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Found 19 results

  1. Can a ice dancer move through a ice pillar vertically? Like say a ice pillar was next to a HT3 building, could they use the pillar to pop on top? And also the reverse, can they use it to get off a building without falling? If they can would they have to spend movement on vertical moving (basically treating it like climbable terrain) or can it work like a elevator and pop up and down freely? also if they were to get pushed, from either my abilities or opponents, can they choose to be pushed through the pillars? Or would they have to be pushed through the pillars or would they have to stop? Last question. Wendigo’s December pawn ability. Do I get the triggers and built in suits of the ability? For example Silent one’s ice blast has a built in 6Crow and Crow trigger, if I were to copy that I know the 6 becomes a 4 but would it still have the crow suit and crow trigger? Thank you for your times.
  2. Hey guys! I'm relatively new to Malifaux, having only started 6 months ago, and I thought I'd share my first WIP crew with you all! I got into the game through a local beginner tournament with the Rasputina crew starter box and fell in love with the setting and the figures. Once I started playing I needed more models to get to 50 SS also as I found out very quickly the Raspy starter box is... lets say, less than mobile. But being the crazy person I am (and a poor Uni student) I decided to sculpt my own figures! so a wee bit of time has passed and I have a full crew, 3 Hoarcats (kinda) are currently in the works, so I'll update you all once I get them done. but for now, here is my raspy crew box, + my version of a Blessed of december, my Snow Storm created and painted in a 24h painting comp, and my two Silent Ones.
  3. Hey Wyrdos! I can't believe the year is almost over! In true holiday fashion, December is a LGS Promotion month. This month, you can receive an Alt. Draugr, by spending 65 USD or equivalent in your Local Game Store! The form to be filled out is found here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/promotions Did you know that boxes of Malifaux make great stocking-stuffers? Spread some holiday spirit, Wyrd style, and receive a free miniature for your support of the local brick and mortars.
  4. Liga FGB Malifaux Zasady: - Gramy Fixed Faction (jedna frakcja na całą ligę) - Liga będzie na 50 SS - Rozegrane zostaną 4 rundy. - Wyniki podajemy w systemie gracz A (punkty) - gracz B (punkty); - Strategies i Schemes będą z góry narzucone i ogłaszane na każdą rundę. - W przypadku wcześniejszego rozegrania wszystkich gier, runda zostanie przyspieszona. Bitwy: Gramy 1 runda - 1-8 Grudnia 2 runda - 9-15 Grudnia 3 i 4 runda - 16-31 Grudnia Na każdą Bitwę można wyzwać kogoś na pojedynek (Challenge) który przeciwnik może przyjąć lub nie - Pary na pojedynki trzeba zgłaszać przynajmniej dzień przed rozpoczęciem rundy mailem na sklep@fgb.club - zgłoszenie przez FB, ustnie itp. mogą nam umknąć więc jeśli chcecie mieć pewność, że uwzględnimy pojedynek TYLKO i WYŁĄCZNIE e-mail. Misję na daną rundę podamy przed rozpoczęciem ligi! Pary podane będą najpóźniej w dzień rozpoczęcia rundy! (1, 9, 16 (3 i 4 runda) Grudnia) Jeżeli gra nie zostanie rozegrana do max. 2 dni po terminie obaj gracze dostają 0 punktów!!! Zapisy: Aby zapisać się do ligi należy do 1 Grudnia 2017 1 - posiadać kartę klubową FGB lub kartę FGB srebrną i oddać ją jako wpisowe (szczegóły jak zdobyć taką w sklepie). 2 - przesłać na sklep@fgb.club następujące informacje A - Imie + Nick / Nazwisko + Frakcja jaką grasz B - Adres e-mail + telefon (tylko do celów umawiania spotkań) Informacja: 1 - Przynajmniej 3 z 4 gier muszą być rozegrane w FGB! Nagrody: 1. Karta klubowa na Styczeń i inne gadżety (m.in. mystery box!) Bonus: Każdy zawodnik który założy galerię na fgb.club i zamieści zdjęcia swojej armii (zgodne z rozpiskami) oraz przynajmniej 2-3 zdjęcia z każdej z 4 bitew otrzyma od http://sklep.fgb.club bonus w postaci farbek, promocyjnych wyprasek, i innych gratisów! ENG FGB Malifaux League - December Rules: - Fixed Faction - 50 SS - 4 rounds only - Schemes and strategies are same for all players in round We play: 1st round 1 - 8 December 2nd round 9 - 15 December 3rd and 4th round 16 - 31 December To join us: 1 - you need to gave us FGB silver card 2 - send us (sklep@fgb.club) infos: A - Name + Nick + Faction B - Email and/or phone number Info: 1 - 3 of 4 games need to be played in FGB Awards: 1 - FGB Club Card and Small Mystery Box
