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Found 23 results

  1. Hey team neverborn! There was someone in Europe (Jake/Jacob) that has been tearing up the field with a summoning pandora. I've painted a set of field reporters for Nellie and my body is ready. Idea is this: sorrows are too expensive. Here is what I have so far, Declared Faction: Neverborn Crew Name: 50ss Leader: Pandora - Cache:(3) Voices 1ss Fears Given Form 1ss Depression 1ss Hooded Rider 10ss Retribution's eye 1ss Doppleganger 7ss Iggy 5ss Enraged Tantrum 0ss Baby Kade 6ss The Mimic's Blessing 1ss Mysterious Effigy 4ss Insidious Madness 5ss Insidious Madness 5ss Depression seems like an auto include either woe is me. Overall I'm struggling with wrapping my head around why u would play Woe panda over Box or Voices. What strats/schemes does WoePanda want to play into?
  2. So new month and a new topic, I will admit that the month changed on me rather suddenly. Today I will be talking about summoning, the power of it and my opinion on it but real quick I will state I like my crow deep fried. The reason for this is because through mark one and into early mark 2 I hated play vs a summoner well now the master I am most conferrable with is the summoning Dreamer. Like I said I will take my crow fried. As for the power of the summoners I tend to think of it as 2 things. First and I feel this is most important is what they can summon because this intern tells us the flexibility of the tool box the summoner has with him. The next one is how this effect your activation power. To this I will say the two strongest master that summons in my opinion, yes it is tautology but I did it, are the Dreamer and Ramos. They are also a good example of the two important strength of summoning. Dreamer cares a good size toolbox of models to summon with actions. This toolbox includes some disruptor, a mainline combatant, enforcers, pests, and a scheme runner. In short he has almost anything you want for almost any situation or scheme. The next best toolbox is Nicodem but he does not have enforcers so he can not do the surprise hunting party. The downside is at least how I tend to run the Dreamer the model I summon tends not to add to my activation power that turn because I accomplice into it. Ramos, this guy is the other end of the spectrum. He summons 1 thing if you do not look at his avatar, spiders, more spiders and even more spiders. He can summon them in duplicate or triplicate per an action he uses. This can rapidly just your activation power to that of a gremlin or higher. So for those that do not have a solid understanding of activation power in this case it is simply how many activation do I have to do stuff. The next best for this is not one model, hence why they are not the first but Hamelin's crew. The issues with summoning comes in the form of cost. Things like the cards needed or if you need “raw” materials. The most common is that the model comes in slow, but there tends to be several way to mitigate this from triggers, to abilities, to actions, to not caring if the 15 rat is slow. Most summoners I have seen tend to figure out how to stop this pesky problems if it is an important model. Another common thing is that if you do not use raw materials like scrap or corpses your summons tend to come in damage. The worse master with a summoning action is Collodi. Some or even maybe all will disagree but he general summon at a premium needing one point higher for the card then normal and he needs scrap which is not necessarily common. Trigger summoning is an interesting little things. Though I call it trigger summoning I am going to define it as summoning through a non summoning action, so this will include abilities like grow or actions like expunge that can trigger a summon. With models which have these abilities I tend to think of them as quarter to a half summoner just because of how difficult some of them are. It is almost better to call it model trading. With grow, which I tend not to have happen, I am killing one of your models to sacrifice mine and make a new one. This means that I have another point in activation power for that round and a better model but next round you are only down one. Compare this to some of the others. First is McMourning expunge which if it kills something a living or undead it can make a flesh construct which is almost as powerful as an actual summoning action in some situations. Then we have things like if a model dies because of fire or poison summon X which is also ok it just does not effect the turn it is summon and a pain to get off. So this to me makes them the weakest form of summoning models. I think Sonia falls into this group, I know she can summon I just never see her do. So how do you tackle these guys? Answer, know your enemy. Identify what they need and try to take that away. The almost sure fire one is cards. Just about all of these need cards. Also a lot of powerful summoning masters seem to be bubble masters so you might be able to mitigated it with terrain or crafty play. I will try to put up a list of most of the summoning models and what they need in the next week, this list will not a comprehensive list because there are a lot of odd ones such as the guild autopsy. Ask any questions or leave a comment all are welcomed. One of my friends asked if I will do my thoughts on the new masters fronts once they are all leaked. The answer is no but when I get my book from Gen Con I will do a post on my thoughts of there fluff, rules and how I would probably run them with what upgrades if people would like that. I do not think I will be the first because I tend to order my book and not go to Gen Con.
