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  1. Sonnia - Kirai Asami - Dreamer Anya - Ironsides Viks - Yan Lo Schtook - ? We now have 4 full pair revealed. Beside the Sonnia - Kirai pair, all of them have a new multi-keyword model that works well with all versions of both side. So what you guys think about the remaining pair? Is there any interesting combination based on lore or game mechanism?
  2. To compare with Lucius, this version of Anya cannot give order to non-keyword minion, instead she does have access to more high value combat pieces that Elite/Mimic does not. Sovereign is more durable with 2 Thunderstruck a turn. Corvis is getting 2 attacks from his Shove Aside trigger. Unseen Manipulation and Arcane Reservoir together mean you most likely playing with 2 more hands than your opponent. I think Anya and Corvis can max out the hand game pretty easy. Both of them rely on Flexible Morality to stay alive, so attacking opponent's hand can help their survivability. Anya's hazard shenanigans remains still, but is more restricted and no longer the centerpiece of the crew. This Anya is more focusing on Scheme Marker shenanigans and friendly models multiplying. She can deny some marker based Scheme just by existing. Drudge, the new member of Syndicate, brings more defense tech and area healing to the crew. Wp is one of the weaknesses of the crew and Unionized can help this out. They are however as squishy as a 2ss model should be. Keep them near your FwC carrier so they give you a SS back when dying. Or protect them with a Catalan Brawler if you do want them stay longer, since they are most likely handing out with a Scheme Marker. They are well performed under the order ver. Anya for sure. The hazard ver. Anya, however, is moving around here and there all over the board so can hardly benefit from them. They are still a good hire though to adjust the SS pool, and can be helpful if you want to win a fight over a fixed point.
  3. She did stay till the end, but it is only because Anya and Sovereign had a bigger target over their head. The opponent managed to kill Anya at turn 3 and Sovereign at turn 4, and thus had not enough time to handle Yannic. I am not sure however, after seeing her played, would my opponent changing his priority list in the next game. As for the starter box, I found my LGS had it hit the shelf already. Hopefully the app would update before weekend so I can play my next game cardlessly.
  4. Tried Yannic last week. The healing/damaging pulse had done some great jobs. The single point of healing maybe minimal, but the utility to adjust health of multiple models is huge. I usually bring a Lamplighter into all of my Syndicate crew, but now I am considering taking Yannic to replace Lamplighter as a healer. Though I need to test her more before I can make the call. She need to stay close to enemies for full efficiency, but has no enough defensive tech. Also do we have any idea on when will she and her friends being added into the app.
  5. Rufess

    Zipp vs Ivan

    How do you think about this match up? In one hand Zipp gives out to Ivan attacking him, and he doesn't like being attacked on Wp. On the other hand, Zipp can moves Ivan away from Shadow Marker and prevent him escaping easily, plus the Boring Conversation can be a trouble to all Umbra models because of their low Wp. Looking into the Strategies, Zipp would have superiority in Symbols while Ivan in Turf War. Then how about the Ley Line and Break the Line?
  6. In fact both Jokers do affect all variable flip, which includes but not limited to damage and healing flip. So I do think the damage would be 0/3/2/1/2 by RAW, even though it seems working against the intention.
  7. Daeva is a very decent OOK minion for McCabe in ES. Made to Kill and Clingy really shine with all the Ride with Me and pushing effects from the keyword. Mimic is a good add in the first and maybe second turn to help dropping Scrap. Surveyor is also a good candidate. Life Leech from the Mask is better on him because of the armor, and he can use Price of Progress to ensure the Focused Cleansing for self healing. The hazard aura, again, works well with all the pushing inside the keyword. Botanist is another model that is named a lot when talking about ES McCabe. You just need to ensure with your opponent or TO before game on the difference between removing a marker and discarding a marker.
  8. Or you can put down some bridges which would create critical spots for both side to fight around.
  9. Scrap -> Pit Trap for sure, but Pit Trap -> Scrap is highly doubtful. I mean it does make sense that friendly models are immune to Pit Trap -> Scrap since those Pit Trap are affected by the ability as well as Scrap. My biggest concern is that, however, it brings anti-synergy to the Test Subject, the model within same keyword that is designed to be functional with being affected by Pit Trap.
  10. Sparks has his Scrapyard Mines changed in the last errata to the following: So the question here is: What does the word "these Pit Trap Markers" refer to? Is it referring to (a) only Scrap Markers (which are treated as Pit Trap), or (b)also the original Pit Trap (which are treated as Scrap)? My vote goes to (a) but would like to have a clarification.
  11. Incorporeal and other similar abilities can be pain in the neck for Syndicate to play against. Try to avoid combat with their mobility and focus on the VP, both gaining and denying. All their movement tricks, despite not able to deal damage with hazard terrain, can still move enemies away from the scoring position.
  12. I barely hire the huntsman(like 1 out of 10 games), and I don't see myself hiring the rifleman that much neither. They do have drawing and scheming shenanigans with Yannic the henchman, but other than that they are pretty meh. For the same cost you can have Operative for more reliable card drawing, better range attack and Arson for anti-scheming.
  13. Syndicate is a generalist keyword without much inner synergy. So they can hire any model outside from keyword depends on the match up. Usually I tend to hire tanky/healer model to help Anya survive longer. Mikhail XVI Decent attack and okay-ish durability. He brings the min 3 damage that the keyword lacks of, along with more ping healing. Syndicate can also help him move up with all their movement shenanigans. One little trick is to charge Mikhail into Sovereign, dealing likely 1 damage and then heal it back, to trigger Chronicle abilities from himself and Surveyor. It is useful in the first turn (and maybe the second) to transport Mikhail upward and setup Geode marker. Emissary Maybe the best model within the faction when talking about tankiness and healing. Shielded, Take the Hit, a pushing attack and a healing aura are all the keyword desires. It however can hardly keep up with Anya, while Anya would not want to stay at a fixed point to hand out with it either. You would need a solid plan on positioning and activation order to use it in Syndicate. Lamplighter Range heal is very nice, and pushing can be useful in positioning as well as offensive. Lamp Marker is less effective since Syndicate tends to spread out a lot. It is still handy for scheming shenanigans though. Vatagi Huntsman More hazard terrain is always better. Also Syndicate can trigger Set up the Kill with no difficulty. On the Hunt is valuable only when attacking non-Living models, so they are only considerable when facing certain keywords.
  14. I believe all Bayou keywords can play into Ley Line thanks to the emissary. Swampfiend and Tricksy, as the generalist keywords, should be able to play into any pool and have fair result. The only question is not if they can or not play that pool, but is if there is any keyword outplays them in that specific pool. Infamous, as the fastest keyword of the game, is the king of Symbols without a doubt. They (or Zipp himself) can play Break the Line quite well since Zipp can drop pianos in front of the moved markers. Kin is the best offense and defense keyword so they play well enough in Turf War and Break the Line. The only concern is they may struggle if the schemes are marker-oriented. Big Hat is a tricky one. The nerf to Som'er and summoning hurt them for sure but not as worse as the the GG change. All strategies of GG2 encourage players move their crew forward as fast as possible, which is not a good news to the bubble crews. The only Strategy I would consider them over other keywords is Turf War in standard or wedge.
  15. Had around 10 games with Anya in last few weeks. Just want to share my 2 cents on the keyword. Anya Sovereign Corvis Winston Surveyor Overall
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