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  1. Don't neglect the Wild Boars either, which are quite effective "mini" War Pigs now. Maybe not a good choice to send barrelling into the enemy crew, but they are fast and can 1v1 most schemers in the game. The new pig Squealers can also function well as healers. I'm curious to try an "Only Ulix and Pigs" crew with no other sooey models (besides Penelope of course) and see how well it functions.
  2. I'm fairly certain Matt and Kyle both know Somer is in a weird spot, or at least that's the widely held perception. Either they will last minute "fix" him (although without testing that might not be a good idea), or they will let him float around for a while and get settled in. It's also possible they know something we don't in regards to future content or scenarios which may shift him drastically. I think he's fluffy enough and "mechanical" enough (like... It's an interesting schtick), to warrant just letting him be and tweaking a number here or there on his models. I don't think Somer himself is bad at all. I see Big Hat like a toolbox; most useful toolboxes have things like wrenches and hammers that are all purpose things. Then you have the Alan wrenches and hex keys, which are more specialized. Finally you'll have the one tool that you never touch until the one fateful day you need it and of course its gone. Somers toolbox consists of one wrench (GOBs) and then a bunch of 12" -star-shaped single-locked torque-wrenches with butterfly stickers on 'em. Sure you will probably need it one day... But until then it sits on the shelf.
  3. SAYNE

    Anti armor

    True but if they bonus action focus they can't heal either
  4. SAYNE

    Anti armor

    If you know you're going into armor Sparks is a good tech pick although he takes practice since he's got a lot of moving parts. He's super annoying though so expect him to get focused quickly. Otherwise, anything that gives out stunned (so all the Swampfiends) can mess with bonus action healing and concentrate action economy. Test Subjects, War Pigs, Wild Boars, Rami, Emissary all can ignore armor on triggers.
  5. I'm just happy Lucius feels so much better now. Not even just power level, but I don't feel like I have to jump through hoops and remember all the tiny details to feel like a sadistic manipulative mons- I mean Secretary. Dashel is also pretty much a force to reckon with so now that I inexplicably have 2 guild masters now (and the keywords for both) I might as well play the newish kid on the block. TBH other than Perdita (poor gal) everyone feels good. Not OP but good enough to put on a good show even if they lose. Perdita suffers a lot from her own idealogy. Nobody likes super powerful gunlines (I blame the dwarves). So her entire concept can't really exist as it does in the fluff, there had to be something else or some hoops to jump through and it just kinda got thrown into a blender. Hopefully it's at least a tasty mush. But it ain't pretty. Edit: Honestly It just feels bad that Parker's gang of thugs and thieves is a better gunline than the Ortegas.
  6. My top picks are Lucius (biased af), Zoraida, and Euripedes. I think Marcus and Nekima are probably the lowest, mostly due to durability. Marcus lacks the tricks and is surprising nobody. I don't think he's bad, but without extreme speed, and a lack of ranged options, I just feel like he's gonna get torn apart before he gets the ball rolling. Nekima has the speed to close the gap quicker with a ton less setup, but it's essentially Viks 2.0 where you either win early or fail. The growth is a win more mechanic as it can't really be done (well) without interaction. At least their black blood guarantees that you'll take somebody with you if you derp charge in. Seems like a very blunt instrument (very fluffy and good!) In a glass cannon crew (very fluffy and bad!) The rest seem good. I think NB might be more wheels turning then ever without going anywhere, but they have a lot of powerful effects and models that can make the game go their way regardless. Also Lucius needs to stay underrated for as long as possible. Trust me. He's not OP. Nope... Edit: As much as I rag on Marcus I do think he's strong, but thats mostly because everyone uses Rougarou in droves. They influence his power level so much that I can hardly say it's him or his keyword. If Rougarou ever gets nerfed, I think Marcus would see a lot less play. See the Arcanist forums.
  7. From an outsider perspective (I play Bayou almost exclusively), I think Revenants could be up there too based on sheer numbers. I want to say Redchapel isn't bad either but it's really just that Seamus is good himself so he'll probably get stuffed into a few lists rather than the other way around. Yan Lo is also bonkers strong too, but his keyword is so tied to his success, and not particularly amazing either, so I agree there. Tormented seem fine. The only one that looks bad-ish is Transmortis but I might just not be getting it. It seems like a lot of spinning wheels without any torque. I actually originally thought Forgotten was... Well... Forgotten because I hadn't paid them any attention since CB when they were completely different and either really powerful or useless.
  8. SAYNE

    Ophelia and Kin

    Yeah Ophelia is gonna be a master that benefits a lot from hiring OoK since she herself does not rely on synergy to work. Somer or Brewie both heavily rely on synergy so not them. Zipp is another great choice for OoK. Mah is slightly more dependent but that's because she wants to stack all the initiative bonuses and pit traps she can, maybe one OoK. Zoraida could care less and it was even kinda encouraged with the Enthrall ability she had some time ago. Wong might take one, but you'd have to be very careful because they likely wouldn't be blast resistant. Ulix I can see taking one depending on the list. It needs synergy but it doesn't cost a lot for the engine to run, so anything with card draw/manipulation (looking at you BBB) will probably be taken regularly.
  9. Burt does confuse me a little, in the same vein Francois does. I don't think it was malicious, but I do believe they left such bad tastes in people's mouths that they're being designed at "almost" good enough to their cost. Burt is versatile, but why? Likely a throwback to his mercenary nature and the fact he's so widespread in people's collections, but mechanically he has little synergy outside his keyword, and not a lot in it either. He's truly a solo (duo with Gracie) piece. If anything, I'd love a lone wolf style bubble where he gets better when he's alone or only with Gracie. I think slippery is a bit too much of a throwback to old Burt and honestly it was kinda cheap at times in conjunction with H2K and easy access to healing. Really I just want to see a reason for his versatility. Give him a "I work better alone" : This model gains + to DF flips if there are no friendly models within 2. I don't intend for it to be specifically that ability, but moreso for an inspirational guideline. He really needs a role, whether that be Scheming, Scheme Hunting (which he should be REALLY good at for 8 stones), raw damage missile, or something.
  10. Firstly thanks for the poll, I thinks it's an interesting piece of data. I would say though obviously take this with heaps of salt, I know I for one didn't list any crew I don't own, and furthermore ones I haven't tested yet.
  11. Idk this is really selling Sparks to me. Might need to pick him up soon now 😬
  12. I second Trixie having don't mind me, would make her unique in Mahs Keyword. The Df6 would allow her to get in, flip a marker, get out, and drag things around
  13. They aren't DF 8, it's only actions I thought. Otherwise I have been playing very wrong lol
  14. I agree with the consensus that GH has a rather tough difficulty curve and due to the synergistic nature of the army and the lack of having all the pieces, some "builds" aren't even actually available yet (SPECKLES I'M LOOKING AT YOU). I lost (nearly) all of my early games with them, and I was the one of the two of us who read the rules!! So yeah, definitely gonna be a bit before the big GH players come out ahead, especially while we wait for some of our more critical units to hit shelves. After some games and a familiarity with the system, I can comfortably say that they perform consistently well as long as you keep the game close until turn 4. By then, hopefully, attrition will have run it's course. And as a word of advice to any who are looking at this... PROTECT YOUR DAMN KARKINOI, they are NOT there to lead the charge! lol
  15. Looks great! Slight nitpick, I'm fairly certain it's spelt "Morale" in Morale Action (the flag). Otherwise I would accuse my little Gibberers of suddenly growing a conscience! Additionally, do you have any idea how I could make these printouts "card sized"?
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