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  1. That's because they are a limited resource that has a relatively high cost, so you don't want to waste them on a model that can die easily. If you could pulse 'free' upgrades, and you had enough to go round then the cost is low enough that putting them on low cost minions is worth while. If it takes a master ap to put a single upgrade on a model, then that is a high cost. If it takes a single master ap to give 8 gremlins fast, that is a low cost. Sure you get less benefit from a 2ss model being fast, but you can afford more in your list, so have more options open.
  2. This is only because Marcus puts an upgrade on a single model at a time (or two with a trigger). If Ulix pulsed upgrades, or applied them at deployment there wouldn't be a need to only place them on elite models. More than two of each type would probably help as well.
  3. The inclusion of the word "these" makes me think it's just scrap marker pit traps friendly models ignore.
  4. With most games, you tweak rules, faq+ errata, then it becomes too much and you up version releasing everything fresh. I would imagine we have errata for explorers coming then errata for titles then we will see M3.5e. The forum is filled with little tweaks people want to see - wyrd seem surprisingly good at making a small change that affects more than expect, in a good way. But there's only so far that can go. I'm sad to see nothing to fix Rasputin (although never played her, so can't be sure if everyone saying she's terrible is something I should worry about). As fa
  5. The way I read the errata release, there will be another explorers errata in less than an year (3 months?) which might have some other changes...
  6. Make healing energies stat 4 on bokor, and stat 5 on lightning bug... I've also not played with wizz-bang, but I'm sure most of the previous discussions have centered around glowy tokens not being quite right - only Wong can put them on the opponent's models, and hard knock life in a squishy crew is painful. Making lightning bugs better at healing would probably help - they are cheaper than bokors. I would say, either most models need to be able to add and use glowy on the opposing crew, or Wong needs to not add it, reworking his abilities. (Glowy could be added to Wong himself
  7. This is exactly the issue - there are lots of rock paper scissors moments in Malifaux, which is part of what makes the tactical and crew construction so great. But, it's a massive hurdle for new players. The forum threads on masters are useful, but I feel like wyrd should do something in the app to say: these are this master/keywords strengths; this is how you counter them. That would keep those players interested who buy a box or two, loose every game and stop playing. If you know it's because you're being hard countered as a beginner then you can work around it (by getting a box that helps y
  8. Well, I'm not an experienced enough player to answer this with any conviction, but from forum traffic it would appear that there are concerns with every summoning master, and a few outliers. These feelings aren't universal, but I believe they are felt amongst most non-top-table players. From my experience, Malifaux suffers from a similar 'problem' that the PC game league of legends does - the feel of balance is completely different at different levels of skill. Riot do a lot of work to balance at several levels of skill to make sure players have fun no matter their skill level. @That
  9. That's basically where I would like to see more changes go - balance for more game sizes/formats. From my collection of tabletop games Malifaux is the only one not balanced for a range of sizes. I'm not saying it's easy or even possible with a game like Malifaux, but that's why we're discussing it. I think this couldn't be further from the truth. If you've got a collection of models/unit/etc which need a fix you can do it two ways: fix every model individually, or find the common thread fix that, and then adjust the outliers. Now, if you're trying to fix a small number of models t
  10. Hmm... Ok, yes, there are some issues, however: Demise 'replacements' to my mind shouldn't be summons, and not working in HHC already seems a major reason to change them. The pigapult I feel is similar to demise - it's not really summoned, it just turns up with it. So again should be changed simply for HHC. Taxidermists and zoraida sit with Reva in that it completely breaks down. So, saying it's ridiculous when half of your examples already have the same pitfall in an existing game mode seems very over the top. It seems ridiculous to me that a fair chunk of models have abil
  11. In the case of Izamu and Genbu the card states that they are the same in every aspect. When actually playing the game in person it's really easy to keep track of, but not so easy in vassal or in the Malifaux app. At the side of the table you have three sections for models - those killed more than a turn ago, those killed last turn and those killed this turn. At the end of each turn you shuffle the models in the later two sections down one. The extra minons would start the game in the "dead more than a turn ago" pile. If you don't play the "little tweak" then everything you want to su
  12. I'm not quite sure I understand what you're saying. The possible tweak was exactly that, a possible tweak that I wanted opinions on. But hiring a single 2ss minion to get access to summoning 5x 2ss minions seems reasonable to me. As for a single zombie dying - you've still got four more to summon if you have none on the table... I re-read my post and I think it's obvious I meant specific model rather than type of model, although I could have added the word 'specific' to make it clearer. It was just a suggestion/idea.
  13. I'm not sure the above change would have much affect if any on those summoners... How often does the carrion emissary summon more than 5 zombies in a turn? Or the spawn mother to spawn more than 3 gups in a turn? Etc? Minor summoners by definition struggle to do anything other than minor summoning. (Reva would be hit hard though) I get the feeling from Facebook and this forum that for new to medium skilled players there is a bad feeling associated to loosing a game to a summoner compared to other masters (although Malifaux has lots of hard counters which create equally bad feelings amongs
  14. I'm digging this up a little, but after reading a little kirai battle report I had a very simple idea which could come in two grades depending on how much you feel the balance for summoners is off. It doesn't solve all of the problems (if you consider summoning an issue rather than the resources available to summoners) but I have a little tweak for some of that. So, first level: a model killed this game turn cannot be summoned in this game turn. Second level: a model killed last turn cannot be summoned in this game turn. And then, the tweak that some have already mentione
  15. I feel that if bokors get their likely nerf then JuJu is going to need a buff. I see lots of people on the fence about including JuJu or the spawn mother, which perhaps means they both need a buff irrespective of changes to bokors!
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