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  1. If you don't like hooded rider Gracie has ride with me too 😎😎😎
  2. So far somer seems very strong. He seems to have multiple Playstyles from something akin to a combo to something very controlling and attrition based. I think he's one of our best masters. Just waiting on the models!
  3. Thats lit. I have some auras I gotta re-look at in bayou 👀
  4. I'm just an ignorant bayou players but can Titania cruel disappointment trigger for herself? I thought it couldn't. Also I thought spells still we're under the effects of concealment
  5. What are some awesome synergies or tricks you've discovered. I've found that Burt's fine if not a touch over costed on his own. But with Gracie, you can pull his gun trigger to give her two effective Ap It can put her immediately in someone's face ready to dump 3 AP into them. Any other cool tricks you've found in bayou?
  6. Som'er is good. Good ol boys are unreal. Bayou gremlins are perfect. Georgy and Olaf is murder. First turn summon about 4 bayou gremlins into melee with anyone who came up to high and then start summoning good ol boys and a spithog if you need the health. Georgy has s moderate 5 on a gun on a ram. He's good. Really really good. Mah is still a bit awkward. I've played about 15 games with her and I rarely take brin as my opponents have learned to play around him. I take mancha and porkchop mostly in zipp since they synergize but with a stack of stones first mates damned good. I don't think we're too good or even close. A lot feels just right or really fair. Fingers Burt jebsen Survivors Taxidermists are the 4 models that need buffs in final release imo As for secondary masters I think somer is our best secondary master. Big hat doesn't say leader only 🤫
  7. Yeah I'm really hoping for it!
  8. I agree mah needs a small touch of something. I'm not sure what. Maybe 2" reach. But that's kind of boring. Unfortunately I didn't get any games in with Wong, brewmaster or ulix. I steered from uliz and Wong because it seemed many we're testing them. still i think that many we're concerned fingers didn't do enough and that he needed don't mind me or something else. Overall the beta was a blast and I can't wait to see the final changelog. Weren't as many of us as a lot of the other factions but I feel we got an awesome faction with all the hard work we threw in!
  9. I would love for her to have a second bonus action.
  10. I find the crew exceptionally powerful. you can summon models into the exact position needed so even if they are slowed they get something akin to a move. You can summon people into melee who can then spend attacks and you have the utility of choice. I think I'm the only person who likes banjonistas currently but good ol boys are insanely difficult to kill. And the crew as a whole is just east to miss under Lenny's aura. I hit more often and get missed more often when playing somer
  11. Yup, Sparks has to get close then has no way to really protect himself. At 8 points he so expensive for a support piece that falls over.
  12. I really recommend the Grootslang. That models a house and a half
  13. They have a + baked into their attack. And they bonus action focus.
  14. I'll get my emmisary built next. God this thing looks like a nightmare. I have loved playing it at a 6 pt model though.
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