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  1. Bumpasses


    Lol clearly They would need to resculpt this model, which I'm ok with... All day long. B
  2. Bumpasses


    I would rather the Samurai had the Blessed Longbow, practically and thematically. Different triggers though. I'm at work and cant remember trigger names, but some nice triggers might be an advance to set them up for a charge and the trigger to shoot again. -B
  3. I would like to see the Torakage changed just a bit more. I do think changing Ninja Vanish to a bonus action was the right call, and I said as much in the closed beta...jus sayin' No witnesses trigger seems like it will be a dodo to get off... Why not have The crow baked in for both the exotic weapons and shuriken. -You still need to meet the no LOS to an enemy AND the no enemy within 12" Conditions for the trigger. Just seems extreme to also require the suit. -B
  4. yes, much has changed in m3e. I wasn't suggesting you stated it was free, quite the opposite. It's not free, it requires using other resources, which was my point and is what needs to be considered when analyzing abilities and synergies. -->So apologies if you misconstrued my intent above. I agree with you on combat finesse which is why I use them to tie up other models. I disagree with you on it not being a big deal. (Using your example) Wokou 8ss Effigy 4ss --plus 1-2 AP to set up WR. So that's 12ss and 1-2 AP if your moving effigy.... All for maybe connecting on a few swings... Seems pricey to me for a dedicated strategy. For that price, Why not take Ototo and save 2ss you can use for his triggers? And if your using other models to hopefully set up the WR for fast, your still burning their ap, triggers and potentially positioning, no? Can any of your experience be attributed to not knowing your crew? Or it being a brand new version with many new facets to relearn? Or it being one of your first m3 games? How were your flips? How was your control hand? How many models did the WR drop? I don't really see that as ap stacking, synergy and shifting finite resources is how I would characterize it. Could be just my meta, my deck or my play style , But this was never anything I invested heavily in with the WR more than a few times, just never paid off for me. My games have been way too fluid. See if it continues to play out. Many, including myself, were initially up in arms about a, b or c in m3beta vs m2. Gut reactions can be strong, but with more time and games in m3 your perspective and model/game experience may shift. For my part, I will double down with the WR in my next few games, using them only as beaters and dedicating other resources for the focus and see if my perspective shifts. All the best, -joshuah
  5. Right. So at that point your just shifting ap. It's not a free fast, it's costing you resources clearly. I'm assuming you probably also had to move the effigy once or twice to get into position? Plus the cost of the effigy. I do see your perspective, but it doesn't seem op. Your dedicating a model and ap to support the Wokou. The + flips are solid on their blade, and that has gone back and forth in cb, but I found myself using them as schemers, flankers or to get into melee and tie up other models via combat finesse. I didn't have much success using them as dedicated beaters, but to be fair my primary opponents in cb were NB players. This version of Malifaux plays out to be less killy in my beta experiences. My experiences with them have been mixed, and I typically run 2. They drop pretty quickly to focused intervention, but that can be said of many models. Avg def, no wound reduction beyond bullet proof, which has never come up in my games. move 5 with 1" reach means their spending an ap to get there unless your close enough to benefit from ECW, in which case your probably engaged at that point or are in charge range of something. I could potentially support the reduction in the dmg profile (2/3/5) with the + flips still built in, that seems appropriate but want to test it. Apologies if this seems rambly, I'm at work. -j
  6. Who was dropping all the markers for "Life of Crime"? If 3/3 , that's 3 scheme markers they had to be within 4" of, at the beginning of their activation to gain fast from. -j
  7. And some of the 10T upgrades have duplicate text/wording. -j
  8. Stupid auto correct CHIAKI Not chilli That's my punishment for doing this at work.
  9. Quite the change in spirit flute, wondering if it's intentional. Post closed beta it was a push for retainers. Now it's an abomination summons. Just checking in. -j
  10. Can we grab all the relevant 10T data from this wiki and post it up here and sticky it? Before it's lost forever.. It's good information and we don't really have anything like it in the 10T forums. -B
  11. At work, no rules When are those two attacks actuary generated? Are they generated upon declaration of the charge or when the charging model is in range of its own range for the swing?
  12. Enemy Outside 6" Targets my dood with a charge My dood has smoke screen Are the charge attacks on a negative?
  13. Hmmm, I just used them with Shen in a game against Lucious, heavy scheme marker set up. They were awesome. Only reason I dont run them a ton anymore is because I am filling both merc slots. I dont really see a true contender for them in that slot, maybe the screaming monkeys. Why have you stopped running them?
  14. Apologies for the necro, but was there any discussion on that Ototo art above? In terms of an alt model...
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