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  1. Since Malifaux is a character driven game, I'd like to see none of the strategy's kill based, or at the very least minion only killing. It makes little sense that enforcers/henchmen/masters get killed all the time in little scraps and yet have a bigger story arc which needs them to survive. It detaches the game from the fluff - which is fine if you haven't made most of the units specific characters in said fluff.
  2. Is three stones worth one pass token? Are 12ss worth 4? I feel like they should be insignificant, but they need something else if they are. Perhaps a one stone drop, but as I said in the hounds thread, it would be great if they could drag scheme markers around, and pack mentality got a boost (via a bonus action or similar).
  3. Do you think that the ook tax is needed if there is a hard limit on the number of ook ss you can take? Is that worth testing in a vassal league?
  4. I really can't see Marcus/dual faction masters being able to use both factions upgrades. It goes against the current design of the factions. Even it was on the cards, which I doubt it is, I can't see how this is better than giving Marcus an upgrade for it. Arc Marcus already gets Wings which gives the best part of the pre-errata inhuman reflexes - having a mutation that does the same thing for an arcanist upgrade isn't much of a stretch. Anyway, as I said before, its an easy fix, but not one I like much (but its much better than giving Marcus access to 6 general upgrades).
  5. Exactly this - at $55 for 4 models the assembly has to be perfect, and I've not seen that with preassembled models. One piece and preassembled are completely different beasts. It'll be great to see more versatile's for all the factions, and this looks to be great content, but pvc and cardboard don't say $55 to me.
  6. Anyone else a little sad they come preassembled?
  7. Sounds to me like what you want is several small erratas, a month apart, with time to tests the changes... Only doing one errata a year does have its issues. How much beta testing do Wyrd do of erratas? Perhaps they should consider releasing the errata but not updating the cards until they get some feedback. It's very common in games for developers to go too strong with buffs and nerfs (equally in computer and tabletop games in my experience).
  8. Why should a Cerberus become an enforcer? That's quite a big nerf. Also, Wyrd has made two models, so it almost certainly won't happen. Removal of the onslaught trigger has been suggested, so you have to get it from the horns mutations. Other suggestions have been to play with leap, but that feels like a bad idea to me. Adaptive evolution moving to the upgrades is a very popular suggestion. It would be great if it got an extra sentence to say it can't be removed with an obey. Would also be great if the chimera models that loose adaptive evolution, gain "shed skin" which allows them t
  9. I think when analysing big tournaments it's important to throw away a lot of the data to take into account player skill. Something like, ignore all games with the players that rank in the bottom 40%, and all games with players that rank in the top 20%. Obviously this gets rid of huge amounts of data, but it's important to consider that the rules could be perfect and it's just skill/meta that's making things look skewed. In tournaments with entry criteria you can widen the ranges much more - so if players need to have a given level of experience, then you could change those bound
  10. Is it Collette who is too powerful, or the coryphee's? I believe they are taken in every Collette crew, and are responsible for most of the damage output. Collette's identity is a master that slips through the opponents fingers, and when I first joined this forum it was pointed out that you shouldn't bother attacking her. She should win via scoring without engaging, so it makes sense for it to be very hard to kill her. However, if her crew is getting significant damage onto the opponents crew, that's the problem.
  11. Hadn't thought of ice pillars! That's a good point! I think most 4 and under minions being versatile is a good shout, but rats and crooligains are some that it wouldn't work for. But hounds definitely seem like a good shout both mechanically and thematically. Bultungin definitely need a buff, and it might be interesting if it got the same bonus action I suggested for hounds, but not convinced it would make them any more attractive in crew building because they are used as lone scheme runners. On that front - hounds/Bultungin could get an ability that makes additional models
  12. I thought the point of this thread was that Marcus isn't ok as he is - he's way below the curve in Neverborn, and not great in Arcanists...
  13. Also, Adding carrion away to all hounds and making it "all 30mm markers" would be great (at a minimum, scheme, scrap and corpse markers, but "all" opens up some huge utility). Being cheap and weak means it's easy for your opponent to remove them if it's too costly, so I can't see it being too powerful. I think versatile for all is needed too. I think generally most low cost models need versatile simply because as a percentage of their cost the one SS tax is huge.
  14. That's basically what I'm suggesting, but Accomplice means the first hound wouldn't be able to use pack mentality. A bonus action that moves another hound (perhaps at a cost of slow), means you can activate a hound, bonus move another hound into melee, then charge that target, and attack with pack mentality. Then you activate the second hound and also get to attack with pack mentality. Your opponent could activate in the middle, but you've made use of pack mentality already. I guess this would be slightly less powerful than accomplice, but that's probably a good thing. If the bonus a
  15. Cerberus loosing onslaught isn't a huge issue - formidable horns gives the same trigger. So, if it helps balance the crew in the wake of a buff, so for it! Arc Marcus being better comes down to attuned and soulstone generation. The simple solution is to create an mutation that does the same/similar. I'm not a huge fan of this, but it's an easy fix. Moving adaptive evolution to mutations could also leave space to append a change that stops it being used when obeyed... (Pretty sure I said this above, but possibly in another thread)
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