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  1. That might be right... Although it sucks worse. Oh well lol
  2. This is probably a side effect of decreasing the non-master SS cost range from 1-14 to 1-10 (12 in extreme circumstances) I think with the new changes to conditions, the soul stone single use only change, and some general tweaks across the board, game times will continue to drop slightly. I can't imagine it going below 2:30hrs at this point, but anything that brings it closer to that sweet spot is good.
  3. Firstly, Thank you Wyrd (Kyle and Matt specifically) for implementing this change! The first of these could be in the grammar/spelling thread, the other is a genuine question. For both Good Ol' Boy and Bayou Gremlin they have the Buckshot Backfire, which is currently worded "Immediately, this Action fails models within p1 of this model suffer 1 damage." it should probably say: "Immediately, IF this Action fails models within p1 of this model suffer 1 damage." This is fun and funny, although I see this as the worst possible consequence of taking said action, but it DOES give us the chaos and mayhem back a bit. Might be better as a trigger on the melee? So it could equally hurt both you and your enemy? Just a thought. Secondly, the second trigger gained "Screwed the Hooch" (very nice, very nice) states to discard a random card. Is there a way listed in the rulebook to discard a random card of your own? Should it say "Enemy chooses a random card to discard from this model's controller's hand."? I know it's wordy, but I can see people discarding "randomly" to be maybe not so random/worried about consistency between how players should do this to themselves. If it's called out in the rulebook exactly how one should discard their own cards randomly it might be better. Thanks!
  4. I like Bokors for their heals. Rami for Somer to keep taking shots with Pig-Grin. Lenny is good on an open board for cover (and Toss). As others have said, Silurids/First Mate is great. I personally like Brin into certain keywords too.
  5. What if they both wore the coat AT THE SAME TIME?!?!
  6. @Angelshard why does Injured have to be a "control" condition? There's nothing in the condition itself or call outs that states it is such. Only the developers can state what it's main intention was for. If it was designed to help a crew kill something faster, than it is an offensive condition. If it was simply designed to make models worse when attacking, then it's control based. I see injured more often in killy based crews than control oriented crews. That is why I believe it is an offensive condition, and why I think it needs a rework, because it was also applying control in a killing crew, which, in and of itself is not a problem, but many crews were not only making my model worse, but they were THEN removing it. Making the experience much more frustrating.
  7. To play devil's advocate, it does seem partially unintentional, but the pigapult is a swingy model by nature. It's either extremely good, or very very bad. The reason it's so cheap is because Bayou as a faction is cheap. That said, if Wong is declared I would never keep too many of my models bunched up regardless. It's a one trick pony. If it didn't at least DO something nobody would ever use it.
  8. If injured itself was reigned in that might help, and we'd be better off than we were. I just don't think it removed the issue most people have with it. That said not everyone is going to like everything so it would have to do. Lowering damage tracks I would disagree with however, simply because games take long enough and there are plenty of defensive options for models to exploit. I'm not gonna go through the list. The problem is how it feels (I think), not how it operates. Changing how it feels would require a rework of some kind. It's why I bothered to offer my suggestion. People like playing with their toys. It's just whether you think it should die in turn 2 in a blaze of glory, or turn 3 with a whimper. I vote earlier death, more impact. I know I say "most people" and that isn't true. The problem the people who were debating against it have.
  9. It might be exploited by killy crews... At the cost of their killy models? Some models do both, yes, but not all of them. And I'm not saying we shouldn't rebalance some of the models that give injured. Honestly, I don't even think it's an absurd problem, but it's obvious that there is an issue. I'm already feeling heated so I'm just going to step away, because I can't seem to either explain my thoughts properly or persuasively enough. So it's pointless.
  10. It is different though, you have to WORK to get my scheme runners. Injured gets easier to stack the more someone is hit by them. It is a byproduct more often than not. It's often incidental, it's happening passively. You didn't do a great play to make my model neutered. You gave it a single, common, easy to apply condition. I play control, control works when you feel like the enemy is playing themselves, when you turn positives into negatives. Control does not work when you tell your opponent "No." For everything they do and take away all their options. It's why nobody though Zoraida was an NPE but Pandora was in 2e.
  11. My problem is injured did both playstyles. It gave both killy crews and control crews a benefit. But for that benefit it felt extremely unfun to play against, and not very satisfying either while using it. It suffers much like Paralyze did. I'm only saying add damage because damage is universal, you don't have to use it if you don't want to kill things, but having it in a control crew would give them the option to.
  12. Injured is also way more common than friendly pushes. So the person applying injured gets to not only reduce the entire effectiveness of a model but now you can dictate my activation order, and an AP from another model? In what way then is an additional damage worse than forcing models to move away? It's not like stats are going down? A DF 5 model can still resist successfully on average. They might get one shot, but they might have gotten one shot before if a single wound was enough to do it (and easier considering getting straight flip would be easier).
  13. If your model is engaged, how then do they do anything? You must disengage. You will fail this duel, it will take 1 Action and you MIGHT get out of range to take a single action, which cannot be scheming. Sure you can run away or focus, but in essence and in the long run of the game you didn't DO anything with that model. If thats my big beater, why would I try to run? So it can come back turn 4? Maybe do something? What if it's my master? All the stones and negatives in the world won't protect my now Df4 master from their Stat 7 beater. I could injure that model myself but then we have a pillow fight of a bunch of models where one player is running around stacking injured and letting that do all the work passively, rather than actively benefiting from it. Besides, if you want to neuter something: distract it, shield yourself, use Soulstones, Kill it, feed it fodder, use cards, run away from it, obey it back, stick it in severe/hazardous terrain, make a frozen trophy out of it. Why do we need one more way of dealing with it? What niche does that serve?
  14. AP loss or not, I'd rather had a dead model than a useless model. It will still take multiple hits to kill, except during that time my model can hit back unlike before. Like mentioned before, WHY do we need ANOTHER defensive condition? Killing is still important in this game, and injured would be ONE way of facilitating that. It's not on every card, and I'm not saying models shouldn't be rebalanced. If it suddenly switched to do damage, would you see a bunch of crews hiring in models that can add injured outside of keyword? Maybe, but likely not more so than before especially not if it's capped. We have armor in the game, why not a reverse-armor condition? If it goes through and proves not to be an issue (like current Injury is) would that change your mind? I'm more than willing to test my iteration of it to prove it can be more engaging and more fun in the long run.
  15. Injured, in a vacuum, is a bad condition for everyone. +1 damage is universally bad. Low stats? Also universally bad. The difference now is you can fight back. Low DF but high wounds? Great, you can take MORE punches than the avg. Joe. Ressers also have more access to healing built in numerous keywords. There are other defensive conditions too, do we need another one? Distracted and Focused both keep models alive. Then there's Soulstones, healing, Defensive tech, HIGH WOUNDS, Cover, Concealment, Ranges. All of these things come into play when keeping a model alive. One more condition that hurts is nowhere near the amount of defensibility that can be found elsewhere. If you utilize ALL of those things and a model STILL dies, you are either unlucky, have poor placement, or the opponent sunk enough resources into that model to the point it would be unfair if it WASNT dead.
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