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  1. So if Sonnia activates to push thrall A and the thrall ends in engagement for the bonus melee. Then misaki punches thrall A after Sonnia completes her activation, does thrall A get to use the once per activation ability again for the bonus melee attack?
  2. Does unmasked Sonnia enraged by the mage work which way? It states the move is once per activation so is it A. One witchling thrall receive damage and moves forward into engagement range to get the free melee attack. B. Two witchling thralls receive damage and both get to move forward into engagement ranges for two free attacks.
  3. I like Arik and Lazarus. They drop shockwaves That can make the summoner burn their cards to keep things alive. Mad dog blast also should help!!
  4. Hamelin takes a bunch of ap to get the ball rolling on bleeding disease or summoning more rats. Blight tokens takes a minute to add to a model. I usually use Hamelin to lure then whack something with his staff to give something inured 3/4, then have the kids barf all over it. But killing you doesn’t win games, scoring does. also Hamelin doesn’t like blasts and ressurs. Straight up bad times for him.
  5. Is this legit? Seems like same auras don’t stack.
  6. I mean that non-bonus tactical action is one thing. It would make sense you could do all other attacks and tactical actions because the just like you calls out what you cannot pick.
  7. The non-bonus tactical action verbiage is two adjectives and a noun. So to me it reads, everything but non-bonus tactical actions.
  8. Hello, In the M3E app, that cards have been updated but the crew point costs have not when updating crews.
  9. Does McCabe need guild hounds or is it just a preference thing?
  10. McCabe, How does he play? More frontline master or support?
  11. I have a local henchman who owns all the factions and in fact 10T is his personal favorite faction. I definitely could borrow any masters I am looking at. Its just hard to narrow down and choose a master when a lot of them look really cool. More or less curious what are folks favorites from each faction or recommendations. I am a casual player for now though maybe I will get into the tournament scene later.
  12. From the sounds of it, 10t isnt super complicated just buff stacking. Seems cool, just need to review the masters. They are hard to choose. I will have to check out the viks cards to see how they stack up. I believe i have played them once.
  13. Hello, I originally started Malifaux with Gremlins and after playing them for a bit decided I do not like how they play. So I am open to suggestions in starting a new faction, I am looking at the following masters in outcasts, arcanists and had a few questions about 10T as a whole faction. For outcasts, I am looking at Parker, Misaki, Viktoria, Schill, Possibly Tara/Leveticus (I hear Leveticus is a bit op so I may have to steer clear.) For arcanists, I am looking at Colette, Ironsides, Marcus, Ramos, Sandeep For 10T faction, Is it a faction that is difficult to play? I read that it is a synergy based faction and I am curious if since gremlins didn't really work for me that 10T might be a miss as well. If folks have some recommendations on what to try/whos their favorite let me know, cause I am stuck lol. Thanks in advance.
  14. If you glowy gracie and cheat in low cards on gracie with dirty cheater, gracie heals two health a turn.
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