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  1. If the keyword is about enslaving mech-ghost, then this guy should be the hench or totem rather than the master. Too bad, I thought we would have the first master in the game that is not humanoid(at least without feet).
  2. Rufess

    Pig help

    That's mine. I use AV Vallejo 70.835 Salmon Rose for base color, mixed with 70.928 Light Flesh for highlight and mixed with 70.958 Pink for shadow.
  3. Rufess

    Big Hat Overview

    I do agree and share same feeling to most of your point, but I would like to add on some thought: Don't forget we have good amount of obey. Crier can always obey BBB with a 7+ to calculate the possibilities outside his activation if needed. This and the following point are the reasons I found that Big Hat is the best keyword to make use (or abuse of) BBB. I believe cycling the deck is a hidden trick of the game. With BBB, the number of Bayou Gremlins and Bayou 2 Cards you can easily go through the whole deck, and maybe even twice. Thus your flip should be closer to the average than the opponent. Which means you can worry less about the luck and more smoothly to execute your plan.
  4. Wyrd had mentioned they would like to make a thing namely alt master, the same character with totally different stat card and play style, as a replacement for the 2E master upgrades. This topic came up again between friends and me recently. We have made some fun and crazy idea of alt some of our favorite master and would like to share with you. Also we want to read if someone has any good idea too. Lady Justice, the Blade of Shadow The lost of the Judge has severely impact Lady Justice's mind and hence she was corroded by the necro magic. She lost part of her physical strength in return of more control of her necro magic. Incorporeal The Sword of Other World: Lady Justice may draw LoS and range for her actions from friendly Undeads within 12". Lady Justice must deal 1 damage to that Undead in order to declare trigger Life Leech Shadow Blade Rg 2" / Stat 7 / Rst Wp / Deals 2/4/5 damage. This attack ignores Hard to Wound, Armor and Incorporeal. Critical Strike Glimpse the Void Relife: After killed a Living/Undead, summons a Undead Marshal/Zombie minion with equal or lower cost of the target in base contact of the target. Colette, the Phantom Colette is tired to be ignore because of her resistance trigger. So she learnt the illusion magic and decide to fight at the front line. Colette has a new totem call Illusion, which is basically share same abilities and actions with Colette, but with Wp 0 and 1 wound only. Illusion cannot be hired. Df/Wp()Smoke and Mirror: Summon an Illusion into base contact, place Colette anywhere within 6". Agile Diving Charge Balance Blade stat 6 Coordinate Attack Illusion Strike Rg 6" / Stat 6 / TN 10 / Increase the TN of the Shockwave by +1 for every Illusion within 3 of the Shockwave maker (max +5). Shockwave 2, Wp 10, damage 2 and Distracted +1. Mirror Image Rg 6" / Stat 6 / TN 12 Summon an Illusion within range. Ulix, Ravage Rider Ulix found that he cannot grow any pigs suddenly. So he rides on a War Pig and start a travel founding and solving the problem. Stampede Frenzied Charge Trample Make Way Giant Tusks Rg 1" / Stat 6 / Rst Df / This action must declare trigger if able. Deal 3/5/6 damage Puncture Rampage Armor Piercing Reposition Emergency Food Rg 3 / Stat 6 / TN 10 Kill any friendly Pigs within range, for each killed model, resolve one of the following effect: (each effect can be chosen once) Gains one suit until the end phase Gains to all duels until the end phase Heals 1/2/3 Push up to 5" in any direction
  5. Try to use Lenny to block the LoS between Somer and George. Which require prefect positioning, so you can only do it on turn 1 and 2, and afterward you should have a Spit Hog sitting on the center of your crew. The Big Hat keyword cannot deal serious damage. They can output a LARGE NUMBER of attack, but mostly are qualityless. Good when facing Augment while bad when facing Nephilim. George is the only model can project notable damage to some important target across the board. Lenny's Gremlin General is a great ability, however, most models inside the crew can be throw away so bonus to resistant duel is really just a bonus. The main value of the ability to me is boosting PEG's shot, and which involves George. This is the reason why I rate George over Lenny. Both of them are must-take to me though.
  6. Justice started Beta with a build-in in the Leap, and then removed at the same week (or at least in a very short period) when her Ml had tuned down to 6. So I believe those 2 changes were because of the same reason. And I see no reason that Justice is getting any one back in close future since there is no big changed between Beta's meta and current's. Maybe after GG 1 and wave 2, if it shows that Justice has been fall behind to much. Anyway the thread remind me some idea has been raised during the Beta after Justice has been tuned down. Not saying any of this is balance or necessary, just want to share about some interesting idea which may inspire others. Adds a build-in in the Leap Removes Sudden Strike trigger Adds a new trigger to Leap: Phantom - Until the End Phase, add a to this model's final duel totals. Adds a new trigger to Leap: Justice Unleash - Enemy models within 2 must each pass a TN14 Df duel or suffer 1 damage and gain Injuried +1.
  7. Had written something about Big Hat before. which was my first impression right after the first two game of the crew so was not accurate enough. Some thought had been changed after I have more experience with the keyword. George has much more value in the crew to me than I had rated. He is the main damage dealer inside the keyword. You want him to shoot in every single PEG chance. Lenny is still an important piece of the crew. After he was focused and been took out early in the game several times, however, I found that the crew surprisingly had not turned into some fragile glasses as I would imagined. His abilities is excellent when facing Blasting(mostly from shooting) and Shockwave heavy crew, otherwise I would rank him below George. Good Ol'Boy is good. They are more a melee tarpit and beater than a range power, which we don't have much within the faction. So Rooster Rider can hardly replace their role. Spit Hog is important as well. Just you do not need heal in the early game, and given the Mv 4 and 50mm base of the Spit Hog, they need some work to catch up with the whole crew. So normally I just summon one when I need healing, usually turn 3. Banjonista is the only model that I still have no idea to use. On paper they have the movement and shielding abilities plus the condition removal, which seems good enough. In actual game, however, I always found that I do not have the hand for the shielding and/or removal. I think they would be better if the Pluck the Strings action is a direct attack action instead of a pulse.
