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  1. Ok... Masters decision done We decided to play without title masters but maybe with enforcers... Im playing Molly again - this time against Kaeris
  2. Not sure yet... not sure about seamus on this map So I guess either Molly or Reva I wonder if its worth starting in corner with alot of severe to make it harder for the opponent to get to the symbols - depending on my crew i guess
  3. looking forward to watch it this evening ... my game ended 4-6 for my opponent i tried using a crooligan for claim jump - and failed and had hidden martyr on rogue and necrotic machine it was a fun game - great opponent I thought vincent didnt have much impact, but my opponent said he was quite annoying for him... did summon tengus to dark bargain his models to interact the same turn... quite a nice strategy next 1st time playing against arcanist + can choose deployment zone
  4. I'm defender ... and wasnt expecting to win anyway - even before you told me that you lost to him😄 the good thing is, I'm already last on bag of tools list - so it can only go up
  5. thanks 🙂 ...taking all the advices I can get 😅
  6. we have our lists locked in: no titles Molly + wisper necrotic machine archie rogue necromancy vincent carrion effigy crooligan crooligan 7ss vs asami amanjaku yokai ama no zako ohaguro bettari + silent protector fuhatsu low river monk 10ss playing on friday and already nervous
  7. Is vincent worth taking against asami to get rid of her summons? Also thinking about Anna for Gravitiy well and hostile work environment... other than that i have no idea yet 😄
  8. awesome video... I'm wondering if your opposing faction influences your master decision aswell... and how so?
  9. true... at least you can summon now some undead ladies did you do some turn 1 summon shenanigans?
  10. Looking at the list Im quite sad.... Was really hoping to see more inkeyword models... How did the summoning go?
  11. I know I read a discussion about it.... what was the general consensus? Her bonus is just once per activation or once per activation per model?
  12. Well... at least old Molly can reliably remove markers. I feel like there are so many new title masters dropping/creating marker
  13. Thats the difference between experienced players and noobs 😄 I would have never questioned that
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