  3. So, I play a lot of Molly (horror edition), but decided to give Kirai a try since she's just collected dust since I bought her. I often, with Molly, summon Ponto (necrotic machine), even tho he's already on the table, place the new one, and destroy the old one, cause he's rare, and a totem. At 4 wds, and only a point from Molly's summoning pulse, no-one has ever questioned it. Now, with Kirai if I have Ikiryo out, but need her somewhere else on the table, when a model takes damage, can I summon a new Ikiryo in base contact, then sacrifice the first one to appease the rarity, and essentially have off turn moved Ikiryo, healed her, reactivated her, and sloughed off any conditions? I want to do this, but it just doesn't seem right. Thanks for answering, I'm dumb.
  4. As per title two different questions that I encountered tonight, on two different topics (same game though) and how this hasn't to my knowledge been discussed or clarified. Will also say that my game was against OSOI (henchman and play tester for almost countless years) and he was a little puzzled by the proposed items as well, and couldn't find an answer either. Question 1: Hans and Smile You Son of.... This question is relatively simple and it's a matter of who chooses which upgrade to discard, as it isn't overly clear on the card. So my understanding for this was instead of damaging you the controlling player discards an upgrade of your choice, meaning you can selectively get rid of items that you generally don't like. In comparison I believe OSOI argument for this is as the owner of the model that has the upgrade discarded he chooses the upgrade, which would be similar to when a player discards cards from an opponent's effect. So who chooses the upgrade to discard? Question 2: Summoning (Various models) This question is a little more different as it kinda applies to a few models that have summoning abilities, the issue is when do you declare which model you are attempting to summon before or after the cast duel? Apparently we both have been playing it differently and somehow avoided this issue for like all of 2nd ed, when an action to summon a model (like Dreamer's Manifest Nightmare or Sandeep's summon gamin) is declared do you name the model before the flip or after? OSOI understanding is that you flip and then declare, which allows a lot of flexibility with play and makes some sense that you do the duel and then resolve the action text. I have been playing the opposite where you declare which model then see if you achieve it, as naming a model sets the TN (to me seems logic to have before a duel) and makes more strategic in summon choice (cheating and soulstone use). Anyway if any of these have been answered before please post up a link/evidence, and thanks for your time and consideration for this.
  5. I know this is probably a common thing, but we just started playing and my other friend picked up the dreamer and spends the whole game summoning non-stop. I play guild and there's simply nothing I can do to even compete, it seems very imbalanced to me, and the matches with him are very unfun because I'm so oppressed by his 30 points of extra models he's put on the table. im sure there are things I can do to compete more, does anyone have any advice when playing against summoning lists?
  6. Had a game recently and I found I had some issues in the beginning with Somer's summoning, in hindsight I should have taken another turn to summon instead of advancing like I did (maybe). I'm just looking for any ideas maybe I missed for how to better control Somer's summoning. After the game I realized, I could have stoned for the mask suit, which would have done me better service. Part of the problem was my hand had no masks for "do it like dis" *or* any 8+s to summon off of! Bayou two card looked like my only option, I got one summon off, but drew/flipped really badly for the other two. So, is that just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes or is there something else maybe I should have/could have done? Also, re: Lenny's damage reduction aura "Big Target" for friendlies within, I think it's 3? inches, does that include any piglets he summons from deliberately whacking the pigapult with his "I'll love it and pet it" tome trigger? The way I'm reading it, the card just says the pig suffers a 1/2/4 damage flip that cannot be cheated. Doesn't say "not reduced" though, so I was wondering if this would be included in Lenny's aura.
