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  1. IMO Focus itself has no issue at all. Using an action to enhance another action later, even with turn stacking, sounds like a fair trade to both side of the table. The real issue is all abilities/actions that can stack Focus to a single model, especially those can hand out several Focus in one action, like Mah and BBS. A reason of the overflowing of Focus imo is the design space. We have 11 conditions in total while only 3 of them is buffing your own models. So when Wyrd is designing, for say, an offensive supporting ability/action, Fast is usually too valuable to hand out easily and Shie
  2. The chosen models are now Maniquinn A and Maniquinn A, which to me means only one chosen model. Hence Maniquinn A is exactly one of the chosen model imo.
  3. per the FAQ, section 2 But after re-reading the rule I think you are right. So if a model is within 2" and LoS of Hungering Darkness, then the model is engaged and cannot leave engagement range NOR LoS. If a models is within 2" but out of LoS of Hungering Darkness, then the model is not engaged but still cannot leave the engagement range.
  4. There is no such a prefect way to run a tournament, and I believe that the format which fits the local meta most is the best format to run. So I am writing here not to deny any of your decision, but just want to bring some alternate idea for your references. 1. Multiple Master The complaints about multiple master are mostly about handful combinations (like the infamous Dreamer/Zoraida) rather than some standalone master hired as a super solo model. The simplest way is the Ban format that allows opponent to ban the unwelcome master along with the keyword. Considering new p
  5. A supplement to the 2nd question. Engagement is determined by engage range and LoS. So during any point of a normal Walk action, a model cannot leave another model engagement range NOR LoS. Using your example. If a model is engaged by the Hungering Darkness, no matter it was already engaged before or it moved into engagement range during a Walk action, the model now cannot leave the engagement range with a Walk action. It either cannot walk behind the wall (assuming the wall is high enough to block the LoS in between) while stay within 2" of Hungering Darkness to try to leave engagement.
  6. 1.) Onslaught generating a new action, and per the core rule, all generated actions are always resolved after the previous one and all "after resolving" effect. Scamper is an "after resolving" effect, hence it does happen before the onslaught (and other similar) attack. 2.) Ulix can and only can target the replaced model with "Take the Herd 'em" action. If it was intended to make him targeting another model beside the replaced one, it would say "targeting a different model" to align with other effects. 3.) Stunned does not turn bonus action to a normal action. What the condition does
  7. That is so true that new players do want to play their new bought shiny master. My solution is to cross out some abilities and/or actions on their master that are complex and not the core part of the master's strength. For example I recent had played a demo game with a new player who love Lucius at first sight. I made him an entry-level Lucius with only Serene Countenance, Arcane Reservoir, Entourage, Misinformation and Issue Command. In the result he picked up Lucius in a short time. And during the demo game, he can focus on how to maximize the value of Issue Command and Following O
  8. If Honeypot was staying in Neverborn, the chance was Mr. Graves and Mr. Tannen would remain dual factions/keywords. So Nephilim would get a new beater and Woe/Mimic would have another control piece.
  9. Dreamer and Somer (and maybe Yan Lo?) are top tier masters without a doubt. However their strength is on the late game, so they might not be preforming as well as usual in tournaments where you need to finish the game within 2~2.5 hours.
  10. Thanks for the game ^^ I was flipping some lucky severe on the late game, otherwise I might not able to make it a draw.
  11. I am kind of the top tier player in local. But my meta is a small (with only ~10 players) and isolated with the main meta of US/UK/etc. So I as well would like to play with top players to see how far my skill can take me. I am free on Sat and Sun (GMT+9) all day long.
  12. Justice is my first master and my most favorite (you can tell from my profile pic). Just like lots of players here I was very upset by the nerf to her during beta test and just switched to another faction. I however still have some success with her. In a game with Raspy, Justice had tanked the Ice Golem and the Snowstorm for 3 turns meanwhile managed to kill 1 ice dancer, 2 silent one and half of the Snowstorm. Sure the opponent had made mistake on target priority and let his big models to go after Justice for nothing. But still I can see the potential of Justice form this game and others
  13. I believe Wyrd would want to keep all start boxes align in same structure, i.e. 1 hench, 1 enforcer and 2 minions. The rabbit and rooster rider are both carrying range weapon so my guess is they are the minion. The waldgeist and pig rider would be the hench and enforcer.
  14. I have not read the Arcanist story so all my impression to Sandeep is from the background summary on official web. Seems like I have mistaken that he not taking side means Sandeep wants to stand neutral between M&SU and Arcanist and try to maintain the unity of 2 sides. After you pointed it out I can now see Sandeep as a pure Arcanists and Colette being the dual faction instead. Though I don't think Colette would have any keyword models in M&SU side. And if Sandeep was not joining the M&SU, then the faction would need a new summoner. Ivan could be a good choice. But as mention
  15. In fluff it was only reasonable if Hoffman join the M&SU, but in game-wise it was a good chance to split Hoffman and Ironsides, who are too similar to each others to be in the same faction. And I missed the dual faction idea. Sandeep was a prefect choice to be the dual master between M&SU and Arcanists. Though no model in his keyword could fit in M&SU. Also I completely forgot about Basse and McCabe. If McCabe would remain in Guild then there was no space for Basse. So McCabe probably go full Ten Thunder or might be handing out with M&SU. Because he might need help fo
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