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  1. Further question: "you may place its unit in base contact with any other friendly Portal Marker. " How is "unit" defined here: must all fireteams in a unit touch the portal it's teleporting to, or just 1 fireteam?
  2. Will the plastic kickstarter tokens be available to purchase in the future?
  3. I must give this a try myself Even going in with what seems like a max 3 burning, I don't think you can "take out nearly everything" on the first turn, as the damage spread on his attacks isn't high enough. I can see waiting til turn 2 for 6 or more burning, then running in and killing 2 things through attacks + burning transfers....
  4. Gotcha. I guess the difference is that I don't typically attack things with my Mei lists.
  5. This has saved me from a game before too. Between the Emberling and Luna, they are the most useful totems for the faction. it's not that I'm disputing any of that- just that you end up trading 1 model that can be 1-shot killed (Emberling) for 2 models that cannot be 1-shot killed (2 Komainu), and have the same mobility.
  6. If you are going to drop 2 scrap from Emberling, may as well go all the way and do 4, as at that point he is one hit away from dying and leaving no counters? I like the idea of replacing him with the Porkchop, but will wait for the model.
  7. Ran this list (primarily) for the recent Tri-State league in the United States, won the crown. In 4 games with it I killed 0 models lol.
  8. FWIW, my go to Lynch list: Lynch, wanna see a trick, woke up w/a hand, endless hunger Huggy, Recalled Training 2 Illuminated Beckoner Sensei Yu w/ Wandering River 2 depleted
  9. I have found Wandering River style indispensible for moving scheme markers around. At 11 SS for 2 heals/turn, you could just hire 2 wastrels for 8 and get the same result?
  10. If the main benefit is fast, I would think Yu and Emissary could do it with less hassle, no?
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