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  1. Bumpasses

    Pull My Finger WIKI closure...

    Can we grab all the relevant 10T data from this wiki and post it up here and sticky it? Before it's lost forever.. It's good information and we don't really have anything like it in the 10T forums. -B
  2. Bumpasses

    Smoke screen vs. Charge

    At work, no rules When are those two attacks actuary generated? Are they generated upon declaration of the charge or when the charging model is in range of its own range for the swing?
  3. Bumpasses

    Smoke screen vs. Charge

    Enemy Outside 6" Targets my dood with a charge My dood has smoke screen Are the charge attacks on a negative?
  4. Bumpasses

    My thoughts on Torakage & the 5-6ss minions

    Hmmm, I just used them with Shen in a game against Lucious, heavy scheme marker set up. They were awesome. Only reason I dont run them a ton anymore is because I am filling both merc slots. I dont really see a true contender for them in that slot, maybe the screaming monkeys. Why have you stopped running them?
  5. Bumpasses

    Wave 5 upgrade speculation/hopes

    Apologies for the necro, but was there any discussion on that Ototo art above? In terms of an alt model...
  6. Bumpasses

    Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    The way the plastic glue just sluffs off, not taking chances with just super gluing him. I pinned every piece except face and back pack. This way I can throw my Lazarus at mine enemies and he wont be damaged. Why the change in plastic? Are they going this way with all Malifox models in the future?
  7. Bumpasses

    Quality of Alt Lazarus.

    Super glue and pinning the carp out of him I pinned everything but the backpack Hooka.
  8. Bumpasses

    Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    Alternate Lazarus problems Won't take plastic glue.... Been trying for days, will not hold. It seems he's a different plastic than the norm. Will try super glue and pinning I guess.
  9. Bumpasses

    Killjoy and Lo Pan

    Been getting stomped by Killjoy rat bomb. Has me thinking of using him with Yan Lo, but not as a summons. Yan can armor him, I would also give him an upgrade to benefit from Right of Strength from SE. Then feed him models via Lightning Dance. Toshiro would be along for the ride to turn those markers into Ashi or Koma But is it worth it...14pts right there. Couple of nice heals Min 4 Terror all Trigger to swing again Fast every turn and a push from SE To be honest, I love the model and want to paint him like an Uruk-Hai. But wonder at the viability of using him on the table from the start. Anyone ever try this?
  10. Bumpasses

    Protec ya Neck

    wow this whole time I have been thinking on how to get the Crime Boss engaged ASAP with maximum survivability for the enemy activation draw... this is kinda gross in any crew that has access to WR....love it.
  11. Bumpasses

    Sensei Yu

    I have been searching and am finding limited discussion on this. I'm just wondering how often people drop Yu for model X in a Shenlong list. This is a general question in a strat/scheme vacuum. Wondering on people's experiences in doing this. Ty B
  12. Bumpasses

    Tourney advice

    I have a tourney coming up in a week. I do not feel "ready" Available masters are Misaki and Shenlong. No recent release models available. Little time fort practice games Sadly and my skills are rusty as work is limiting my games to a couple a month. Looking for some list help please. I have a feeling there is going to be quite a bit of summoning going on between, NB, Arc, Rez. Here are the strats. Public Execution, close deployment Ply for information, standard Ours , corner Symbols of authority, standard
  13. Bumpasses

    All The Jorogumo Ninjas, Where Do They All Come From?

    Would be a very interesting change, make it master or minion.... Especially If her damage profile isn't going to ever change. Definitely thematic.
  14. Bumpasses

    Can Scheme Markers stack?

    Right, but I can pick up a stack of say 3 placed by Sensei Yu and Mighty Gust?