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  1. Beeray

    M3e sculpts

    I think it would be cool if the bases that were included were similar to the way Necromunda supplys you with themed bases
  2. Beeray

    Out of Stock models

    Not the best alternative money wise but there is this https://www.gadzooksgaming.com/products/titania-the-queens-return https://www.gadzooksgaming.com/products/the-gorar-the-queens-return https://www.gadzooksgaming.com/collections/malifaux/products/aeslin https://www.gamenerdz.com/malifaux-autumn-knights Only thing you would be missing is the Upgrades [im not sure if Gadzook gives the upgrades or not]
  3. Beeray

    Whiskey List?

    This list doesnt require Brewy to use tho you can take this in say Somer and Summon 5 things turn 1 [or even each turn if you really wanted too]
  4. Beeray

    Whiskey List?

    Was Looking at it some more Trixi + Cooper and then 2 Mecha Chops can Summon 2 Gamin turn 1 Trixi gives a HUGE amount of Poison to Cooper Mechas drop 2 Markers Cooper Summons 2 Doesnt seem to terrible
  5. Beeray

    Whiskey List?

  6. Beeray

    Whiskey List?

    Scrap is hard
  7. Beeray

    Weekly Model Discussion - Bayou Gremlin

    I usually play on a board with 1/3-1/2 of hte board of terrain, I still seem to not get alot out of them. I havent specifically played hide and seek with them usually due to needing to do something with them or just being plain olde bad at placing them There is a skill to keeping them alive that i just havent achieved yet i think. I like that they arent insignificant and bayou 2 cards is awesome, but more often then not im in a situation where Drunk and Reckless isnt useable due to it killing them. [Start a petition to make Drunk and Reckless 1 Damage and give them poison 1 #FlavorTown] Im going to force myself to play more Somer to get better with these guys.
  8. Beeray

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    Lenny and the Piglet is the Bayous REIGNING DEFENDING TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! While Mancha holds the Heavy Weight Belt
  9. Beeray

    Weekly Model Discussion - Bayou Gremlin

    I have had the worst luck with these guys, Either they are dead and gone before i get a good turn to use Drunk and Reckless, or place scheme markers where i need them. With that in mind i have limited myself to using them Mostly with Zipp, usually 3-4. Lots of fun in Ours when you get a BayouBoy in each of the 4 corners! But all in all I have to agree with @daniello_s Desperate Mercs and Guild Guards really took the fluff out of them
  10. Maybe they will do something like they did with the Dead Justice box where the models could count as more than just one thing With it being the Core box of Ulix but the Wild Ponies could be nightmare alts for the Dreamer
  11. Beeray

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    Had a friendly game with a friend of mine last night, where he played SnowStorm and the Frozen Hearts [Pretty sure its an Emo Band], Where I played Trixie [Gun for a Lady] Sparks Iron Skeeter Pere The take aways from this game were as followed: 1. Going all in on the Pere bomb makes the game end quickly 2. Quickly usually because you died Granted i think i activated incorrectly, I got over excited and activated Sparks first gave fast and then accompliced into the Iron Skeeter to throw Pere up the board. Got SnowStorm down to like 3 wounds and then he ate the Iron Skeeter Flavor Win! I too have to agree, almost every game of HH that I have gotten to play comes down to initiative on turn 3-5. So at the least she needs to be in the list somewhere.
  12. Beeray

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    OooooOOOoo I like this I really need to get my hands on Hog Whisperer [For this and that random Somer list] And i keep forgetting Old Major is a Henchman!!
  13. Gotcha! For a more complete understanding of how the rule worked i should have moved C and Y to not be engaged but still within 2 inches of X But thanks for the Clarification on that as well Definitely a wonky one lol
  14. I feel terrible asking this, but I cant seem to get a Clear cut answer to what is randomized for. Looking at this the Scenario is that A B and C are Friendly while X and Y are Friendly All are ht 1 B is engaged with X C is engaged with Y B C X and Y are all within 2 inches of each other There is a Wall [ht5 blocking Hardcover] between X B and C Y A is shooting X with a Projectile Attack causing a Randomization FAQ: 19) When shooting into an engagement, can models which are not within LoS of the model which is shooting end up becoming the target of the Attack due to randomization? Yes. 20) When shooting into an engagement, do you flip cards for models which are not technically engaged with the target, so long as they are within 2" of the target? Yes. Based on this we would Flip for all 4 [B, C, X, and Y] and could hit C or Y Correct? Please let me know if i missed something, and again sorry for entering another ask for this.