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  1. Additionally, the tournament missions, rules and other info is live: https://novaopen.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/EfSjt9IXPh5KgM2dw-9zFHMBV78hCClu4vtK-_Ui60ydWg?e=F0fpmJ
  2. Hey folks! Only 6 tickets left! Also excited to announce that Crissy, founder of the A Wyrd Place Facebook Group will be in attendance!
  3. ACT NOW WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Hey folks! Due to the overwhelming demand for a number of events at the Nova Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention we will soon be working to maximize space in the convention. What that means is the overall headroom for events that aren't yet sold out will be reduced! So that means you should act now and join us for M3e in Crystal City, VA at the NOVA Open! Register here: https://novaopenstore.com/Home/EventContainer/13
  4. So in round 2 of dreamer, @Gaston took stitched and banderanatch which were awesome!
  5. Things that turn off Demise abilities, ranged damage, debuffs, things that can move my models (to disrupt the rebirth cycle), and finally he fears any place on the board that is more than like 13 inches from a table side.
  6. One of these days when you don't have a 10pm cut off we will finish an actual 5 turn game and see how it goes That said, while I was killing things, I was definitely on the ropes scheme-wise. I should absolutely have been able to predict his schemes and the fact that I didn't meant I gave up easy points that should have been somewhat preventable. I thought Dig would be a little easier with the potential scheme marker placement, but ended up continuing to be a hard scheme to time right. Bringing in Ashes as an out of keyword hire though was I think a good call. The ability to get the bonnet and the free interacts off Parker was really solid for this particular mission.
  7. Hey everyone! Big update! Craig from Third Floor Wars is going to be offering commission vouchers for winners in the Malifaux GT this year! This is an awesome chance to get some sweet sweet painted models from a master. Have you sign up yet? https://www.facebook.com/thirdfloorwars/posts/680995679000167
  8. Hey folks, I just posted a Facebook group for this to make it easy to connect with fellow players, ask questions, and link to the rest of the NOVA Open community: https://www.facebook.com/events/458764161535140/
  9. Irreducible does not ignore armor, it ignores damage reduction. While this is usually mechanically equivalent to ignoring armor, in this case of Hoffman the nuance matters. Because irreducible doesn't mention armor at all Hoffman's ability doesn't work. Now, if Hoffman's ability had said something like "Models always get their armor reduction regardless of any other effect" then we'd have a conflicting case where probably it would stop irreducible, but that's not the wording the designers chose. The design intent of "irreducible" from the start has been "really, no kidding, this damage is going to happen to you."
  10. I'm not convinced she needs a Nerf. Is a Levi crew potentially very survivable? Sure, but that's if your invest tons of points and ball up.
  11. Cool! Eager to hear how it turns out
  12. I'd say leave it. And change it only if it every became a problem. There were niche tactics in m2e with cursing your own guys as well to get the free push. At best these are all super fringe strategies. Don't ruin everyone's fun over that.
  13. The Torment ability is: I think the intent is to mean: if it damaged an enemy model that had an attached Attached Upgrade (at the time it was dealt damage). But the current wording is a bit ambiguous. The timing of when the model had to have the upgrade is a little ambiguous. If the intention is to trigger if at some point during the activation damage was dealt to a model that already had an upgrade. I suggest it be reworded to:
  14. So the midnight stalker has an ability to gain the master's keyword. Has anyone come up with useful combos for that ability? I'm kind of coming up blank.
  15. For outcast my bet is on (in no order): Von schill Zipp Parker Levi Seeing most play.
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