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  1. Rufess

    Make 2 intro crews in NB

    My demo crew pair is only half Neverborn. It is a cowboy vs big monster situation that should be able to draw people interest. Guild - Family Francisco Wade In Lead Lined Coat Santiago Pistolero De Latigo Pistolero De Latigo Neverborn - Nephilim Barbaros Mature Nephilim Terror Tot Terror Tot
  2. Rufess

    Is there any official Chinese/Kanji word?

    Thanks for the reply. I am not surprise to see those words since they are the most common words to fit to those pronunciation. Actually I am more curios about the followings: Shenlong Mei Feng Asami Yan Lo Katanaka The family name of Misaki. It write 潟中 (Kata-naka) which is a very rare family name that only about 50 people currently in Japan. I have a friend who suggests that it may be 刀家(Katana-ka, the family of sword). Ankoku Kirai She is not Ten Thunder, but still she is Japanese so I put her here too. The words here are not difficult, in the contrast they are very common words but I cannot believe any parent would give this name to their child. The meaning in English is Darkness Hatred.
  3. I am from a place that using Chinese so the character names of Ten Thunder members always make me feel familiar. To promote Malifaux I have written several articles about the rules and crew summaries in my locale language. When I translating the Asia name like Shenlong or Mei Feng I just made up the words by my own. However in Chinese and Japanese a single pronunciation could be shared by multi words, so I have no idea if my choices are the correct one or not. So I am wondering had Wyrd mentioned these kind of info in any media?
  4. Had 2 games at last week end, could not remember all details so summary only. Game 1: Nellie -Delegation -Misleading Headlines -Editor In Chief The Printing Press Francisco Ortega -Wade In Phiona Gage -Transparency Peacekeeper -Numb to the World Field Reporter Field Reporter Against Lilith in Supply Wagons I have picked Search the Ruins and Take One For the Team (Frans) In Turn 2 opponent used Trangle Shadows to throw his Nekima into Peacekeeper and Phiona in exchange with Franc. His always do this so I pick Franc as Sucker. Lilith killed Franc and thus gave me 2VP and in exchange of my Peacekeeper killed his Nekima and gave out 1VP. In the next turn he again used Trangle Shadows to switch positions of Phiona and his Mysterious Emissary since Phiona was right in front of his Wagons to stop it passing center line. In the last turn he changed Lilith into Nellie and killed her with only 1 attack. In the end of the game all my crew other than the Peacekeeper were killed. Peacekeeper was in nearly full wound and was too backward to reach any enemy model so he did not bother to kill it. Finally I won the game in 8-5. Game 2: Lady Justice -Swordfighter -Vendetta Scales of Justice The Judge -A Debt to the Guild -Lead Lined Coat Master Gueeg -A Debt to the Guild (should be LLC but misoperation...) -Promises Death Marshal Recruiter Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Brutal Effigy Against Reva in Public Execution I have picked Eliminate the Leadership and Show of Force This game was a tough game. The Judeg walked up and tried to kill the summoned Corpse Candle but fliped a Black Joker. The Candle walked up and killed itself and followed by the Reva's attack. The first attack hit and fliped a Red Joker in damage flip that brought the Judge to Hard to Kill and finished him with second attack. Master Queeg pushed Lady Justice forward and she then charge into the middle of opponent's crew. Turn 2 Lady Justice activated first to kill a Kentauroi. Reva then charged Lady and managed to deal 11 damages to her and scored Eliminate the Leadership. I then ran the Recruiter to Lady and saved her life 2 times. And after my opponent realized that he could never kill Lady Justice while the Recruiter alive, he then charged Izamu into Recruiter but unable to finish him. Turn 3 opponent got the init and he finished Recruiter with Izamu. This gave me a chance to put Effigy buff in the Lady chain activated into her. The Lady jumped into Reva. With the Onslaught trigger I killed Reva with 4 attack and scored 3VP with Eliminate the Leader ship. Opponent's Carrion Emissary tried to attack Lady but missed and I flipped the Red Joker in Riposte's damage flip which just killed it. We called the game at this point.
  5. Well we all know who is the exception. His box not contains any single correct card in M2E. And now about half of models included in his box are belonging to another keyword.
  6. Rufess

    50ss Tournament, 15th Sep@Hong Kong

    Date : 15th/09/2018 Location : Miniatures Warroom, Hong Kong Game Size : 50ss GG2018, unlimit slot All players, from brand new to veteran, are welcome to join us. Please refer to the following link for more details. https://goo.gl/forms/JUYvYTi5VVuoBD822
  7. Rufess

    Whose your favorite Guild Master?

    I would say Lady J and Nellie if everything retain in M2E. Guild does have good henchmen to team with Nellie. However we lack of some high-end beater like Nekima, A&D or Yasunori (the Peacekeeper maybe one but still). And if Nellie can team with our best beater master, with those activation passing, pushing and fast, the Lady can become a monster.
  8. Rufess

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Regrading all concerns about the card designs, since Wyrd is going to put all cards online for free, I believe it is not that hard to make a fan-make version stat cards. For example I am planning to make my own version that the front and the end is in the same side, just mentioned above, for future demo game.
  9. Rufess

    Whose your favorite Guild Master?

