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  1. A Bit of Consciousness, Tangled Up and Trailing Strings don't... appear anywhere in the book so... I have no idea what they do...
  2. So I kinda only own Rottenburg far as campaign modules go what you guys think about it?
  3. Anyone but me want something like a Collodi or Dreamer themed class? Oh and a Pandora themed prestige pursuit be sweet
  4. I see! I just worry about the popularity as I never hear anything about it on SM
  5. So I hear there is NDA alpha/beta testing for TTB's latest expansion (I wonder if ttb is doing well enough or they just gonna kill it after Nightmares..) but as someone who wasn't aware of it so didn't request to join (not like I have a group to test with) I wanted to express what I hope we can get mostly Pursuits as I'm not picky about readings. I'm really hopeful for either a Puppeteer with marionettes or a summoner. I hope the Pursuits in Neverborn are more malevolent
  6. I hope the NB book has a puppeteer pursuit. Please?
  7. Hey I'm Nathan and I got an official Wyrd suit deck (several) 3 books (not 2nd edition however) and two campaigns. I'm really eager to join an OP event for TTB but the FB groups I'm in are all not into it. Surely someone in Ohio wants to run a game?
  8. Hmm My concept is being an Illusionist and a Wastrel to manipulate the fate deck and be rather flamboyantly magical
  9. Arg my 'Gambit Meets David Copperfield' Fated is all wiblly wobily and needs some reworking.. So Acting Value is the + I get and the Rank is the level..? Are they the same thing..? Also Nobody likes idea of attacking with poker cards. What kinda stats would they have? I'm kinda hellbent on having cards as a thrown weapon as my only attack really. Also you want to wait till your second stats at end of 'tarot reading' to add the stats you'll focus on yes..?
  10. I was at Origins all week. So maybe somebody could run a game? I rather not but
  11. I don't mind I just hopee it's longer thenkill two guys. "And that's it hope you buy the game!"
  12. I was wondering if anyone wanted to try and set up a game? Also I never used vassal so... But I wanna be an Illusionist so. (well first I wanna be a Wastrel then an Illusionist so I can create a Malifaux style Twisted Fate from League of Legends)
  13. Hey I bought a ticket to a TTB session it says 120 minutes..That a full game? Last year I was in one it was create a char then we did a demo (I also died first round of combat...) Was finished after about 2 rounds of combat or so...
  14. So been to like 3 hobby shop stores none of them sell TTB hell the store that sells malifaux told me "Nobody likes it so we dropped it." Really? Does no one in Ohio like this game? I asked several times (not at once) in my malifaux group bout it and everybody says same thing. "No one cares or has time to concern themselves with it." But everybody will focus on malifaux... I like malifaux has two crews but I'm not very good at it and have bad anxiety so I'd rather focus on TTB. Now does the Wyrd employees have permission to tell me of any stores in Ohio that actively buys TTB? Cuz it seems no o
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