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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I may play in a tournament next week. I'm thinking about bringing Ironsides. Below I list the strats and schemes for the three rounds. What do you think about taking her? Is there a round you think she would suffer a significant disadvantage? If so, with whom would you replace her? Please dont tell me take Sandeep all three rounds... :) Round 1: Extraction, Standard deployment Schemes : Surround them, Covert Breakthrough, Show of Force, Vendetta, Public Demonstration Round 2: Ply for information, Flank deployment Schemes : Surround them, Covert Breakthrough, Undercov
  2. Hello, I have an upcoming game and I am having a difficult time coming up with a proper list. This is the strat and schemes Public Execution (Tomes) / Flank - Eliminate the leadership (Paired Tomes) / Set Up (Number 3) / Take Prisoner (Number 9) / Vendetta (Number 12) / Public Demonstration (Number 13) I am playing agasint Arcanist and he usually runs Ironsides/Rasputina. The problem is that I haven played either master before so don know what to expect. I have read the master cards and I am worried if its Ironsides as I usually run Lady J into Public Execution with Frank/
  3. Hi there, maybe it is a bit old but could not see a thread for this crew. Maybe we can do it sticky and share tacs and crew composition ideas. Who to buy next, which schemes& strategies are they strong etc. cheers,
  4. Salut! Last time I've created a topic about arcanists and now I wanna to start Ironsides. So I know that I will grab Ironsides crew and Amina Naidu. But what else I should get for the comfortable 50SS game for the newcomer?
  5. The "Sleep now in the fire" - ability from Ironsides' Iron Determination says that a Red Joker coming up against Ironsides on a damage flip needs to be reflipped. What happens if the Red Joker is cheated in - I mean, can my opponent cheat it in or would it be pointless since he would have to reflip the RJ?
  6. Had my third Malifaux game yesterday (first was a demo match) with my first master, Ironsides - so second game with her. I went against the Victorias, my first match was against Von Schill, both 26 SS. After my experiences in the Von-Schill-Match (spend the whole game trying to catch him, ignored the rest, lost most of my team and the scenario), I played my team very close together and managed to draw in most of his ronins and even killed the Student of Conflict rather easily. Only to be taken apart by Victoria, thanks to a Red Joker at damage. Now I am wondering: is Ironsides a bad ma
  7. Hey guys, So I expanded into Arcanists recently and I am trying to figure out paint schemes for my masters. I have Ironsides, Kaeris, and Sandeep. However the stock art for the three of them, I am not the biggest fan of them as I play guild and like having red as my guild color. I have done some google image searches and not found a whole lot and was wondering if people here could post some pictures for inspiration. Thanks
  8. Hey all, so my LGS had a Malifaux tournament this weekend and I'm fairly happy with how I did overall so thought I'd share it with all of you! It wasn't the largest event, only 8 players, but we had a good mix of regular players and some people I hadn't seen before come out for it as well. The tournament had one of every non-10T faction show up, and two Gremlins and Neverborn player (I was the only Arcanist). ----- Round one was Extraction with Standard Deployment. I had only played against the Neverborn player once before at a previous tournament so I was going in not knowing wha
  9. Man, it's been a while. But, I'm bored at work. Ironsides!! I want to like her but idk man. There's such a feast/famine thing with her. Has anyone had any luck with certain combos? I feel like, she excels against melee masters but if you run into anything else she's gunna have a hard time. Something I wanna try is taking Union Miners and probably Aionus. Drop a bunch of scheme markers and push them into place with Aionus. Then take Willie put up his 0 Aura Set Charges. Have Ironsides lure them into the schemes. Also throw burning bottles at things an
  10. Just been looking through the Wave 4 stuff and came across these guys. I haven't had the opportunity to test them out, but I think they seem really good for their cost. The ability to focus for a card pitch and also cycle bad cards out (particularly in an Ironsides crew where pushes are against def anyway) is great, H2K is great particularly if you take heals with Ironsides and their attacks and triggers are really solid. Has anyone had any experience using them? I feel like they would be a great flanker or even a sidekick for Ironsides in something like guard the stash or turf
  11. Which happens first. Ironsides Come get some or a Disengaging strike? does the enemy have to pass the walk duel first then try to walk away or do they have to see if they walk away first then try to pass the duel?
  12. The host over at Schemes & Stones podcast wrote up a 50s battle report Ironsides vs Misaki(outcast). The battle report focuses on dissecting mistakes and learning. Pictures are included from Vassal so you'll get a top down view of each turn. http://midwestwargaming.com/malifaux-hindsight-learning-1/ Ironside’s Crew (opponent) Ironsides (Arcane Reservior, Challenge the Crowd, Warding Runes) – 6ss cache Mouse – 4ss Gunsmith – 7ss Johan (Imbued Energies) – 7ss Oxfordian Mage (Blood Ward) – 6ss The Captain (Patron’s Blessing) – 10ss The Firestarter (Imbued Energies) – 7ss Misaki’s C
  13. Hello Wyrd brains trust. Im relatively new to the system, with NB Dreamer and Collodi with masters. Played a game Collodi vs Ironsides and just got obliterated. It was Squatters rights with distract and out flank, but we didn't get that far as Ironsides just got in the centre of my crew and wrecked Vasilisa, Widow Weaver and 2 Wicked Dolls by turn 3. I got her down to 1 WD but ran out of AP to finish the job and she bounced back. The captains relic hammer corrected some stitched, the other was unlucky and that was game with Collodi ghosting around by himself versus the whole crew minus mouse.
  14. Had this possibility come up in a game yesterday and wasn't sure how the interactions actually worked in this case. Did a quick search of the forums, but didn't see anything on it. Ironsides vs. Pandora. Pandora attacks Ironsides and gets the trigger to force a horror duel after damaging. Ironsides has warding runes as is within range and LoS for the aura from Blood Ward so is immune to enemy conditions. If Ironsides failed horror duel would it be considered an enemy condition which she would be immune to, or since its triggered by a failed horror duel(regardless of source that c
  15. Hey guys, for those of you that haven't seen the art work for both Ironsides and her buddy the Captain, go look it up, theres a thread floating around called Ironsides artwork. First of all I just want to say, they aren't bad looking, it's just not my style. So lets start with the easier one. The Captain. Now how many of you imagined the Captain to be an awesome pirate lady with a relic hammer? Well I did at least, and it makes a little more sense for her to be a pirate rather than a stuffy old bloke with a tank of something strapped to his back. Most of her abilities are based around st
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