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  1. Right when you look at 7 vs 10 it's a bounty of choice regardless. I think stones should probably be in a place where cycling cards vs damage mitigation vs suits should all pressure one another. And currently the bounty of stones people can bring makes it so you just get it all
  2. An illuminated at full health in cover Keep in mind grit is so powerful that my opponent was worried about hitting a rider and not killing it instantly. The only effective strike was hungering darkness soulstone to get extra flips and one shotting a rooster Every other time @zavros hit a rooster I would trigger reckless and shoot weakened models across the board killing activations.
  3. We'll keep in mind that you miss some portion of the time or don't always have a window of opportunity to attack a model. 5 stones over one turn might be damning but you have the ability to use them contextually. Giving a negative flip when they're straight vs not needing to use it if they're already negative. Also keep in mind models still have defensive abilities and this is a layer on top of a model
  4. I had an enemy master at 7 out of 10 health who was putting negative flips and then mitigating damage and didn't take a single wound for 3 turns. I just think that they are better off as real decisions vs something you just always use to counter an opponents whole action.
  5. HipsterWhale

    Moon Shinobi

    I agree. Across the board we have a lot of expensive bread and butter models. I'm all for lowers some into situationally decent but cheaper models.
  6. I'll build my smuggler's today and bring two to a game and report back y'all. Normally we've been getting in a game a week but lately we've been playing 3 or 4 I'll also be trying out our man mr mask!!
  7. I really don't think they are melee models. And keep in mind if your opponent does 3 to them they can self ping to turn grit on. There was a point zavros could take a shot at one and didn't because I already had two grit roosters and instead charged a utility piece henchman into it to lock it down. Once grit is active they do 4 damage on shots more often than 2. One one of my turns, I activated a rider. Double tapped a full health model and put it in the ground and then shot a 3rd model across the melee scrum in the middle who was try to disengage and corpsed it. I really think that's not ok. I think we have to be very very careful with 3 action models
  8. Well with less models and actions and an equivalent difficulty of schemes and the same number of soulstone some models would tend to be simply unkillable. Or effectively so.
  9. I have played roughly 10 beta games so far and really think that the amount if soulstones a crew can bring is slowing the game down. Many times I am playing against crews with between 5-10 stones. This allows henchmen to live much longer and masters to live a very very long time. Almost unkillable. I think reducing the amount of stones you can bring to 5 would allow for quicker games and make players choose when to actually use stones as opposed to always using them.
  10. HipsterWhale

    Rooster rider

    I've Played 2 50 point games with rooster riders now and I really don't think they are reasonable. I know Gremlins had less people in closed beta and as playtesters I feel it's our duty to correct models such as this. So currently we have a 3 action model with a 14 inch gun that ignores cover and if it gets wounded for 3 damage it can self propel itself into grit and double all it's duel and damage flips. In addition this model moves 7 inches, can charge multiple times and scampers away on any cheat inside a 6 inch aura. Because of it's very long range and triple action roosters can often double or triple shoot a model off the board in a single activation. If they are wounded it's almost guaranteed. I think the models look amazing. And I love the concept of cavalry but I think they could be redesigned to fill a different role. I would remake the roosters into mobile scheme runners. Or anti scheme runners. I would drop their points to 5 or 6, keep their movement, add charge and shoot, keep scamper, replace reckless with free loot, remove grit, remove multicharge. I think their melee is fine, and I think their gun is not close to reasonable. I would swap it for the good ol boys gun. Cover exists for a reason. Our models shouldn't ignore it. As it stands I think I start all my lists with 3 riders in mah, and very likely 3 riders in other crews regardless of tax! Am I offbase here? What are your thoughts on the riders?? What would design them to do? What should their role be??
  11. I would agree upping them to 3hp 3 points and significant makes sense. Especially if their triggers are almost all very bad.
  12. I would agree with everyone else that they have no use outside big hat. I would prefer 3 points and significant and 3 hp. The banjonist and crier have been points of criticism in big hat anyway. And without insignificant on bayou Gremlins that gives an opportunity for a rework of those models.
  13. What if the ability is split with some keeping the current execute rule under a better name and a smackeral of models getting the new execute rule. If you change the execute into the demise counter and put it on models that aren't seeing play that gives them a reason to be taken. And the generalist models can keep the current execute rule under a separate name.
  14. Looks like mAh is missing her new trash snake trigger and her horrible hollorin
  15. My thought is that the other ability can still exist but call it something else. Irresistable? Can't be reduced or soulstoned? Or does that mean we have to choose it
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