  7. I played my 5th game of Malifaux, I think it was, vs. a Rasputina crew, for the first time, a bit ago and I've been trying to get an idea what to do better. Course I got slaughtered. A lot of that was me not quite getting all the combos in the right order for Somer - and totally forgetting about Survival of the fittest sigh. And he totally failed to summon one round. And I also had no idea how to combat Rasputina's Ice mirror chaining thing. Anyway we had Reconnoiter for strategy; I chose plant evidence and Line in the sand for schemes; one of the ones my opponent chose was assasinate. (I don't recall whole pool sorry) This is only the second time I've played with any strategy and schemes and we're not yet using any of the new ones even. I'm playing Somer (Family Tree, Can O Beans), with 3 bayou gremlins to start, a slop hauler, Sammy, Lenny (Hide in the Mud), and two Skeeters. Idk what my opponents crew is now sorry I'm mainly focusing on my own mistakes and trying to figure out what I could do better. Right off I made mistake of not realizing Sammy could still take upgrades, and that I could have stoned to prevent damage, so I got that one now. Second mistake I think I made was after the first summoning of Bayou Gremlins, and healing them, I didn't go reckless and move up the field but held them back in Lenny's bubble more, which ended up counter productive. I did get some markers down for line in the sand, and my opponent and I got embroiled in combat with Lenny being the main target, after Sammy went down. Lenny being the assasinate target. I moved the slop hauler up to try to help keep Lenny healed up to deny him his points. I also realized then that a better upgrade for Lenny would probably have been Dirty Cheater, and I should have used his Pet the Piggy action rather than trying to go mano o mano so to speak. So some of the questions I came up with during this game are: How do you deal with a master like Raspuntina generally, to disrupt the chain thing? do you simply try to stay out of LoS? I realize this is a hugely open question but any help is appreciated. Somer's Survival of the Fittest - if a gremlin dies within the range, *when* does he draw the cards? Is it immediately after it dies? end of the turn? I get the usefulness of this ability I'm just fuzzy on the mechanics For those who also summon - when do you want to stop? And what do you generally do with Somer once you stop summoning? I had him at the back for pretty much a lot of the fight. Should I be moving him up the field with bayou gremlins in tow? Anyway, advice is always welcome I've still got a ton to learn so I'll take all the help I can get!
  8. Does anyone know how teddy was summoned around minute 12? It appears that the Widow Weaver summoned teddy but that can't be right. I know The Dreamer can summon a teddy if he has the "Dreams of Pain" upgrade but this player is playing Collodi which I thought can only summon puppets specifically marionettes or wicked dolls. Could someone please share how this teddy shenanigan works, thanks!
  9. Hello all, fellow Breach dwellers. I have done some research and did not manage to find an answer to the question I bring to thee. Imagine a combat situation in which Player 1 controls Sonnia (with Reincarnation upgrade) and a Witchling Handler both in melee range against the same model from P2, Player 2 controls anything really, let's say a Silurid with Burning+2. My question is, if the Witchling Handler manages to hit and kill the Silurid (reducing him to 0 wounds) and applies her trigger (tomes) to summon a Stalker (paying the ss cost of course), can Sonnia also use her innate skill (from the upgrade) to summon a second Stalker (this one at full hp, also paying the required cost) from that kill, or would only one of both be summoned? Thanks in advance mates,
  10. Hey there. The (overly used) Ramos, has a summoning spell saying: "Choose to summon one, two, or three steam arachnids." (Then a wall of text) Does this mean my opponent has to declare a number, and can then only summon the declared amount? For instance if he says he wants to summon 2, then Soul Stones for a TOME and flips a red joker, he then summons 2 even though he could have summoned 3? Similarly, if he wants to summon 2 but only flips a 7 of rams, he won't summon 1, he will just fail? Or: Can he just flip a card, see what that amounts to and then put the number of arachnids on? On another note, why are arachnids not peons? 3 arachnids every turn, with great speed, great Df/Wp, armor, unimpeeded etc. In other words the perfect scheme runners, not to mention flooding the table with way too effective and cheap spiders. With most schemes, these guys are 6 VP in the bag and more than a little nuisance for the opponent. If they get too wounded, they simply team up to make an arachnid swarm. Seems the best summoning mechanic in the game?
