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  1. I've wanted to start a new topic about Mei, but I'll write here. I really like Mei's miniature, but I have trouble in using her. For me, she is really a hit or miss. Sometimes her vent steam can be devastating, for example when facing Perdita or other sh/ca relying master, but then if you field her against a crew smashing faces in melee she is really underwhelming for me. I just can't see any interesting stuff she can do except venting steam. She can dish out some damage, but it is usually one turn only when I use recalled training. In other turns her dmg tracks are really bad with min dmg 2 on all her attacks and in order to make more attacks she needs to spend soulstones. Moreover, her ML 6 is not that good for a melee master. I've tried summoning with Toshiro, but in GG18 i think that it is not that good. What do you use with her ? Any ideas for some combos or lists ?
  2. Ok, i'll try to focus on Sandeep. I can't agree that he is 2nd in everything in Arcanists. He is certainly first in supporting his crew - Collette/Kaeris are worse than him in this matter, and Ironsides is equal or worse than him. Then, in my opinion he is currently a better summoner than Ramos. His summons can do a lot of different things, are more mobile and he can summon a hard hitter in form of Banasuva. Moreover, he doesn't need scrap markers and with Kandara, his upgrades are not limiting him. So I don't think that he is second in everything. He is first in areas mentioned by me, and good in other areas. That's too much for me, and I guess for many other people too. Nearly all of masters in Malifaux have some weaknesses, more or less obvious, Sandeep is certainly an exception to this. The other problem is, that he will always be the most played AR master in this form beacuse of the above. If there is no scheme pool that is bad for him, then why bother with playing other masters ? And that's the issue. I think it is a lot easier to nerf one master a bit, than to buff all the others, and there is no problem with the other masters. They are mostly not bad (maybe except Mei Feng), Ironsides, Ramos, Marcus, Rasputina are all good and viable masters, but they have weaknesses, and Sandeep has none of them. I agree that he needs a reasonable nerf, but he needs a nerf nonetheless.
  3. Hello Wyrdos ! I'm a player form Poland and recently we had a big tournament, 46 players. In top 3 we had 2 Sandeep players (not Arcanist, because they all went fixed master Sandeep in all six games), one of the was first, and the other one ended third. Most of the polish players agrees that Sandeep is just too good. He has everything - good summoning, he supports his crew really well, offers mobility in form of placement effects and pushes (Oxfordian Mages/Captain/Angelica), can hit with Banasuva, and is hard to kill because of his high cache, ITW, 12 wd and arcane shield. The main issue is, that beacuse of this reliability and power he was not hit at all by GG18, and I'm pretty much sure, that it is impossible to hit him with any form of scheme pool and beacause of that 6/7 Arcanists players on the tournament went fixed Sandeep. Since december i haven't played against any other Arcanist master than Sandeep( I'm TT/guild player). He is so good, that i think that other Arcanist masters have been forgotten by polish players. So, my main point is - i think it's time to nerf this guy in some way, beacuse a) he is too good b) he destroys meta diversity. It would encourage arcanist player to bring other masters on the tournament table, and they are not bad at all ! I would love to hear your opinions and situation of arcanists in your meta (please write where do you play). Sorry for my bad english
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