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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, can anyone tell me what upgrades do u take on Archie? and do u have any thoughts or tips playing him?
  2. Hi everyone, what do u think about ressers in gg2018? Any thoughts? I'm playing with my friend (guild) on Sunday and looking for your help and suggestions: encounter setup: 50SS standard deployment strategy: ply for information schemes: always surround them hold up their forces undercover entourage show of force take prissoner I got: Seamus, copycat killer, madame sybelle, 3 rotten belles, 2 dead doxy, carrion emissary, 3 necropunks, 5 mindless zombies, yin, anna lovelace, archie
  3. To start off, I'd like to mention that I play exclusively Leveticus and Colette. I bought Archie in the BF sale, thinking to make him the base of a Pariah of Bone list. Ever since M2E came out and Leveticus could no longer use corpse markers for anything, Pariah of Bone was released into a place where it was a rather pointless upgrade, and has been left to the side for the three types of Leveticus list that are actually viable: Pariah of Iron Pure Outcasts 4 Horsemen I got Archie to try and wrangle a fun list (because Archie looks really fun) from Pariah of Bone. As I read Archie's card (yeah, should have gotten the book first, my mistake) it didn't take many seconds to realise that Archie can't stitch on anything in a Leveticus crew because of how that skill works. He is essentially a heavily overcosted beatstick to me. Which isn't the fun I wanted. While others, like Ryle, can't have their special upgrades with Leveticus, they aren't so reliant on them, either. I'm proposing that this only serves to create less diversity, and I believe these cross hirings should be considered more in the design of characters like Archie that rely so heavily on their special upgrades. As it is, Leveticus specialty of having a large hiring pool is more and more being diluted by everyone having a larger hiring pool, and these more advanced models are being made ineligible due to exclusive upgrades. I'm suggesting that the guys in playtesting should at least consider adding to the (0) cost Archie upgrades that they can be taken as any faction.
  4. If I play Leveticus (Outcast) and hire Archie with him, then I can't purchase any of the 3 Archie upgrades, can I? Since they are only resser upgrades. Just like his ability to purchase upgrades becomes useless, since it states it must adhere to start of game restrictions?
  5. Morning gang, Archie's "He Dropped His Ice Cream Again" says he can only heal up to 4 wounds per activation, but doesn't specify his activation. Does that mean that, for instance, a Nurse can't heal him completely in a turn with "Take Your Meds?" Or do we assume "per activation" implies only per Archie's activations? Thanks!
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