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  1. Hey folks! As a company, we absolutely want the community to enjoy our games as well as exercise your creative styles and twists that you bring to it. That being said, that ugly little thing we call Intellectual Property (IP) needs to be kept in mind when you are customizing your experience by creating your own artwork, markers, or any number of things that mimic the works we have created. Enjoy yourself, but be smart about it, please! As a company, it is important that we protect our IP and rights. Years of work from a horde of individuals has gone into the company and all of our productions and thus we want to make sure that our IPs are being represented and used correctly, ensuring that there are many more enjoyable years to come. Our IP is comprised of, but not limited to, such things as the logos, names, places, and representations found within our games and their game-verse. Should you wish to request the use of copyright, please download this form, fill it out, and send it along for us to consider. Under no circumstances does the lack of a reply from us constitute permission. If you have not heard back from us, it is your responsibility to reach back out to us. Here are some simple rules about using our IP: Personal use only. Not for sale, circulation, or to be given out to others under any circumstances. At no time are you able to sell creations utilizing Wyrd's IP. Got a great idea and want to share or give away your creation (such as Fate Decks), you must submit a Copyright Use Request form well in advance of doing so. *Please note samples may be required. Simply put, when in doubt, ask. It's much easier to get permission than it is to backtrack out of the legal hole you may have unfortunately dug. We don't want to be 'those guys' either, so help us out here! Contacting customer service is just a click away, Contact Us! Thank you. Wyrd Copyright Use Form 2020.pdf
  2. If you don't have an update the order has shipped by this evening, please reach out to customer service. There are a few of us in the office today working to get the last of things wrapped up. There will still be some clean up next week, but we're making the last of the pushes to get everything possible out the door.
  3. Our requests have been via in person, phone and website. The issue is we hold our standard business hours Monday - Thursday and so the post office doesn't worry about us on Friday's. It's been a challenge to get them to change their ways. Like we mentioned in the first update, we are going to be looking at several options to find ways to work around this issues for future sales.
  4. As of the last update, we were assured once again that everything was on track and we could move forward as we stated. We have also been deceived, it's been one of the most frustrating production situations we have ever been in. A third-party vendor has been able to confirm for us with confidence that the books are on the way and we will let everyone know as soon as they arrive. Fulfilling any backorders caused because of the issue will be the priority for the entire team. All we can do at this point is apologize and thank everyone for their patience.
  5. We can not speak as to why that message would be given, as it is completely false. Yes, their product got there later than we had hope ... but, it got there. It was signed for at 11:24 am on Thursday June 27th. This would mean that sadly most stores would have missed the original street date. We would hope that they would be able to get the product out as quickly as they could once it was checked. We would encourage any store that is being told by an Alliance sales rep that product has not shipped or arrived to check again. All product delivered between Monday and Thursday of last week.
  6. Means that demand exceeded what we had on-hand. We wanted to make sure that everyone had something, meant we delivered less than what they requested.
  7. It's been stated in many places that we had to allocate all of the Faction Packs and Dead Man's Hand. We shipped full quantities of what was ordered to each distributor for the Core Rulebook, Fate Deck and all Model Sets. We can only sympathize with the community for the lack of product. It seems that not only distributors; but some stores have also underestimated how hungry all of you were going to be for the new edition. We are working closely with many distributors to ship out their restocks of books and models and will be keeping them updated on the next waves of inventory.
  8. We often times recommend to stores that don't carry the product to offer special orders. This is one of the only ways to see if there is actually a community present, and as it's already been pointed out they are in the business of making money ... so never hurts to ask your LGS to get it for you.
  9. We have been provided additional information from Alliance, in particular to their Midwest location they have confirmed receipt of the product. "It looks like the product was delivered to the Midwest yesterday afternoon, and that isn’t going to be enough time for us to get it to many of our Midwest customers on time. This is compounded by the fact that we did a huge update in the warehouse over the weekend, and we are still recovering from that, so the timing of this release couldn’t be worse for us." We know that they are working hard on getting everything back in order and up and running again at full capacity, we wish them them well and hope that this doesn't delay the release to the Midwest customers too much further.
  10. All releases for Midwest, Southwest and East show delivered as of this morning or earlier. I think this is a case of a sales rep not knowing what has come into the warehouse. It looks like it will be tight for the west coast folks as those were shipped earlier in the week, last week; but are still showing en route. There should be no reason as to why a store that shipped out the three delivered warehouses doesn't get their product.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, we'll be reaching out directly and point to your observation. Any problem we can sort, we're more than happy to do so.
  12. As the company has grown, it has been very exciting to see the Wyrd community grow worldwide. We'll be the first to admit that best-laid plans don't always work out as we intend. The Kickstarter is a perfect example of that, counting on others to fulfill your vision doesn't always work. This last year has shown us ways to improve and we're looking forward to making many of these improvements throughout the year.
  13. Thank you to everyone who has voiced their concerns over the recent discovery of an invalid score. We want to once again offer an apology for the error that resulted in a lower than intended score being announced. While this didn't change the outcome of the round, we understand why there would a level of confusion and/or frustration from all participants. Our judges are all from different parts of the world and have diverse backgrounds, disciplines, preferences, and opinions. One might see a submission and a stellar piece of work while another notices its flaws. Some score highly while others score more conservatively. Such is the nature of a contest such as this. It is because of the effort and time spent on this annual contest that makes the Iron Painter possible, and we thank them for their dedication to the hobby. We have double checked all the submitted scores by the judges and their averages to make sure that no other contestants have been affected. Moving on, we have already put in an additional set of checks and balances for the next round. With that, all Judges’ totals will be released with the averages in a round’s results announcement. Now, it is reasonable to expect that no matter what explanation or reassurances we have given, some will still question the 2018 Iron Painter moving forward. If you are not satisfied or feel that you cannot trust the results and would like to remove yourself from the competition, please let us know, so we can make the appropriate adjustments, such as pairing your opponent with someone else. Remember, Iron Painter was created for fun, as a way to highlight the many talents of you, our community. So with that in mind, we ask that the focus go back to the task at hand: Round Three and mashing monsters!
  14. Widow Weaver is currently available on our website. We have recently received in many restocks and have been shipping them out to our distributors, please watch your local shops for stock.
  15. HA! You're lucky to be able to work with me at the booth. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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