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  1. Seems like no one is interested so only can do it myself. I have try me best, but really do not know how to draw. Still waiting for some one who can draw better help.
  2. Greeting mates. With the M3E around the corner, I am working on luring new players into the game. I found that another wild west miniature game has also released a new edition. The website has been renewed, and it has a set of fantasy illustrations and short texts to show how to play the game. I am not sure if I could post the images here, so please search it by yourself if you are curious. I believe it is a good idea to have this kind of illustrations and words to show the concept and the attractive of the game. Not everyone like to read a wall of text. Unfortunately I know nothing on drawing illustration. So I would like to ask for help to complete my draft. 1.) Strategy and Schemes 2.) Hiring Crew 3.) Activating 4.) Duel 5.) Victory Point
  3. Always good to hear some news. I had read somewhere that Wyrd does not want other third party apps to include their model cards inside. Is this policy starts from the launch day, or this will start after the official app release so we players can use other apps during the time gap?
  4. The reporters were limit 2 at the start of the close beta. During some point in the beta, Wyrd had found that they were a bit over when in a pair so they decided to cut them to enforecer(limit 1).
  5. Wyrd had found that they were a bit over when coming with 2 during the beta so they cut the reporter to limit 1. Maybe we will see the horse people in the future, but at least not in the first book of M3E.
  6. I, like you, started the close beta with Guild and changed to Bayou around the start of open. Everything seems shiny and lovely to me when I started studying. I do have the same feeling about the 2 henchmen. Big Brain Brin is now a staple pick of all my game. Not a single card gamers would say no to an ability to filter and thin his deck. Still figuring out the timing to Calculate the Possibilities. I always use it early of the turn, and after my opponents have used to it, they learnt to use irrelevant duel to remove my hot deck and force me to shuffle. hope the ability would not change at release. As for the First Mate, to me it is the Bayou version of Lady Justice. Of course they have some much differences, but both of them have the speed and damage that are able to travel a long distance and take out the key model from opponent crew. The First Mate may not have the damage and tankiness of Justice, but its ability to avoid combat and anti-scheming provides more options. I currently have 2 crew. Kin is a comfortable entry point for a Guild player. I love the theme of being a mirror Family crew. The crew, to me, is the most straight forward crew in the faction. I am still confusing how to use some models within the keyword, namely Raphael and Raider. Another crew is Infamous. I was wanting to start the crew since M2E. Zipp is still the mobility board controller. With the multi master system, I have a feeling that Zipp may become the most frequent hired second master given his independency and the impact to the board. After writing this, I now have a strong feeling to play a all-star crew like M2E, including all models mentioned above.
  7. I am not the economic person, but doesn't the inflation also take effect on the price?
  8. Good to know the release date finally. There are some new images that never appeared on the web, like the icons on Faction Decks and also the cover art of the Core Rule book. I am stealing Wyrd's image to make my own Fate Deck secretly, and those new images will certainly make it better. So I am wondering if Wyrd will place the images onto their web somewhere after the release?
  9. Rufess

    Lady Justice issue

    Yes. And the reason Justice having comparable damage even at lower Ml is because the let her cheat in most damage flip. I did not consider this because it was calculating only a single Attack Action from a single model. The Blood For Blood Action is competing with another Action and as well involving positioning. I am not familiar enough with Nekima to ensure if that extra damage is 100% guaranteed to happen. Again it was calculating the damage from a single Attack Action from a single model. If you are curious about the extra attack of Justice or Viktoria, then double the value then it will give you a brief number.
  10. Rufess

    Lady Justice issue

    Not sure why this debate is upped after the final version had been settled. I am having a bad feeling that this topic will be regularly created in the main forum every 2 months even after the official release. After the long period of half of the closing beta and the whole open beta, and Justice still stay at Ml 6, I hold that Wyrd is satisfied with the current state of Justice as a lower value model killer rather than a elite dueler to fight against opponent's elite beater. For everyone who is still missing the past glory and not interested playing the current form of Justice, like me, I would say maybe put her up to the shelf and play others that feel funny to you. Maybe after a year or 2 Wyrd would released a Alt. Justice with Ml 7.
  11. I am planning a crew to bring back the past glory of our henchman all-star team. Hiring Pool Remaining: 11 / Soulstones: 10 Dashel Barker The Dispatcher Taggart Queeg (8) The Judge (11) Lead-Lined Coat Agent 46 (10) Lead-Lined Coat Guild Steward (6) The core of this crew is Steward giving out Focus and Queeg changing it to Fast. Dashel can summon for the S&S, he and Stweard can also heal our Henchmen back from the losing wound on Fast and The Risk of Reason. I might be able to test this crew this weekend if I was lucky to catch an opponent. But I wouldn't mind if anyone here to test it for me
  12. So the beta is over now, what would you guys advise a new player who is starting Bayou? I have purchased the Kin box with Merris. I believe she is the most straight forward master within the faction while having enough power. My second buy would be Zipp, since he is my favorite Bayou master and I want another crew for non-killy scheme pool. He is as simple as Ophelia but may require some experience of Malifaux to play well as a control master. Besides the crew box, I am looking at Big Brain Brin and Bokor. What other generic single models worth taking outside of keyword? I want some tanky pieces, so maybe Mech Porkchop or Gracie?
  13. I want the Peacebringer back. You may want to check the new art out.
  14. Rufess

    Lady Justice issue

    I lover the idea on the previous page that giving Justice a trigger to add a into Df duel until turn end. Put this trigger under Leap then we have the Acrobatic Assault backed. May you please kindly inform me where can I take the exam and earn the professional certification for testing Malifaux? Wyrd office?
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