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  1. SAYNE

    Thoughts about M3E

    Parker's ability to charge and shoot seems to facilitate the run and gun play since charge is a single action I believe. It never said they need to use their guns in melee I don't think? So for example. Parker "charges" perpendicular to an enemy model and shoots. Then "charges" back to his original location and shoots again. It's basically a free shot every time you move... At least that's what I'd hope for and believe would make sense. Especially if they keep their middling damage tracks or low accuracy. Bandits aren't known for their crackshots. Just tons of feckin' bullets
  2. SAYNE

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Anybody else notice the "Summon Upgrade" restriction on Strong Right Hand? Seems like that's how they may limit summons. I.e. You have a limited amount of summon upgrades to give out.
  3. SAYNE

    Kaeris M3E (way too early edition)

    careful for NDA's. Not sure if this is a spoiler or not, but i'd keep actual testing to a whisper
  4. SAYNE

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    True, but without a rather painful story, the two are mutually exclusive where Death is concerned, unless EVERYONE eventually joins the filthy Ressers (lol). And the fact that it is a game does not detract that it is also a Hobby, and a story, and at this point a universe. All of those things are equally important to what Wyrd envisions, otherwise they probably wouldn't bother.
  5. @Aaron doing the good (dark) lord's work over here.
  6. SAYNE

    m3e faction announce

    Well, i'll miss the ease and simplicity of just saying the "Green Guys" to everyone who doesn't know Malifaux since just saying Bayou is gonna make them all twist their heads at me. We didn't really have a line-up change, although Brewie is OURS now and Zipp is now shared, I don't mind that either way. I think the new playstyles for each master seem like a very positive change and will help each Master have their own spotlight. Hopefully Keywords in faction get more varied i.e: Smuggler gets the Swampfiend keyword, Mah gets her own, etc. Lastly, I hope we can get all the Grem-yous to be more active and constructive in this closed beta! Most of our issues were internal, and should have/could have been caught early in the beta process for the first wave of M2E. Lets hope to a bright and (moon)shining future!
  7. SAYNE

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Lenny is El Presidente, Forever and Always. It was a democratic victory, fair and square. Saddened at the fact the Grem-... I mean Bayous... didn't gain anybody new. Oh well, not like I didn't have too many models in the first place.
  8. SAYNE

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    In the fluff Wong likes wrestling so it would make sense for him. Brewie would just be confused at Lenny's inability to get drunk. Like it's not possible, he can't gain poison.
  9. I am torn. On one hand part of me feels the influence of a male-eye on Colette and her crew, particularly some of the fluff, and it's not exactly "daughter" material. On the other, Colette IS a proponent for Girl Power and the right to do as she wishes with her charms and sexuality and her crew sorta follows that. Malifaux has by far and above (from what I've SEEN at least) the most diversified cast of power women, all without making them seem "girly". But that leads me to the fact that "girly" is just fine too, and isn't particularly out of place anywhere. It's not like Malifaux doesn't have people that like pink or ponies in it... Not even sure where I was rambling with this lol.
  10. SAYNE

    The year of the guild...!or not...

    Guild still feels like middle of the pack to me, apart from gg17, has always felt relatively balanced. You don't have any awful masters anymore, (except maybe mcMourning, but it's a choice to bring him anyway) and your range of useful minions is increasing dramatically. I would say Guild still somewhat suffers from being overly specialized, sans Nellie but that is one of the "staple" weaknesses of the faction. Just like TT struggles with armor, Neverborn is squish like Gremlins, Arcanists... Just kinda suffer, Ressers tend to have weakest early game etc. Now these are generalizations and NOT rules, but it's fair that Guild has a weakness in this regard. Out activation is always an issue in a faction where lots of big models cost a lot, but with the recent Guild Guard decrease and their usefulness as scheme runners I definitely haven't seen more than a model or two difference to start with most games I've played, which is usually overcome relatively early with Guilds high AVs and higher damage tracks. Most factions don't exclusively have a card draw engine either, it's usually a master or specific combo that allows it, and Lucius is getting infamous for how GOOD Deep Pockets is (I'd throw condescending in there too if your opponents regularly draw tons of cards). Lastly, someone does have to come in last place. It isn't always a great feeling, and I'm fairly certain that Guild is not the worst faction, but even if it was, would that matter? Guild can win *almost* as easily as any faction, and it did have a period of time where it was THE winning faction. It happens all the time and could always happen again. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my gremgrems to be clear winners.
  11. I'm sorry but I don't feel secure enough about my testosterone levels to have this array of cuteness out and about. Not in my grimdark edgy sci-fi spacemarine filled gore-niverse consisting of tiny plastic big boy toys. Tl;Dr: 5/7.8 needs more water and spiky bits. /S P.S. Gj Wyrd, you funny scum. ❤️
  12. SAYNE

