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  1. Boo! Why the unnecessary Nerf to henchmen and enforcers? I started this thread specifically for just the master interaction, definitely did not want to see any other restrictions. The rest of the interactions we're fine and gave VS options. Can we please just change the restriction to:
  2. I think the key is Viks are both strong and also fairly straightforward. Their playstyle is to run in and beat face. There are other new player friendly crews (I voted for Perdita), but you asked for the most straightforward :-). Many of the others require a little bit of combo to make work.
  3. We "finished" in the sense that time expired. But none of my games made it past turn 3, which has been consistently my experience for the last 6 months for any game that had a hard 2:15 time limit. There was one game that made it to turn 5, but I don't think any other game made it past 3 in the allotted time. Some of that was unfamiliarity with the rules, but there is definitely an issue. At LVO it was all the more stark because on Saturday we had a 3 round M2e tournament and then on sunday a 3 round M3e tournament. In the M2e tournament, despite me not having played 2e for over 6 months, I completed 5 turns on all of my games easily within 2h 15min. M3e was noticeably slower. Some of it is that rules are constantly in flux so it's harder to get the moves down, but I think the OP is correct that models last longer and there are more of them. In M3e I find I usually have 9-11 models every game. I would very much like to try out the 60ss but hire your master idea.
  4. Except part of the fun of VS as your master is interacting with other potential hires. I don't think it is broken on non-master non-freikorps models. Hell, I don't actually think it is broken on any other masters, it just the Viks I'm concerned about.
  5. Call it "Elixer of Courage".
  6. Because polls do give some data points. The written discussion gives other data points. When combined they arrived at a solution that Incorporated all the data.
  7. I think its fine to work on non master models.
  8. Great (and fast!) compromise. Love the stunned change. All looks good to me!
  9. Speaking of concealing... am I correct that concealing still has no range to it? If the line passes through ANY concealing no matter how far from the concealing then the target is somehow concealed? Is that intended? I feel like we should use the shadow mechanic for concealing as well as for cover.
  10. There is still interaction with having multiple masters, in this scenario VS could buff other models in the crew. I'm primarily concerned with the bonus movement being given to alpha strike specialists becoming an auto build. I'm all for Viks existing and having a long threat range, but having the ability to reach out and charge something in the opposing deployment zone strikes me as bad for the game.
  11. Do you mean that a flat -2 would be too much of a nerf to injured or that as a result of that change we would have to nerf all the injured granting models? (or something else). A flat -2 would be pretty dang powerful. Especially considering there are 4ss minions with bonus actions to give out injured. A -2 debuff would be pretty bonkers. I would be interested to try out one of the proposals from the closed beta which was: That way you (1) make it binary so it is easier to track and (2) it also slows models down.
  12. It's a reasonable solution, my worry is just that it is also a more complicated solution. I didn't think focused was broken to begin with, so I'd rather just leave it as-is.
  13. First, I really appreciate the poll and the interaction with the community! Big hand to the devs!!! With that said, I'm mixed on the changes: Focused - Focused right now is cool because it is both an offensive and defensive condition. It takes the place of the old defensive condition. Limiting it to only one focus severely hampers the ability to use it defensively. Also, I didn't really see any problems with Focused to begin with. It is usually a tradeoff of an AP now for a higher quality AP action later (or protection). It was a very useful AP sink for situations where a model needs to move and then hide. I would very much prefer that we keep focused as it was. Stunned - I like the new version. Turning off actions was extremely powerful and could disproportionately shut down some masters. Now it is a debuff but doesn't completely cripple a model that has key bonus actions. Injured - I am mixed on this. I like capping it at 2. But dislike it not affecting the models own actions. A key part of the usefulness of this condition is that it is a way to weaken beaters. Yes, it can be strong, but it was a powerful way to defend against high stat models. I would rather see it stay as it is currently but with a cap of -2. Alternatively, make it non-stacking and just apply a -1 or -2 to all duels.
  14. It would also make it much easier to summon rats if he had a bigger base because the target scheme markers could be farther apart, so there would also be balance implications. Also typically just from a flavor standpoint any standard human is always a 30mm base.
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