  11. Yes, you read correctly. A Mei Feng summoning crew! Okay so actually it's Toshiro doing the summoning, but bear with me here. This came from a vague idea I had about making a summoning build around Toshiro, and then figuring which master it might work well with. Surprisingly, I figured that Mei Feng might work nicely, since Railworkers are good for this build, since they can drop either scrap or corpse markers, to summon Ashigaru or Komainu respectively, and she can railwalk off them. She can also use the Komainu as railwalk targets, and her totem, the Emberling, can generate scrap right from turn 1 to get Toshiro going on the summoning. See? All makes perfect sense. Mei Feng - One Wings of Wind, Recalled Training, Seismic Claws Emberling Toshiro the Daimyo - Command the Graves Chiaki the Niece - Pull of the Grave Railworker x 2 Illuminated x 2 Mei Feng gets wings of wind since she otherwise lacks a useful (0), and pushing models around is always nice. Recalled training because, well, why wouldn't you? And Seismic claws for the smackdown. The emberling is there to generate scrap, useful for both railwalks and for summoning Komainu. Toshiro is present with his summoning upgrade naturally. He'll also be buffing the assorted minion swarm. Chiaki compliments summoning Toshiro well. She's another ancestor to activate the baked in trigger suits on summoned Ashigaru and Komainu, plus she can remove the slow condition they arrive with when summoned and potentially also heal them 2 wounds. Further she's a great harasser of scheme runners with her (0) making them insignificant and doing a little damage, and if she builds Chi she has the option of passing it to Toshiro to make his (0) actions and his summons easier. Finally, with the pull of the grave upgrade she can further harass the enemy by giving out slow. Railworkers are hard hitting, surprisingly tough, and drop either scrap or corpse markers when killed to drive Toshiro's summoning. He'll buff their already impressive hitting power, and Mei Feng can railwalk off them. Probably have Toshiro war fan one of them turn one to get further up the board for an early railwalk. Illuminated are tough, hit hard (harder with Toshiro buffing them) and generally good all around. Making one fast can potentially allow it to shoot first, giving it's target brilliance, then charge in for Toshiro-buffed attacks at +2 damage. Tasty. Potentially replace them with Punk Zombies (thanks to Toshiro), on a very terrain heavy board (for their unimpeded), or else against swarm type crews (for slice and dice). This leaves a cache of 5 stones, which should allow Toshiro to get suits he needs if the hand doesn't cooperate, for summoning. Thoughts?
  12. According to the shifting loyalties campaign rules, summoned units disappear after the end of the encounter. This does make sense to restrict growing resser armies but does also cripple units that are supposed to resummon themself through their playstyle. Like Ashes and Dust. Scenario: I kill my Ashes&Dust round-1 to summon a Storm and a Core and then resummon Ashes&Dust at round-2. The problem: my round-2 Ashes&Dust counts now as "Summoned" and is going to disappear after the end of the game? This feels kinda strange. The same fits for the desolation engine. How do you handle it? DId I forget some rules that prevent my Ashes&Dust to disappear after just one encounter?
  13. In a recent game, I used Myranda's (0) Shapechange action to summon another beast and then sacrifice my almost dead Myranda. I had the Jackalope on my side, with none currently on the board. The Jackalope's Multiply characteristic states that, "...when a friendly Beast is killed or sacrificed, summon a Jackalope into base contact with the Beast before it is removed from play." It thus seemed to me that I could use Myranda to summon two Beasts: an enforcer beast through Shapechange and the Jackalope through its Multiply. I did not see any limit on the number of models summoned in the Summoning section in the large book (although I took pity and didn't bring up the cute little Jackalope in the game). Could I have summoned both?
