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  1. Rufess

    Agent 46 nerf.

    My experience with him is positive. The Agent dominated a corner and alone earned me about 3 VP and denied 2 VP of my opponent by his own self. I am not sure if he could done the same job in other S&S set. But at least he can be the MVP in certain situation.
  2. Rufess

    Lady Justice issue

    Lenny disagrees with you. edit: Oh it seems that the original version of Gremlin General had not come true. So now Bayou Gremlins are now Df 5 instead of 6.
  3. Rufess

    Agent 46 nerf.

    I am having a game tomorrow and planing on playing Elite crew. The game is Planting Bomb with Power Ritual and Outflank, so my plan is hiring a Executioner as a front-liner and the Agent as a schemer. I now feel positive to have a 9ss super schemer who can do the strategy and 2 schemes and anti-scheming at the same time. I hope I could come back with some meaningful comments after the match.
  4. Rufess

    Lady Justice issue

    I am not confident enough to hit even the Bayou Gremlin with the Greatsword Decay now given that how the Bayou Bash Gremlin General works.
  5. Rufess

    Are we OP?

    We have a master can strike 7 times in an activation. We have a henchman that cannot cheat against with. We have a minion shoots with stat 7 and 24" and can ignore concealment and cover and friendly fire. Of course we are OP Wyrd pls nerf.
  6. Rufess

    Lady Justice issue

    Tokens in this edition do not work like this. It can simply say "This model may add to its final duel totals" likes Tools for the job. Like this idea. Actual I think that the first trigger should go under Leap as well. This makes Justice choosing between offence(the AoE damage) or defense(the for Df trigger). Also it reproduces the 2E Acrobatic Assault more better.
  7. Or maybe a Pine-Box-like action.
  8. Are we sure it is a bad thing to be forbidden? A Guild Guard covering his ally Rifleman to get out of engagement and fire on to enemy sounds a dramatic and exciting move to me. But if it should really be banned, I think adding "while not in this model's activation" into those ability is enough. Sure something like out-of-activation disengaging is still a thing, but I believe that issue is too niche that not worth extra words to prevent.
  9. How about turning the summoning part into a trigger and make it once per turn?
  10. I believe the counter play will get better once the alt master hit the table. Quoting the example from CBT, when your opponent declaim McMourning as his master, you still have to guess is he going to play the Poison McMourning or the summoning McMourning. Though I do not think the alt master would out sooner than wave 2, so the meta of the first year maybe trend to general masters who have no obvious weakness or counter play.
  11. Love the new ability of Abuela, however should it has additional condition like "when under this player control"? I am worrying it may sometime become "Nice Shoot, Dear, You Just Kill Your Master!"
  12. I would rather use Domador to do the job. It has different pros and cons when comparing with using Justice's Decay so I think it comes down to personal choice. But I think using so much resources, including a master's action, is not worth it, especially when you have another choice.
  13. I love this statement. It's very Guild-y.
  14. How about adding a maximum limit to Pass Tokens?
  15. I believe that the difference of enemy Scheme Marker is to prevent abusing summoning when Dashel could still summon more than once per turn. Because Friendly Scheme Marker is more accessible than Corpse and Scarp. Given that, however, Dashel can only summon once per turn, I think that the difference should be removed, or be changed to another form other than the stat. For example, maybe the summoned model can be placed extra distance when summoned from an enemy Scheme Marker. As for the Patrols, I think they have a good role now as a body guard of our VIP model. They just need some extra help to do their job. Some ability to boost Take the Hit Action. may help. Something like extra range when guarding Master, or gaining Shielded +1 Condition when taking Take the Hit Action.
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