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  1. The MWS event FAQ is updated to reflect the GG2 changes and errata. Mostly this removed redundant or overruled rulings. Here's the link to the document. Thanks for everyone's patience.
  2. Isn't it more to due with the fact that the Push rules explicitly state the pushed models stop when the hit Impassable (and therefore also Climbable) terrain?
  3. Don't! There's a lot of rules to keep track of in this game. Everyone misses one at some point.
  4. Climbing is a function of the walk action, so any other type of movement must go around.
  5. Mine is scheduled for tomorrow night; Dreamer vs Ivan. I'm feeling like she's gonna be a rock star in gg2. But I'm in the same boat, no experience yet. I need to carve out time to play her in non-event games before I drop her in the series.
  6. The MWS is slowly working on a dashboard: check it out This is where the data MC posted is going to be. The guys working on it are putting the final touches on this new tab. It's a work in progress, but if you have data questions you'd like answered, let us know and we'll add it to the to-do list.
  7. Agree about balance. In terms of resolving the pushes, I think it will actually speed things up. Because there there will be a significant arc of possible movement, you won't need to bust out the laser unless you're trying to push along one of the edges of the arc.
  8. @Da Git doing the data delete thing fixed all these for me.
  9. Deleting your app's data from your phone and re-downloading all the cards has worked for some people who were having update issues.
  10. He might even... be fair 😫
  11. You're exaggerating a bit, but yeah. It's not "any direction" in that it's limited by an arc, though that arc is very wide if models are btb. No. You choose the points, then follow through with the push until it goes its full distance or is interrupted.
  12. We'll definitely give this consideration. As you said, a lot of the big issues have been resolved. Folks should drop a react or a comment so the MWS team can gauge the community interest one way or another.
  13. It's not broken because the intent is to explicitly give pushes away/towards a huge buff in versatility. You now get a arc to choose the angle a model moves. I'm sure some stuff (scatter) gets hella strong, but I think this will be a huge time saver by minimizing the need for minute and precise positioning to get the effect you want.
  14. Hello All, Posting an update here so everyone knows what the plan is for the MWS FAQ. There's a lot of our rulings that are now addressed directly by official FAW/Errata. In every instance, Wyrd's ruling is always going to supersede anything we ruled for the series. Over the next few days, we will be updating the series FAQ to removing anything that contradicts the official errata or is made redundant. Please be patient as it'll take us some time to do this. If you do have any questions, or need further clarification on anything, feel free to comment in this thread and we'll get to it
  15. I think only Lucius could really do it at a Runic Binding rate, and he's reliant on Draw Out Secrets to make that happen.
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