  14. I've been playing Leveticus pretty steadily lately, and really loving him. Might be headed to my first tournament soon, so I'm starting to think about whether or not I'm getting everything out of him I can. The one aspect of his mechanics I haven't managed to do a lot of is summoning abominations. I've had great luck taking Leveticus along with a lot of pretty durable, effective anchors: Rusty A, Ashes & D, Lazarus, Johanna, Taelor, Convict Gunslingers have all done good service to me. Taking Pariah of Iron and loading up on all my favorite arcanist constructs makes it even easier. When I want serious summoning, I take the Mech Rider. But I don't find myself triggering the "summon an abom when you kill an enemy model" thing very often - honestly I've done it a couple of times in something like ten games with him. Levi reliably kills stuff, and so does Alyce, but even with the upgrade to add the summoning trigger to their ranged attacks I just don't find it's very often worth the soulstone it would take to guarantee the crow. Do other people find themselves really building crews around summoning? Taking Alyce's scrap marker / summoning upgrade? Spawning abominations with Ashes and Dust? Or is this (as it's been for me) an occasional bonus that's not worth focusing on? Thanks!
  15. Hey, rules wizards and timing experts, Zoraida uses the (2) You remind me of the Babe action to summon a Voodoo Doll. Per its Fate Woven ability, it may immediately take the Hem action. "Fate Woven: When this model is summoned, it may immediately take the Hem action." We all know what Hem does, but for the purpose of my question, the following part is the essential one: "Whenever an enemy Voodoo doll gains a Condition, this model gains the same condition." The summoning rules say: "Models that are summoned gain the Slow condition, and may not take Interact actions during the Turn they are summoned." Now, the Voodoo Doll is not the acting model, because that would be Zoraida. My question is thus: Who applies the Slow condition for the purpose of the general timing box? Is it applied before Fate Woven kicks in, or simultaneous, which would mean that the controller of the Voodoo Doll would decide which effect to apply first. And thus, finally, the core question: Can the Voodoo Doll Hem an enemy model to give it Slow from its own summon? Thanks for your attention and pointing out where I have probably overlooked something.
  16. I couldn't really find this'll the rule book, and sometimes it's just easier to ask than hunt endlessly. So Ramos can summon several models, but I was wondering if they're able to be activated the turn they're summoned? Specifically Steam Arachnids, Steam Arachnid Swarms and Electric Creations, but this obviously applies to a broader spectrum of models. Thanks for your time! I'll go back to working out how many individual Arachnids and Swarms I need...
  17. Reconnoiter make them suffer protect territory distract ALITS power ritual The dreamer-6pool -otherwordly (mainly for accomplice) -Dreams of pain (summoning things) Teddy (x6 lol) Widow weaver Insidious maddness Mr. tanananana daydream lilitu -power rit and protect territory VS! Vonshill -lacks a shirt Trunk of annoying things Hannah Libby 2x Fmen Specialist trapper -distract and protect territory Turn 1 i look in my hand and notice i have the 13 of masks. so some shuffling goes on things move around i use mr Tanaanaa to leave it to luck then activate the dreamer who then cheats in that fat 13 masks for a teddy. i also summon a stiched. then use empty night on teddy to get rid of slow and cast it again but choose not to push him (his trapper has not gone yet. use his zero to lower his waking to 1 teddy then goes heals 4 wounds trys gobbling up hanna and fails. So charges her. does weak for 2 wounds (3-1) trapper pot shots teddy but randomizes on to an insidious madness and misses. tries again connects and does weak to teddy. stitched gambles with dreamer and loses to gain reactivate. then walks gambles hannah for 3 (4-1) turn 2 i look in my hand again 13 and then an 8 and rest is low low cards. teddy goes first flurrys on her and pushes her a bit and kills her. Gobbles a Fman and hits