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  1. How often do you know the strats and schemes in advance? Do you make an effort to sort them out ahead of time? With all other games I've ever played we sort the scenario out when we turn up. I feel like this is going to have to be a habit changed for Malifaux. I guess that then lends itself to planning how to achieve each goal with which models on advance of the game?
  2. It was my plan to use the Pigapult with Ulix, but looks like there are better options (Wong, or possibly the Brewmaster). With Ulix, I think the best option is to park the sow next to the Pigapult and shoot as fast as they die. If you could launch a few piglets and then grow them up it would be pretty powerful, but then you need Ulix 6" away from the target, which is probably risky.
  3. There are always going to be some bad situations. If there are models nearby, then handing out slow can limit returned damage If not, then dropping and eating a corpse/scrap/scheme marker can give you enough poison to be back on full health in the end phase, providing you've taken a max of 3 damage. Would be useful if you could get a source of shielded in that circumstance, and fast on the pigault to drop three into place.... (OOK Bokor works well, handing out shielded and can use obey to fire the pigapult again [full load doesn't list by name, but by size - does that count for obey?])
  4. Do you see the Pigapult with Akaname's in a Brewmaster crew a good combo? You can charge them up with poison then drop two right on a strategy marker, or in the face of an opponent (assuming they take poison damage), all in turn one. If you can get fast on the Pigapult dumping three could be entertaining for the healing between them. (I have a Pigapult, with Ulix, and Akaname's with TT, wondering if picking up the Brewmaster is a good idea. Trying to pick things up in m2e sales, but might be getting too much too early).
  5. I've got the same problem on waterfox on my desktop, but it works fine in Vivaldi (used to work fine in waterfox). I've had it happen with a similar web app before (t9a, newrecruit.eu) - clearing cookies or the cache does nothing, but I think server side updates will fix it. I think it's a general problem with offline apps (since it seems to effect gecko and blink). Can't remember what it's called, but I think the file/array which lists what needs to be downloaded gets corrupted in the browser, but it's not stored in the cache so you have to wait for a forced update. (Mostly just guessing, so could be completely missing the ball park)
  6. An option could be a generic pack plus some small crew/faction pack. The generic pack could have one or two corpse markers, but then a separate pack of 10 could be available. Although just a generic pack with the option to add singles would be enough. Having spinners Vs tokens isn't about clutter - I assume most players put all their tokens on character cards, not on the battlefield...
  7. I asked them on Facebook if they could do a bundle and they responded as though I was crazy, so I guess they won't be adding one. Seems weird to me to not have the option of a bundle... They do look great though, but are a bit expensive by the time you add everything you need. The dials mean you almost need one per model, whereas counters mean you can just have a pile you spread around.
  8. What about s restless spirit? At only 4ss it seems like a great corpse generator...
  9. Hi all, I've seen the rules for the henchman hardcore mode on the blog, but what are other common small sized set ups? I'm new to Malifaux, and I'll try some test games with a henchman, one type of minion, and maybe something else. But, while some m2e stuff is on sale, I'd like to look at the next step. What SS limit, and other conditions do you play with? HH is small with a model limit and no summoning. Is this because numbers mean a lot in small games? Would a restriction on summoning having an increased TN for each model already created by the crew be a simple fix in small friendly games? (I know not all summoning uses a TN, but they normally have other restrictive conditions attached from what I've seen). Thanks,
  10. [completely new to Malifaux, bought a few things, but looking at different crews] What's the Reva core box like with no additions? And following on from that, is Asura a must for Reva? While I build a few things and get some beginner games in, I'd like to keep crews as cheap as possible, so was considering her core box and maybe a Draugr box too. I've got loads of zombies from other games (but with Asura that point is moot), and could easily put together a grave spirit. I really like the carrion emissary model (even if a little pricey) - is this a strong pick? What about taking an effigy with a fate upgrade? And then a rules question: the crew seems to collect burning conditions, but very few have immunity to damage from burning. Is it tough managing burning so you don't take damage? Is it inevitable? Thanks
  11. Do you think the spawn mother can work out of keyword for someone like Ulix? (Where you can have a hog whisperer in keyword). You then get gups and silurids ook...
  12. Hi all, Quick question: Akaname's horrific odour says at the end of the models activation, it may have models within 2 gain poison. Does that mean I can pick who within 2 gains poison, or is it an all or nothing choice? Basically I want to run them with a Jorogumo or three, and wondering if them staying close is a bad idea.
  13. Does anyone use Rougarou? Or corrupted hounds? Rougarou look like great fast beat sticks. As a slight aside, two Rougarou's both with Eldritch magic upgrade, with a supporting Scorpious - worth it for the hand drain to give the Scorpious an extra action? Dispell might be a little wasted, but counterspell and veil suit the Rou's well. (I've new to Malifaux, just starting in m3e)
  14. Well I've bought Amphibious Assault and Waldgeists boxes now, so lets hope for something else! (incidentally, has anyone tried buying odd models through a store yet? [wyard said this would be an option]) [edit] Looking through that list, back through the thread, and a crew builder, Bokor look like most likely option. 'Big VooDoo' ties them into Zoradia nicely, and means the rest of the box can stay the same.
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