followed by a list of attribute tags that the opponent should play attention for, in 2 tiers. For instant the cards of Lady Justice will be like: Lady Justice ⚠AoE Condition Removal ⚠Extra Attack ⚠Healing ⚠Advance Movement Anti Bury Anti Summon Anti Undead Offensive Bury Lady Justice, Death-Touched ⚠Advance LoS and Range ⚠Anti Bury ⚠Anti Healing ⚠AoE Healing ⚠AoE Duel ⚠Offensive Bury ⚠LoS and Range Terrain [Blocking, Destructible and Impassible] Anti Summon Anti Undead The tags started with ⚠ representing the primary/core attributes of the master and keyword, which is highly likely happen when facing against the keyword. Other tags mean the attributes are possible/capable to do so, but in a lower chance/less reliability. The problem is I am not familiar with every master and keyword in game, not to mention all the new titles. So I could use some help on filling out the tag list of each keyword. Here is a list of tag that worth the opponent look at. You are feel free to add/merge/split any attribute as needed. Please note that, imo, the list should only include those attributes that will affect the opponent's game plan to keep the total count minimum. It is alright that a player does not know the opponent can draw a bunch of card, however it can cost him a game if the player does not know the opponent can discard his hands. Action Control (Obey and similar effect) Activation Control (Mood Swings, Pass Token related effect, and etc) Advance Charge (Blade Rush, Diving Charge, Frenzied Charge, and etc) Advance Defense (Manipulative, Protected, Serene Countenance, and etc) Advance LoS Advance Movement (Fly/Ride with Me, Leap, Nimble, Onwards, and etc) Advance Range Anti Armor Anti Healing Anti Resistance Trigger Anti Summon Armor AoE Duel (effect of "models within range must pass a TN X Y duel of Z") AoE [X] (AoE Healing, AoE Marker Removal, and etc) Blasting Bury Attack Condition Removal Damage Reducing (Dark Deception, Flaming Body, and etc) Deck Control Defensive [X] (Defensive Bury, Defensive Condition Removal, and etc) Extra Attack Extra Activation Force Movement Hand Control Healing Irreducible Damage Marker Removal Model Replacing Mv Attack Offensive [X] (Offensive Bury, Offensive Condition Removal, and etx) Scheme Marker Dropping Scheme Marker Removal Shockwave Stat Increasing Summon Sz Attack Terrain [X] Terrain Removal Terrifying
  7. Like this, but then should Distracted affect simple duels in similar manner as well?
  8. I think we are doing well in the new book. Some excellent titles and a solid faction model that would show up frequently. Brewmaster and Ophelia are the strongest title in Bayou regarding power level, to a degree that way too good. I think they would be played over the original versions most of the time in the current GG. Ulix and Mah are the best designed title imo, both in the sculpt-wise and the rule-wise. Ulix does bring new direction to the keyword but not overshadowing the old himself. Mah otoh is not as exciting as her sculpt, but I still believe she and her machine will have equal table time as the original version. Som'er is the Parker in brown. As the only marker-oriented master, I believe he will become our single best choice in certain pool. Zipp is a tough one. I can see the difference and the options he brings to the table, but I so love the classic Zipp that I don't see myself playing the Dread Pirate. It is more the matter of preference than power level.
  9. I am not quite sure on relying triggers that are not built-in and under a bonus action which requires to remove a marker. I think I would just bring the Steward to look after Dashel. I have no doubt the Executioner and Mounted Gard are performing good. I am more wondering Rifleman and Sergeant. Especially the Sergeant who can make Dashel charges 8", a bit too costly though. Also any OOK or versatile model that I should look at?
  10. I am looking at Butcher Dashel recently. So how is the core list when you guys playing him? I think he needs the LLC and Steward as a start, and maybe a Lawyer for utility. How about the Guard minions. How they preform when Dashel cannot summon them?
  11. It is an hence is not cumulative. So, similar to Vent Steam, the model only suffers once from the hazard effect
  12. Not sure if it is suitable to discuss this kind of topic in the official forum, but you may want to check out the Bushido from GCT Studio, which has some impressive Japanese warrior miniatures in similar scale of Malifaux. I would recommend Shiho Clan if you are looking for archer.
  13. I think those pumpkins are for decorating other keyword models which don't have a nightmare version to stay inline with the Halloween theme.
  14. Lamplighter is always my first hire along with Gibson and Eva, even before Corvis. The concealing and plus modify from the Lamp marker perfectly matched with the keyword mechanism. Plus the heal and push can help a lot.
  15. This. There was no Guild Player only because the Disease Containment Unit was not yet available.
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