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  1. It is once per activation. Which means a model can use it outside of its own activation, like when being attacked in enemies activation.
  2. What happens if a model A attacks Candy and deals 2 damage, while the damage also killed another model B whose demise ability deals another 2 damage to Candy? Can Candy reduces both since all damages happen in same the attack action and suffer only 1+1 damage?
  3. Grave Goo treats that area as Severe terrain, so the Trail of Slime does take effect. The enemy model then treats that area as Severe Hazard terrain. No since Trail of Slime is specified to enemy. So while though the enemy treats the Ice Pillar as Impassible, Blocking Hazardous terrain, to Jedza it is just a regular Ice Pillar (i.e. Impassible Blocking).
  4. Trail of Slime only affects enemy model, so Moorwraith would never be Hazardous terrain to Jedza.
  5. It stated "next damage" so it is literally the next single damage. No matter it is 8 damage from Seamus's shot or a single point damage from Black Blood, the Chronicle prevents damage once and is over. The ability does not state otherwise, so it is every movement effect. Using Grave Goo as example, it will first gain Shielded +1 from the charge move, and if it hits the Accidental Roll Over and move into base contact with a terrain again, it will gain another Shielded +1. Note that there is no once per action restriction. So, for instance, if Zipp hit Grave Goo with Up We Go, hit t
  6. I am not sure how the Boring Conversation would help Jedza, but if it was the case, Zipp could always choose not to pull it up. Also he need not to stay in the center of Seeker bubble. He can just charge in and walk away. The number of 2" of Seeker crew could be a problem, but Zipp has the mobility to decide target and landing spot freely. Once again, Zipp is not going for Jedza, not Mikhail nor Emissary neither. His game is trying to pick up an outsider that is not well protected, throw it out to the Jedza's bubble. And once again, Zipp is not an auto-win button against Seeker, the
  7. You can run them as a pair. Also I believe Bellhop Porter can duplicate the Lit Lamp Marker once you have lit one. That replica does not give out since it is not lit by the Lamplighter, but it can still be targeted by the Burn the Midnight Oil action.
  8. I believe you are stating 2 points: 1.) The existing of the Emissary 2.) The Lamplighters are subpar For the Emissary, yes it is a trouble to deal with. But at least Zipp, with the Up We Go, can avoid that Df 7 and tie in the stat. A single hit should be enough to throw away the Emissary outside of the Take the Hit range. Sure the Explorer player can place his crew careful enough such that Zipp can hardly displace the Emissary into a bad spot, but by doing so Zipp is already giving out pressure and limiting opponent's choice. Plus that the Emissary cannot protect all
  9. Let alone the marker removal, Zipp by his own has some nice tricks to isolate any model from Jedza's . Plus other Wp 5 Seeker models would not like to see the Boring Conversation. I believe Zipp could be a decent choice of secondary master when facing Jedza.
  10. Just to ensure everyone is on the same page, Ivan can only transfer a single to in every attack. So he always needs a stone or a suited card for the 2nd for the summoning trigger. Another add, not quite relating though, is that Ivan cannot summon from a killed target. So the health is also a condition when choosing target while summoning.
  11. Not sure others but I am using the forum dark theme so the black texts are so terrible to read. Another non-keyword model to consider with is Botanist. Wastrel can feed it with 2 Grow Token in the first turn without trouble. Life Leech from the Phantasmal Mask along with other healing can make Botanist a decent tarpit model. Note that it cannot be carried by Ride with Me after having 2 or more Grow Token.
  12. Attack action generated by Charge action happens after the Charge action has been resolved. Hence the charging model gains Distracted after pushing from the Charge action, while before taking the Attack action. The Terrain Marker without a doubt is determine from the perspective of Lamplighter. If the Lamplighter uses Unnatural Glow to push opponent's Anya to2" of her scheme marker, Anya is healed 1/2/3 rather than 1. The arguing point is that if Moorwraith is considered within 2" of its Terrain Marker self from the perspective of Lamplighter. I do not have any rule reference to t
  13. Surely you can replace the Effigy with upgrade to the Emissary during the game, just like other replacing model like Coryphee, Gamin and Golem, Pigs, Rats and etc. If you refer to my image in the OP, you would find that there is a button next to the Brutal Effigy that can replace it to Brutal Emissary. While there is no similar button on the Intrepid Effigy.
  14. I hate to do this but someone needs to say it. 1.) Control Console allows Calypso taking action during Anya's activation, and Anya can only declare Price of Progress when she is the one who takes the action. So Anya cannot use Price of Progress on Calypso's action to add suit. 2.) Other friendly models can draw LoS and range to Anya through Calypso while piloting, Anya however cannot draw LoS and range through Calypso. That means no Hazardous scheme marker from Expansionist.
  15. Had some games with Jedza last week and would like to share some afterthought. Jedza  ・combine with Font of the Everlasting and Inevitability of Death, model with 4 health or lower would suffer 1 damage at the start of activation.  ・likewise, enemies with Regeneration will suffer damage within Jedza's aura.  ・irresistable staggered of Lost Knowledge is brutal, always try to do it before casting Life of the Earth.  ・Life Token cannot save model killed by Execute (and Into Dust) trigger. Sophie  ・basically a Life Token bank for Jedza.  ・better put it at the back to prevent blo
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