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  1. So with summoning being OPT on alot of masters should Sonnias scorched Soul be changed? Should it either have the burning cap removed and changed to OPT to make it consistent. Or another idea you leave scorched Soul the way it is but change it to have a built in trigger that is OPT after killing a model with this ability summon the model following the same restrictions it already has? Which means her Damage won't take a hit but offer balance. Feel like this will encourage use of more of her cards while offering balance to her summoning. Won't take anything away as far as I can
  2. So Sonnia has the Smothering Flame ability: I was wondering how extensive this ability is. Does this ability reduce the range on pulses and auras aswell as ordinary ranged actions? How does it affect something like the "Timeslip" trigger from the Outcast Scavengers Weird device ability? Is the range it can be placed also reduced? Does SF reduce ranges indicated in the actions ability text (As in: it would reduce the 5" range a model pushes when using "Ride with me")? My own initial guesses would be: Yes it reduces pulses and auras. The timeslip trigger woul
  3. So as part of the whole "bonus model for Miss Anne Thrope shipping super late" thing that happened recently, I ended up with an extra Vintage Sonnia. I'm looking to trade her, and I'm not picky, so make me an offer! I'm growing my Guild collection, so I'll give preference to anyone offering Guild models. If you're interested in buying, I'm looking for around $20 CAD (yes, I'm in Canada). I do also play Infinity (Nomads and Haqq), so if you've got anything from that game to trade, I might be interested.
  4. Ikiwith

    Guild newie

    Hi wyrdos. After 4 years playing gremlins, I have decided to start with a new faction. I bought some different guild models because I liked them, and now is the moment to start using them. The crews which, I have in my own are: perdita, lady J and Sonnia. Some of my other models are: - abuela. -executtioner -marshal recruiter -bruttal effigy - lone marshal - witchling handler What other models do you suggest me to start with? Who are the mates for these three ladies? I know that Francisco always is a must.
  5. Our gaming group is all set to begin a Shifting Loyalties campaign at the end of February and I thought instead of just transferring my master onto a 50mm base it would look fare better to have an actual Avatar model. Over hear in the UK they are a little hard to come by and those that do pop up on ebay etc I am just not willing to pay the price people are asking. So being tight fisted as I am it is time to set to and make one for myself, picked up one of the old metal Sonnia models at a reasonable price and raided the shops sprue boxes for anything with flames on. This is my pr
  6. Hello my fellow Guild players. I want to summorize all info about our hottest lady- Sonnia Criid. It will take some time to expand this article but i will do it as soon as possible. What is the concept? She dishes out tons of aoe damage in some funny ways. You can actually kill something within 22 from her with pretty descent flips, and most important u can purge with fire. Remember that she has on attacks against 6+wp, ignores LOS and cover against burning enemies and can fire some 2/3/5 at them while they are failing Ca attacks. You must realize that Sonnia i
  7. Soooo, the less hyped new upgrade for miss Blastypants McBlastsy. I'm looking to make it work despite it not seeming like a great idea on the surface. I would appreciate some help, here is what I have so far: Sonnia + no more masks, cherufe's imprint, reincarnation Francisco + hermanos, wade in Queeg + promises Effigy Child That puts me at 28ss. I'm hoping that the effigy buff along with the melee trigger will give enough cards to hopefully fuel all her discards and allow a couple of stalkers to show up. Impeint gives both flamewall and takes away enemy soulstone
  8. Hello from Russia, dear comrades! So one of our players asked how this upgrade works, specifically can Sonnia herself be a target of chain activation ? We think no, he thinks yes, can native speakers clear this one for us? Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm a relatively new player (about 6 months) and I've had a bit of trouble finding a good base crew for Sonnia. At current my base 30-ish with her is: Sonnia (Cherufe's Imprint / reincarnation and/or badge of office) Malifaux Child Brutal Emissary (Conflux of Inceneration) Witchling Handler Witchling Stalker Brutal Effigy I liked the idea of using a DM to box Sonnia and then shoot with the Emissary, so perhaps I could dump the handler, but I like being able to drag the stalker around. Is there a better base crew to run with her? I like buildi
  10. This is the first of I hope several battle reports that will be coming out of our new group here in Osaka. Most of the players are relatively new, but there is already quite a bit of enthusiasm and most players already have fully painted crews. In addition, I will be attempting to dramatize part of the battle reports as more of a story and not just pieces of plastic being moved around a flat surface. I will keep those parts separate from the tactics by italicizing the story for those who aren't interested in such things. With that, let's get into our first game.
