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  1. chrisb

    50mm avatar base ideas

    Just some pix as to what everyone has come up with for their 50mm avatar bases
  2. why wont my pics work, rage!!!!!!
  3. ok so now iv got rasputina's 50mm base done
  4. thing is the avatar no longer requires both Victoria's and there's a good chance shell be playing both at the same time
  5. still trying to think of ideas for my wife's hired swords crew the avatar of slaughter may sound easy but I don't really want to just do gore, and it not like I can just put both of them on one base (they wont fit for a start).
  6. ok so iv just finished a base for my mates Pandora
  7. Ok so iv come into the game in 2nd ed and cant get the old avatar models, to play avatars I have needed to start making 50mm avatar bases. iv done my first one with Sonia but wondered if any one else had come up with any more, id love to see what you have all done with this.
  8. Thing is the death marshals are probably the most impressive looking minions certainly for the guild so people bought the LJ crew because it looked good, and they bought it fast, it then sold out everywhere so became super rare (I found a box in a tiny little game store at this point at rrp then had to decide weather to open and paint it or put it on ebay when they where selling for £100+, I built it) but because of its rarity people assumed it must be amazing, so it got its name as an op crew, where as the truth is the game is actually really well balanced and no crew is really better than all the others its just understanding how to use it and getting the right mission to use it properly.
  9. Ill post a pic of my crews in a moment to show im not all bluster I must be at least 10 crews in and god know how many aditional boxes
  10. Wohwwohwwoh! You need to do anything drastic just rough up the bottom of the foot with a nail file and do the same to the bit of base your sticking it to and a bit of loctite superglue and jobs a gooden. I havent heard of pining models since they where all metal!
  11. Ok so in my local game store they've had mystery boxes in for the last few weeks so if you spend a certain amount you get a free mystery box. As any curious gamer would I've well over spent and mangaged to get 2 over the last two weeks. I got an alt sculpt Perdita and an alt sculpt katanaka sniper just wondering what other people found in them?
  12. chrisb

    Advice for demo games

    Ok so I started playing malifaux with my wife about a year or so ago as an alternate to 40k as the rules where just becoming too complicated and unballanced to keep up with and keep fun.We have been slowly indoctrinating friends into the wyrd way and have gotten a gaming group together of about 6 of us who all play regularly. We have now been invited to set up a demo game at our local 40k tournament (about 20 players) to show off the game to players on a by, and at lunch break ect and I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what crews to take and what kind of games to play. I want to show malifaux as more than just a slaughter fest but dont want it to come accross as too complicated cos it isnt. Any tips would be great. The crews I have to choose from are Torch and blade Guilds judgement Relic hunters Hired swords Heralds of obliteration Salvage and logistics Shadows of redchapple Hide and seek Children of december And alot of the single minis all very well painted what do you guys recon?
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