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  1. I don't see it as a Nerf bat though to make adjustments to the eel. It's a mechanic that is inconsistent with the rest of similar mechanics in the game for no reason. If another unit had the same ability I'd suggest toning it down on that one too unless it had nothing else going for it, which the eel clearly does. If there are too many "feel bad moments" in a game it makes the game unhealthy and ultimately worse. I'm not saying anything about Abyssinia because I don't KNOW Abyssinia well enough to comment. Not that I feel they are immune to nerfing.
  2. I'm actually ignorant to the Megaphone upgrade, so... I could imagine adding versatile to both Megaphone and Relics would be fine and up the cost by 1. I just have a thematic issue with a horde of Hunter killer sharks being the best healers in the game... By a large section of my force I mean points wise, not raw model count. Once again, I'm not sure how I'd change it, since a respawning Titan or eel would be intense... Yeah, I'd rather Madmen just be redesigned to not make the entire unit immune to shaken tokens. Maybe not being able to use them against their attacks, but their defense could be. It just again makes Cult tankier than it "should" be according to the allegiance description. As much as I want more elite GH units, I really don't want to break away from the whole cheap horde idea. I think Pitched Assault just doesn't work with their glory mechanic, and there aren't enough ways to approach objectives sideways that their hordiness can benefit from. My dream would be to change Pitched to Scrip killed rather than Model/Unit/Fireteam. Commanders would be worth some arbitrary number.
  3. Yes I'm saying the eels should be nerfed. This wasn't a Nerf only rhinos thread. Horo is already used far more often than some of the other commanders. I don't think it would neuter him, but if he was slightly weaker it might be okay. I have no problems with my faction getting slightly weaker if it means less feel bad moments for me and my opponent. I may have to reread supply cache, but I thought it said it had to be placed at least 12/8" away from other Markers. It does not specify which kind. I would like to Nerf summoning in a way, as it stops some currently abusive strategies, such as Behind Enemy Lines to immediately flip a marker without counterplay unless you babysit it. It gives the opponent a chance to react to it. Giving the summoned unit full squads at least allows it to have a chance at survival.
  4. I guess this should be in general in a way, but i'd like to compile a list of "seems unintended" or bad interactions that takes the player's out if the game. Keep in mind I rarely play Earthside factions (only friends proxying) so I can't comment much on their states. There will always be strong combos so I'm going to try to avoid listing those, just some of the more egregious ones. 1. Rhinos are feel bad no matter how you approach them. 2. Nothing in the game should be able to reduce damage directly to 0. Assets can only reduce a numerical value of damage, and so should other models mechanics. Eels do this a lot, as do Rhinos. 3. Relics of Ancient Malifaux should be a Versatile, Once per Activation action. This stops Frenzy abuse and also makes it more attractive to anyone else. 4. Portal generation should not limit where Supply Cache markers can go. If placed correctly your opponent can't score. Either Supply Cache needs to be changed or Portals need to not effect objectives. 5. Pitched Assault directly counters GH. Yes I've played and won games, it was always an uphill battle. No other allegiance suffers quite as hard from a strategy. 6. GH is also the only faction that has units that don't count for it's own special rules. I understand recursion is insanely powerful, but it's a feel bad that sometimes a big chunk of your force can't come back. 7. Every faction should have a non-asset way to generate tokens. At the very least Pinned. This might not be necessary if Relics is nerfed. 8. Adjuncts need to be retweaked. Morphlings literally only exist to fill gaps and if you don't take Engineers/Raving Madmen you're doing it wrong. 9. Cult mitigates it's own "weaknesses" a tad to easily (see above point). Shaken tokens should probably be more applicable to them. 10. I don't think Tide Pools feel very fun to play against, especially when used en masse. This feeds into the next point- 11. Unresisted damage that can be cheated is bad. Awful. As much as I love to use it, it is one of the worst feelings in the game. All agency is removed from the player. Stormsiren has to win her Lure duel, but with an 8 value she rarely loses. If things like hazardous terrain force you to take damage, the opposing player should not be able to cheat or reflip it. 12. Summoning feels lackluster for squads, coming into the board 1-2 fireteams down doesn't make much sense especially if they don't spawn in with reinforcement tokens. My proposition is that models summon at full strength with 2 pinned markers on them and count as activated for the turn they are summoned. GH, since it is summoned before the turn doesn't worry about being activated but the 2 pins still apply. This prevents summons from holding an area the moment they are brought in, while also having a fighting chance. It doesn't allow someone to summon, then immediately rush down an objective the same activation or turn. It also reduces the need to either sit in place with a Focused Effort or have some kind of healer to be useful whatsoever. Feel free to make your own lists for Earthside allegiances.
  5. @bedjy I don't typically "let" them stack tokens, usually 2 or 3 is enough to last them a few turns. Not sure how youra are dying so fast but it could be a combination of high Strength attacks, lots of card draw, intense (and I mean really) focus fire, or perhaps just bad luck. I by no means think the rhino is unkillable, and there are a few ways to deal with it even in GH faction, but my main concern is the awful taste it leaves in someone's mouth. You see this amazing sculpt, for a cheap cost, and it draws you too it. You play it, and now your opponent either refuses to play with rhinos again, or just doesn't believe in the balance anymore. Eels aren't immune to a balance pass either, Reinforcements should only block 1 damage, not the whole thing. But even so, the eel doesn't benefit from Endless Numbers, also requires lots of tokens. It USES the tokens it gains to split (hence weakening it for a time), and it can, at maximum, kill one fireteam per turn barring stratagems.
  6. And now they won't play with or against it. We've gone through a few demos with the Cult and GH boxes, talked about some of the units, and then my demoing partner and I inevitably land on the subject of the Rhino. It felt wrong to sweep it under the rug, so we talked about it. If they've played wargames before their eyes almost immediately glaze over with either dread or excitement. After all, who doesn't want to control a big nasty rhino? We tried to discuss how to handle it and when it comes to GH I usually just shrug. There's a couple ways I've played that can mitigate it, but outside of raw luck the strats are complicated and tricky. Faking Strength 5 hits by pulling the rhino through multiple pools (+1 Str per pool traveled through), Massive arms with the Titan, lure it away from portals, bodyblock with large bases or high armored Whelks. It isn't hopeless until you begin to realize how point and click the rhino is vs. the effort/luck involved to defeat one. And that's before we mention you can take more than one. We've considered maybe it's the durability that makes it too much. Maybe it's the shaken token immunity. Maybe it's only Fenton that makes them a nightmare, or Toughness itself. It inevitably boils down to Fire Nova. The single easy TN to make multiple fireteams take unresistable damage. I sometimes forget it can charge and has a respectable melee attack, because honestly when would you do that? Would the Rhino still be good even without Nova? It's got the durability, the mobility of the portals, the disruption of No Morale bubble, and a good melee charge. Should the Rhino be capable of AoE in the faction that already has access to mobile bombs, AoE Commander, Doomseekers, and insane mobility? Let me know your take, and keep in mind this is from the perspective of a GH player.
  7. Just wanted to thank and congratulate everyone who helped make the Bayou a better place this past year. It was great reading up everything you could come up with and all the changes that were made because of that. So give yourselves a pat on the back for all the time and effort put in. If anyone has any closing thoughts, regrets, memorable moments, or the like you should post it now before it all disappears! So I'll start first: I wish I had made more battle reports. I'm gonna miss summoning 10+ Bayou Gremlins for explosion fodder. Big Brain Brin is probably the new Francois and finds his way into every crew. I think Mah still needs a few touches but I still think it's fun. The flavor of all the Keywords is perfect. I think I made a big impact in the generation of the new Bayou Gremlin triggers with my suggestions and I feel very proud of that. I want all the designers past and present to know how thankful I am to be a part of this journey. And lastly, I still want a Napoleon Lenny.
  8. Two words: Gremlin Pilots.
  9. The best thing about Gibbering Hordes is their versatility based on opponents choices. The "best" answer to your question is whatever the opponent doesn't want you to use. If against KE either Whelks or Skulkers as they tend to counter them well. Abysinnia you're going to either go speed or hitting power, so either Yarazi or Karkinoi. Cult struggles in the long game, and is arguably the hardest matchup as you both counter each other. In this case it's better to play whatever you're comfortable with, but a second Karkinoi or Whelks can't hurt. Anything weaker just tends to die too fast. Mirror match is my secret weapon, Barbed Crawlers are fantastic against the hordes. Especially if they didn't think to bring Whelks.
  10. The key word is push Up to 4". 0" counts as up to 4".
  11. Don't neglect the Wild Boars either, which are quite effective "mini" War Pigs now. Maybe not a good choice to send barrelling into the enemy crew, but they are fast and can 1v1 most schemers in the game. The new pig Squealers can also function well as healers. I'm curious to try an "Only Ulix and Pigs" crew with no other sooey models (besides Penelope of course) and see how well it functions.
  12. I'm fairly certain Matt and Kyle both know Somer is in a weird spot, or at least that's the widely held perception. Either they will last minute "fix" him (although without testing that might not be a good idea), or they will let him float around for a while and get settled in. It's also possible they know something we don't in regards to future content or scenarios which may shift him drastically. I think he's fluffy enough and "mechanical" enough (like... It's an interesting schtick), to warrant just letting him be and tweaking a number here or there on his models. I don't think Somer himself is bad at all. I see Big Hat like a toolbox; most useful toolboxes have things like wrenches and hammers that are all purpose things. Then you have the Alan wrenches and hex keys, which are more specialized. Finally you'll have the one tool that you never touch until the one fateful day you need it and of course its gone. Somers toolbox consists of one wrench (GOBs) and then a bunch of 12" -star-shaped single-locked torque-wrenches with butterfly stickers on 'em. Sure you will probably need it one day... But until then it sits on the shelf.
  13. SAYNE

