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  1. Interested in doing a little analysis and was wondering if anyone has a dataset of at least all the models, factions, costs, and core stat values?
  2. Man there could be some reeaaaally cool charts and graphs to compare masters in a bigger dataset. Really cool.
  3. Wow this Tableau site is awesome!!! Can you make a version of the master dashboard where you can see ALL results rather than by event?
  4. Hey just heads up it appears that Rusty Alyce is missing from the Outcast Amalgam bag.
  5. I look forward to seeing Nellie soon, Herman!
  6. NOVA Open 2020 - Sept 4-6, 2020 We are very excited this year that Wyrd is joining us this year! Returning this year with a slate of events, the NOVA Open Malifaux team is looking forward to seeing everyone in DC for the East Coast's premier tabletop wargaming convention. Fast Facts Where? Crystal City Hyatt in Arlington, VA When? Sept 4-6 What? Malifaux 2-day GT, Team Tournament, Warmup Tournament, All-Out Brawl, and a Wyrd Design Seminar What else? Over a hundred painting seminars! Live music! Board Games all weekend! Hundreds of events! The NOVA GT this
  7. Come out to Huzzah Hobbies in Sterling, VA for a one-day, 3-day Malifaux tournament! Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/640588156739267
  8. Hey folks! I'm running a 50ss, 3-round tournament at Huzzah Hobbies on Sunday Feb 9th in Sterling, VA. This will be a US Faux Tour event for the Capital City Conference. Check out all the info on the FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/525377814731676/ Here are the missions for quick reference: Round 1 - Corner - Plant Explosives - Hold Up their Forces - Take Prisoner - Outflank - Deliver a message - Power Ritual Round 2 - Flank - Turf War - Dig their graves - Claim Jump - Search the Ruins
  9. I mean with the app I fully expect them to continue the practice of updating cards each year for a handful of models. I would not expect 0ss upgrades this edition as they are much rarer. That said, the recent GG0 was an amazing example of thinking outside the box to solve a balance issue in the mission definition without having to errata a thing: The removal of the problem of Obey in Idols and Plant Explosives.
  10. The crew builder (android 1.0.10) hiring screen now groups models by keyword, versatile, out-of-keyword instead of by station... is there a way to change it back or choose what to group by (Or at the very least sort by station?) Also there is now an icon that looks like one big vertical rectangle with two lines next to it to the filter text area. What does that do? Tapping it seems to just hide everything.
  11. Additionally, the tournament missions, rules and other info is live: https://novaopen.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/EfSjt9IXPh5KgM2dw-9zFHMBV78hCClu4vtK-_Ui60ydWg?e=F0fpmJ
  12. Hey folks! Only 6 tickets left! Also excited to announce that Crissy, founder of the A Wyrd Place Facebook Group will be in attendance!
  13. ACT NOW WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Hey folks! Due to the overwhelming demand for a number of events at the Nova Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention we will soon be working to maximize space in the convention. What that means is the overall headroom for events that aren't yet sold out will be reduced! So that means you should act now and join us for M3e in Crystal City, VA at the NOVA Open! Register here: https://novaopenstore.com/Home/EventContainer/13
  14. So in round 2 of dreamer, @Gaston took stitched and banderanatch which were awesome!
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