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  1. Nice, really nice! I love all your works here. :congratz Btw, awesome idea with the Candy I feel really jealous.
  2. Ehh.. damn You! Now I must have this box
  3. I see a lot of great work here... and I mean a lot! But in the case of this crew I think blue would not be my choice. Anyway,
  4. Old Major is my favorite . Great job!
  5. This is really damn good work. Shading looks just amazing
  6. Awesome mini. The best resser master I think.
  7. Love the Titania model. Can't wait for her.
  8. Interesting idea. Sonia looks awesome, :congrats
  9. Hey, great work here. Tuco looks really amazing. Cheers.
  10. Great work and interesting idea, thanks for showing it to us. Yin's vertebra (tail) looks really creepy.
  11. Nice paint work, looks really great and the bases good corresond with the minis,
  12. No worries, like I said, it's just a little detail. Just, this kind of shade of green can be a little too bright to these bases. But this is only my opinion. Still, this is really great painting work.
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