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Found 7 results

  1. Brutal Emissary uses Back in the Box on a Death Marshall then uses the Tyranny of Order ability to use Pine Box on a model (Lady Justice probably). The Death Marshall is unburied at the end of the Brutal Emissary's next activation. Since Lady Justice is still buried but there is no Death Marshall can she still get out by beating the Brutal Emissary in a willpower duel at the beginning of it's activation? Basically the question is does the Pine Box ability stay on Brutal Emissary after the Death Marshall is unburied.
  2. So what's everyone's feeling on the Brutal Emissary getting Howard Langston's attack with auto-decapitate? Was it a mistake by Wyrd, and should it be fixed? For those not in the know: "Conflux of Amalgamation" makes the Emissary a construct, Hoffman gives the "Targeting Systems" modification to the Emissary, machine puppets the Emissary to bury Howard > the Emissary activates and removes the modification to add a ram to every Ml/Sh, getting Howard's attack with the decapitate trigger built-in. From what i hear, "Targeting Systems" was worded so that it can only be attached to Guild constructs to prevent Howard getting auto-decapitate. So was this missed in testing, or is it OK because of the resources you need to spend to make it happen (1 AP burying and maybe 2 wounds on the Emissary to make it Fast)? I want to be fair to my opponents, but i also want to decapitate them.
  3. How does Hoffman's Power Loop work with buried models? Specifically: If the Brutal Emissary buries a construct that has the Power Loop condition, and makes an attack using Tyranny Of Order, can the Emissary make the buried construct's attack action then choose a higher Ml or Sh stat from another model with Power Loop?
  4. Got my second game in with Sonnia Criid and have to say the Emissary definitely made her infinitely more useful for me. I manage to get burning on my opponent's Mysterious Emissary and Candy. This allowed for a lot of blasting going around at Ca9 with my opponent unable to see her. My opponent and I agreed that even though the Emissary is an Enforcer he is definitely a lot better to take than Hopkins.
  5. Hi again folks! I have been thinking about the possibilities entailed by the addition of Brutal Emissary's Conflux of the Hunt, which adds Masks to any Leader's Ca actions within Aura(8). The first thing to note is that Perdita has a Ca7 Obey, with a 12" range. This makes it quite capable of Obeying enemy models, especially with a built-in Mask allowing you to cheat high non-Mask cards in the opposed duel, without burning a stone each time. Then I started thinking about some of the powerful things that can be done with an Obey on the enemy. I'm sure many or all of these are well-known amongst factions with a strong Obey-like Master, but to be honest because of the high Mask requirement and the way it competes with Austringers, I've usually used Perdita's Obey sparingly, preferring to use her AP for damaging. Anyway, some of the top options that come to mind:Obey the model to walk off a high point, or move into Abuela's 6" no-charge zone, but not into engage range, so that it has only 1 Attack during its activation, or any one of a number of crippling moves such as attacking an enemy model, using its focus etc etc... these are kinda the "obvious" ones.Obey the model to use a Sh action on Perdita, fail, and then use a Mask defensive trigger if you have it (or stone if you really need to) to trigger Quick Draw and deal 2/3/4 on a [-] damage flip. This seems like a waste but it can get around Df (as the Ca is vs. Wp), which means it can get around Df triggers. And it ignore cover of course, in case you wanted to use Hero's Gamble instead of Bullet Bending.If the target hasn't activated yet, obey the model to attack my Peacekeeper, Executioner, or Lone Marshall (if Undead), then cheat to fail the horror duel, and give the model paralyze.This last one (intentionally failing a horror duel) seems really good to me, from an AP-efficiency standpoint... anything that's within 12" of Perdita and within attack range of your Terror model can be paralyzed. This seems strong enough that I starting thinking about other models that might be used for Terror, and so I was wondering what suggestions and thoughts people might have on which model to use for the Terror source. Killjoy (so expensive), Amo No Zako (only vs. Living which we already have covered), and then there's Wrath from Shifting Loyalties, who I haven't really looked at but for 8SS he might be something to try. Are there other hire-able Terrifying models I'm forgetting? And are there other really good Df or Wp triggers similar to Perdita's Quick Draw? How about other really powerful abilities like Terrifying that I'm not thinking of? Thanks for any input!
  6. So my game group right now has been gushing over the Mysterious Emissary(You know who you are ). It got me thinking what can the Brutal Emissary do that changes up the game? From what I can tell he is Tough model that copies actions from other models. And likes to give out slow. As well as likes to bury and unbury models near scheme markers. This is my theoryfaux, but its very limited because I've only ever fielded the Brutal during Open Beta. Conflux ofJudgement Do his bury tricks with Lady J. And buff Guild MarshalsIncineration Act as another model to give Sonnia LoS with burning.Hunt Turn Perdita into an Obey master.Amalgamation Have Hoffman buff him with Modifications and Buff Power Loop models. Give out Scrap.Tyranny Heal minion models and give Lucius a good melee attack.Forbidden Knowledge McMourning. Give out poison and gain bonuses to attacking Poisoned models.Exploration Act as a Lucas McCabe copy to give out more upgrade
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