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  1. Daisuke

    Demo game in Japan

    Hello. We had a lot of excitement in the tournament last week, but this week we have a demo game. Date and time: 8/18 13: 00 ~ Location: Chiba Hoiku center Anyone can join. Please come and visit us.
  2. Daisuke

    Gremlin only tournament in Japan! G-1

    Hello everyone. A G-1 tournament will be held in Japan on August 11. G-1 is a tournament that fights only with gremlin! The place is Miniature Forest in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture. It is at 11:30 start. Anyone can join Gremlin master. We look forward to having you join us!
  3. Daisuke

    Demo game in Japan.

    Hello to all of wyrdos in Japan. DEMO GAME will be held on 21st July. The place is Funabashi HOIKU Center in Chiba Prefecture. We are waiting for everyone's visit.
  4. Daisuke

    6/16 Demo game in Japan.

    In Japan every month the demo game of malifaux is done. This month will be held on June 16. Both beginners and experienced people come to visit. The place is Hunabashi Hoiku Senter. Please contact me if you are interested.
  5. Daisuke

    May Demo game in Japan

    Hello. I will do malifaux demo on May 19. Chiba childcare center is the place. The time is from 13:00. Beginner warm welcome. Please come and visit us.
  6. Daisuke

    Tournament in Japan GG2018 50ss

    Hello everyone. Malifaux tournament will be held in Japan as well. Although the scale is still small, I would like to have fun with everyone. Date and time: May 26th Location: Miniature Forest ___ 277 - 0022 Izumi-cho, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken, Oito Building 4F If you live in Japan and are interested in malifaux please contact me.