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  1. SAYNE

    Alternate Scenario Ideas

    Fair enough, didn't account for his difference in scrip cost.
  2. SAYNE

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Then she casually put them back in the box and taped it up with tons of packing peanuts. How sweet.
  3. SAYNE

    Alternate Scenario Ideas

    "We found the nest!" 1 Commander + 10 Scrip Earthside Allegiance Attacker Gibbering Hordes Defender Special Rules: Behind Enemy Lines Stratagem is illegal. The GH Player begins with 5 free egg clutches. These clutches may not activate and do not count towards the player's model count. These clutches must be placed in the Defenders deployment zone. Scoring: The Attacker wins if they manage to kill all 5 special Egg Clutches AND have units remaining by the end of Turn 5. If either condition is not met, the Defender wins. Deployment, 4'x4' Standard or Corners. I make no claim to the balance of this Operation.
  4. SAYNE


    Gibbering hordes probably more so than any other faction benefits immensely from having all units available to it and also making it to a turn 5 game. Most games I've won were won in the last two turns, when my numbers begin to reveal themselves. The area denial gets stronger and stronger. This is definitely a "slowly choke your opponent" army to me.
  5. SAYNE


    I had a similar experience when I was starting, I'll be honest, if you're playing single Commander with Storm you basically have to bring Relics and (personally) Unnatural Reflexes for Card draw/cycle and cheating second. It's so beneficial in the long run. Most of my games go to turn five and I usually only win by a few points, but that's kind of how it works some times. We play better on the slow roll game modes and Pitched Assault is a nightmare. Set traps is nearly unfair against Hordes since eggs can drop the traps so easily from absolutely anywhere. You will lose more than half the battles, but when you win, they don't come back. Also, Heavy Rains. At least once or twice a game.
  6. SAYNE

    Cult Lists?

    I think there are times I would take Fenton over Adeodatos in something like Scavenge or maybe against KE since his token generation helps mitigate all the inspiration they can make. He seems to be the "staying power" commander, when blitzing won't solve anything or when you're going against Cult yourself.
  7. SAYNE

    Abyssina vs. Cult Allegiance boxes

    The glory mechanic is part of the balance factor as well I imagine. Abyssinia has statistically the best units, and also the most expensive which tends to mean fewer of them overall. If it was easy to flip them to glory, they would have such a statistical advantage (gloried Mehals have armor what, 9?) They would be practically impossible to deal with. It's probably the biggest counter play Abysinnia has, since they're adept at Range, Melee, Survivability and action economy. The only thing stopping them is sending more units to hold them off and PTFO. Or preventing them from glorying , since it's the hardest allegiance to do so, so they cannot take advantage of their insane stats. I hope you keep playing. Perhaps try switching armies for a game?
  8. SAYNE


    I haven't received mine either. I've been busy anyway, but I'm so stoked to read it.
  9. SAYNE

    Thoughts about M3E

    Parker's ability to charge and shoot seems to facilitate the run and gun play since charge is a single action I believe. It never said they need to use their guns in melee I don't think? So for example. Parker "charges" perpendicular to an enemy model and shoots. Then "charges" back to his original location and shoots again. It's basically a free shot every time you move... At least that's what I'd hope for and believe would make sense. Especially if they keep their middling damage tracks or low accuracy. Bandits aren't known for their crackshots. Just tons of feckin' bullets
  10. SAYNE

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Anybody else notice the "Summon Upgrade" restriction on Strong Right Hand? Seems like that's how they may limit summons. I.e. You have a limited amount of summon upgrades to give out.
  11. SAYNE

    Kaeris M3E (way too early edition)

    careful for NDA's. Not sure if this is a spoiler or not, but i'd keep actual testing to a whisper
  12. SAYNE

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    True, but without a rather painful story, the two are mutually exclusive where Death is concerned, unless EVERYONE eventually joins the filthy Ressers (lol). And the fact that it is a game does not detract that it is also a Hobby, and a story, and at this point a universe. All of those things are equally important to what Wyrd envisions, otherwise they probably wouldn't bother.
  13. @Aaron doing the good (dark) lord's work over here.
  14. SAYNE

    m3e faction announce

    Well, i'll miss the ease and simplicity of just saying the "Green Guys" to everyone who doesn't know Malifaux since just saying Bayou is gonna make them all twist their heads at me. We didn't really have a line-up change, although Brewie is OURS now and Zipp is now shared, I don't mind that either way. I think the new playstyles for each master seem like a very positive change and will help each Master have their own spotlight. Hopefully Keywords in faction get more varied i.e: Smuggler gets the Swampfiend keyword, Mah gets her own, etc. Lastly, I hope we can get all the Grem-yous to be more active and constructive in this closed beta! Most of our issues were internal, and should have/could have been caught early in the beta process for the first wave of M2E. Lets hope to a bright and (moon)shining future!
  15. SAYNE

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Lenny is El Presidente, Forever and Always. It was a democratic victory, fair and square. Saddened at the fact the Grem-... I mean Bayous... didn't gain anybody new. Oh well, not like I didn't have too many models in the first place.