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  1. You'd be digging 14 cards deep, as Asami has Arcane Reservoir!
  2. the list was: Asami Totem Emissary Yasunori Ama No Zako Low River Monk Terracotta Warrior Tengu as to the Emissary: yes, just for card draw, fishing for 13s and Red Jokers. I don't think I'd bring it with other masters, but of course YMMV. I think the combo netted me at least 4 Jorogumos in every game I played.
  3. Never have I heard so much whinging about how "our faction is too good!" Opponents should just man up and learn to deal.
  4. I ran solo-Asami in a tourney last weekend, and think she's probably more at the top than I previously gave her credit for. The Emissary-powered summoning machine (ditching your hand looking for 13s and red jokers) ended up with me being able to summon 4-5 Jorogumos every game, which really swings the game balance in your favor.
  5. Re: Shenlong lists, I mostly change it depending on the master I'm facing. High River Monks if facing armor, Charm Wardens if facing Demise-based ability crews, etc.
  6. There is only one correct answer: Corrupted Idols: Shenlong Reckoning: Shenlong Plant the Explosives: Shenlong Turf war: Shenlong
  7. Yasunori is best used at doing what he does best: killing things. Whether that means up the middle or on a flank is situational. I am not sure I'd take him with Mei though, as he doesn't synergize all that well, and she likes things that add to her innate strengths. With any other master he'd be a top pick though.
  8. This talk of Yasunori not being amazeballs is farcical.
  9. When Fast cancels Slow, does the model in question actually gain the Fast condition? Or do they just remove the Slow condition?
  10. Yes. And both. He needs the +distracted condition to reach max effect, and having 3 models able to use his healing and movement abilities is spectacular.
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