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  1. Is Wyrd exhibiting this year?
  2. Kolath

    So what does Tara actually DO?

    Also very important things about dumping cards to pulse fast at the start of the turn. If you are playing a thematic void crew, dumping 3 cards means you just gave most of your models +3 Df at the start of the turn. This is HUGE as the main time that her crew is vulnerable is the beginning of the turn when you still have a large control hand. Sure, if your hand is amazing, this isn't as appealing, but most of the time this means you dump the crap cards you already didn't need and buff all your guys. Plus this gets you even closer to having on all of your duels, which is a pretty huge ability.
  3. Kolath

    Unofficial M3E FAQ

    Fantastic work!
  4. Kolath

    App Status?

    They desperately need to change the display so that you can just see all the rules without having to drill into every freaking ability. There is no reason a whole model couldn't be displayed in a single scrollable display.
  5. Kolath

    Players in Washington, DC?

    Hey folks, host of the Crystal City game night here. Send me a PM if you want me to add you to the email list for that. Also, I highly recommend you join the Capital Area Malifaux facebook group. All the general DC-metro area events get posted there. There is a very active community in and around DC! Welcome! Finally, if you haven't heard about it, I highly recommend you come to the NOVA Open Wargaming Convention. It is a big 4-day convention in Crystal City on Labor Day weekend that includes a number of Malifaux events as well as dozens of other game systems, over 40 seminars on everything from starting a youtube channel to how to airbrush. More info here: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/136477-the-nova-open-2018-washington-dc/
  6. Quick update: the Round 5 Championship always scheme was wrong in the original primer. It is now updated to Eliminate Leadership.
  7. ONLY THREE (3) MORE TEAM TRIOS TICKETS LEFT! Get 'em while you can! Also, if you are interested in coming but don't have a team, please post here and let us know so you can hopefully link up with other interested players. Sign ups: http://novaopenstore.com/Home/EventContainer/13
  8. The NOVA Open 2018 Malifaux Events Only a few months to go until the premiere wargaming convention on the East Coast! Held Labor Day Weekend (Aug. 30 - Sept. 2), the Nova Open is 4-days of non-stop gaming action, and is host to the first major event in the 2018 U.S. National Faux Tour!. The best of the best will be competing there, and you can be part of that. The Championship grand tournament will be held over five rounds over two days. On the Friday before the Championship, we are running a three round trios team tournament and an Enforcer Brawl. New This Year This year we have a few exciting changes to Malifaux events: We are adopting the popular IRON SCORPIUS format. Do you have what it takes to master your faction and carry 5 different masters to victory? By popular demand, this year all Gencon Releases will be legal for play in all events. So if there is a new book (or even a new edition) we will be one of the first events to run it! We are introducing the Golden Scorpius award for the top finishing player who is playing in their first two-day event. If you are new the tournament scene, this is a great time to come play More Than a Tournament... The NOVA Open is more than a tournament, it is a 4-day gaming party with thousands of your closest (or soon to be closest) friends! There is round the clock gaming through the the hotel, a robust line-up of vendors, dozens of painting and hobby seminars from world-renowned artists, a charity lounge on the rooftop, a fully-stocked board game library, and a whole slate of events across dozens of game systems! A few highlights of things this year: This year the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF) Lounge will be open Wednesday through Sunday on the Rooftop the whole time! Come drink tasty beverages all the while helping Charity and taking in the nice views of the city. This year the Lounge will feature nightly entertainment including comedians, live music, and live karaoke! World-renowned painter Roman Lappat is offering an in-depth 4-day masterclass the weekend before NOVA You can find out all the details at www.novaopen.com Event Primer: Link Space is limited - Sign Up Today! We can't wait to see you all there! Feedback: Please feel free to reach out to customerservice@novaopen.com with any questions or concerns. Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport 2799 Jefferson Davis Highway Arlington, Virginia, USA, 22202
  9. Kolath

    ITC 2018 Feedback

    Team USA Captain here. Overall the event was great! Pros: Everything ran on time Highly visible clocks all around the room made time remaining clear Beer available on-demand in the hall Sufficient breaks between matches Overall good terrain (though a handful had some giant pieces that skewed their board) Everyone was nice and courteous and fun to play with To improve: Remove bonus points from the ranking system. (1) They encourage stomping people which is a negative play experience, (2) they reward early round skill mismatches, which is a random bonus to some teams, (3) They make it mathematically possible for a team with a lower win-path to win. E.g. A team that goes W-D-W-W-W could beat a team that goes W-W-W-W-D, when the later has a stronger strength of schedule win path Switch to true win-path pairing and allow re-matches. With 5 games and fewer than 32 players it is possible for there to be no undefeated team. Given that, the top two teams should always play each other in the final even if they already played earlier in the tournament. If not, one team pairing down gets an unfair boost in the last round. (Corollary to above) Implement a tie-breaker at the round level: Consider adding overall round tie-breakers so that there is always a winner or loser at the round level. That would make win-path pairing a lot easier. If keeping the pairing system, have Team B put out master first - This year Team A had a definite advantage by both controlling the mission order AND guaranteeing master/mission matchup on tables 1 an 3 and got the advantage of having more information by seeing two enemy masters on table 1. It would be an easy tweak to have Team A set the mission order but Team B go first with master selection.
  10. Kolath

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    Aaron, very sad to see you go. It was a pleasure working with you on various playtests. Best of luck in your next adventure. I hope that Wyrd will keep up both the spirit of community playtesting and the willingness to make errata changes for the sake of the game. Both were really valuable things you championed that have helped make Malifaux continue to rock.
  11. So, I just read the final packet and I have to say I am extremely disappointed that there appears to be zero interactive pairing component. I have played in a number of team events before and the master pairing strategy is one of the best parts of it being a team event. Is there any chance of being closer to last year, or the polish system, or even the American Ultimate Team Showdown rules?
  12. All of them add a number of additional story scenario missions. If you enjoy the fluff, I'd pick them up (or grab a digital version). If you aren't super into the fluff, I'd just get boxes of models (they all come with their cards) or pay for the App (and see full rules) to get a preview of what models you might want to pick up.
  13. Hey folks, I was trying to figure out my odds of being able to still hit a rat king summon if I didn't hire any rats, so I created a target number calculator that tells you your odds of getting k cards of a suit that meet a target number (TN) given different numbers of cards drawn/flipped. This might be helpful for others who have to rely on target numbers (such as summoners). Hope someone finds this helpful! For those who care, this uses Excel's hypergeometric distribution function (using the cumulative setting). Card Probability.xlsx
  14. Kolath

    Malifaux Companion Beta - Android App

    Any ETA on update?
  15. Kolath

    Malifaux Companion Beta - Android App

    Are you planning to do wave 5?