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  1. Does McCabe need guild hounds or is it just a preference thing?
  2. McCabe, How does he play? More frontline master or support?
  3. I have a local henchman who owns all the factions and in fact 10T is his personal favorite faction. I definitely could borrow any masters I am looking at. Its just hard to narrow down and choose a master when a lot of them look really cool. More or less curious what are folks favorites from each faction or recommendations. I am a casual player for now though maybe I will get into the tournament scene later.
  4. From the sounds of it, 10t isnt super complicated just buff stacking. Seems cool, just need to review the masters. They are hard to choose. I will have to check out the viks cards to see how they stack up. I believe i have played them once.
  5. Hello, I originally started Malifaux with Gremlins and after playing them for a bit decided I do not like how they play. So I am open to suggestions in starting a new faction, I am looking at the following masters in outcasts, arcanists and had a few questions about 10T as a whole faction. For outcasts, I am looking at Parker, Misaki, Viktoria, Schill, Possibly Tara/Leveticus (I hear Leveticus is a bit op so I may have to steer clear.) For arcanists, I am looking at Colette, Ironsides, Marcus, Ramos, Sandeep For 10T faction, Is it a faction that is difficult to play? I read that it is a synergy based faction and I am curious if since gremlins didn't really work for me that 10T might be a miss as well. If folks have some recommendations on what to try/whos their favorite let me know, cause I am stuck lol. Thanks in advance.
  6. thewisp

    Wong learning crew help?

    If you glowy gracie and cheat in low cards on gracie with dirty cheater, gracie heals two health a turn.
  7. thewisp

    Wong learning crew help?

    Wong was the second master I bought. Personally, I usually use glowy mctavish due to with setup he can move very quickly and threaten far while ignoring with his gun cover/firing into melee. If you are not into Mctavish, I also have put it Glowy on Gracie and Burt for the bonuses. Also while Wong's gun is awesome, I find he runs schemes amazingly. I realized early on that if you get wrapped up on Wongs ability to shoot, his efficiency will drop. I look at it this way, being impactful to the game state with Wong's AP and not to rely on flipping cards to make it happen make his awesome. I feel like claim jump is his jam and he can easily drop 2 scheme markers in a turn with "Whats goes up". Typically, the only upgrade I take with Wong is Ooooo glowy. My list is usually is Wong Ooo glowy Old cranky Mctavish DC (Dirty Cheater) Trixibelle DC Rooster Rider x2 Lightning Bug x2 Bayou Gremlin Lightning Bugs are great IMO for doing whatever you need, they scheme run, do damage and have potential to heal. For 5 stones, lightning bugs are great and I could easily switch out for a third lightning Bug. Though I probably need to pick up Taxidermist boxset, because I think I would like to add stuffed piglets and a taxidermist to the list.
  8. thewisp

    Birth patrol ulix is on the run

    In my experience, you either summon a Warpig/piglets turn one if you have the cards, or pig movement shenanigans. Last game I played, I purposely did not take the hunting bow so I would focus more on summoning/prodding things. Also the needing the rams for shot in the rear is what made me rethink taking the upgrade.
  9. thewisp

    Birth patrol ulix is on the run

    Cranky might outshine Penelope due to WP increase, to DF duels and card cycling with discard a card to draw. The bonus is that I have used his shotgun to kill things and getting extra soul stones from killing models next to him makes him worth the 2 extra soul stones vs Penelope IMO. DF 6 on the piglets is nothing to snuff at, with their potential to push and slow models is nice. One at a time, piglets are not intimidating but more than one becomes a problem. Plus they are great A.P. wasters for the enemy. They are a model to tie up other models, run scheme and cause damage when they can.
  10. thewisp

    Birth patrol ulix is on the run

    Hello, I just played a game with Ulix VS Guild Sonnia. I ran only two Big Pigs and thinking about getting a Mechanized Porkchop or 2 to Summon with ulix. My list had a lot of card cycling which allowed me to Summon when I needed it. The strat was Extraction and Schemes were claim jump and Recover evidence. Ulix (Husbandry) Old Cranky Old Major (Corn husks) Merris The Sow Slop Hauler x2 Sammy (Clobberin' stick) Old Major became my tank and Merris ran schemes. The Sow would personally I wouldn't kill her to summon the piglets off of her due to they are AP wasters after she dies. I like her to use Ulix's prod ability off of her. Though I can see not liking the support ability of Ulix cause sometimes I feel like his AP is not doing much. I want to keep practicing him and probably will change out Sammy for a Mechanized Porkchop plus Dirty cheater on Ulix for some healing.
  11. thewisp

    Looking to buy for ulix or wong

    Well i just started the game so i have played a few games with wong and ulix. Wong seems to be easier to start. I just didnt know if trixiebell or lenny would help vs buying ither support pieces. Is two war hogs a thing? Also are survivors any good?
  12. thewisp

    Looking to buy for ulix or wong

    Hello, I have wong and ulix boxes along with the following Mctavish Burt jebsen Gracie Piglets x3 Warpig Now i am debating what to buy next? A new master box or more pieces to support the two masters?
  13. thewisp

    Musings on the Ripples Gremlins

    When does the official book come out?
  14. thewisp

    Gremlins VS Ressors

    In my games, (probably cause I am new to this game) I was zapped once or twice by molly's paralyze on my master. I have considered mud toss, but as Math stated its expensive for condition removal. Though I may want to pick up Sammy so I can get glowy and gremlins luck upgrade on the field. Seems like Wong is a better way to go or I need to practice a lot with Ulix.
  15. thewisp

    Gremlins VS Ressors

    I have been reading into brewmaster a bit but not sure what to take in his crew. Like is Trixiebelle a huge requirement for brewmaster Though with Somer is seems all I need to pick up is his box and an extra box of bayou gremlins. Though a pigapult, rooster riders and stuffed pigs seems like items I should also look at. Stuffed pigs and wong seems really fun