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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I originally started Malifaux with Gremlins and after playing them for a bit decided I do not like how they play. So I am open to suggestions in starting a new faction, I am looking at the following masters in outcasts, arcanists and had a few questions about 10T as a whole faction. For outcasts, I am looking at Parker, Misaki, Viktoria, Schill, Possibly Tara/Leveticus (I hear Leveticus is a bit op so I may have to steer clear.) For arcanists, I am looking at Colette, Ironsides, Marcus, Ramos, Sandeep For 10T faction, Is it a faction that is difficult to play? I read that it is a synergy based faction and I am curious if since gremlins didn't really work for me that 10T might be a miss as well. If folks have some recommendations on what to try/whos their favorite let me know, cause I am stuck lol. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, So I recently started playing Malifaux, and own the Dark Debts box. The people at my local store say 10T Lynch has better options, so I was wondering if I could have some advice as to what works best with him. I know Darkened models are still viable, and Terror Tots sprint has been working extremely well so far, but Huggy & Lynch alone (in the latter games at least) have been giving out brilliance enough. Because I'm pretty new, but have known the people at my local store for years, one of them has offered to let me 'Play test' some models, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks ?
  3. _TheWarpath_

    The beginning

    So I've been eyeballing Malifaux for the better part of three years, buying a M2E rule book and the M&SU crew box. A baby and new career later and i've finally found the time to pursue the game! I've come from a war-gaming background and found Malifaux refreshing in game play and aesthetics. This past Friday I was able to play in Atlanta at the most excellent Giga-bites cafe' I'll be working towards a Henchmen position and growing a community in the Macon/Warner Robins area of Georgia So far I have finished my Ramos crew (speed painted, 2hrs) I'm now working on a Yan lo Ancestor crew and the Rail crew (who doesn't want Mei Feng Kung Fu'ing someone off Joss' head!) Ill be updating Regularly!!
  4. _TheWarpath_

    Failing at playing Arcanist

    So it didn't take long, I've already become entranced by another crew. The aesthetics of yan-lo's crew are too fantastic to ignore, so without further ado my ancestors list with him! I'll be working on The Rail crew next
  5. Rurouni Benshin

    Misaki Tactica Revisited

    Hi again everyone, So I've been running into a couple of issues with Misaki as of late. I'm not exactly sure if it's my tactics, or if it's just bad luck, but in either case, some insight would be appreciated. When I first started using her, I went with "Disguise" as her limited upgrade a lot, but I think it's more because of my passive playing style. I was always afraid of her dying too quickly, and not being able to accomplish what I needed. That led to problems because I would still use her offensively, but not to her fullest potential (as in without "Stalking Bisento"). So I adapted to playing her with "Stalking Bisento" more, and after getting used to the mechanic (again), I found that she was indeed very powerful. But now my problem with her is that she's been dying pretty early in my games. The last 2 games I played with her, she died on turn 2 (one of which game she only got 1 activation). I don't feel that my target prioritizing was wrong (going after models with relatively lower defenses), which leads me to think it's more bad luck than anything, but I'd like to share my general strategy with you all here, and hope that I can get some helpful feedback in return. So when I use "Stalking Bisento" Misaki, here's my general tactics: 1. Sensei Yu is almost always with her now, and goes before she does in most turns. His first activation is always to use "Disciple" to "Stalk" a model that Misaki can get to relatively easily. He then casts any combination of "Airburst" and "Mighty Gust" to get her in position to charge said target. I'm certain that this is a pretty cut and dry tactic, and I'm sure a lot of people already use it. 2. Misaki is usually one of the last models on my first turn to activate. However, the problem I run into with her during this time is usually either A ) Not having the right cards in hand to cheat with or B ) not having enough cards to use at all. I usually run a cache of 4-5 with her to start, since she becomes so much better with 0 soul stones, but do any of you think it's a viable tactic to use stones on the first turn to draw the extra cards? I'm considering using Hannah with her crew the next time I play for the extra card draw (and plus you know... because it's Hannah). I've played the Emissary with her for the both games I recently played, and I imagine with Hannah, would make a great combination. Then after Hannah, the Emissary, and Sensei Yu, it would leave about 10-12 soulstones to fill out the rest of my crew. Here's a mock list that I put together for the sake of making one. While granted it's subject to change, depending on schemes and strategy, I think it's a pretty viable "All-comer list", if you will. Misaki (Cache: 4) - Stalking Bisento / Disguised - Recalled Training - Smoke and Shadows Shang Shadow Emissary - Conflux of Thunder Hannah - Hidden Agenda Sensei Yu - Wandering River Style Shadow Effigy Oiran At first glance, I'm not sure if taking "Smoke and Shadows" is worth having for only 1 Last Blossom minion, but it could prove crucial depending on the Strategy or Scheme pool, so my thoughts are mixed about it. Shadow Effigy is most useful when there's Scheme Markers to be dropped, especially if it's in pairs, so barring the possibility of no schemes needing them, he's a good fit for this crew. My biggest concern is if I use "Disguised" Misaki for running schemes for me, it leaves Hannah and the Emissary as my beatsticks, who while powerful in their own way, have limited range. Hannah's "Make a New Entry" would be great for copying the Emissary's primary attack though, and I'm thinking with the right combination, she can get quite a few blasts off her basic attacks too. Thoughts everyone?
  6. Luisjoey


    From the album: JoseCat TenThunders

    Painted by JoseCat
  7. Luisjoey

    Misaki Ten Thunders Master

    From the album: JoseCat TenThunders

  8. Luisjoey

    Ten Thunders Archers

    From the album: JoseCat TenThunders