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  1. That doesn't make sense. It's an odd situation but one that I think could be easily changed to be more intuitive. A way to do it would be to only randomize for models that have LoS to the original target. Maybe in the 3rd edition.
  2. So does this mean that if you have flight or incorporeal, and don't have enough walk to bypass impassable terrain with the first move, you can't walk twice to reach the other side? I've always played it that way because it simplified things.
  3. I agree that Hayreddin is a bargain at 6 stones, but the problem I always run into is what to drop from my crews to put him in. He doesn't have any particular synergies with anyone and he often displaces important support models.
  4. I thought this was the case. Thank you for the clarifying.
  5. Can a model use a projectile attack () while it has a paralyzed enemy model is in it's melee range? More broadly, can a model be said to be engaged with a paralyzed model? I think the answers to these two questions are no and yes, respectively. This is because, although the paralyzed model is considered to have no melee range (as per the errata'd paralyze rules) the non-paralyzed model is still considered engaged with it since it is within its melee range. Do I have this right? It just seems weird to me. Though I know that if the answer to my second question were "no," it would lead to another weird situation where models couldn't score or be scored with for certain schemes and strategies if the model had no melee range, whether by being paralyzed or having no attacks (ex. hold up their forces, ply for information, take prisoner, etc.). I would just like to hear some other opinions on this since it matters for the new Seamus build that has been discussed recently.
  6. I have tried him in a Seamus list because he and a lot of the models I take with him have a jump of 2 damage between weak and moderate (and two more with his gun). The main problem is that my opponent often gets just as much use out of Heyreddin's aura as I do, especially against crews with a lot of forced movement (i.e. neverborn). I've used him as a scheme runner or scheme interceptor, but then I feel I don't get enough out of his plus flips to damage.
  7. There are a few models that I have wanted to try out but can't seem to find a place for. Does anyone use these models? The Forgotten Marshal Hayreddin (I actually have used this one a few times but he's hit or miss) Gravedigger Jaakuna Ubume Draugr Sloth
  8. I don't think this is true. You add differences in elevation when determining range don't you? Or am I wrong?
  9. I think the actions and the trigger are two different things. The push wasn't caused by the charge action or the attack action, it was caused by the trigger. Therefore, pounce happens.
  10. If a marker has a terrain feature like impassable or blocking, is the marker considered to be terrain? Some markers are listed as being terrain, such as the Shard Markers created by the Carrion Emissary, but others such as the Stash Markers in Guard the Stash, have terrain features but aren't listed as being terrain. This is important for abilities like Seamus' Back Alley which states that he must be placed within 1" of blocking terrain. There are also several placement abilities that say that a marker or model can't be placed in or touching terrain.
  11. This seems like an elementary question and would be surprised if it hasn't been answered already but here goes: do models with Flight or Incorporeal only spend movement for vertical distance when their end point results in a change in elevation? For example, a model with Flight moves 3" plus any horizontal distance to get on a Ht 3 rock. Would the model still have to spend 3" of vertical movement if it just "flew over" the rock and ended up on the other side? I'm sure this would make more sense with a picture but i don't know how to make one, sorry.
  12. What abilities can a model use when it is buried? I know buried models can't declare triggers per the FAQ but do they benefit from other abilities like Terrifying or Manipulative? If a Void Wretch attacks a buried model with one of those abilities, will it have to make a duel? It seems strange if it would. The question can also extend to other abilities like the Doppelganger's Ill Omens or Lillith's Rush of Magic.
  13. Nicodem's upgrade, Shadow Embrace gives him the ability, Welcoming Pain, which says when a friendly model would suffer damage the Poison condition they heal 1 damage instead. Embalmed says something similar: when this model would suffer damage due to the Poison condition, instead, it heals 1 damage. Does Shadow Embrace stack with Embalmed? For example, when my flesh construct would take damage from poison, would it instead heal 2 damage?
  14. Ashen Core has "Decayed: This model does not generate Counters of any kind when killed." Dust Storm doesn't have this ability. However, I'm with Dracomax and I think it was supposed to.
  15. I thought it might be a hat too but then what is the hole for? Also that would cover up the brain which one of the cooler details.
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