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  1. I would assume you are the guy who recently got added to our group, however if this is not you, join our facebook group called "southeastern virginia malifaux"
  2. Grootslang is god tier. There's so many weird tricks you can pull off with him. Slink away melee trigger allows for tons of strange things. Very very strong. Makes 90% of my lists
  3. I am happy to announce the format for our slowgrow league. It will be 6 rounds over 12 weeks! Each player will select 1 keyword and stick with that keyword throughout the duration of the league. The first half will be Henchman lead and your second half you'll get your master! Round 1 will will be 20 points with a 4 card hand, no summoning, and harness the leyline Round 2 will have a 4 card hand, no summoning and 3 strategies. Rounds 3 and 4 will have a full hand and you will be able to select 3 out of 5 strategies Rounds 5 and 6 will be textbook malifaux! Weekly stone counts 20/25/30/35/50/50 H/H/H/M/M/M Each week I'll be giving various raffle tickets with drawings at the end of each round. Raffle for playing Raffle for painting a model Raffle for playing fully painted Each player can give their opponent a raffle week to week for good sportsmanship as well. Prize to 1st and 2nd place in league! Prize to last and 2nd to last place in league! And the league will end with our first malifaux tournament
  4. Hello all! I'm the Henchman for Southeastern Virginia and I run weekly demos and games every Thursday night out of Tower of Games If you want to learn how to play, or try out a new crew, or simply have questions on what faction to pick. Happy to help. You can find our local group page on the Facebook link below. https://www.facebook.com/groups/842648066090782/
  5. Sorry I have a bad habit of saying double positive when I mean flip 2 take the best. And I mean remove shielded or focused are good offensively
  6. Yup. Remove focus and shielded. Add adversary, and injured. Attack. Double positive while they're minus 2 Use ram to get +2 dmg for min 5. Life is good 😎
  7. You can get a ton of mileage out if mancha if you use his toss in the mud trigger. Super unreal
  8. This also goes down to whether you want to win the late game or the early game. If you play a z list with all 9 and 10 pointers and her as your schemers you can try and win missions then 4 and 5
  9. Well I'm writing for bayou not neverborn. And wow is there to stack conditions. First mate is our best beater. I'd only relegate him to scheming after everyone they love is dead 😂 2 silurids let's me score outank, harness, etc etc. They're some of the most efficient packages of models in game
  10. It's a different style base and they apparently confirmed its not bayou bash. I really hope it's alt McTavish. I'd be very very happy 😍
  11. Just be really cagey and one will be plenty. Have you tried spawn mother? I'm finding her very very strong.
  12. I would always bring one George and also leave it around z to distract people. But you don't need a second. My core z is Z First mate 2 silurid Willowisp The rest is all up to mission.
  13. If you don't like hooded rider Gracie has ride with me too 😎😎😎
  14. So far somer seems very strong. He seems to have multiple Playstyles from something akin to a combo to something very controlling and attrition based. I think he's one of our best masters. Just waiting on the models!
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