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  1. Hi, can somebody please point me at a section of the rules that either explicitly allows or prohibits movement of non-blocking/impassable markers (Titania Underbrush Marker for instance with "The Queen's Command") under a model? I found relevant info on dropping or creating markers where the former allows intersection with models while the later don't, but didn't find for instance that dropping is anyhow equivalent to moving
  2. Does shockwave pulse require los from a marker to models under pulse or from a model that dropped the shockwave marker?
  3. That is .. unexpected finding for me good sir (I came here in search for an answer on placing pillars) Goes quite against to how I would assume 'emitting' some sort of aura would work in "game physics" (which I would expect to not require LOS). Thank you for clarification but I'm somewhat upset
  4. Hey, thank you for your answer. Yes, I'm playing 3e. And I'm actually blind because before asking I read this topic, and after you replied I had to re-read 3 times!!! to see the part you reference. Thank you very much!
  5. Hi, I want to verify if I correctly understand rules of hazardous terrain: 1. If my model starts its movement in hazardous terrain will terrain effect be applied twice: once because it took movement action and second time because it moved through terrain? 2. Same question about disengagement (I would assume even if the answer to the first one - only once, this might be judged differently.. but if the answer to the first one twice, then logically the answer to this one is twice as well) Thank you!
  6. Please help me figure out how 'Self Loathing' ability of Pandora 3E works. Precisely: 1. Should I spend AP + Duel enemy twice: once for Wp duel for Self-Loathing and then to attack him with his own Action 2. If I borrow melee action should I be in its range to use it on enemy? 3. If I borrow Bonus action will it count towards my bonus action limit? 4. My English knowledge stops me from proper understanding of 'Crushed Ego' trigger: does it mean I need to have both suites 'Mask' to trigger it and another suite relevant for triggers on Action itself (which means I always have to spend a soulstone to achieve it) or maybe it means I can use any trigger with just declaring a mask for Crushed Ego (without actually having extra suites for the trigger in question)?
  7. Nice, this is what I was trying to understand! Thank you That is definitely search-able by state, my bad, I just didn't assume it's Aura section. This is really something I would not be able to 'foresee'. Thank you even more!
  8. @Clement sorry, I can not match your reply with my questions. Firstly I asked: Does 'once per activation' restricts it to triggering only during Pandora's activation? While saying 'exactly what it sounds like' you give an example with single enemy model and multiple triggers which quite contrary to what it to me 'exactly sounds like' suggests this ability can trigger not during Pandora's (or any other model with misery) activation. Which doesn't compile in my head. secondly: it wouldn't hurt (and is also suggested in 'How to answer rules questions' topic), to refer a rule section that defines 'change gamestate' section in release rules. My search on 'state' and 'gamestate' doesn't give anything remotely relevant to your example. sorry I don't want to sound grumpy and I appreciate any help but after your reply I'm more confused than I was before it
  9. How exactly new Pandora misery ability works? - Does 'once per activation' restricts it to triggering only during Pandora's activation? (seems too limited) - If not - then does it really have a limit if enemy models around are getting conditions out of Pandora's activation?
  10. inbrain

    Pine Box

    Enemy only. Target gains Distracted +1 and is Buried. When the target Activates, it must attempt a TN 13 Wp duel. If it passes, or if this model is killed or Buried, Unbury it in base contact with this model. So does it mean: if target didn't pass the test it must skip its activation?
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