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  1. Freikorp Engineers, making constructs arm +2 with triggers since 2017. but seriously, medical automaton looks promising with the place ability...
  2. I'd like to change my vote to roller derby Vicks box.
  3. you really just need the two kings and 2 catchers from the brotherhood of the rat box. I think I have hired one rat catcher to start with... once... maybe twice? they will generally just get summoned as the turn progresses. so none on hand and 1-2 of each being summoned in game.
  4. Female VonShill or female (miss model )Bishop so I can turn him into a sister with the new upgrade and not feel odd about it.
  5. 2 winged plagues and 1 rat catcher. rat catcher uses moldy cheese to reactivate the 2 winged plagues(vermin) they get up and in there turn one. possibly dropping markers. season the rest to taste. -proxy
  6. 1-killjoy is defense 4. if your opponent throws either something like howard, a combat master like lady j, or just uses 2-3 models to take it out turn 2. you get a free hit turn one; that we agree on. turn 2-5 they fight normally. Df4 means killjoy will bite the dust on turn 2 if they focus on him. the only question there is if you can get him to trade evenly or better. 2- schemes that score at the end of game give you more opportunity to get to them, and don't stop you from doing other things before eating markers. they are still good for it, but the schemes that involve markers are fewer and harder to do. since they are harder to accomplish, your opponent will be more likely to use the other schemes that you wont be able to stop. why choose a marker scheme if you can only get 1-2 points from it when murder protege or take prisoner will be more likely to net you 3? 3- never said useless. it's just that they feel underwhelming. spending ~6 points on wretch + rat for activation control is one thing; but cramming ~17 stones worth of models that either don't or won't finish off the threats that survive isn't something that I like putting into my lists. -Proxy
  7. only if your opponent doesn't go after killjoy hard, and you win Initiative. if that is the case, you might get 2 swings out of it. rat kings are weaker in GG2016 due to the lightness of scheme marker scenarios, yes rat catchers and the rest are still great, but they are scheme runners that deliver a killjoy. they themselves are not exactly damage output machines. so once killjoy goes down, and he will go down(barring hard swings in variance), the other 17 ish points feel only average in the mid to late game. -proxy
  8. As someone who plays the rat engine a lot, (also played against it a few times) I don't think it needs to be banned because the out-activation just isn't that strong after turn 3. also ratjoy in a non hamelin list will cost you 17 points plus killjoy for a grand total of 29-30 stones of your list for a single cruise missile. If your cards aren't good enough the first turn, (1-2 crows plus at least a few 9+'s to make the fat man hit) then your killjoy bomb fails, or only gets one thing. this doesn't take into account the fact that a decent ranged game can put enough pressure on the rats to slow you down a turn. also, killjoy is Df 4. you will hit him after he activates, and you will likely kill him if you commit 2-3 pieces to the job, honestly it's a lot like having a 10T player throw izamu at you with sensei: you know it's coming, it will hurt, and you cant kill it first. but you can deal with it if you don't panic. P.S. I am in full agreement with above posts that banning things is the wrong way to go about fixing the game. ratjoy is near the top end of the power curve but its not unbeatable. -proxy
  9. huh... well that sucks. forgot he wasnt a merc.... oh well, guess its nimble =>regular focus=> Lurch smash.
  10. so, I used monty a few nights ago with I Pay Better and the dark carnival terrain. when he has stuff to hide behind, or at least hard cover, he becomes able to focus(i pay better), nimble walk out, hit, cheat severe, and walk back. he got me a dead minion/enforcer each turn including the first because of nino and nimble walks. monty is a gurrella fighter thats crazy good at making head markers. -Proxy
  11. needs me a game of bullet with cuddle guns
  12. I will second the Idea of a combo box or two singular box sets. I would pick those up, but not another hired guns.
  13. can I kill something with a ronin and then push with the next target trigger to stand on a head marker and pick it up with the second ap? -Proxy
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