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  1. It was Uhu glue, its rubbery and rather finicky, and dries quite fast but it does make a nice web
  2. Do I look like someone who cares about what God thinks? – Elizabeth Báthory This piece was inspired by Elizabeth Bathory, famous for bathing in the blood of innocents to retain her youthful and beauty. In the end, despite her best efforts, she couldn't hide what was truly on the inside.
  3. Thanks, go crush in silver I'm also curious about what I scored on.
  4. Don't worry, think it's going to be close one. Your snail is pretty great!
  5. Fighter from Kingdom Death. Tried to give her a bit of character by giving her a Kiss tattoo on her cleavage, which represents the round theme as well
  6. I know I haven't posted here in a while so I thought I'd make it up to you fine people with my newest Malifaux crew, Tara, Herald of obliteration! and some of her friends.
  7. I just finished up this fine lady and she will be featured in my first ever painting video. Coming soon!
  8. Thanks! @ChrisB76 I used Sulfuric yellow and Ordic olive from p3 for the skin tones, base coat of a mix of yellow and olive, then shade with olive, then a final shade with olive and black, could throw a touch of blue into the final shade if your feeling nifty!
  9. Just finished up some sky pirates and the old swamp witch. Zipp the leader of the pirates and two of his Iron Skeeters, with the witch,Zoraida.
  10. I do use a white primer and use two brush blending which is sort of similar to using washes. It's better since you can control how thick or thin your layers are then washes.
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