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  1. oh! thx 🙂 ... just need to shuffle deck as player first thx alot
  2. Hoi hoi 🙂 ... new to VASSAL was wondering if there is an option to use both decks without switching player side? it gets buggy sometimes with switching side while having cards revealed + switching is a bit annoying want to play against myself to get used to controls and maybe some turn 1 training
  3. bringing up this post again ...did we get an answer for this question from wyrd?
  4. I feel so stupid 😅 Thx alot
  5. If you want to lure a model which is standing behind a wall... does it climb over it to get as close as possible to the model using the lure or does climbing up count as moving further away and it keeps just staying behind the wall?
  6. Nice list! 🙂 My favorite masters! ... just wondering how well does a Crooligan work in that list - since you only have molly for by your side? and if it would be worth adding the necrotic machine as additional model for a crooligan to teleport to? (think its allowed hiring?)
  7. If a model is in hazardous terrain with 1 health.. is it allowed to do an action even if it dies from doing so? And if a model dies during its activation, can you still use its accomplice ability?
  8. Necropost again Does a crooligan get damage from hazardous terrain/ vent steam for leaving it using the by your side ability?
  9. Oh! I have my first 3 games ever been playing wrong in that regards 😅 Was using shadow just for the cover.... Thx for the clarification 🙂
  10. Yeah... but i cant see what all this has to do with shadow... How does shadow of terrain can take los?
  11. Cant the enemy drop the marker underneath himself? If you have los to attack him then you should have los to the marker aswell... Since he doesnt block los if standing on top of it
  12. so if i understand this right madame sybelle can use her "beckoning call" to make an enemy move around her. + the enemy will get a distracted from bump in the night even though he was already engaged?
  13. Yeah... love the Lampad models havent bought the box because it seems as no one has used them before
  14. Thx for the reply 🙂 Tried just turn one a few times in vassal by myself with first list version... (starting to like vassal) Plan was to activate marshal before molly to have a minion for constuctive criticism. But getting the 8X wasnt that easy... so had to activate molly before for the card draw So Im thinking about replacing the effigy with one crooligan to have at least one minion for const critisism + then i could also summon a rabble or night terror instead Will stick with list one... it seems asami crew is quite melee heavy and like to have another shooter
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