severe to kill him. teddy then dies. to words being screamed at him by the libby. only after a fman failed horror check. tanana walks backwards drops a power rit marker and leaves it up to luck again. trunk trundles. widow makes her self at home attacks a few things but just does 1pt of damage to things. trapper walks up pot shots madness fails to hurt it. Dreamer goes walks summons a teddy burns a stone for a tome empty nights to get rid of slow then cheats in a 5 to give him fast. accomplices teddy, teddy whacks the trapper and pushes him. wacks him again for moderate pushes him before he dies. trys gobbling up the libby fails so walks next to her to engage her. vonshill walks shoots at lilitu but hard cover makes him miss the first shot but the second one lands. she lures him up next to teddy. specilist randomizes and his shill who defends teddy gobbles and fails and flurrys brings the shill down to 3hp stiched walks to get in range of things. holding 2 quarters to 1 1-0 turn 3 Vassal hates my opponet. 13 AGAIN vonshill takes his shirt off heals 4 then beats the tar out of teddy. teddy fighting libby flurrys to make sure she dies. madness plants a power rit marker stiched just drops a marker and stands. tanaen walks twice and leaves it to luck. specialist shoots at widow but misses. Fman walk near the widow weaver and then Dreamer summons a teddy who gobbles him up for a free attack and then punches him into combat with the specialist. dreamer is sitting on waking 3 atm and walks holding 3-0 2-0 Turn 4 vassal at this point in time is saying my opponent's first game must be unique and that Bad things happen 13 and the Red joker vonshill goes finishes punching teddy heals from the steam trunk drop kicks liltu with his rocket boots teddy attacks the specialist fails to kill him (black joker) and is so imposing that blocks los to the specialist for the rest of my models. specialist attacks teddy bring him down to 1 wound and healing himself from the Trunk of Annoyance. widow weaver fails to seize prey vonshill due to me not measuring before trying to 12 paralyze him. so does nothing 2 times. tanna drops a marker for protect walks a bit and leaves it to luck. dreamer (0) actions lower waking to 2 walks once drops 2 teddys and lord chompy bits. things wander and plant more markers holding 3-0 3-0 turn 5 no 13 guess i cant summon a teddy specilst goes grabs more pills from the Trunk and stabs teddy and then trys lighting widow on fire but fails. widow trys to make the specilst be scared but only does 1dg and makes more webz. von shill walks then charges widow stabs her for 2 and opens her can. teddy number 3? 4? 5? charges vonshill fails to kill or gobble. chompy charges. fails to kill. poops out the dreamer. dreamer empties the night 3 times on teddy. last attack flips 12/12 on the negative flip to kill mr shill. other models sit on markers and move around we flip for a turn 6 holding 3-0 4-0 Turn 6 specialist brings teddy down to 1 who activates and heals 5 then charges the specialst and kills him. 9-0 well i think my opponent did remarkably well for facing a 111 stones of models. he forgot to do his scheme of distract which i think would have netted him 3 points but that is neither here nor there. i forgot to announce power rit and did not make it to the other corner. that damn steam trunk healed way to much. will this ever happen again summoning 5 teddys? prolly never again. but we both got a laugh out of it.
  18. Hi, I apologize if this has been gone over before…. but I just wanted some clarification before Adepticon. Summoning Spiders. So you have to say how many spiders you're trying to summon before you flip, does that lock you into that if you flip higher, or say the red joker? Say you have a 8 in your hand, You spend a stone for the extra tome, you say you're going to summon 2 spiders, knowing you can cheat to at least that 8. What if you flip the red joker, can you bring in 3 then? I don't think it works that way, but I could be wrong. Thanks for any help…. Side note. Been playing against another summon master, Kirai. holy crap, she can summon a 9pt model (hanged) into play. that is craziness. I know you need a 13 to do it, but still.
