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  1. So we are saying there is a marker placed with this action directly on top[under?] of the model? I see where the confusion is, I always assumed this wasnt making a marker at all. But because there isnt an "Instead of" clause I follow. I concur with what @Clement had said prior. Wong, no Duel Pult, Duel I feel so foolish, sorry about all this.
  2. I'm unsure what part of what I was saying states that a marker is placed. But that isn't what I meant. What I meant was: Centering from Pigapult and Centering from Wong, is the same. Neither place a marker. When you center on a model for Shockwave, I think they are affected by it and have to perform the duel. [Again using Pigapult wording as my reasoning]
  3. Im saying the instead makes you do the same as the Pigapult, and my counterpoint to them having to make the duel from the Shockwave is based on the wording from the Pigapult. Saying that if the Stuffed Pig wasnt Killed by this Action, therefore telling me this action must deal damage to the Stuffed pig in some way. And the only damage that the action is inflicting is the Shockwave.
  4. the Instead here has you do it the same way that the Pigapult does its letting you either place a Shockwave marker or Center like the Pigapult does
  5. Sue getting a regen trinket from the emissary is annoying
  6. OOK Sue scares me to no end
  7. Both Pigapult and Wong use the same verbiage for it. "Center On" "Centered On" I don't think one does something different from the other [where one does make the model its centered on do the duel and the other doesn't] But I also think that both cause the model to do the duel Only because the Action that Pigapult has isn't IF the model survives, its if its not killed by the action. Dying via terrain isn't dying via action right?
  8. That's what I thought, but figured I'd check. Thanks!
  9. This seems alil silly but I couldn't find exact verbiage. Bokors can proved Shielded in a pulse. When Wong uses a WizzBang model with Hard Knock Life to center a Shockwave on they Suffers 1 damage. Sheilded will reduce this to 0. Would this make it so that Hard Knock Life triggers? [Suffers 0 Damage still counting as suffering damage/in the timing they suffer damage then reduce then is dealt damage]
  10. What about this guy? https://www.miniaturemarket.com/pip41087.html
  11. 1st Edition Crooligans are pretty on point for this, and Captain Rengrave is a great alternative. Night Terrors is the tuff one to find a good alt for.
  12. What about this guy for the Grave Golem? https://www.miniaturemarket.com/rpr77628.html Has the same description as the Shipwreck Revenant but is cheaper? maybe that means its small enough.
  13. The order by Aug 15th comes from GTS preorders. The store I order through doesnt stock Malifaux and is special ordering it for me and my group. So I have to preorder it to ensure we get it. We have had a very hard time getting some product throughout M2E and would like to ensure we get the Products my group wants by preordering them. This way we know that they were ordered.
  14. Captain Zipp VS The Ortega's Family Bayou Team: Captain Zipp Earl First Mate Burt Jebsen McTavish 3x Iron Skeeters [1 had Inferiority ] Guild Team: Perdita with a Lead Coat Enslaved Nephilim Abuela Nino Francisco Santiago with a Lead Coat 2x Pistoleros This was my Opponents first game in M3E. I took Zipp just to fly around be annoying, little did I know that saved me. The Family gets so many Focuses that having continuous Concealment was a god send! McTavish was alil underwhelming here but that might be how I used him. Same with Bert, who was almost wiped off the board from a RJ damage from Enslaved Nephilim. Speaking of Wiped off the Board Nino attempted to remove Earl on the First Activation, so Zipp and 2 Skeeters walled him in with Pianos and ate him. Schemes and Strats were Reckoning Search the Ruins Outflank Deliver a Message Claim Jump Vendetta We both took Outflank and Search the Ruins Ended 5-4 in Bayous favor
  15. Looking over the GTS distribution site I'm seeing these as having no info of contents: The Ten Peaks Familiar Faces Wake The Dead The Howling Altered Beasts Bayou Engineering Off the Top Rope See Ya Later Surgical Staff Six Feet Under Vengeful Ghosts Hired Killers Support Staff The Returned A Light in the Dark A Hard Day's Work Ancient Evil Eternal Servitude Working with my FLGS to order things for the group, since they dont normally carry it. Preorders have to be in by the 15th of August.
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