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  1. There's definitely already a lot to learn with Malifaux, so it could become a blocker for casual/new players: BUT, when playing at a local gaming club, there will likely be a limited number of master's you'll see, so until you go to tournaments you won't have to learn every master to be competitive. But, tournament organiser could make you pick masters for each round up front and then a week before the event let you know what the ladder looks like. It would stop counter picking, but would be beginner friendly. Not really sure if that's a solution or another problem...
  2. Unless the base size changes, I would assume most players would be happy for you to use both cards with the same model.
  3. Ahh, I've never seen a restriction like that on a upgrade before - are there any others? Its a bit weird that "A New Guardian" says friendly only... And why have a section at the top on restrictions, and then a further restriction at the bottom... Its a bit of a mess...
  4. The way I read it, it has to start on a retainer, but can be moved to any friendly model... So, you could put it on an OOK model, but when that model dies it would go back to the closest retainer model, which could then shift it to another OOK model if you like.
  5. https://www.wyrd-games.net/content-reveals Is that a new page? There's some art that hasn't been revealed in blog posts as far as I know... Summoner ironsides... Edit: looks like I missed the Toni and Anya reveal!
  6. Below worked for me a while back when I had the same issue: Turn off WiFi and data, then clear cache, then force stop, then open the app. Once the app is open and past the splash screen you can turn WiFi and/or data back on. You don't always need to clear cache and force stop. (I had the app stall on the splash screen loads on my old phone, with the above fixing it).
  7. It would probably be easier to just have an ability that hands them out during deployment: Wild experiments: during deployment distribute 4 mutation upgrades to beast models in your crew. If Marcus is the leader, distribute 8 instead. If Marcus becomes a summoner, then he could attach one when summoning. A trigger could allow a second to be attached. But I don't really know what I want to see from the new title. I guess a summoner is the most likely? But Marcus could become a beater?
  8. Ha! Not sure how I missed it on Asami's other card! Well, we can still hope.
  9. Now that the new asami title has emerald shimmer (obeys can't gain flicker tokens), do you think Marcus will get that for upgrades? Would be great to see on the upgrade cards themselves, but I guess that's too many cards to change for an errata
  10. That doesn't appear to have worked I've got a Nokia 5.4 running Android 10 with the June 1st patch (so that patch could have caused problems, but haven't had an issue with any other apps). Clearing storage worked.
  11. Clearing cache doesn't fix it. I was trying to avoid clearing storage again after redownloading the cards because the errata didn't update my card fronts. It's annoying to keep having to download 600mb!
  12. Just updated the malifaux app and now I can get past the splash screen. Google play reports version 1.3.12 and says I updated it on June 30th, despite that not being the case (I assume it's using a different time zone to my phone (bst)).
  13. There is now a 'wyrd apps' sub forum, where both the Malifaux and the other side apps can have bugs reported.
  14. I've just done a scoot around my normal online gaming shops in the UK, and then around my extended list of shops, and while some have something in stock, it's clearly just the dregs of a forgotten range. Wyrd will need to do a big push with the starter set to give confidence to stores to stock the range again (shouldn't be that tough for stores already stocking Malifaux). If wyrd have improved the plastic used for existing models, then I would definitely lead with that. If they haven't I would probably drastically drop the retail price... Even if it's just a temporary offer... I'd also (as discussed above?) considering going for "low part count" instead of pre- assembled. Nothing designed to be painted should be pre-assembled - the risk on a production line of bad joins or excessive glue is just too high. It should also bring the cost down. The app does look pretty great. That will do wonders for getting players interested!
  15. As far as hex bases go, to deal with the 30/40/50mm base split you would probably need hex's smaller than a 30mm base, which might then put them at a size where you want widgets to measure them quickly rather than counting them. But you don't have too - you can have 50 mm bases take up 7 hex's and 40mm bases take up three, and 30mm take one. You might need to add a few rules to deal with those three hex bases interacting and moving. It would adjust the balance a little between base sizes, so would need several other tweaks if you wanted anything competitive. So, again, it probably only really works if designing a ruleset from the ground up with it.
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