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  1. Nothing can I do to avoid the damage once the original cards have flipped upset me most. I do not mind that it is a tactical action that can bypass half of the defensive tech, but at least let both player cheat the flip just like it is a opposite duel (where it isn't).
  2. Rufess

    Big Hat Overview

    This is basically my core list of Somer too. For me Lenny is staple to the crew while Georgy and Cranky can be switch out. BBB is not necessary too but I only not to include him for a good reason. As for beater OOK, I like First Mate and Emissary. Depends on the S&S I might want some mid-to-low level models that can go flank independently from the main crew. Rooster and Silurid are always my first consideration. Basically Somer summons one minion + several Bayou Gremlins every turn. I love to have Banjonisto summoned at the 1st turn. His value is mainly on the ability instead of the action so summon sickness has no effect on their value. From the 2nd turn onward it depends on how things going, but I would not feel right if I have less then 2 Good Ol' Boys on the board.
  3. To prevent being charged by the pigs multiple times.
  4. Not a PDF, but this youtube channel had go through the quick start scenario step by step. Though I think 5 scenarios are too much. They can be combine into 3, or even 2 scenarios to make thing fast.
  5. Had a civil war few days ago. It is always funny to fight against same Faction in all miniature game when your opponent know very well your crew and trick and vice versa. Setup Turf War Standard Deployment Player 1 Ulix Old Major Big Brain Brin Gracie Whisperer Slop Hauler Piglet Piglet Penelope Player 2 Somer Ghillie Suit Lenny Big Brain Brin Georgy & Olaf Good Ol'Boy Banjonisto Bayou Gremlin Bayou Gremlin Skeeter Skeeter I was playing Somer and the result was winning by 6-4. Ulix properly is my next master so it is nice to see him actually performing on the table. Have not note down the details so cannot write a full battle report. But are going to update the Big Hat thread with some new thought. Also a lesson learnt is that the Piglets are the weakness of the crew and must be protected well.
  6. Some games do include two rule books in the starting box, the core rule and the quick start guide. The quick start guide is the rule book that removes half of complicated and detail rules to provide a simple and fast reference for new player to learn the basic flow of the game. Malifaux did have quick start guide inside the M2E starter set. Not sure if Wyrd would release any starter set, but I think it is a good idea to renewal the quick start guide and put it online, official or not.
  7. seems like Wyrd tends to group multiple units into a single box in this edition instead of separated box for every unit. So my guess is Piglets and Squealers in one box and Whisperers and Hauler in another box, plus one big box contains 3 War Pigs like Kentauroi and Jorogumo. the combination can be different, though, I am quite confident that there will be 3 boxes.
  8. Good to hear the news. The most depressing part is not waiting, but waiting without know the end. Not sure others, but to me, with a exactly date, I can wait for a month delay. So if this happen next time (hopefully not), maybe immediately make the announcement as soon as you realized there will be a delay. Anyway, thanks to Wyrd.
  9. I have a feeling that Wyrd will release a box with Piglets and Squealers. So maybe wait longer to see how thing turns out.
  10. All 5 Arsenal Upgrades give Ophelia the same ability: According to the Abilities Section inside the core rule, Plink! has no value so it will not stack. Hence Ophelia cannot discard multiple Upgrades at once to reduce more than 1 damage. And when Ophelia is attaching the second Arsenal Upgrade, again from the rule book, the Plink! from the second Upgrade is ignored. Plus the Plink! is directly pointing to "this" Upgrade. Which means, to my understanding, Ophelia must keep track on the order of all Arsenal Upgrades she had attached, and when she declares to use Plink!, she must discard the first attached Upgrade. Are these 2 statements correct?
  11. That's fair. I have not thought this way before. So is it safe to say that the Cursed is just another Wild Boar that does not take the space of Boar?
  12. They still not appeal to me when comparing with say Wild Boar which has the same cost. The Cursed may be more tanky, but being a Pig, the Wild Boar receives more support from the crew. I will give them a shot next time I play Ulix anyway.
  13. I did not realized there is any note. If it is the case then I am perfectly fine.
  14. Actually there is a line in the new back story about this: ...but since Justice started the Beta with Ml 7, so this probably an add-on setting to explain the reduction on Ml.
  15. I believe every one here are just loving the game and being impatient because they cannot wait longer for the brand new toys. I, for one, sure want Wyrd ships out all orders ASAP, but it would be nice if they could spare a minute or two to drop a comment about the current status e.g. are they waiting the boxes to arrive the warehouse, or are they now packing the parcels. It is not necessary to be an official announcement, but a short note on this thread or AWP can work. Also we should notice that, when comparing to previous Gen Con/Festival sale, this time the sale is a part of the new edition launch. The order counts is probably much larger than previous events as most players have something to buy. So it is not surprise that it takes more time to handle all these orders.
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