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  1. Both Toshiro and the Marshall need high crows (8-10 and 10), so taking both seems restrictive. Asura only needs a 4 of crows though and the emissary has the suit built in, so you can use other cards (providing you have them to spare). Taking both asura and the emissary might butt against the rare limit, but gives you loads of corpse markers to make use of... So, I think two summoners is doable, but three is going to cause problems.
  2. I would very much like the answer to this to be: one keyword plus a few versatiles OR ook. That makes it easier to get more players interested, and means more players can practice with a single crew to get that all important game time down for those sub 2hr game tournaments. But I feel the current answer is probably 3 crews plus most the versatiles per faction.
  3. A much cheaper system, and a much simpler set of rules, but equal amounts of fun. Countering the argument that you must spend £100+ on a hobby and that a simpler system won't work. Deadzone is very popular by sales number (for mantic). Obviously nothing compared to gw/40k, but no idea how it compares to Malifaux in physical sales. In popularity it's Facebook group is much more active than this forum and the biggest Malifaux Facebook group combined. For me Mantic are a much bigger name than wyrd, but that might differ by region. Deadzone isn't a feeder system. It could be called a stepping stone, but it gets leagues more support than Firefight or Warpath. While I might describe deadzone as a board game hybrid to non gamers, it's not really at all. With TLOS the grid system just speeds up gameplay instead or making it a boardgame. ------ Lite rules and expensive models are two problems that I wouldn't fix with one solution. A lite set of rules should be for the same game, with the same story - a way for gamers wanting quicker less complex games to get involved in the Malifaux lore. The goal of this would be to increase the audience, creating a larger market for existing Malifaux models. Cheaper models shouldn't be fixed with a new game, but by reducing the price of the existing models to drive demand. However, as I said above, I haven't seen this happening in the wargaming industry. I think it would work*, but would be slow to see rewards and would require spending time/money on advertising (and/or a lite set of rules). *I don't have any sales figures, so this is a bit pie in the sky.
  4. I don't want this draw this out too much but: Deadzone is a prime example to counter arguments in the two posts above. Miniatures are close to a quarter the price, and the game rules are far less complex. Yet still the game is as good, if not better than Malifaux (although very different, while similar scale). I would say the biggest draw for Malifaux is the story. While having a lite set of rules may split some of the target audience, I don't think the current tournament crowd would give a lite set of rules a second look. It would however open the story up to a much wider audience.
  5. While in the scheme of plastic miniatures I feel wyrd have a very pricey offering, I don't think that is the biggest barrier to Malifaux. Malifaux is complex. It's very tough to get into, and the rock paper scissors approach to the rules is very hard to deal with when starting (because you need to have several of your own crews, and know a lot about all crews). I think the best way to increase the number of players would be to create a "Malifaux Lite" set of rules, with less complex interactions, and perhaps a hex grid system since a lot of the game is placement. That lower barrier to entry could be enough to drive up sales of the miniatures, which in turn could help lower the price to drive sale further. However, while other markets will often lower prices to drive sales and ultimately profits, that's not something I notice in wargaming. What's instead happened is the industry has split into miniature boardgames (which are relatively cheap one offs), and wargames (which seem to get more expensive every year). So while I think a Malifaux Lite would bring more players in, I don't think we would benefit from cheaper miniatures like the economies of most other industries would dictate.
  6. Would it not be more stone efficient to drop the winged plague and start with some rats? I've not played with Hamlin, but the tactics threads I've read categorically state winged plague are the worst models in the keyword... Also, have you considered the midnight stalker instead of Benny? With no WP and starting with rats, Benny is of less use and the MS really shines with Plague...
  7. All my crews have duplicated. It's been presented in the last two versions. It could be that I made them before making an account and logging in. I've also used it both in the android app and the web app. I could go through and delete all the duplicates, but not sure if it matters which to delete, or if it's just a gui issue (i.e. it's just showing two copies, but actually there is only one, so deleting will remove both).
  8. The trigger could add extra burning instead of damage....
  9. Just an update - Turns out if you enable developer mode you can force applications to allow you to move them to external storage. The Malifaux App appears to work perfectly fine when forced, which begs the question, Why isn't this allowed in the manifest?
  10. As previously mentioned draugr already have two free actions, so making cremation also a free action gives them three, which doesn't sit well. Also, making it cost ap gives the option to do something worth while with it without it becoming op (card draw or shielded [or both!]). Also, thematically, I imagine it as the model setting the corpse of fire manually, rather than with magic, which should cost something. It's just down to preference really over any real game need.
  11. The best fix I saw prior to the errata is to change spirits in the flames to let you convert burning to shielded once per turn. Probably max 2/3, but that then gives the option for the whole crew to be a little more tanky if you time a walk through a pyre right. Not sure how that works out now Reva also wants to use that burning. Love this idea! I'm not a big fan of making cremation a bonus action, but if it's using ap, I'm tempted to say it shouldn't have a dual at all, and be an automatic action. Lampads and draugr swapping rolls slightly seems to be universally liked. I'm not really bothered if we have several options at 6ss - just makes it easier to customise lists if the minions can be directly swapped out. Does Vincent just need to be 8ss?
  12. And if you search for scamper under upgrades, inhuman reflexes doesn't appear...
  13. Now first mate is a beast, would anyone consider taking him in a Zoraida Marcus dual master tag team?
  14. It would be really really useful if the app could be moved to SD storage on Android phones. Lots of apps don't have this option, so I assume there is a reason for not doing it, but with such a large download size this seems like a must have feature to me. It could also allow the option to download higher resolution cards (which several people asked for early on, although isn't on interest to me on my phone).
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