  5. Searos


    I noticed there wasn't a Raspi topic on this forum so I thought I'd make just a general Rasputina post
  6. Hi guys, Just begun using the December themed stuff in games recently, and although I love it all thematically and model wise, I just don't seem to be getting the best out of the December Acolytes. They seem to die quickly and generally I find it difficult to line up good targets for them. How do others use them? Any good tips or general rules? Please note I'm not saying they're bad, they are in fact excellent, I just can't seem to work out their best role in a crew. Thanks
  7. We here at legion games will have open play and demos for Malifaux every Wednesday this December. If you would like to schedule a demo on a different day please notify me ahead of time, I am available for demos most afternoons, I'm looking forward to seeing you there! Feel free to leave any questions or concerns and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  8. Malifaux Demos –December 2016 Where: Otherside Games 231 N Main St, Edwardsville, IL 62025 Phone: (618) 692-5525 facebook.com/othesidegameshq When: Saturdays 1pm to 5pm No previous experience, game knowledge, or materials necessary. Everything can be provided. Just show up and have some fun. I am at Otherside Games every Saturday from 1 to Close, and I always have my Malifaux crews and am ready to give a demo of this fun and exciting skirmish game. I am also often up at Otherside Games Thursday nights from 6p.m. until Close if that night works best for you. Hit me up on the forum ResserProfessor or on Twitter @ResserProfessor or just show up ready and look for ask for Dan--he'll be in this super cool Wyrd Henchamn shirt!
  9. Just got the Children of December box for Christmas. I've never played, but I have wanted to for a long time. Raspy is my fave. Just love the idea of frozen heart. I also have some Acolytes of December and I'm looking to get an Essence of Power. I'll be getting Snowstorm, Blessed of December, and Silent Ones when they release here soon. But since there isn't much of a player base in my area I'll essentially be trying to build one up on my own. I'll need to get a second box to allow others to play against me. What is an easy to play box that is balanced to the Raspy box? I should also mention, since I'm the one buying it I'd prefer it was a faction I was already interested in. I'm leaning toward Lilith because I've seen videos of that box playing well with Raspy's box. I also like the terrain manipulation and the terror tot growth, though from what I understand the latter isn't usually significant. I really like the Herald of Obliteration box, but it seems difficult for new players to be competitive with. I'm also considering Lady Justice's box since it would give me the death marshals I'll want to put with Tara eventually anyway. I'm also considering Sonnia Crid, McMourning, Mei Fang, and Misaki's starter boxes just because I like the flavor and the models. I may also be interested in Kaeris as I've heard she can be good with Raspy. Eventually I'll probably acquire all of these, but I was wondering which I should start with to help build a player base. If there is another set not listed that is a particularly good match, I'd also consider it.
  10. So Kapow Comics in Lethbridge is having an event called Smack Down at Santa town and this year's miniatures game is Malifaux. We will be running a Enforcer Brawl tournament with a holiday feel with terrain and holiday themed rules to the event! Come on down on the 20th and experience the holiday cheer! All the rules for Enforcer Brawl can be found on the Wyrd Alternative Play Formats package and it should be a lot of fun! So if you're in town or wanted to try the game out now is a great time to jump on!