    Go To Master

    Somer was my first love (started in M2e) and I have the majority of the gremlin faction at this point. I love his versatility and style. I never feel like I'm shooting myself in the foot (until I literally shoot myself) and even though he sometimes feels unreliable, he can wipe that all away with amazing luck. Just a "feels-right" master to me.
  13. Sparks 1SS A New Kind of Army This model gains these abilities You'll be Back: After a friendly living non-construct gremlin within 6" is killed by an enemy action, you may discard a 8 or higher card of any suit and remove a scrap marker within 6" to summon a Survivor in base contact with the target before the target is removed. The Survivor resolves an effect based upon the suit of the card discarded. At the end of the Target's next activation, sacrifice it. Rams: This model does not gain Slow. Tomes: Place a scheme marker in base contact with this model. Masks: Push this model up to 3" in any direction. Crows: This model may immediately take a (1) action. Sparks 1SS I Like Them Better When They Don't Talk. Cyborgs don't feel pain: Friendly Constructs in play may remove a scrap marker within 3" after suffering damage from an attack to reduce the damage by one. Sparks gains the following tactical action (1) Reverse reverse Engineering: This model may discard any number of cards to remove up to the number of cards discarded scheme markers within 4". Before removing the scheme markers, place a scrap marker in base contact with them.
  14. SAYNE

    Nicknames and avatars

    My name came from a long story of me being a slightly edgy teenager where I used to sign things as Insayne Chyld after some concerned parents tried to lock me up for being too "scary". After I grew up I realized that Y's are still cool but I have much more control over my thoughts. So I'm just Sayne now... With a twist! The picture is of an adorable twin tailed cat from Kyoukai no Kanata named Ai. I think it's just super cute. Horror and Cute things... Yeah I guess that works.
  15. Like many other players (with an objectively high sense of taste), I love the Lucky Emissary model. I, like many other Gremlin players, tend to look at it a bit sadly however in direct comparison to certain other Emissaries and it's seeming lack of purpose on the battlefield. Rather than post a long and lengthy description of why I feel it's a solid B- in a faction full of C's and A+, I've decided to throw my potential fix to the wind with enough hot air to make it fly. Before the idea however, a tiny conundrum; what embodies the Gremlin faction? There are a few philosophies, but most boil down to: AP efficiency, Low cost models, Fragility in wound count, and a certain degree of unpredictability or "randomness". The Lucky Emissary has a little bit of AP efficiency in it's occasional free push, and a bit of unpredictability in it's "Reach into the Hat..." ability. One important distinction between the Hat ability and the other randomness though, is the other randomness found on other models usually has a Great option, two middling options, and a bad option. Or simply put, more Oomph in the chance. Meanwhile, the Hat ability seems... fairly tame for an option that can usually only be used once, MAYBE twice per game. Hence, the idea for my potential "what if?" scenario, a completely redesigned Hat ability that still maintains the fairly iconic unpredictability with more power in it's chance. Firstly, the ability already starts at a disadvantage from the get go, requiring multiple friendly models to live to the at least 3rd turn for this ability to even function. As it currently states, if you are losing the game (not horrendously of course), you already should only have a portion of your original models still intact, and their placement will likely not be ideal. This leads to many of the current possible bonuses applied either moot (a fast skeeter... cool? Or Nice I healed my already full health Bayou Gremlin on the outskirt for 2... while Burt is sitting at 1 wound center table; you get the idea) or relying on that chance for an effect that might help. If you're already winning the game, where you have most of your models by turn 3, the opponents models are likely already dwindling, and any buff you apply is just overkill at that point, you might as well keep the regeneration. It becomes a "win-more" mechanic and myself and many others have a poor impression of these abilities in the first place. To make the ability more universally applicable, it should instead affect enemies within LoS with a full new loadout of similar effects. Depending on the strength of these effects during playtesting there may be other checks in place, such as range, or a duel to resist. This ensures that if you are losing the game, and your opponent has more remaining models than you, you can "catch-up" by evening the odds by potentially inflicting damage, or a negative status ailment, or something of that ilk. And if you are winning, we'll you're already winning and there are less enemies then for you to disrupt. Secondly, I believe there should be 3 triggers rather than 4 (I'll touch on why in a moment). Similar to what we currently have but reversed for enemy interaction so: A Ram for Slow. A Crow can deal 2 damage, ignoring reduction (it's only 2 damage). A Mask can be exactly the same, place within 4" or if that's too powerful 3". The Tome option has always been the most situational and hence why I feel it should be changed entirely. Thirdly, add in the final 4th trigger on Tomes to each conflux (including the general), for a more Master specific ability. For example: Ulix: "All enemy models may make a Ml attack action against this model if able." Powerful? Absolutely, but it's the kinda Oomph this model needed with synergy to boot. Now of course, this can still affect a model all the way in your opponents backfield so it's less satisfying in that regard, but the potential it brings outweighs the risk, and the chance of something else universally useful happening is high. Ulix: "All enemy models may make a (1) Ml attack action against this target if able." Ophelia: "This model receives a to DF for actions taken against it for this turn." Somer: "This model discards a card for each other model with 3'" Zipp: "This model counts as Ht1 until the end of the turn." Mah: "The opponent draws a card for each enemy model within 3'" Brewmaster: "This model receives a to all WP duels until the end of turn." Wong: "Every enemy model in range may make a (1) Ca action targeting this model if able." Zoraida: "This model takes a 1 AP action chosen by the opponent" Thank you for your time slogging through this! I hope it was entertaining at least! Give me your thoughts, comments, concerns, commendations, job openings, cake, feedback, criticism, restraining orders below!