    ←My icon. I was struggling between her and Rasp when starting the game and finally getting her as my first master. The reason however was Death Marshalls instead of the Lady herself. Who could even say no to a flaming skeleton marshal that can put his enemy into pine box. But now I am loving the Lady more than the Marshalls that I even have 3 models of the Lady. She is a wonderful melee master with great damage output and durability. She was struggling with mobility that opponent could easily feed her with some cheap model to prevent her threat. Thanks Wyrd that she got her "flash spell" in wave 5 which makes her one of the best guild master now. And the model exciting thing is that she is about to become our MVBeater that will show up in almost every guild list in M3E.
  10. Rufess

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Off topic, but this makes me recall a few games with home rule to allow fate deck customization: players are allowed to completely remove 1 suit from , and put 0~3 pair of joker into their deck. It was a fun time.
  11. With the beta is around the corner within only few days, I want to know how everyone is expecting Guild in M3E. Lady Justice and Guild Marshals: The most significant change I have noticed in the preview is that Acrobatic Assault has became a Bonus(0AP) action. Assume that Lady J has same Wk value of now, the Acrobatic Assault then will be a better Charge action, hence I do not think it will retain the Df bonus. Since Acrobatic Assault is now a Bonus which may compete with Juggernaut, so the healing may change from action to ability. The thematic ability gives us some hints: heal when kill. [SPOILER]I did not follow the story but heard that the Judge might not show up in M3E. So maybe the Jury will become Lady's new henchman in crew box.[SPOILER] Death Marshal has more threat in M3E due to increased threat range(Walk + Charge). Hopefully they are more durable as well since over all damage is tuned down. Nellie and Reporters: Seems like a bit cuddled. Nellie can no longer give out fast directly. Instead she has to debuff enemy with her new Scandal Tokens first. That means Nellie will be more close to enemy, which I think is somehow reasonable for a journalist. The push attack has been cuddled as well. It became a friendly-only action and cannot push enemy around any more, and it is now toward a enemy scheme marker instead of any direction. However the pushing is now combined with fast-giving action, so it is 1 AP less than now. With the above changes I think Nellie is now more focus on debuff. Maybe some aura like "Enemy model with a Scandal Token have to use their first action to place a scheme marker(pseudo slow and set up for pushing)". I think it is a good direct because her fast-giving was a bit duplicated (arguable) with Lucius's AP Manipulation role. Because of the keyword hiring, Allison may now have synergy with reporters instead of guardsman now. Lucius and his new followers: With Dashel was promoted to master, Lucius maybe more focus on the law division in Guild(think of the False Witnesses). Maybe the Jury will receive a second keyword to work for Lucius. Lucius retains his AP Manipulation according to the preview, and in the meantime, also gains Card Manipulation via the thematic ability. Hope he keeps his Deep Pocket upgrade. Since the keyword hiring mechanism, there are less valuable minions (Monster Hunter and Thrall are still great with +1ss though) around so Lucius may has his minion limitation being removed. Dashel and Guardsmen: Guild finally has a full summoner. He can summon Guardsman into scheme marker according to the preview. With the new Charge action Mounted Guards should have new ability. Hope they can carry other friendly model when moving just like Kentauroi. Austringer's Deliver Orders action has to be changed as well due to the rid of (2) action. It would be too much if it becomes a (1) action on a minion model. So the safest bet is that push or take interact action on player's choice. Guardsmen division always lack of beatstick. I think Executioners can make good fit in both fluffs aspect and rules aspect.
  12. Rufess

    Who is the tankiest master now?

    Not sure how the OP define the word "Tanky", but from my stereotype a tank is to soak damage and prevent enemy attacking friend unit. So a master being impossible to kill, such as Leve, Colette , Collodi and etc., is not necessary being tanky. Since the opponent player may not bother to put any effort or resource to attempt to kill the master, and those attack will just go to other models of your crew. I would say a tanky master should (a.) be killable if the opponent player put enough resources, (b.) have easy access to healing, and (c.) able to limit/control enemy from attacking friendly models. So the most tanky master IMO would be Ironsides.
  13. Rufess

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I do not see any big issue here. I think we all known how varied does Wyrd have control about the S&S, given that how different the method to generate S&S had been changed from GG17(1*always + 2*suited + 2*numbered) to GG18(1*paired + 4*numbered). It is more than easy to go back to generate from Fate Deck, if any necessary, or any other brand new methods that we could never imagine by releasing a new GG.
  14. Rufess

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Maybe we will draw directly from the scheme deck instead of the fate deck. Actually after they had cancelled suit schemes from GG 2018, there is no different from drawing the fate deck and drawing the scheme deck.
  15. Rufess

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Maybe we can separate the flipped joker and cheated joker. While cheated a joker, they will be 1 with no suit/13 with selected suit, and min dmg-1/max dmg+1. While flipped a joker, they will be 0 with no suit/14 with selected suit, and 0 dmg/min + max dmg.