  8. Not sure are you talking about mine work, I did have done a simulation between the damage output of Justice, Nekima and single Viktoria during the Beta. I had not save down the number neither, but afair the conclusion is, in short, Justice deals more damage than the other 2 competitors when facing a target with Df 5 or lower. What had I done is to calculate the actual damage following the below condition: Both Attacking and Resisting model draw 2 random cards. The Resisting model always cheats the highest card, on the other hand the Attacking model will try to keep the highest card for damage flip if it cheats second Ignores suit and trigger because of complexity Ignores abilities like Hard to Wound and Armor Then repeat the above step about 500,000 times to come up with an average damage output. The result is that Justice, with the from not charging, is actually dealing more damage than Nekima and Viktoria when facing a target with Df 5 or lower. In the case of Df 6 or higher, however, Justice is worse than the other two. So my view at that time was: Justice is not a duelist who fight in face with other master, instead she is more an assassin who leap into opponent backline to hunt down the supporter and/or range power. It was clear that Justice could distribute just as good and had equal value in competitive view comparing with other melee master. I was, however, just not into the fact that Justice cannot win the face to face fighting with other melee master.
  9. Had left Guild on the early state during beta (when Following Orders not yet have restriction and Agent stops cheating in all opposite duel), and this episode actually makes me want to come back just for Lucius. Surprised that they have not mentioned any OoK hiring. So Lucius no longer need Executioner nor Guardian to handle the front line?
  10. The trigger is currently shared by only Rasp and Euripides so using the "instead version" is good enough for now. And if a new model in the future that can create ice pillar in its non-ice pillar creating action's trigger, then just give the model a brand new trigger to do so. Yes this way would create redundancy, but instead we saved a FAQ. Player can see an altered trigger directly in the apps, but not a FAQ.
  11. So it is the word "instead" makes the different. Then change the trigger to "create 2 Ice Pillar instead of 1" can solve the action and have no impact to Rasp. But then the trigger cannot be reused in an action that does not create ice pillar.
  12. 1.) Yes you can, unless the Action specified. 2.) Yes you can, unless the Action specified. 3.) Yes you can. It is however meaningless to do so since a model would only affected by one shockwave marker within an Action. 4.) Action in this edition is counting up. In your example, the model has taken 1 Action against its limit of 2 + 1(Fast) Actions per Activation. After gained Slow which cancelled out with the Fast, it is now 1 Action taken / 2 Action per Act. Hence it can still take 1 Action. If you can manage to give that model Fast again within the Activation(like Hard Knock Life) then it can take the 3rd Action.
  13. I believe you cannot just pick 2 models from game and directly comparing between them, even though the 2 models may share some of the abilities/actions and have similar role. The game was divided into 7(8) factions and each faction have its own collection of models and upgrades. Thus each faction has its strength, weakness, question and answer that are unique and different from others. Like people love to compare Guild Rifleman and Outcast Scout and say Scout is much worse than Rifleman since lack of the sniper ability. They have, however, forgotten that Outcast has access to one of the best sniper in the game as a versatile model when they really need range firepower. The real role of Scout should be a remote schemer that can also provide range power. Blessed and First Mate, same as the case above, cannot simply comparing only by themselves. You should also take account of the keyword hiring them as well as other models available within the faction, and the most important part, the diversity and strength of each faction. Zoraida maybe able to draw LoS from the First Mate, but she can never put a Mutation Upgrade on him.
  14. Don't think people in Neverborn know how to wear a suit after Jakob had left. So my bet on Resser.
  15. Rufess

    Som'er vs Ulix

    Ulix and Somer may give one similar feeling since both of the master are supporting master who let his crew to fight the battle. But the 2 keywords are different enough, especially in mobility, to distance from other. Ulix and his pigs are simply speedy melee crew. War Pig is no doubt the most powerful minion within the faction. With all the Reckless, push and obey in the keyword, the pigs can perform bunch of movements, attacks and scheming. Therefore you would like to take him into situations when you can take advantage from those aggressivity and mobility, like Reckoning and Plant Explosive. Breakthrough and Search the Ruins are always nice picks, as well as the Vendetta with growing trick. Somer and his children, in contrary, are more complicate to play with. The main strength of the crew, in my opinion, is attrition game. Somer can recycle his resources, models and hands, while consuming opponent's. So I believe he best fit in Turf War and Idols. And thanks to Crier, the main schemer of the keyword, this crew is really good at placing scheme marker within close range of enemy model. Schemes like Detonate Charges and Dig Their Grave should be always consider first. Lastly, let not forget the Stat 7 Lure of Spit Hog which can ruin opponent's game plan on certain scheme.
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