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  1. Cool! Eager to hear how it turns out
  2. Crossroads 7 is viable.
  3. They sold a very limited quantity of Cornelius Basse, Yokou, and Albus Von Schtook. There are pics of all the sprues up on the A Wyrd Place facebook group. Why Wyrd didn't actually advertise an articles about this I'm not entirely sure.
  4. I'd say leave it. And change it only if it every became a problem. There were niche tactics in m2e with cursing your own guys as well to get the free push. At best these are all super fringe strategies. Don't ruin everyone's fun over that.
  5. The Torment ability is: I think the intent is to mean: if it damaged an enemy model that had an attached Attached Upgrade (at the time it was dealt damage). But the current wording is a bit ambiguous. The timing of when the model had to have the upgrade is a little ambiguous. If the intention is to trigger if at some point during the activation damage was dealt to a model that already had an upgrade. I suggest it be reworded to:
  6. So the midnight stalker has an ability to gain the master's keyword. Has anyone come up with useful combos for that ability? I'm kind of coming up blank.
  7. The thing is that things are more durable already this edition. Giving more defense would only exacerbate that.
  8. For outcast my bet is on (in no order): Von schill Zipp Parker Levi Seeing most play.
  9. Definitely thank you both! I love that Wyrd is willing to open up the creation of this amazing game to the input of the community. It is a thankless task to manage all the feedback, but we really really appreciate being heard!
  10. This. I means barring dying to a condition or hazardous terrain you guarantee at least having a shot at getting a Guilty back. AND it is in a potentially more useful position on the table right in the thick of things.
  11. So it sounds like Deso and Scavenger need work. Hopefully fixes incoming?
  12. Yes. I even take Marlena into Obliteration now because tanking one more wound on the Nothing Beast and Aionus can help them survive, and Karina has a lot of healing to keep Marlena going. In Amalgam I've pretty much given up on taking Deso Engine. It dies way too easily, but Marlena typically tanks about 8-10 wounds a game for A&D, Rusty, Levi, Nothing Beast, or other Enforcer. With the Emissary you can regain the health pretty quickly.
  13. Hmm... That could be. I'd be really curious to hear the design intent from Matt or Kyle. If the intent is to guarantee you can unbury, I don't quite follow. Aionus gets pass tokens from unburying. Which means you probably already unburied things so it's a moot point?
  14. You aren't finding it useful? It's basically like an armor Aura for all your non-minions.
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