    Anti armor

    True but if they bonus action focus they can't heal either
  14. SAYNE

    Anti armor

    If you know you're going into armor Sparks is a good tech pick although he takes practice since he's got a lot of moving parts. He's super annoying though so expect him to get focused quickly. Otherwise, anything that gives out stunned (so all the Swampfiends) can mess with bonus action healing and concentrate action economy. Test Subjects, War Pigs, Wild Boars, Rami, Emissary all can ignore armor on triggers.
  15. I'm just happy Lucius feels so much better now. Not even just power level, but I don't feel like I have to jump through hoops and remember all the tiny details to feel like a sadistic manipulative mons- I mean Secretary. Dashel is also pretty much a force to reckon with so now that I inexplicably have 2 guild masters now (and the keywords for both) I might as well play the newish kid on the block. TBH other than Perdita (poor gal) everyone feels good. Not OP but good enough to put on a good show even if they lose. Perdita suffers a lot from her own idealogy. Nobody likes super powerful gunlines (I blame the dwarves). So her entire concept can't really exist as it does in the fluff, there had to be something else or some hoops to jump through and it just kinda got thrown into a blender. Hopefully it's at least a tasty mush. But it ain't pretty. Edit: Honestly It just feels bad that Parker's gang of thugs and thieves is a better gunline than the Ortegas.
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