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  1. Hang on, so I now have to place a second order in order to get an Iconic fate deck?
  2. I too love the art. I too, also hope that the model turns out better than the render. For instance, turn the next 45 degrees to aim down one of his arms to show a sense of movement. While the pose is great, it's not being fully utilized.
  3. My bets (from left to right): Outcast, Ten Thunders, Guild, Gremlin (obviously), Arcanist, Resser I think that if the TT get an Oni master, she's the closest to an Oni in shape. I think that the Arcanist is the same as the art they added in the free mini-rules manual, which the art shows him in blue (a "traditionally" Arcanist color). I imagine that the horseman (or woman) is probably a Resser because of reasons.
  4. This. This is exactly what I thought when I saw them. These are Corrupted hounds. Sure one looks spiky, but mutation should be random. Sporadic even. Maybe give one a single vestigial wing, or an oversized fish's eye, or a barbed tail, or a 5th leg. SOMETHING else to show corruption other than "Spiky bits". I really hoped Wyrd would have exercised some creative freedom with this one. Especially after the Changelings turned out so disappointingly similar..
  5. Thanks Solkan! Again, I really need to read things...
  6. Y'know, I completely forgot that it wouldn't work for that exact reason. Thanks for pointing that out! Okay, using a different example, why couldn't I take Taelor (cost 10) as my "leading" Henchman, and then take Victoria of Blood (Cost 0) as a second non-leading Henchman?
  7. The paragraph in question reads: "Some Henchmen have a Soulstone Cost of 0. For the purposes of the Campaign, these models are considered to have a Cost of 13 minus their Cache while Leading. For example, a Henchmen with a cost of 0 and 3 Cache would be considered to have a cost of (13-3) 10 while Leading." (emphasis mine) Now am I incorrect in assuming that If I lead with a Henchman of any cost, then I could effectively add the 0-cost Henchman for 0 SS? Ex. If I lead a crew with Sidir (cost 9), I could add the Hungering Darkness (cost 0) for free because he is not leading.
  8. Does anyone here (Wyrd staff, I'm looking at you!) know why Dr. Grimwell and Co. have the sub-type Witch Hunter and not Guild Guard? If they were, then players could run the four in the box (Grimwell, Heartsbane and the two Orderlies) with Moonlighting. Now you're probably thinking, "Why don't you just take On the Clock instead and run McMourning as Guild?" and that's totally fair. I definitely could, and probably wouldn't mind it too much. Except for one thing. I couldn't take Rafkin. I feel that him working so closely with the morgue merits his inclusion in McMourning's fluff, even though he is Nicodem's student. Wyrd, would you consider adding Rafkin to On the Clock's accepted models? Or explain (through fluffy stories hopefully!) why Dr. Grimwell and Co. are Witch Hunters and not Guild Guard? I just want all my medical staff in the same place! Everyone else, provide me your opinions, speculations, justifications and rationalizations!
  9. I don't mind the gorget on the dogs, as I understand the reasoning behind it. If it comes as a separate piece, that would be better so we could chose not to incorporate it. In terms of poses, the only one I don't really care for is top left because the legs look too clustered, like he's midway through a trip and is about to plant snout-first into the dirt. I like the bottom left the most because he's the only dog that doesn't look 'roided up. He's like the scout dog. The hairless terrier among the rottweilers. I think he has the most personality of the four, and I kind of wish that each dog had their own personality.
  10. I mentioned this earlier, but all of his Students are constructs. Who but someone with an Arcanist inkling would have the knowledge necessary to build constructs?
  11. They could have Gremlin minions all equipped with Stilts who also haven't been found out yet.
  12. The Guild have the Sanctioned Spellcaster too, but I can see your point.
  13. I'd like to see a master take advantage of the Academic model type. I feel it makes the most sense because while he is a necromancer, all of his Students are Constructs. Which faction loves constructs? Guild! Arcanists!
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