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  1. Hopefully it'll be enough and we will see other AR masters in the competetive scene.
  2. What trikk said. Bonus points, IIRC correctly, would still grant us 1st place (thanks to USA vs Polandball draw), even if we lost to Yorkfaux. As for the event itself - nothing to complain really. Clocks were perfectly visible, David was perfectly hearable and always within reach, granting quick rules clarifications. Love the pairing system. All in all, perfectly run event, my bows to you.
  3. Not to mention that Sandeep, being AR, just breaks the game. He got Myranda with Imbued Energies, that's a free activation (Cerberus) and 4 extra cards turn one. He got cheap Mages, 3 strong activations for 15SS with Well Rehearsed, which makes them even more survivable. He got Raptor, to look for high cards for summoning (Raptor attacks Myranda on its first activation). Recently he got Kandara, so Banasuva is now a very potent threat. Not to mention the Master himself. He's an excellent supporter to the band, can hit very hard and can survive a lot. Ain't that too much? What's more, when playing against Sandeep, you can't have a plan and predict opponent's moves. Cos there's just way too possibilities for his team to do, he can counter any of your plans. Shall I continue?
  4. Any chance we can have the app fixed? We payed for it to use it, not for the fancy Voodoo Doll icon in the apps list... Now to check the upgrade wording I have to: 1. Go to crew list 2. Create a crew 3. Add master 4. Add upgrade. Intuitive and fast... Sorry for the rant, but since we got a much better and faster free app (CrewFaux), which is made by one guy, I dont understand how can You provide us with bugged and badly compiled (slooooow) app. And make us pay for it, if we want to see the stats.
  5. ACCOMODATION: 1. CHEAP http://merkury.uek.krakow.pl/ Student's hostel. Bed in a student's room - 30PLN. Apartment (2 rooms) 110PLN. 100m to the tournament venue. If You're a foreigner and want this option, contact Piotr Paweł Jaworski via PM. 2. TWO STAR HOTEL http://www.hotelmonika.pl/en/rooms 75+ PLN per person. 700m (8minutes walk) to the tournament venue, parking spots. 3. FOUR STAR HOTEL https://www.booking.com/hotel/pl/apiskrakow.en-gb.html?aid=390156%3Blabel%3Dduc511jc-hotel-pl-pl-apiskrakow-unspec-pl-com-L%3Apl-O%3Ax11-B%3Afirefox-N%3AXX-S%3Abo-U%3Ac-H%3As%3Bsid%3Dc6bedac219327a15946fbd97185ecd8e%3Bdist%3D0%3Blang%3Den-gb%3Bsb_price_type%3Dtotal%3Bsoz%3D1%3Btype%3Dtotal%3Blang_click%3Dtop%3Bcdl%3Dpl 120+ PLN per person. 1200m (16minutes walk) to the tournament venue, parking, free breakfast. -- If You plan some sightseeing, all of the above are a good starting locations to get to the Main Square or Wawel Castle, either by bus (4PLN) or by Uber (around 15PLN) or taxi (20+ PLN, more on sunday or late night).
  6. Shame really, Poland would consider an attendance... Anyway, good luck and feel Yourself invited to Poland in March (probably ;-) ).
  7. Emeryt

    UK Nationals 2017

    Please put on a reserve list: 1. Leszek JEW BACK Dziubek - Poland 2. Maciej BONK Bonclawek - Poland 3. Lukasz Bober - Poland thank you
  8. @Aaron Papa Loco misses "to" in "Holding Dynamite: This model gains + its damage flips." Can we expect vintage Misaki and Mr Cooper cards to be updated and available?
  9. Emeryt

    UK Nationals 2017

    Polandball will attend. This time we will take a plane though. Plan for UK Nationals 2016 was to infiltrate. In 2017 we're gonna fight for some top places.
  10. In about an hour #teampolandball gets into the car and we start our trip to UK Nationals. 1750km. Poland > Germany > Holland > France > 2hrs ferry > UK. You can join us in our trip on fb - @pcimalifaux And see You on saturday! P.S. Will there be Wi-Fi on the spot? P.S.2. Myke, I packed You 1 table worth of terrains, as well as a gaming mat.
  11. So, IIRC, we won Man 3 times. Does it mean we secured the model for Arcanists?
  12. Emeryt

    M2E Marcus

    Rogue Necromancy - in each and every of my Marcus lists. Three-headed, Blasts, Ca, Ml7, Imbued Energies. Must-have. Dawn Serpent - it's only drawback is being a Minion. Other than that, it's usually unkillable, making Hunting Party a real pain in the ass for the opponent. Night Terrors and Shikome - haven't used them and TBH I don't see a place for them in my lists (usually run Myranda, Angelica, Emmisary, Raptor, Jackalope, Cerberus, Killjoy, Hoarcat Pride).
  13. Shenlong was winning by 4 points from turn 2, on the 5th turn I was able to draw 6-6, then we flipped for 6th turn and... Marcus secured the Man in a very close match-up. MVP: Dawn Serpent. Being the only Minion, succesfully denied Hunting Party to the opponent the whole game, kept on healing itself and drawing attention. The Man helped a lot as well, killing 2 Ten Thunder Brothers (remember that the damage can be cheated!).
  14. I chose Trickster and claimed a victory over Outcasts, killing Rusty Alice on my first activation. The Blind Deployment with cards is pretty awesome, requires some really deep tactical decisions. I love it.
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