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  1. SunTsu


    I subscribe what others said about Joss. I just want to underline that having irreducible damage also it's a threat for soulstones users (henchmen and masters), so Joss is a good tool against crews that heavely rely on SS.
  2. I confirm it's a wrong tool to probe the argument. I opened the page to see the results and I looked for it at the bottom of the page. Most probably I clicked on the wrong button and the website took my "votes" (even if I didn't modify nothing on the page, so didn't enter any preferences). Now the site tells me I already voted, so can't neither correct the mistake... I fear the results will not to be trusted, unfortunately....
  3. I did. It was pitiful. 😅 My crew was: Rasputina, Wendigo, Snowstorm, Kandara, Ice Golem, Ice gamin, and don't remember if another gamin or a Soulstone Miner. Don't remember exactly my opponent's crew, but he had Von Schill and totem, plus The Midnight Stalker, a Drachen Trooper, a Freikorpsmann, an Engineer and a Librarian for sure. The problem was that I had to use most of those elementals activations to concentrate in order to let the draw engine going on, and finally since in this crew the concentrate it's not a bonus action, it resolved in having some "dead" models on the table. It resulted simply too much expensive and with low efficiency. On the other side, the Drachen trooper was a monster, able to both counter almost alone my ice pillar game and dealing a lot of damage to my models.
  4. Ooook..... So the part that let me missunderstand is when it says "When other Terrain Markers move into base contact with a model or other object". As written it seems that this rules applies only if a marker is moved so to arrive in btb to a model/object. Now I understood however (even if I think there were some cleaner way to write it, afterall... ^_^). Thanks again for your support.
  5. As I wrote in the title, I found an unclear text in the lower left box about "Moving terrain markers" at page 36 of the rulebook. The sentence is: I can't understand exactly what does it mean. Well, I understand what it means in english, but I fail to understand how it applies to the rules... Let me explain: this sentence says that when a terrain marker is moved in btb with a model (or other marker/terrain/etc), the moving terrain marker is not stopped by the object it is moving toward. But this seems a nonsense since we know that if that marker is moving toward another object until it will be in btb, the marker itself will stop moving as soon as it reaches the target object. So why it needs a specification that the target object don't stop the moving marker, if the marker would stop anyway once reached the object??? Thanks for your support. P.S.: I need understand it in order to make a correct translation of the paragraph.
  6. There are problems with the just realeased Italian translated rulebook. I wrote a PM to the staff that wrote a message in this topic...
  7. I guess it doesn't work as you think. You can shuffle your cards back, not the opponent's ones, since you are controlling the action...
  8. If you reference to the Terracotta Warrior to be killed, it's ok. If you reference to the Terracotta Warrior using its "Mold of the Other" ability, than I think it doesn't work because replacing don't let you drop any marker.
  9. To me, it's exactly what the action asks to you. If you have to name a model, or however you reference to the name of a model in any ways, that action cannot be taken.
  10. After playing her twice, I feel the same. I hope this is wrong, because if not it means that Rasputina is a very poorly designed master at the moment. I cannot say I am a super expert of m3e Rasputina at all, but my feeling at the moment is that she is absolutely underpowered, cause several anti-sinergies built in the crew itself and its mechanics, combined with the fact she can be so easily countered by almost all factions, so picking Rasputina is a very black swan instead to be simply situational... I hope I will be able to review my idea playing her, but at the moment I am really disappointed about her.
  11. It seems to me that's really a minor problem. However, if you really badly need that single, you usually should be able to arrange enemy model position so that it don't suffers from Amina's aura (I mean let it end its charge move out of los from her).
  12. Does it means that if 2 or more models are killed at the same moment within the aura of a sscached model, you gain only 1 ss?
  13. Thanks all for your replies. I would like to expand a bit the reasoning, since it's interesting in my opinion. I had the same feeling about, that now in M3e it's much more important and central to take into consideration the opponent you're facing. That's a good thing for the game, but also makes the playing experience more complicated... So I would like to discuss also about , in this particular scenario, if there is some specific particular advice about opponent's to take into account. About the general discussion, so seems that there is a general consensus about Kaeris and, just slightly less, on something like Ironsides/Rasputina/Hoffman. On first thoughts, I didn't consider Kaeris (essentially because I didn't tryed her yet). Otherwise I thought about Ironsides and Hoffman. About Rasputina, I have to say I tryed her a pair of times after the m3e had been released, and I'm very unhappy with the ice queen: maybe it's just that I didnt understand how to let her work, or don't fit my playstyle anymore, but I have a bad feeling about her, as she have became a very situational and underpowered master... Coming back to the main argument, after your suggestions I thought to a pair of ideas about a list, and I would like your opinion in merit. A list with Kaeris as leader, flanked by a core of M&SU models (Ironsides, The Captain and Amina, for example). The core idea is to presidiate the centerpoint with the raw power of Ironsides (that can be the Claim Jump model, or something else like Captain or a SSMiner) with his bubble around. So finally Kaeris could place some Pyre around the center, Captain provides concealment with Wind Walls and dmg reduction against shooting, Amina shut off charges and can support the crew while threatening the opponent with Obey that, coupled with the Ironside's Bring It should makes enough easy to lure a model near the centerpoint and kill it. A pair of SS Miner could be able to score Hold Up. The core idea is that this list gives no easy targets to score the strategy, while having the tools to score Reckoning, Claim Jump and Hold Up enough reliably. Also Assassinate is doable (but it depends on the opponent's list and how he would play the game), and at least the first VP from Deliver and Dig Their Graves. Some interesting models in this list could be Envy (if youcan speed up him a bit), Fire Golem, and Myranda (with SS Cache upgrade, from the second turn she can shapeshift into a SRM that's very though to kill). Opinion? Any problem about this list I didn't noticed? A particular opponent that can destroy the plan? A second option I thought is to bring Colette as a second master with Kaeris or as Leader with the Ironsides gang I spoke before. The idea is to bring a mobilemodels that can place opponent's models in a convenient position preventing the opponent from score, letting me score much more easily, and in general making the crew much more unpredictable. Also here, opinions, problems or enemies that let this idea garbage??? Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.
  14. Let's say we have the following encounter: -corner deployment -Reckoning strategy -schemes: dig their graves, assassinate, hold up their forces, deliver a message, claim jump What master would you declare? And what list would you build? I had no many games under my belt in m3e, and I somewhat struggle to find an optimal choice for encounters like these... P.s.: let's consider no limits about models availability.
  15. I have an LG G6 smartphone. Also I use an ASUS ZENPAD 3s 10 LTE tablet with android, and works the same (just with the exception that I can see the letters while I'm digiting).
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