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  1. Masquer

    Monday Preview - Guild Lawyer

    Mimic characteristic included?
  2. Masquer

    What's this!?!?

    Back to the point, I think the art design for this is incredible! I'd pick it up for the Grave Golem alone if I didn't absolutely abhor decaying flesh and rot.
  3. Masquer

    Lucius Limited

    I wish he had more upgrade support for that. That's not a bad idea. I'd love to give Mimic to Wrath, for example.
  4. Masquer

    Underdogs & Overcosted stuff

    Candy. So expensive.
  5. Masquer

    Lucius Mimic List (50ss)

    Lucius - Surprisingly Loyal (1) - Deep Pockets (2) - Secret Assets (2) The Scribe (2) Mr. Graves (8) - Retribution's Eye (1) Mr. Tannen (6) - A Thousand Faces (1) Doppelganger (7) - A Thousand Faces (1) Ferdinand Vogel (8) Terracotta Warrior (6) Guild Lawyer (5)
  6. Masquer

    Lucius Mimic List (50ss)

    I was considering something like that. I would prefer more upgrades over the Changeling, though. Depression on the Doppelganger is a nice way to ensure her tricks go off. I like the Terracotta Shuffle off of Tannen if I can help it, as Graves usually wants Retribution's Eye or Malifaux Provides.
  7. Masquer

    Lucius Mimic List (50ss)

    The Terracotta Warrior and Red Tape should take some heat off of Candy needing to heal, and the need for defense upgrades.
  8. Masquer

    Lucius Mimic List (50ss)

    I forgot the Scribe! In my defense, I was half awake and sick when I felt inspired to post. I'll fix that. For the defense upgrades, the idea is to switch them in as needed, depending on the situation. The fact of the situation is that Graves is getting hit, he's made for it, so I opted to run Candy to deal with that, she can also tank Devil's Deal, and she still offers board control.
  9. Masquer

    Lucius Mimic List (50ss)

    Look, Mimics. Most of the crew sticks around Lucius, to empower Mr. Graves and Doppelganger to beat face and cripple the opponent's ability to hit back, while Vogel runs schemes and eats other runners. Candy (and the Terracotta Warrior by shunting damage) keeps the main group healthy, and acts as a layer of protection for the Lucius command bubble with her control abilities. Doppelganger will just need to stick close to The Scribe for defense. Terracotta Warrior and Mr. Tannen share the same slot now, but I think Terracotta Warrior has more utility for this build. Lucius - Surprisingly Loyal (1) - Deep Pockets (2) The Scribe (2) Candy (9) - Depression (1) Mr. Graves (8) - A Thousand Faces (1) Doppelganger (7) Ferdinand Vogel (8) Terracotta Warrior (6) Guild Lawyer (5) Edit: Left out The Scribe @tactician@Ludvig@H4ml3t@Vorschlag@CaerSidis
  10. Masquer

    Terracotta Draw Loop

    Will do!
  11. Masquer

    Lucius Limited

    Isn't that what I'm paying stones for? Heh.
  12. Masquer

    Terracotta Draw Loop

    I'd love to hear your conclusions on the subject.
  13. Masquer

    Terracotta Draw Loop

    Maybe Tannen. I do enjoy Terracotta soaking damage for Mr. Graves, so TW is usually in my crew.
  14. Masquer

    Terracotta Draw Loop

    Is the card draw of A Thousand Faces into Pact, then resetting A Thousand Faces via Terracotta Warrior, worth the effort?
  15. Masquer

    Best Guild Beatsticks (without Masters)

    Yeah, more like a hybrid control/beater.