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  1. I agree, Joss is much better, Im just crafting in an attempt to get some more use out of one of my favorite models. I agree that Df2 is his problem, although i understand why its there (for Raspy to blast off) it does make him pretty poor
  2. I've done some theory crafting about taking the Ice Golem with Sandeep and making him Incorporeal. Combining that with the Golem using Sandeep's 6" place or his drag and heal, I think there may be some utility there. Considering you can now summon Banasuva much more easily, it's something I think will be fun to try. The Golem's bash attack always seems to be such a suprise to my opponents, I think Sandeep is able to cover some of the Golem's weaknesses. I have to admit I was bummed when I re-read the Raspy summon upgrade and realized that the Golem and Snowstorm cant use the 0 action heal. It's only the blessed, silent ones, acolytes, and dancers. Yet another opportunity to improve the Golem lost
  3. Yeah definitely the model doing the casting
  4. I play it as -1 then +1, which therefore ends up being the same cast printed on Sandeep's card.
  5. A very solid play. Ive just found in the games I've played there's been things I've been able to do with Sandeep of with cards that have gotten me closer to VP in the first turn than summoning would have. I'm not saying summoning isn't great, it just hasn't been the most valuable thing for me to do so far in my games.
  6. I'm really loving Sandeep as a ranged damage dealer/sniper. In the 10 games I've played so far I have summoned Gamin/Banasuva only 4 times. I generally run the 3 mages and the Essence of Power and depending on the cards in my hand of course can generally delete an opposition big hitter with Sandeep in a turn. Im finding the EoP great not only because of its +1 cast aura, but because of its innate + to any duel if a soulstone is used Sandeep can use Soulstones as Focus if you stone for a ram. In a good turn you can dish out 16 damage with him, I've found him deceptively punchy, certainly much more than I expected when first reading his card.
  7. Is he definitely a new model? Seems to me he could be an alternate Joss
  8. Just been looking through the Wave 4 stuff and came across these guys. I haven't had the opportunity to test them out, but I think they seem really good for their cost. The ability to focus for a card pitch and also cycle bad cards out (particularly in an Ironsides crew where pushes are against def anyway) is great, H2K is great particularly if you take heals with Ironsides and their attacks and triggers are really solid. Has anyone had any experience using them? I feel like they would be a great flanker or even a sidekick for Ironsides in something like guard the stash or turf war, would love to hear people's thoughts/experiences
  9. I really like the idea of body guarding Marcus until he's around 5 wounds then sending him off to the backfield as a dmamge dealing missile! I also like the idea of him as a flank holder/scheme denier
  10. Nick86

    M2E Marcus

    Oh man if this is true they are the new cheese!
  11. Nick86

    M2E Marcus

    That's not true! I use them ALL the time! They're great in things like turf war and guard the stash and as a defend me target as they have impossible to wound and get better when hurt! I'm seriously considering getting a 2nd!
  12. Nick86

    M2E Marcus

    Hey Guys and Gals, Just wondering on everyone's thoughts of Myranda as a Tar pit? I'm just theory-fauxing here...However Myranda with Skinwalker and Imbued Protection and Malifaux Raptor comes to 14 stones. Of course Marcus isn't required for this little combo, but if you assume he is the master you'd probably need to add in the 3 extra stones, because I feel Myranda will be using them in this role. I'm thinking in regards to Masters such as Sonnia, Raspy, Ramos, Kirai and Summoning Dreamer who like to sit at the back of the board unhindered doing their own thing. Essentially turn one the Raptor lands in their face at the end of the turn. If you win initiative you either bury the Raptor and unbury Myranda (ideal as having the Raptor within 3 inches as a secondary distraction piece with Def 6 and +ve will be even better) or they waste AP killing the Raptor and Myranda pops out. At Def 8 and Soulstones, plus wicked on disenaging strikes and a relatively easy heal I feel like she will take a lot of resources to get rid of, and of course as soon as she gets close to dying you turn into something like a Rattler or Mauler to start the process all over again. Now of course there are many things to consider like Strats and Schemes etc, but I feel like Myranda could be a very annoying tar pit if the opposing Master likes to sit on the other side of the board unimpeded. I've often used 3 Raptors as distraction pieces and I feel 3 of them in the area plus defensive Myranda would just be a nightmare to deal with. Of course as I said I'm only Theory-Fauxing at the moment and am relatively inexperienced with Marcus at the moment, but I'd love to hear if anyone has tried this or if there's anything anyone could add.
  13. Hi guys, Just begun using the December themed stuff in games recently, and although I love it all thematically and model wise, I just don't seem to be getting the best out of the December Acolytes. They seem to die quickly and generally I find it difficult to line up good targets for them. How do others use them? Any good tips or general rules? Please note I'm not saying they're bad, they are in fact excellent, I just can't seem to work out their best role in a crew. Thanks
  14. I agree with the Firestarter. I'm new to Malifaux and initially thought he was a spotter for Kaeris, however he is so much more. Most games he gets me 3-5 VPs
  15. Overall I think this app is so great!
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