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  1. The only problem I have with Cyclops for pillars is that the tome isn't built in, while it is with Euripedes, and the tome is better spent on him to put out 4 pillars with real ease. I'm currently not running a Lyssa as with a gigant, there really doesn't seem to be a reason to lure when you can relent on the trigger to send your beaters where they need to be. I think holding off on the Cyclops to instead heal off old ways damage is a much better route as it's very easy to get that going.
  2. Hey all, so currently I'm trying to learn Euripedes because I feel he has a lot of promise, however, I'm honestly not sure how my first turn should look. My list so far is basically: Euripedes + Primordial Magic Thoon Gigant Geryon + Inhuman Reflexes Cyclops + Ancient Pack Then either a second Geryon or Cyclops. Like, I can see starting with Euripedes and throwing out an ice pillar for Geryon to charge into, and setting out some to screen, or start placing for frozen vigour procs. Outside that, activating PM to give Incorporeal to Thoon to
  3. Is it bad I'm now picturing a tag match of Sommer and Zipp, where Sommer is just sneakily handing Zipp's wrestling crew chairs throughout a match, while WWE announcers are losing their shit.
  4. Yeah, honestly, Gluttony's Maddening Drums targets "marker", so that probably is the best use. Summon the guys near the target, get your damage from make me proud, place corpse markers right up against target, gluttony drums to take.. 8 damage?
  5. So, I can't find anything that counters this idea, but with Somer's ability to mass summon Bayou Gremlins, and then immediately kill them off with "Make Me Proud, Boys", you have an impressive corpse marker generation. I was wondering if Bayou had a way to utilize this, but other than arranging things in a way to have Gluttony's "Maddening Drums", or Taxidermists maybe, I couldn't think of anything. However, I'm also not a big Bayou player, so maybe y'all had ideas.
  6. Ok, so from the sound of it, I need to pick up Samurai, and Sun Quiang. I already have Mr Tannen, and was already planning on Kabuki Warriors (no idea when they will be released, and have to wait until October for the faction book). Once my Bunraku come in, I'll have all currently released Qi and Gong models, though it is a little sad that there seem to be more OOK models that fit the crew better than their existing keyword.
  7. Oh, I totally will, and thank you for the tips. I plan on playing a wide variety of control masters, but Youku is my main one atm until the rest of Lucius's crew comes out. Thank you for all that advice and I'll be doing what I can to out it into effect.
  8. I believe we can use it to leverage our No Witnesses trigger, or to help with the 1" engagement range of Hinamatsu, but it is more difficult to do. I also believe that the Kabuki will be more of that threatening presence due to their damage track, but we still have to wait for their release.
  9. I'm not sure I quite see it.. we have lures, distract, and hand manipulation. If the opponent schemes, we essentially get free positive flips, but schemes don't get extra points for scoring them early, so they can just focus on killing us and then scheme later after we are broken. The hand manipulation is neat, but if the opponent simply front loads his turn.. you miss out on that feature completely. I do enjoy the lures, but they have to go off, and if you simply stop those, a lot of the Qi and Gong turn becomes wasted actions to compensate. I do want to find a way to make this al
  10. You can also hand out two stealth via upgrades. What I really mean is, if someone has consistent ranged damage, I see then ripping through the keyword as there isnt much armored, no shielded, relatively no stealth (minus the totem), and only one model that gives cover. I think this might change some with Kabuki as they have armor and lure, so they can move forward to lure and not worry too much about being shot, but geishas, Youku, charm warders, etc, you really have to play conservatively. Maybe I should look to see if there is more consistent ranged distracted out of keyword, and
  11. So, played against brewmaster, and learned a few things. If I'm using kunoichi, they need to be paired with a geisha for maximum effect. Also, Hinamatsu is super easily countered. Youku also has no real defensive tech unless you can pile on more distracted then they have AP, which is quite difficult. Moon Shinobi are also stupid. So yeah, I'm going to look into getting Samurai and probably run with two of them each game until the Kabuki come out, which may be months from now. In the actual game, I realized we have a lot of neat movement tech but it all relies on winning
  12. Yes, I realized that Bunraku would mostly be my scheme runners, though I thought I might need Hinamatsu for potential deterrent against rushing Youku down. Possibly giving her the upgrade that gives her challenge. Although if you have tips for movement or particular things to focus on against teams like Nekima, Lady J, Parker, etc, I'm all ears.
  13. Hey all, I always seem to enjoy the aesthetic and story of control master's, so I've dived headlong into Youku. The problem is, I don't really see good ways to protect against killy crews like Nephalim, and the like. Planning on getting a game in tomorrow, but was wondering if anyone had any tips to try and not get destroyed by turn 2 by aggressive masters. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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