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  1. There is only one correct answer: Corrupted Idols: Shenlong Reckoning: Shenlong Plant the Explosives: Shenlong Turf war: Shenlong
  2. Yasunori is best used at doing what he does best: killing things. Whether that means up the middle or on a flank is situational. I am not sure I'd take him with Mei though, as he doesn't synergize all that well, and she likes things that add to her innate strengths. With any other master he'd be a top pick though.
  3. This talk of Yasunori not being amazeballs is farcical.
  4. When Fast cancels Slow, does the model in question actually gain the Fast condition? Or do they just remove the Slow condition?
  5. Yes. And both. He needs the +distracted condition to reach max effect, and having 3 models able to use his healing and movement abilities is spectacular.
  6. As you say, giving out focus turn 1 and 2, then railwalking and attacking turn 2. His attack is actually pretty strong, and he's hard to take out. The ancillary models use focus for defense, mostly. Agree re: Porkchop!
  7. I'd be hard-pressed to take out Kang. I've found his 4" +focus bubble to be invaluable. The alternate I'd like to try is swapping out the Gamin for Mechanical Porkchop, so I can have 3 Vent Steams going, each with Bombs in their Belly. That combo has proven pretty powerful, and the 2nd Gamin hasn't been as useful- I just haven't needed that much scrap.
  8. Played 5 games with the following Mei list, and liking it greatly: Mei Forgeling 2xGamin Golem Kang Sparks Rail Worker Low River Monk
  9. mattbird


    I probably know the answer here, but any idea when these will be released?
  10. I've been playing more games lately, so my thoughts have changed a tad: Originally I had them thusly: 1. Lynch / Honeypot2. Shenlong / Monk3. Yan Lo / Ancestors4. McCabe / Wastrels5. Asami / Oni6. Mei Feng / Foundry7. Youko / Qui and Gong8. Misaki / Blossoms Current thoughts 1. Shenlong / Monk- Moves up to the top. Good enough where my opponents are sick of playing against him, and he has been put in time out. 2. Lynch / Honeypot- Down from the top. Still great, but not as flexible or immediately deadly as Shen. 7. Misaki / Blossoms- I previously discounted her (and Torakage's) movement shenanigans too much. That and Yamaziko's 6" aura is amazing, especially with made-fast Wouku Raiders. I've also been liking the Katanaka Crime Boss.8. Youko / Qui and Gong- I have yet to play her, but every time I read the cards I see the crew working less and less.
  11. I've been playing a bunch of 3E and find the new rules fantastic. But. To be frank, the 3E release is a disaster. How can a company launch a new edition of it's flagship product, without any product being available? Our local scene — New York City and the surrounding area — is now completely dead. We've gone from 100+ players down to about a half dozen at best. And it's impossible to bring in new players, because they literally could not buy the game even if they wanted to. People have moved on, and will continue to do so until Wyrd gets it's house in order.
  12. Had my first Misaki game last night, playing Reckoning against Nico. Overall I had a lot of fun playing her. I intentionally staying mostly in-keyword, running this list: Misaki Shang Yamaziko Crime Boss Woukou Raider 2x Torakage Low River Monk Tanuki 5 SS cache I was pretty happy with the list and it's performance, winning 6-5. I didn't have quite enough damage output to kill more than a few models, but the list's mobility, scheme marker shenanigans, and card reliability made it all work. I might consider swapping the Crime Boss or the Tanuki (+3SS) for a 2nd Woukou Raider. The flexibility they provide with shooting and melee proved invaluable.
  13. Question: can Shang heal any model, or only Buried ones?
  14. When a sniper lowers its focus by 1 to shoot an extra 10”, does it still get positive flips for attack and damage?
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