  19. hi, this is probably a silly question, but I'm just starting to get to grips with Ramos, and the wording on the ability that allows him to summon the steam arachnids has me a little confused. the target number is 10(+3(tome)) for each arachnid I want to summon, does this mean the target numbers are:- 1 arachnid=13(tome) 2 arachnids=16(tome) 3 arachnids=19(tome) or 1 arachnid=13(tome) 2 arachnids=16(tome)(tome) 3 arachnids=19(tome)(tome)(tome) I played it version 2 last game, but if it is that way, where on earth do I get the third tome from? (one on my Ca. one on the card, the last one?) Cheers Mick
  20. So, I realized that the Witchling Handler is not rare yesterday. It got me to thinking. How could I maximize the number of Witchling Stalkers produced in a game? Obviously, building a list around a mechanic is at best risky and usually pretty stupid, since it doesn't help with actually completing schemes, and can actively hurt your ability to win the game. But as a thought exercise, I thought it might be fun to throw around some list ideas and see if there is a way to make the optimum list such that you have the greatest number of opportunities to create a witchling. The barriers, as I see them, are this: Condition, and cost. Card manipulation will probably be important. Sonnia Summons one if enemies die within 10 and have burning. She requires 1 SS or 2 Cards to do so. The Handlers have a :tomes trigger that summons a damaged one on killing an enemy. I do not know of any other ways to summon them. So, let's start off with a "burning mania" list. It doesn't help the handler, but it does mean that enemy models are more likely to die with burning. Sonnia +Reincarnation1ss Malifaux Child3ss Freikorps Specialist9ss Witchling Handler8ss +Disrupt Magic2ss Witchling Handler8ss (3X)Witchling Stalker5ss Cache 7 This gives a maximum number of SS to use for creating Witchlings, and every model has a way of putting burning down and doing damage. The disrupt magic on the first Handler will help to keep condition removal from stopping you, as most of those are Ca flips. It has no card manipulation at all, however, and is a bit light on pure killing power. I'm sure we can do better. Thoughts?
  21. Hi guys! I was playing a practice match with a Guild friend of mine, and we came across a rule question that was left unanswered by the rulebook. And after scrounging the forums for a bit, i couldn't find much on it. So here's what happened: I played a game with Molly and Nicodem. Molly had the Grave Spirit equipped as a totem. Partway into the game, I wanted to summon a Necrotic Machine, Molly's natural totem. However, since she had the GS connected to her, it made sense that she couldn't possess another totem. The rules on totems state that at any given time, only one totem may be connected to a single Master/Henchman, and that a totem must be connected when it is hired or summoned. But, they say nothing about after a hiring or summoning. So what I was questioning was if I could (Not all in a single turn): Disconnect GS Summon and Connect NM Disconnect NM Reconnect GS The disconnection was where we came across a problem. When a Master dies, it's totem does as well, and that is specifically stated in the rulebook. It does not state that this totem death is due to a disconnection from its master, or solely due to the master's death alone. So if a totem were to be disconnected directly without the master dying, either by its own will or by replacement, does it still die? Or can I really summon an infinite number of Necrotic Machines? Thank you for the replies, Mordeqai
  22. Alright, so before anyone suggests it, I already read the PMF page on Nicodem and all his minions and things he can take for no cost extra, so thank you, in advance. So my questions: 1) What's a typical Nicodem list consist of? 2) Can Nicodem summon ANY non-unique, non-spirit undead by discarding corpse counters? (Rogue necromancy, Crooligans, Belles, etc) I ask because the wiki limited the list of summons... So I had to ask. 3) Are Punk Zombies the preferred model to change Mindless Zombies into? 4) Is it safe to assume that you should be trying to summon as many models as possible, every turn? 5) How does he compare to other masters, typically? He seems like he'd be really fun to play, but I've never fought him... So I've got no feel for his tricks. Thanks all, in advance!
  23. Ok i come to you after much deliberation and fear of getting mocked. ha Well, lets use Hamelin for instance. I have read to buy 9 more rats to his crew for expansion. Do i only count models in play at the start for my crew cost but can have any number of sidelined models that can be summoned into play? Same thing with the Desolation Engine. Can i wait and bring it out later in the game and not pay its cost for the crew starting cost (Levi's crew i believe)? Or can i start with the engine and sideline the Steampunk Abomination with the knowledge that the engine can make the abominations. tldr: how many sidelined models can i bring for my crew if models i put into play can summon or transform into them? Thanks guys. sadly malifaux kinda died at my lgs but they had a ton of models 50% off so i went hog wild.
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