  11. So I brought my freshly "assembled" Sonnia crew (except Vintage who was still on the sprue) to the shop for the weekly Malifaux and looked for a sparring partner. One of the guys shrugged and said, "I was going to try out Sonnia today too". Whereupon the other game going took time out to advise on how its Sonnia was doing and which models one of us ought to take that this Sonnia hadn't. Soon a metal Sonnia lineup faced my plastic Sonnia crew. Opponent admired plastic Sonnia for the potential to paint it and I happily gave it to him...then said "wait a minute, I haven't assembled the other yet"
  12. Hello Witchhunters.. I need "some" advice about Sonnia. -What are your favourite playstyles with her? -Which models do you normally add to your Crew? -Which upgrades to take? -Any auto includes? okay...thats more than just: some advice.. Greetz Tobi, aka Frozen Feet
  13. A model with the burning condition is killed by it at the end of turn. Can Sonnia summon off of it or is did the model remove the burning condition before it died? I found an old question about this from 2015, but only two people answered and no consensus was reached. Before someone points to the FAQ there is nothing there about dying from Burning only about if a model without burning is killed when she declares the Consuming Flame trigger: This does not satisfy my question. Model A has burning and is within Violation of Magic's aura. Model A dies from the burning
  14. Thoughts? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a9pMoXL_Mj5WrvwRZCxsUODrfDyDqmJkksBfGVqvvj0/edit# Honestly I'm not sure if even that is enough to get it on the level of Malifaux Child. Thought it was a thematic way to buff PF into competitiveness given its state as a manifestation of Sonnia's will.
  15. I've been trying to figure out how best to use Guild Hounds outside of McCabe. Since Luna is essentially the Guild Hound Master by getting rid of Insignificant for them it seems a bit like you're taking a hit if you take them out of McCabe crews. Currently my philosophy is that 2 Guild Hounds = 1 Six Soulstone model. So they would be vying for the same place as a Death Marshal, Warden, Austringer(not often), Pathfinder, or Lawyer. Especially since they have to contend with the Insignificant which without it would make them excellent scheme runners at 3ss. Usually I run the Watch
  16. I've just acquired the following models and I'm wanting to fill in the gaps to make a competitive set of models. What more would I need to get some decent lists going? Lady Justice Sonnia McCabe Lucius Judge Pale rider 3 Executioners 3 Death Marshals 3 Austringers 3 Witchling stalkers 4 Guild dogs 1 Peacekeeper 4 Arachnids 3 Guild guard 3 Guild riflemen 1 Guild sergeant. 1 Doppleganger 1 Brutal effigy I'm not expecting people to make lists for me, just to help suggest where I turn from here to flesh out the opti
  17. I played against the below Wong list and I struggled against it. It seems very powerful and seems to do everything Sonnia does but better, and has lots of synergy and some very tough combinations. Could I get some advice on how to build a crew to beat it? WONG with Glowy 1 and Explosive Solutions 2 Lovely Assistant 3 Burt Jebsen 7 Merris 6 Gracie 10 with Saddle 1 Lightning Bug 5 Pigapult 8 3 Stuffed Piglets TOTAL 49 SS What do people think of Wong's force? I'm wondering if it's even balanced. Gracie with the saddle and the Pigapult with
  18. New player here. Settled on Sonnia and Hoffman for now. I understand that lists will vary depending on objectives, but I want to throw out my core and solicit opinions on modifications both to the core, and for swap ins on the various strategies and schemes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hsEggHDlaA4FTdUUAKu_eazZuQkdVy2TQyu-iZc3GYI/edit#gid=0 Idea with Sonnia is to obliterate the enemy crew by hiding behind terrain/flame walls and abusing Visions of Flame + Austringers for cover/LoS ignoring massed fire. Deliver Orders for Scheme placement/mobility. Hoffman
  19. Hello all, fellow Breach dwellers. I have done some research and did not manage to find an answer to the question I bring to thee. Imagine a combat situation in which Player 1 controls Sonnia (with Reincarnation upgrade) and a Witchling Handler both in melee range against the same model from P2, Player 2 controls anything really, let's say a Silurid with Burning+2. My question is, if the Witchling Handler manages to hit and kill the Silurid (reducing him to 0 wounds) and applies her trigger (tomes) to summon a Stalker (paying the ss cost of course), can Sonnia also use her innate ski
  20. Hello people, I'm still new to game (have only played 10 games or so) and I have some issues with my main Master - the best fire thrower Sonnia Criid. While being amazing and very fire friendly it seems to me that the crew lacks speed in running its schemes. I want to keep it thematic and I currently have these models for her(outside of box purchases): 3x Witchling Stalkers 3x Witchling Handlers 3x Death Marshall 1x The Judge 1x Brutal Effigy 1x Malifaux Child Freikorps box set Hannah Recently I played a game at 50ss against a Tara pl
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