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  1. The 3rd annual Salt City Gladiator Games is this July 14-17th, 2016. We won't be running Malifaux events on the 14th, but will the rest of the weekend we'll be running demos, open play, and an on-going Enforcer Brawl all day the 15th-17th. Featured events will be: Friday - Henchman Hardcore 20 SS exactly 4 models Games will begin at 6:00 PM Saturday - Gaining Grounds 50 SS Strats and Schemes will be handed out at 11:30, registration starts at 11:30, games will begin at 12:30. Sunday - Henchman Hardcore Games will begin at 10 PM & Speed Painting registration at 12
  2. No. Check the very last sentence of your quote from the rule book which had generally been taken to mean no triggers fir either side.
  3. Quite honestly I hate there best answer thing. It's almost like a popularity contest imo.
  4. Choose how many, then cast the spell.
  5. I just ordered a 16 player kit. Now I gotta put the event together to give out the swag. Thanks a lot to all of the folk at Wyrd that made this happen, I couldn't be happier.
  6. Tuttleboy

    Drawings and pics

    Drawings and pics I've added to forum posts
  7. Huggy is Lynch's totem do that particular example won't work.
  8. How about a PoD for the GG 2016 Strats & Schemes, please? ...and each GG S&S from now on.
  9. The FAQ can be found on the Wyrd-games.net main page under resources. http://images.wyrd-games.net/M2E%20FAQ%20And%20Errata.zip
  10. Tuttleboy


    Congrats on the win Zool!
  11. The Child's leader is Nico, so he takes a Nico action.
  12. Generally speaking you are freedto move around while engaged, but only if you remain engaged. If you plan to leave a model's engagement range, you must say so before moving your own model and then the engaging model's controller may choose you make the Disengaging Strike. Check pages 48-49 of the small rulebook for the complete run down.
  13. Tuttleboy


    Not bad, but the dark background kills it for me. If it was more neutral it would get my vote.
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