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  1. Yesss. Artillary Euripides is my favorite for this. Euri, Gigants, Emissary for stagger, hazardous, forced movement, severe, blasts, and shockwaves from 8" out. Paired with cyclops and the primordial magic for a little range scheme control.
  2. I know it's a wishlist item for a lot of people, but I think it would be a lot of work to add (if it's even possible) and the module is being curated by a couple of dudes volunteering their free time.
  3. Unfortunately that's not an option at the moment. You'll have to drag your crew into the map after you load it
  4. When you have a map open you have to close the current scenario before you can load a new one. Not at home, so I don't remember the exact terminology, but it's through the File menu. I think "Close Game" or something to close and then "Load New Game" to load a new map. Or something like it. The map button on the bar just cycles between background images, it doesn't do what you're looking for.
  5. Anya and Sovereign are the coolest. Love the mechathunderbird.
  6. I'm definitely guilty of not giving Pandora enough credit in Symbols. Especially in the square deployments she can really make scoring for the enemy tough. Taking her into assassinate pools always feels risky, but that's probably just the Neverborn curse. We score it, we give it up.
  7. Aight, y'all have convinced me that Luci is a lot better at the off-center game than I gave him credit for. Nice.
  8. I could just be wrong about him wanting to control center. He does want a little bit of bubbling to happen though. But it can be fairly disparate. If he's controlling the center it's because of Alan. I don't know if it holds up against the alpha crews (probably not). But assuming not an alpha crew, Boring Convo + Diversion is a problem that needs to be dealt with and shielded + stones can keep him up. Lawyers for slow. Candy for stun and more discard. It doesn't take long for OP to run out of cards and their action econ will be real bad. I've pulled it off vs Jedza. Yep. Maybe
  9. It sounds like Hamelin gets the best of both worlds. He can contend the center and force (trick?) the enemy into fighting for the middle, but at the same time he's not losing by a blowout if he loses that fight.
  10. With a crew like Hamelin, do you think you want control the center but not necessarily score there? Assuming you do stand center, what are your best scoring vectors that don't rely on winning that central conflict?
  11. I have yet to take either in my Luci crews. Fly With Me on Nephilim could do similar things. I use Lawyer obeys on Candy to get her into the opponent's deployment T1. Pushes from "Stand Back! It's Evidence" can get you a lot of extra distance, or as stated earlier, a free disengagement. No worries. In your defense, Lucius is going to struggle the most out of all of Neverborn in trying to avoid center. He totally wants to hold center and make it hard for the opponent to go there. Because of that, he's not the best case study.
  12. There's a lot more in this game than leap that can jump a front line. Neverborn as a whole are great at it. However, there's more options than just going deep. Think laterally as well.
  13. You're definitely right about this being map dependent. There's also a lot of maps where being in the center cuts you off from other portions of the board though, so it could easily fall either way. If a map is open, center can project threat anywhere, but a lot of maps do have choke and funnels that make redeploying from center a pain. Totally. It's not equal by any means. Which is why being able to recognize when you can avoid the center fight instead of engaging it is so important. Lucius definitely likes being central, but maybe he and some support stay central while his scoring
  14. I want more side/corner schemes, but I think PR was too hard (unless cheesable) and Outflank was too easy. Granted, it was satisfying as heck to deny Outflank. Regardless, let's not turn this into another wishlist / wistful memories thread.
  15. I would challenge that people are falling into a mindset of "Claim Jump exists so I must take it" too often.
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