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  1. Yes, but don't hold your breath for a final resolution, I'll pick it up again soon.
  2. https://github.com/8w-gremlin/wyrdbot if anyone is interested.
  3. I started to try and write a discord bot, but it my discord bot skills are not quite there. So does anyone have a fate deck discord bot, so I can run through the breach games via discord, and help some people play when in lockdown. cheers Grem
  4. Added, New Zealand (Arcanist icon)
  5. Excellent resource, It would be great to have keywords in there as well. (living, spirit, oni, beast, undead)
  6. When I was looking at my Commander Character: I noticed this weird interaction: Forgotten Lore (into the bayou) , a general talent that gives you a powerful grimoire (3 Magia and 3 Immuto) + Let Me Show You (core rules), a general talent which lets you teach another character a general talent for the day. So with those 2 talents you can let anyone have a grimoire for a day, every day, and change it each time? What other wyrd combinations have you found.
  7. It's a pity there aren't Gamin with stats: SS4 minion Golem with stats: SS8 enforcer and then upgrade cards for each of the elements: Each of the element upgrades would have the base stat increases and the effects of the attacks. Poison: 1ss Wind: 2ss Fire: 0ss Ice: 0ss Metal: 2ss Kind of like how Summoning Gamin works in Through the Breach (the rpg side of wyrd)
  8. Banasuva to act like a pigapult type substitute, pushing poison gamin into position vs targets. if interrupted those who's bases touch take 2 damage, including the gamin. Gamin attack, causing poison+1 (possibly) or die and cause poison +1 (2) aura. The Scorpius's attack at +7 does 2/3/4 poison+2, or he can use his +6 and do up to 4 damage (based on poison) and heal the same. Scorpius's neurotoxins, hinder triggers and stone use. and poisoned creatures that activate within 3 of him take 1 poison damage. Not great, but was thinking of other ways to use a Sandeep crew considering he comes with 3 poison gamin in the box.
  9. odd concept, but has anyone thought of playing Sandeep and exploiting the Poison mechanic? I was thinking of getting Banasuva to throw poison gamin at people, and perhaps picking up The Scorpius (8ss) and seeing how that would play out. Any other suggestions?
  10. Stupid question: But where Sandeep's summons "With Our Powers Combined" Where are the Wind Golem, and Poison Golem stats?
  11. Sandeep gains Elemental as a Keyword when Hiring
  12. 8wGremlin

    Slow Bayou Forum

    I think it's a reflection on what the general population plays. I believe that there is more love of the other factions than Bayou, for what reason I wouldn't like to guess. But perhaps better models and synergy between the models might draw more attention.
  13. So I'm a newbie but I've managed to play two 50ss games recently with Sandeep my crew is Sandeep Desai Banasuva (0) Kudra Acharya (9) Kandara (8) Oxfordian Mage (6) Oxfordian Mage (6) Oxfordian Mage (6) Silent One (7) Silent One (7) I basically use the silent ones to place 2 pillars a piece as soon as I can, and then get Sandeep to summon gamin (fire or ice usually), and then try and start a concentration mechanism going. So I have a couple of questions: What's the best way to play Sandeep and his crew? Is this a good crew set up, would you change it? What are the best ways to capitalise on Sandeep and his crew? Thanks
  14. So Kudra Acharya's Venomous Strike has a built-in MASK, which means if she continues to hit, she can trigger her ONSLAUGHT ability, and just keep going. This is due to the ONSLAUGHT wording not having any 'this attack doesn't generate triggers' or similar! This can't be right, can it? Venomous Strike 1" 6M Df - Target suffers 2/3/4 damage and gains Poison +1. M Onslaught: Repeat this Action, targeting the same model. C Infect: Models damaged by this Action gain Poison +1 for each c in this Action's final duel total (to a maximum of Poison +2).
  15. Hi all, I have a character casting Phantasm, and they describe a Razorspine Rattler slithering around the corner of a building, hissing, moving close enough to attack and raising up to as if to strike, as the command of the character. The various people around the Phantasm see and believe that a real Razorspine Rattler has appeared? As they believe it's a real Razorspine Rattler do they have to pass the Terrifying check? Terrifying (Living) 11: Enemy Living characters must pass a TN 10 Horror Duel when they end their turn within this character's engagement range or target this character with a harmful action. thanks for any help?
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