  11. December 12th! $10 entry, 50 soulstone, gaining grounds, single faction. Prizes based on attendance in store credit and Gadzooks Gaming goodies. 10:30am registration, 11:30am start time. Arcana Toys, Games and Hobbies 47 E Washington Ave, Washington, New Jersey 07882
  12. Hello! I need some help from you guys! Just started my journey with M2E this year, I play with Rasputina I'm one of those players the like a "theme" to my crew, so i want the mins I use to be part of The Cult of December Saying that, I know there aren't a lot of the M2E mins out as plastics that are part of the cult, so at the moment I'm not spoiled for choice. To my problem, I use Rasputinas box and the AoD mins, but I can't for the love of me get the big guy to work :/ He usually ends up doing nothing or just dying very early on Should I just wait for the likes of SnowStorm to be released as plastic, since I find him more versatile? Anyone got any handy tips for a aspiring Arcanist? Thanks! Philip
  13. Hi ! I'm new, I'm french (sorry) but I come with a 6pack ! Here come the Children of December release during the GenCon. I don't think you saw many of them painted already (I found none). You can see better pictures here on my blog. Hope you enjoy :1_Happy_Puppet1:
  14. I'm a newbie that just got into the game. Can anyone please definitively answer the following question for me? 1) In an email I just received today, wyrd now has a new "Children of December" (Rasptina) crew, and a "Guild of judgement" (Lady Justice) crew. I have recently purchased the Lady Justice AND Rasputina crew. Are my two existing crews now outdated? As I have recently discovered Malifaux and put a lot of money in what I have already...hopefully everything so far is playable in 2.0. 2) For playing in rules 2.0, do I need new cards for compatibility (for any or all my characters)? 3) Perhaps as a tie-in to my second question, for playing rules 2.0 are there any confirmed characters that will no longer be usable? I heard Misaki is one...which is a favorite of mine from the 10 thunders set.
  15. Well Hello everyone, and merry christmas to you all. Getting into Malifaux just before christmas, there was only one crew I could start with, and I would like to present to you all, the wonderfully icy, mysteriously cold Rasputina, in her seasonal guise as Mrs Christmas: I shall update this thread as crews progress. I've got at least five models I still need to paint, and four I need to photograph, so expect updates, and please, comments and criticism are very welcome. Merry Chrismas everybody! Hail and Wasail! Zac
  16. Hi all, come late December I'll be looking to get into Malifaux, starting with a December crew (fitting I know). I'm local to the Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford areas (UK, Staffordshire) so if anyone wants to contact me for a game that'll be good as there doesn't seem to be a henchman for these areas. I have a question regarding my understanding of the "crew picking" rules which will help me to expand as I progress in the hobby. You draw for mission and location, and state your faction before selecting your crew. I want to know how these translate to competitive environments. For example when I come to choosing my crew, is there anything stopping me choosing from say Rasputina or Marcus as my Master since they are both Arcanists. Also how does this translate to Tournaments? I'm guessing there are some form of restrictions, since terrain would probably be pre planned, and maybe even the mission being played as well. I ask because choosing between Rasputina for missions involving destroying the enemy and having Marcus for missions involving objectives seems a good idea. Anyway, it'll be nice to get started at the end of the month Thanks all.
  17. I am loathe to use the term newb when referring to myself but here it is the only suitable term, I've bought myself the Cult of December box set, and I've looked at which models I like and came to the conclusion that the crew below is what I've settled on. What I came to ask, is how competitive would a crew like this be? I honestly have little to no clue. Thanks in advance. Arcanists Crew - 55 - Scrap Rasputina -- 6 Pool + Rasputina, Avatar of Famine [2ss] Wendingo [2ss] December Acolyte [6ss] Hoarcat Pride [5ss] Ice Gamin [4ss] Ice Gamin [4ss] Ice Gamin [4ss] Ice Golem [9ss] Silent One [6ss] Snow Storm [11ss]
  18. After finishing contract town 27 i wanted to keep building but on something different and less complicated. no buildings (certainly no railroadtrack) being a rasputina player and digging the whole winter themed setting and decembers cult i decided to build me a december board. pics coming soon
  19. Hi here are the first pics of my December Cult Crew. Bases still need snow and Rasputina an the Acolyth will be painted this weekend. So still WIP and with no good camera. Better pictures this weekend. Ice Gremlins Wendigo Ice Golem
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