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Community Answers

  1. no because they're not blank slips of paper if they have rules on them yes this is all i have to add to this discussion
  2. I once threw a game by accidentally tabling my opponent. They only had Sensei Yu left, who I had Take Prisoner on. It was turn five, and I had Mancha Roja engaging him. I decided to be clever, in case it went to turn 6 (as if I couldn't just engage Yu again if he moved! I had maybe five models left!), so I used a stone to get Mancha to paralyse Yu in a little flourish. And then of course flipped moderate damage on a , killing Sensei Yu and denying me three points, leaving me one point behind my opponent. The game didn't continue and I think I had already maxed out on other points already anyway, so I lost. Still, it's a fun story and it's always intruiging to people to hear about a game where one player got tabled and still won, even if it was my own silly fault.
  3. a) hell yeah for dressing up, that's amazing b) sounds like that first crew would be really horrid to face. 15 activations with summoning on top of that, plus piglets can be frustratingly difficult to kill for their cost, it kinda reminds me of a crew I read about a couple of years ago that was literally just Som'er, Family Tree, Merris and the rest of the stones spent on Bayou Gremlins which worked devestatingly well I'm glad you did well
  4. it's called Bayou Gremlins 😛 well, sorta. they're only 3 stones, so bringing three or four really increases your activation count for very little investment, plus they're really good for their cost
  5. I do McTavish, Gracie w/ Dirty Cheater, Old Cranky and a Lightning bug. McTavish sits back with Old Cranky and plinks away, Bug deals with armour and is generally a Lightning Bug. Gracie is your main dealie. Five activations is silly in HH.
  6. having a balanced game isn't a competition
  7. Do you have rules text to back this up? Malifaux tends to use synonyms fairly freely and it can be a trap for players used to games that are more strict about game terms.
  8. Yes, although it is quite difficult because after the first failed horror duel you're paralysed, so can't take any more actions. Lenny for example can fail multiple horror duels during his activation because he is immune to conditions.
  9. I think the real answer is that there's not enough information in the rules to make a solid ruling. The randomisation rules don't require models to be legal targets in order to flip cards for them - it specifically calls out range and LoS as not being required, but it also doesn't say anything about other requirements still being required. It also then says that whoever flips the lowest card "becomes the target" which is contradicted by the specific rule that prevents the model from being the target of attacks from enemies more than 3" away. I guess you could lump MLH in with things like Terrifying, which happen after you've determined the target (and say that the action just fails) but the difference is that you're not allowed to target the MLH model, rather than having a failure clause when you target it. Personally I would want to just skip out on flipping a card for the MLH model, and I suspect that it will work like that if FAQed, but then who knows. Definitely one for the FAQ though.
  10. Your understanding of the first scenario is correct. You don't add the Ht of the object to the Ht of the model standing on it for purposes of LoS, and the Vantage Point rules only kick in at Ht2 and above. It's one of those really weird rules but that's how it is. And for your second question, if you have to be in base contact with the marker, your base has to be physically touching the marker, so you'd have to climb up onto the piece of terrain if that's what it took to touch it. If you're setting up and marker is going to be perched on top of terrain, it's probably best practice to shift the terrain around a little bit unless the top is pretty accessible.
  11. It's a bit silly in terms of mechanics but it is so Gremliny. Like, the fearless leader of the gremlins running all over the place because his own team can't stop shooting him instead of the enemy. Personally I think 3e would be an opportunity to cut a lot of stuff. Merge a lot of similar models (is there really a need for so many 5 cost generalist minions in Gremlins for example?), get the game back to where it was around wave 2 in terms of amount of content, but hopefully take all the interesting bits from all the waves. Also tbh instead of making new vantage point rules I'd be up for just ditching them entirely, keep the game played on a flat surface.
  12. Oh dang, I didn't even notice which subforum this was on, sorry, I saw Yan Lo and got excited! But if you ever give the thunders a try, Ash Ascendant every turn, turned into Recalled Training by a Terracotta Warrior is a fun little trick.
  13. I don't even take the Chi from enemy VP upgrade, just Fortify the Spirit and the Instinctive one. That leaves 1 slot free for if you wanna go Recalled Training each turn.
  14. Nope, the models are 100% aesthetics, their stat cards and upgrades are totally independent.
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