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  1. I hadn't compared them side by side. In the context of reading a card on my phone, its not very noticeable. I can imagine you would notice it more on a larger phone, or a tablet. But yes, if I look at the full res image on my PC that looks better.
  2. It looks very subtle. My guess is that everyone has it, but most people don't notice it. As responded to in your other post, it's a fair compromise to save making the app take up over 4gb.
  3. If I could move the app to an SD card instead of internal storage then the app could have a huge share of 64gb! For some reason it's an option that's not well supported - I know Google were trying not to use it, but I haven't seen any good reasons as to why...
  4. Would be really nice if you could add all the models you own and select them to build crews from and to store the cards of... (Would also be nice if you could keep track of what's built, based and painted, and what your next purchases are likely to be) [Also, I don't seem to be able to move the install to my sd card - it has to be on the internal memory. Given how much space the cards take up it seems like an important feature!]
  5. The descriptions just like the story encounters as the difference, but I don't know if that's just a card, or a little book of fluff, etc.
  6. From the descriptions above, it seems like they would make good hunters of schemers? I plan to use mine as a buddy for a Scorpious as mentioned above. They seem like a great pair, even if a bit pricey.
  7. Hi, I'm in the UK, and have an M2E Creative Taxidermy box on order (held up because the M3E rulebook went out of stock). I've just notice the M3E Creative Taxidermy box up for pre order. My question is, what's the difference between the two, and is it worth changing to the latest box? I've started Malifaux in the M2E sales, so i'm missing lots of M3E cards - missing a few more probably won't hurt. Since all the stat cards are available for free, and some will likely get updated sooner or later, I didn't think the faction packs would be worth it. Need to find an easy way to convert to a sensible back and white scheme for printing though.
  8. Thanks, great thread! I'm a newbie, but Foundry (Mei Feng) Scrap markers (increase to 12/15) ??
  9. you can only have a maximum of 4 piglets on the board at any one time, so just one piglet box and the hog whisper box gets you all you'll need.
  10. The upcoming release has been updated with Bokor in september, so looks like they won't be in Zoraida's new box
  11. How often do you know the strats and schemes in advance? Do you make an effort to sort them out ahead of time? With all other games I've ever played we sort the scenario out when we turn up. I feel like this is going to have to be a habit changed for Malifaux. I guess that then lends itself to planning how to achieve each goal with which models on advance of the game?
  12. It was my plan to use the Pigapult with Ulix, but looks like there are better options (Wong, or possibly the Brewmaster). With Ulix, I think the best option is to park the sow next to the Pigapult and shoot as fast as they die. If you could launch a few piglets and then grow them up it would be pretty powerful, but then you need Ulix 6" away from the target, which is probably risky.
  13. There are always going to be some bad situations. If there are models nearby, then handing out slow can limit returned damage If not, then dropping and eating a corpse/scrap/scheme marker can give you enough poison to be back on full health in the end phase, providing you've taken a max of 3 damage. Would be useful if you could get a source of shielded in that circumstance, and fast on the pigault to drop three into place.... (OOK Bokor works well, handing out shielded and can use obey to fire the pigapult again [full load doesn't list by name, but by size - does that count for obey?])
  14. Do you see the Pigapult with Akaname's in a Brewmaster crew a good combo? You can charge them up with poison then drop two right on a strategy marker, or in the face of an opponent (assuming they take poison damage), all in turn one. If you can get fast on the Pigapult dumping three could be entertaining for the healing between them. (I have a Pigapult, with Ulix, and Akaname's with TT, wondering if picking up the Brewmaster is a good idea. Trying to pick things up in m2e sales, but might be getting too much too early).
  15. I've got the same problem on waterfox on my desktop, but it works fine in Vivaldi (used to work fine in waterfox). I've had it happen with a similar web app before (t9a, newrecruit.eu) - clearing cookies or the cache does nothing, but I think server side updates will fix it. I think it's a general problem with offline apps (since it seems to effect gecko and blink). Can't remember what it's called, but I think the file/array which lists what needs to be downloaded gets corrupted in the browser, but it's not stored in the cache so you have to wait for a forced update. (Mostly just guessing, so could be completely missing the ball park)
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